U.S. carriers respond to Samsung’s kill switch for the Galaxy Note 7

01_Galaxy Note7_black

Because not everyone in the U.S. returned their Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is rolling out a lethal software update to disable the phone from being used again. It’s up to individual carriers, though, to send the software update to customers. So it’s interesting to see the differing takes on whether or not a kill switch should be implemented.

Hit the break to see what the U.S. carriers are doing.

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Latest Galaxy S8 rumor: all screen, no more home button


Samsung’s iconic home button on their devices has been a point of contention for years. Some customers love it and won’t use anything else, while other Android purists hate the idea of physical buttons instead of Google’s vision of on-screen keys. 2017 might be the year that Samsung puts the physical home button on the chopping block, if the latest batch of rumors ends up being true. Read more

Samsung debuts the 128GB Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge


After the Note 7 made an explosive exit from the market, Samsung has been bolstering its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones with more marketing and more color variants. We’ve seen both devices get post-launch support with a pink gold version and a slick Coral Blue that was originally exclusive to the Note 7, and now Samsung is dropping a glossy Black Pearl variant of the S7 Edge right before the holidays. Read more

[Video] Moto Z: The good and the bad


When you read reviews online from other people, you may not get both sides of a device. It’s because consumers generally share their experiences if they’re very good or very bad. There’s little chance you see someone talk about what they do and don’t like in a single review.

Nick Martin, the new Talk Android video editor, is setting out to show you the good and bad of the devices he picks up. First up is Lenovo’s Moto Z, a phone that launched a few months ago to mixed reaction. But Nick isn’t sticking with one side or the other. His latest video for us shows you where the phone thrives and where it falls short.

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