Samsung preparing red tint, Wi-Fi updates for Galaxy S8 devices

Samsung appears to have pulled off most of what they were hoping for with the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ this spring. The devices have been noted for nudging smartphone design in a slightly new direction with the sleek look and near bezel-less face and consumer interest has been high. The launch has not been without some smaller hiccups though. One issue that popped up almost as soon as some users got their devices were reports of screens with too much red tint to them. Another issue, that appears to be confined to the Korean market, are some issues with Wi-Fi connections. Already the manufacturer is readying a pair of updates to address these issues.

Moto Z2 Play leaks, confirms designs for the Moto Z2 family

The Moto Z Play was an excellent midrange phone from Lenovo last year that actually ended up being my pick for 2016 phone of the year. For anyone else that really enjoyed the modular entry into the Moto Z line, you’ll be very pleased to know it’s definitely getting a second generation with just a few small tweaks. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 iris scanner may help users unlock financial transactions

New reports out of Korea indicate there may be some growing interest from financial firms like banks or credit card companies to incorporate iris scan security into the methods used to secure financial transactions. Iris scanning may be familiar to more users now with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ which both make use of the technology as a way for users to unlock their devices. The latest interest shown in this technology could open the door to its use for security purposes when consumers make use of mobile payment platforms.

Software update rolling out to T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8

Before its official release date, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 for T-Mobile is getting a software update. It’s actually a substantial one, too. T-Mobile is preparing the year’s most popular device for showtime on Friday despite a number of customers receiving their phones early. The software update rolling out tonight is merely to ensure everything is set for when the masses begin using the Galaxy S8 in the United States.

[Deal] Two-for-One Samsung Galaxy S8 through Sprint

Riding on the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 hitting retail stores on Friday, April 21st, Sprint announced a special deal to try to bring customers over to their network. For one week, from April 21st through April 27th, users who activate a new line with Sprint can lease not one, but two Samsung Galaxy S8 devices for the price of one lease, which is currently $31.25 per month.