BlackBerry DTEK50 Android phone launches as ‘most secure’


When BlackBerry was flying high in its heyday, one of the benefits of the devices was how well they played with corporate IT environments, especially the heightened security requirements. Since then the company has tumbled, but recently has been trying to make a comeback on the back of Android powered devices. Today BlackBerry officially announced the launch of the new BlackBerry DTEK50, which the company describes as “the world’s most secure Android smartphone.” Read more

You’ll be able to grab the OnePlus 3 in Soft Gold starting tomorrow


When the OnePlus 3 launched last month, OnePlus showed off the phone both in graphite and gold color options. When the phone launched, however, we were only given the option to purchase the graphite model. Fans of the OnePlus 3 have been wondering when they would finally be able to get their hands on this allusive gold version, and it looks like we finally have an answer.

It will be launching on July 26.

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