LG G4 now has the Guinness World Record for most consecutive selfies taken


While other manufactures focus on more traditional marketing techniques that only last a short time, LG aims for ones that last forever. LG has just received the Guinness World Record for most consecutive selfies taken. LG got over 2,500 participants in Mexico City for this stunt. The record is for the “longest selfie relay chain” and took over two hours on June 13 in which a total of 746 selfies were taken.

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MediaTek’s deca-core X20 CPU set to launch in October

MediaTekMediaTek’s latest high-end mobile processor, the deca-core Helio X20, will make its official debut sometime this October. It’s expected to launch in the Chinese Elephone P9000 on October 20th, which will run around $500.

The X20 will be the first processor to use three core groups, utilizing two Cortex-A72 cores clocked at 2.5 GHz for high performance, four Cortex-A53 cores at 2 GHz for a balance between speed and power consumption, and four more Cortex-A53 at a lower clock speed for battery efficiency. It’s paired with a Mali-T800 GPU, making for a very powerful processor. Read more

Qualcomm releases video showing off the super-fast Hybrid auto focus abilities of its Snapdragon processors

SnapDragon (3)

After enduring widespread criticism for its over-heating Snapdragon 810 processors, Qualcomm has come out fighting by releasing a funny video(below) to remind us of some of the positives about its range of silicon. One such positive is that certain Snapdragon processors give super-quick auto-focusing abilities to their host devices.

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[Deal] T-Mobile supplying a free storage upgrade with the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge offer one of the best Android experiences ever. One huge reason to buy this phone is for the superior camera. It takes very large 16MP photos and can record all the way up to 4K video. It is also rumoured to be getting RAW image support in the future. These features are great, but one huge problem with all this is that they take tons of memory and unfortunately Samsung got rid of the micro SD card slot.

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OnePlus’ next phone will have a USB Type-C port


The trend as we progress through the summer and into the fall will be the inclusion of USB Type-C ports. This year, Google and Apple have already implemented the new technology on a limited scale. Google even hinted that USB Type-C would make its way to additional Android devices in 2015. A flagship phone will already have it when OnePlus launches the One’s successor next month. The company confirmed on Twitter that the OnePlus 2 would feature a USB Type-C port and claims that it will be the first flagship to have the technology. The only other phone that we have heard to likely have a USB Type-C port is the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung.

Source: OnePlus (Twitter)