HTC 10 is here with a beautiful body and powerful brains


If there’s a company that needs a winner right now, it’s HTC. Remaining competitive hasn’t been so easy for the Taiwanese company as Samsung and LG are among those who started implementing the impressive and premium designs that once made HTC special. When the One M7 and One M8 arrived, the world was mesmerized because they broke away from cheap plastic with their metal unibodies. Then the One M9 came along and underwhelmed because the HTC’s competitors were also pushing their respective engineering teams, and the specifications had nothing on the Galaxy S6 and G4.

This morning, HTC announced its new flagship for 2016. The HTC 10 raises the bar with its design and beefs up its brains with top-notch specifications. It may look familiar, but the HTC 10 is unlike anything you’ve ever seen from HTC.

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The BBC launches the iPlayer Kids app for smartphones and tablets

BBC_Kids_App (5)

If your little one, or ones for that matter, have access to a phone or tablet, it can be a chore making sure they only watching content that is appropriate to their age. While age-appropriate channels such as CBBC and CBeebies has been available via the BBC’s iPlayer app, the UK broadcaster has now released a kids-only version of the app, imaginatively called iPlayer Kids App.  Read more

Sprint scraps the BlackBerry Priv


If you’re a Sprint customer waiting for the BlackBerry Priv to be added to the carrier’s lineup, bad news is here. Sprint, in addition to BlackBerry’s CEO, confirmed that it will not be selling the phone to customers… at all. This comes after plans were set for Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to join AT&T as carriers offering BlackBerry’s flagship in 2016. Those carriers are all selling the Priv in the United States, but Sprint has backed out after keeping its customers waiting for months.

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