Verizon Droid MAXX now available in high gloss red and black with chrome accents

by Jared Peters on
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Verizon Droid Maxx

Verizon has announced that they’re adding two new color schemes for the Droid MAXX to their phone lineup. You’ll now be able to purchase the long-lasting device in high gloss red and black with chrome accents. The black looks pretty similar to the current color offered, but the chrome accents make a very nice touch, and the red is a relief from the usual black and white colors we see on devices. » Read the rest

Over one-third of Galaxy S 5 upgrades were by iPhone users

by Jared Peters on
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A good measure of how impressive a device is is to count how many users switched to it from another brand of smartphone, such as switching from a Motorola device to an HTC device or from an Apple iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy device. If we’re measuring a device’s merit based on how many users it pulled from another camp, early reports say the Galaxy S 5 is a hit.

According to a trade-in website, ComparyMyMobile, about 38% of all Galaxy S 5 upgrades came from iPhone owners. We already knew the S 5 was showing very strong early sales, but being able to pull in so many former iPhone users is an impressive feat.  » Read the rest

Image of OnePlus One internal components leak

by Justin Herrick on
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What you are looking at are some internal components for the upcoming OnePlus One. On the left, however, looks like a display. The image comes from, you guessed it, @evleaks. His rather funny comment attached is “OnePlus One, not quite ready to debut.” That is what it looks like here! Luckily, OnePlus has until next week on Wednesday to get it all together. » Read the rest

Motorola celebrating fifty application updates with a Hangout full of questions

by Justin Herrick on
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The Moto X and Moto G have garnered a ton of positive attention since being released in last August and October, respectively. Motorola, too, has gotten great feedback from everyone because of their timely software updates for devices and applications. In fact, Motorola has updated fifteen of their apps for fifty total updates. To celebrate, Motorola’s Punit Soni will be leading a Hangout next Wednesday to field any questions thrown at him. There, Soni will answer questions and take feedback from everyone involved.

To RSVP for the Hangout, click here.

Source: Motorola

New LG L65 appears to be joining the L Series III family

by Jeff Causey on
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A new image has surfaced via Twitter tipster @evleaks of an LG L65 smartphone. Although this model number was not mentioned by LG back in February prior to MWC 2014 when they announced the L Series III model line, it looks like it will be part of that family of devices. According to the leak, the screen size will be 4.3-inches, just a tad smaller than the LG L70 which comes with a 4.5-inch screen. The 5MP camera will match some variants of the L70 and the 1.2GHz processor is right in line with the rest of the L Series III line.

The other devices in LG’s most recent L Series all come with Android’s KitKat operating system so we expect the L65 will be equipped similarly. LG has not officially confirmed this device and no pricing, release date or market availability information is known.

source: @evleaks

LG Lucid 3 now available from Verizon Wireless

by Jeff Causey on
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Last month when images leaked of a Verizon branded LG Lucid 3, we figured the release date would be sometime in April. Verizon has met that expectation with the LG Lucid 3 now available online for free with a two-year contract. Consumers can also get the Lucid 3 for $12.49 per month using the Verizon EDGE program or pay $300 with no contract.

The Lucid 3 is a low- to mid-level Android device, though it does come with Android 4.4.2 out of the box. The screen measures 4.7 inches and runs at 960 x 540 resolution. The Lucid 3 is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and has 8GB of memory on board which can be expanded through the addition of up to 64GB via microSD. The Lucid 3 does support 4G LTE and comes with a 2,440 mAh battery. Being an LG device, it does come with the company’s KnockON technology to quickly turn the screen on or off and LG’s QSlide to let users run two apps at once via a smaller, resizeable window for one of the apps.

Hit the source link for more information or to start your order.

source: Verizon Wireless

OnePlus introduces invite system for the OnePlus One

by Jack Holt on
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OnePlusInviteOne of the most frustrating things that a consumer can face in buying a new phone is the inability to purchase the device they want due to a lack of product. A device that has been hyped for months and months on end can disappear in a matter of minutes — Nexus devices for example. While it’s certainly not the end of the world when this happens — and patience is a virtue — it can be aggravating nonetheless. The folks at OnePlus know this and are making an effort combat this problem.

» Read the rest

Toshiba plans on bringing Project Ara to wearables

by Robert Nazarian on
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So far we have only heard of Project Ara smartphones, but couldn’t the concept also apply to wearables? According to Toshiba Senior VP and Technology Executive, Shardul Kazi, the answer is yes.

While at the Ara Developer Conference, Kazi showed the above slide that represents a module being removed from the phone and inserted into a smartwatch. At this point in the game, this is just a concept and not in development. Assuming consumers adopt this “module” way of thinking, you can clearly see that it’s inevitable that Project Ara could be used for so many other things, including wearables.

source: Engadget

Mystery LG device hits AnTuTu Benchmark site

by Macky Evangelista on
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Today a mystery LG device surfaced in AnTuTu’s Benchmark site that bears similar resemblance to the G3, except that it’s resolution is 1080p. This device could very well be the LG Liger (LG-F450). Upon further investigation, the phone has three different model numbers for three different Korean carriers: LG-F450K, LG-F450L and the LG-450S. With the specs of the device almost exactly like the G3′s , could we be seeing maybe a G3 Mini? Or perhaps a cheaper G3? Stay tuned!

source: Phone Arena