Google comes to the rescue, offers $150 in credits for Verizon / Chromebook Pixel debacle


Yesterday, it was reported that Verizon decided to kill off the 2-year offer of 100mb per month of 4G LTE that was given to many Chromebook Pixel owners. For whatever reason, they cut it off at the 1-year mark leaving owners hanging. Well leave it to Google to come to the rescue. They are offering a credit of $150 to all those who bought the Chromebook Pixel when the deal was offered.

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HTC speculates what Android ‘L’ will be called


Lady Fingers? Or Lollipop? Maybe Lava Cake? What about Licorice? Perhaps Lemonade? Alright, Lemon Meringue? No, we’re not offering you snacks. We’re telling you the names that HTC is thinking Google will name its next version of Android. These six names are what HTC came up with. We have less than twenty-four hours to go, so the wait is not much longer for Google I/O.

What do you think the next version of Android will be called? Don’t forget, it has to start with the letter ‘L’. Let us know in the comments.

Source: @HTCUSA


Sundar Pichai responds to Tim Cook’s comments regarding Android’s security and user turnover


Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and a ton of other people at Apple have typically never had anything nice to say about Android. That’s not to say Android’s leaders have never fired back, but Apple’s crew does not seem to do actually look at the facts. At WWDC a few weeks ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to talk about Android. He rallied his crowd by bringing up Android’s security flaws and called it a “toxic hell stew.” Android and Chrome’s leader, Sundar Pichai, sat down with Businessweek to make some clarifications and issue a response. Read more

LG G Watch to go on sale in 12 countries on July 7


With information surrounding the LG G Watch expected to be released at Google I/O tomorrow, MobileFun is now showing the device as available for pre-order in a number of countries, with an availability starting July 7.

The US will be getting the LG device on June 7, while Europe will get it on July 8, and the rest of the world on July 9. It seems that the device will sell for around $225 USD, or £180, which is a little less than the £199 that was shown for the Moto 360 earlier this month. The device will be sold through MobileFun, but it is also expected to be sold in various markets through Google Play. Hit the break for the full list of release dates and links to the pre-order pages.

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Sundar Pichai confirms Google will preview next version of Android tomorrow with a fall release


In the past, major versions of Android have come in the fall rather than at other times of the year. Even at Google I/O, the company only introduces much smaller updates compared to the fall. Tomorrow, that changes. Sundar Pichai, Android and Chrome’s leading man, tells Businessweek that he wants “the world to understand what we are doing sooner.” Google is going to show what is has in store with Android ‘L’ tomorrow and launch in later this year. Along with this, Android Wear and presumably Android TV are on the table for showtime tomorrow.

This follows Apple’s pattern of introducing an update months prior to its release. Android and iOS will receive updates and fight for supremacy with consumers this fall with a slew of new features and user interface changes.

Source: Businessweek

LG G3 to begin rolling out on June 27, excluding the US

LG G3 colors

LG has officially announced that the worldwide rollout of their new G3 will begin on June 27. This date unfortunately does not include the US, unless we get surprised by one of the carriers.

According to LG, the next countries in line to get the new device apart from Korea are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. After that, the rest of Asia, Europe and the Middle East will get the LG flagship.

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Screenshots belonging to Android ‘L’ surface from Chromium Issues Tracker


In less than twenty-four hours, we will be introduced to the next version of Android. It is now completely safe to assume that it will be Android ‘L’ thanks to the screenshot above that appeared on the Chromium Issues Tracker.

In the status bar, you see an ‘L’ representing the version of Android. Also, the time typically reflects the version of Android being run. And here we have the time as 5:28, meaning that Android 5.0+ will be given to Android ‘L’.

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