Rumors suggest ‘Nexus’ brand may be retired for new Google smartphones


In what will probably be seen as a major change for Google and their efforts to provide hardware to consumers, sources are indicating that the company may be abandoning the “Nexus” brand for the next round of smartphones slated for release this fall. According to a variety of sources and leaks, Google is planning to move their own brand to the forefront, although it is unclear whether “Google” will take the place of “Nexus” or some other brand will be used. In any case, indications are that the Android purists’ favored brand is on the verge of retirement. Read more

BLU Products’ Pure XR is $299 and comes with impressive specs


BLU Products’ devices are built with value in mind, hence why the company never releases truly high-end phones. Selling devices with big price tags wouldn’t be true to the brand; however, something is different now with its latest announcement. The Pure XR from BLU, which was teased by the company earlier this month, is a $299 phone that offers specifications you should expect from an unlocked high-end(ish) phone in 2016.

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There will be another iPhone-like device from HTC, the One A9s


Everyone was puzzled by last year’s HTC One A9 because the company did very little to create a phone unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The One A9, which closely resembled Apple’s iPhone but didn’t quite create any competition for it, came and went without anyone noticing. Aside from anything having to do with cosmetics or performance, HTC turned off consumers because of the out sky-high price tag for a phone with mostly mid-range specifications.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Evan Blass, writing for VentureBeat, says the One A9 is getting a successor and it’s launching soon than you might think.

Hit the break for details.

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Nougat should see a total of three quarterly maintenance releases


Google is doing some interesting things with Nougat, and one of those will be regular maintenance releases. By pushing out maintenance releases every so often, this allows Nougat to see “continued refinement and polish.” Google didn’t offer any details on how many maintenance releases there would be, but thanks to new information from Evan Blass, we’re going to be seeing a total of three quarterly maintenance releases.

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