Jason Statham, dressed as a woman, stars in another LG G5 release ad


We’re just days away from the LG G5 going on sale worldwide, and the company is pushing out television advertisements teasing the phone’s arrival. Last week, Jason Statham quietly appeared in a brief 30-second spot where the actor inserts a battery into the G5. Now he’s is back in another television ad disguised as he’s taking a picture or recording video with the LG CAM Plus module connected to the G5.

Fittingly sneaky, right? Hit the break to watch the ad.

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More images of HTC 10 surface briefly


A listing on the Taobao retail site for a replacement cover for the HTC 10 appears to have provided the Internet rumor mill with several images of the upcoming HTC flagship. Depending on how accurate and legitimate the listing was, HTC may not have much to reveal in terms of design when they launch the HTC 10 on April 12th during an online event. The Taobao site has taken down the bulk of the listing for now, notably the images, but in true Internet fashion they were already captured and are spreading so you can check them out below. Read more