HTC One Ace could debut in early June


Riding off the coattails of its own release of the One M8, HTC was rumored to be working on a plastic version of the new flagship that offered premium specs without a premium price tag and while rumors have been focused on the HTC One M8 Prime — holy word vomit Batman — it appears that HTC is still pushing forward with the Ace. According to ePrice, the newest rumors peg HTC will debut the device on Tuesday, June 3. Of course, HTC has been doing quite well at teasing folks.

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Sony debuts MESH for handling all the connected things


Sony took to Maker Faire Bay Area to show off its MESH prototype. It’s based on “smart technology” and both the name and concept are derived from Make, Experience, Share. It enables people to use the platform, to create something that makes life easier, more productive or fun. This open source platform is a concept that’s designed to help create smart “things.” Creators will be able to program different functional blocks that may include LEDs, buttons, acceleration sensors or speakers wirelessly. It uses a simple GUI that will define the block’s behavior.

The kicker is that the concept is designed to make it easy for anyone — regardless of programming or developing skills, to create their own “inventions” that will seamlessly integrate into their homes and lives. MESH wants to take the proprietary tech and apps that developers and manufacturers create for their hardware and kick it up a notch.

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Google Now can now handle timer queries through device’s native timer apps



Google Now was previously able to handle time queries, but all timers were run through the Google Now application, and not through your phone’s native timer application — until now.

With Google Now’s latest update, users can say “set a timer for [time]” and a card will appear letting users know that the timer is about to begin, and you will then be directed to your native timer app.

According to various users, this is currently working for a number of phones not running stock Android, including the HTC One M7 and M8, the Moto X and Moto G, the LG G2,  and most Galaxy devices.

Source: Reddit

Motorola plays down rumored $249 price for Moto 360 on Google+, could still hold true


While we had originally heard that the Moto 360 would cost €249 (around $340 USD), it’s looking more and more that the number associated with the euros (249) is actually how much the smartwatch will cost in USD. Straight from Motorola’s watch-face design competition’s rules, we saw yesterday that the “average retail value” for the phone will be $249. 

However, Motorola spoke up today after Moto 360 fan Michal Tajchert commented on the rumored price on Google+.

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Hands-on videos of upcoming Galaxy S5 Active leak online

S5 Active

Now while we can’t promise that these leaked videos of the upcoming Galaxy S5 Active will stay online forever, they’re at least here for now. (We suggest you watch them while you still can before Samsung does something about it.) We showed you some leaks on Tuesday, but these are even better.

The videos you’ll find after the break go into detail regarding the phone’s hardware and software. The first two videos offer a complete hands on of the phone (part 1 and 2), the third video shows off the phone’s OIS camera, the fourth demonstrates the exclusive applications that will come with the phone, and the fifth video compares the S5 Active with the S5. Hit the break for more.

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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 21, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


LG unveils new QuickCircle case prior to the G3′s announcement

Refreshed Fitbit Force may have leaked, plenty of displayable info included

Apple vs Samsung

Apple wins patent lawsuit over Samsung in The Netherlands


Shhh – Secret is now available for Android

Netflix announces European expansion for late 2014

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IFTTT announces a new FitBit channel


IFTTT, which just recently made its Android debut, has announced a brand new FitBit channel for use in recipes. The new channel will allow you to perform actions based on the information that your FitBit tracker sends to your device. You can set up a recipe to post a Facebook status update when you hit your daily step goal, or upload your sleep logs to a spreadsheet in Google Drive, among other things. It’s definitely a cool addition to an already very powerful app.

Any FitBit users that are currently using IFTTT?

source: IFTTT Blog

Google Glass use has been linked to eye strain and fatigue


Google Glass is a pretty weird piece of technology when you consider how it’s supposed to be used. The device sits just above your direct line of site, so actually using it involves adjusting your eyes upwards, which can be a little unnatural for most people. Well, now that Glass is available to the public, Google has spent a bit of money researching if there are any types of health or medical problems that are associated with using the smart glasses. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but yes, initially Google Glass can cause some eye strain and fatigue. Read more

Google amps up productivity and security with new Google Apps Mobile Management features


Yesterday, we heard news that Google is buying Divide, which should give Android a boost in the enterprise world in the near future, but Google already has a few things in store. They just announced new features to Google Apps Mobile Management that will help employees be more productive and protect corporate data.

Inactive Account Wiping will allow IT administrators to set the amount of days an inactive account will automatically get wiped. Compromised device detection will alert IT administrators if someone has rooted a device or installed a custom ROM. They also added support for EAP-based WiFi networks as well as additional reporting fields via the API and Admin console. These additional fields include Serial number, IMEI, MEID, WiFi MAC address, baseband version, kernel version, build number, mobile operator/carrier, language settings, and account ownership/management.

source: Google Enterprise