The HTC U Play is a watered-down U Ultra for the rest of the world


If the United States gets the U Ultra, the rest of the world gets the U Play. HTC’s new U line is official today with two new devices, which are very similar, heading to different regions. The U Play looks just like the U Ultra, but this is one of those upper mid-range phones that will end up being a terrific value at the right price. It’s essentially a watered-down U Ultra to lower the price.

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HTC U Ultra specifications


In 2017, HTC wasted no time in rolling out a flagship-level phone. The U Ultra, which is definitely all about you, makes its way to markets around the world in a different appearance than we’re familiar with from this company. HTC’s U Ultra is made mostly of glass rather than metal, and it has two displays. And the internal specifications are made to go head-to-head with the best of the best.

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HTC U Ultra officially launches with dual displays and new AI assistant


Have you been on the hunt for a new smartphone that’s “All about U” and “Puts U on Top?” HTC has got you covered as they just officially announced their new 2017 flagship, the HTC U Ultra. As previous leaks suggested, it comes with powerful specs, a small secondary display on top and the new AI assistant, HTC Sense Companion, all in a smooth and sleek “liquid surface” that’s available now for pre-order.

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Huawei P10 may appear at MWC 2017?


CES 2017 recently wrapped up with some nice smartphones being announced, but no major flagship phone announcements. Tomorrow we are expecting something from HTC although it is unclear whether they will announce a flagship level device. Much later than normal, Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S8, likely delayed while the company takes their time to make sure everything is just right after the Galaxy Note 7 failure to launch. In between, that leaves MWC 2017 for companies hoping to make a splash. TalkAndroid will be in Spain to bring you coverage and one of the companies that will have a major announcement is Huawei.

Leaked images show secondary display for HTC U Ultra


HTC is preparing to hold an event this Thursday to reveal “U” which appears to be the rumored HTC U Ultra smartphone. HTC has released teasers or been the subject of leaks regarding a whole host of smartphones to be released in 2017, so it is unclear which one exactly may be the focus of this week’s event. The latest leak involves some images that purport to show a secondary display on the HTC U Ultra along with some other details and colors for the device.

Videos exist, but is there an HTC Ocean?


A few short years ago, smartphone manufacturers found themselves in a bind when new product announcements were around the corner and all the details got leaked. This would often dull the excitement of the actual launch events. Since then, companies have become much more adept at managing leaks in a strategic manner. In the case of HTC, one of the moves they employ on occasion is the creation of “fake news” to throw off those hoping to scoop the release of a new device. That could be going on with HTC in regards to their 2017 lineup. A new video surfaced for the HTC Ocean despite that device apparently not being in production, at least by that name.