Google announces a Google+ event for tomorrow, still no Nexus 5 news


At this point, I’m pretty sure Google enjoys trolling the internet. They recently held a Google Play event where seemingly nothing noteworthy happened, and today, Google has announced an event for tomorrow… just for Google+ updates. No hardware, no software, just news about a “few updates” to their social network. I’m sure it’ll still be an interesting event, and there’s probably some cool stuff planned.

That Nexus 5 has to be announced sometime, right?

source: Google+

Nexus 5 camera samples leak on Google+

Nexus Vegetables 1

The Nexus 5 official announcement is going to come any day now, and we’ve received a series of leaked images of the device since rumors started floating around the web. Now, we’re starting to see some camera samples on Google+ from the Nexus 5.

They’re pretty normal pictures, but after going into the EXIF data, the Nexus 5 is listed as the device used to take the picture. There were other images that appeared which showed a Googler during a family Halloween event at the Googleplex.

Hit the break for the full resolution image.

Asus PadFone Mini benchmarks show quad-core processor and Android 4.3

ASUS PadFone 2

Looks like Asus is planning a Mini version of their PadFone device to compete with the flood of other mini devices on the market lately. Some early benchmarks show a device with a model PadFone T00C, similar to the model of their hybrid PadFone devices that can seamlessly turn into larger tablets with some accessories and attachments.

This PadFone Mini looks like to be a 4-inch device with a 275 PPI screen, which is slightly better than what Samsung’s GS 4 Mini offers. It’s also powered by a quad-core processor that appears to be a Snapdragon 400, so while it’s nothing extremely high end, it looks like it should be a very capable device. It’s also running Android 4.3, so the software side of things is top notch.

Hopefully Asus will make something else official about this PadFone Mini soon, considering they just announced the PadFone Infinity last month.

source: GFXBench

via: The Droid Guy

Samsung to release Kids Edition Galaxy Tab 3 in the US on November 10th with a $229 price tag


There’s obviously a market for tablets aimed at kids, and if there’s money to be made with a type of device, you can bet Samsung is going to pursue it. Samsung has already made the kid-friendly edition of their Galaxy Tab 3 official, but now we’re getting a US release date. On November 10th, you’ll be able to pick up one of these tablets for $229, which is just slightly more expensive than the base Tab 3. It runs standard TouchWiz, but there’s also a child-friendly mode that’s way more colorful and comes with features just for managing what your child can do with the tablet.

It looks like it also comes with the extra goodies that the normal Tab 3 does, including $10 of Google Play credit, some free Hulu Plus, 50 GB of free Dropbox space, and 12 months of Boingo WiFi access. You know, in case you want to take this tablet on a business trip and access your work documents on Dropbox with it.

You can check out Samsung’s full press release for the tablet after the break. If you’re interested, you can go ahead and put in a preorder at several locations, including Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Tiger Direct, Fry’s, Office Depot, and Sam’s Club.

Cyanogenmod 10.2 experimental nightlies available for unlocked and developer editions of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile Moto X


If you’ve got an unlocked or developer edition of a Moto X, you can finally test drive the latest nightlies for Cyanogenmod 10.2. These are still “experimental” nightlies, so don’t expect rock-solid stability (yet), but if you’re been itching to flash something on your X, your wait is over.

T-Mobile Moto X phones come unlocked by default, so they’re definitely the easiest to tinker with. The early word is that flashing the AT&T or Verizon on a non-developer device could cause serious issues or even brick your device, so flash at your own risk. If you meet that criteria, though, hit up the links below to download the ~200 MB packages to get started. You’ll also need a Google Apps package, but if you’re the type of person to flash experimental stuff like this on your phone, I’m sure you already knew that, right?

Happy flashing!

source: Get.CM (Verizon)

Get.CM (AT&T)

Get.CM (T-Mobile)

Nexus 4 may stick around despite Nexus 5 launch


Courtesy of @evleaks, we now have a reason to believe that the Nexus 4 may live on and coexist with the Nexus 5. He tweeted out the above image a few minutes ago, showing a log from a retailer that has both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 on file. Unlike every other installment of a Nexus device, this could mean that the Nexus 4 will continue to be sold after the Nexus 5 is finally announced.

What is even more interesting is that the price for last year’s Nexus phone would likely drop even more. If the Nexus 5 is supposed to be priced at $349, what will the Nexus 4 be? The N4 is currently listed at $199 for 8GB although it is not in stock. Maybe Google kept it listed because it isn’t leaving the Play Store. If the price drops to $149 without a contract, can you imagine the demand? Even though the specs are a little behind by now, that could prove to be a huge deal.

Source: @evleaks

NVIDIA SHIELD updated to bring Android 4.3, plenty of additional enhancements


NVIDIA’s SHIELD handheld gaming console has received a software update to bring a slew of fixes and new features. Behind the scenes, SHIELD has been bumped up to Android 4.3. But first and foremost, the device now has access to support thousands of additional Android games. That was one of the issues plaguing SHIELD –lack of choice. Also, GameStream has left the beta phase. Hit the break for the rundown of the update.

Samsung wants developers to build apps exclusive to Galaxy devices


Samsung is hosting their first Developers Conference this week and the theme just might be for developers to build apps that are exclusive to their devices. Samsung already knows the key to success: Build user friendly devices and an ecosystem. In order to build an ecosystem, you need exclusive content and that is exactly what Samsung wants from developers. It won’t be easy because if developers take the time to build an Android app, why make it only available to Samsung? Actually there is simple solution and that’s money. Samsung has lots of cash to throw at developers that want to be part of the program.

Samsung has already shown a little success with achieving this based on the Twitter app. Twitter made a version of their app exclusive to the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. It’s the only tablet that is works on and the app also takes advantage of the built-in S Pen features. Will more developers be excited this week to do the same? I’m pretty sure if Samsung throws them some money, they will be just giddy.

source: WSJ

Samsung readying Galaxy S 4 Active Mini


It has been a trend to make “mini” versions of phones, but Samsung also started a new trending in making “rugged” versions as well. The Galaxy S 4 Active was the rugged version of the GS4. However, they already offer a mini version of the GS4, dubbed the Galaxy S 4 Mini. Now Samsung is going to combine both concepts and come out with the Galaxy S 4 Active Mini. A Samsung phone with the model number of GT-I8580 showed up at GFXBench and is believed to be the said device.

The specs include a 4.65-inch display (not so mini) with 800 x 480 resolution, a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, Adreno 305 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 5MP rear camera, 0.3MP front-facing camera, and Android 4.2. It’s not the greatest specs in the world, but if you’re looking for something that is IP67 dust and water resistant, and is a little smaller than the Galaxy S 4 Active, this just might be your next phone.

BBM Channels, Voice, and Video coming to BBM for Android soon


BBM for Android and iOS is already a hit, but BlackBerry plans on enhancing it even more. EVP of BBM for BlackBerry, Andrew Bocking, made an appearance on CBC’s The Morning Edition and had some interesting things to say. He mentioned BBM Channels, which is a “social engagement platform within BBM.” Users will be able to connect with communities and businesses. It’s could be really great for artists and brands. It’s in Beta now, but no word on exactly when it will exit. Bocking also said they are committed to bringing BBM Voice and Video calling “in the near future.”

What is Vic Gundotra excited about?


Is seems as though Vic Gundotra is a little excited for something today. I wonder what that could be? Late last night, he posted on Google+…

Can’t sleep. Always happens to me on Sunday nights. Yes working at Google is that exciting.

Of course when you work as hard as Vic does, this could happen any night right? Sure it could, but why would you need to post about it on the eve of the rumored unveiling of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat? More importantly, he went on to post….

Motorola Spotlight Player Now Available in the Play Store for the Moto X


The other day news broke that Motorola released a YouTube video showing off an augmented reality app that was co-developed with Pixar. Neither a movie, nor a game, this app created a compelling way to tell stories with the added augmented ability. This first piece of the puzzle gave light that Windy Day (what we’re building to) would be released on October 29th. Today Motorola released the second piece of the puzzle with the release of the Motorola Spotlight Player. As Motorola puts it:

“Spotlight Player will deliver these stories in ways that are as novel as the stories themselves. So, watch for something a bit out of the ordinary!”

Currently there isn’t much that you can do with the app, but that should change here soon. If you have a Moto X you should see an update in the Play Store. The is a Moto X exclusive and requires WiFi. If you missed it the first go around, we have the trailer for you after the break. Enjoy!

Photos of colorful OneTouch Pop 7-inch tablets from Alcatel leaked


Alcatel looks to be preparing some colorful new devices. The best leaker in the business, @evleaks, has provided us with the above photo showing these new colorful 7-inch tablets from Alcatel, allegedly part of the OneTouch Pop family. OneTouch Pop, if you remember,  is the same family that has the colorful budget phones in other parts of the world.

Along with the colors above, black will also be an option. The backplates will be removable and switchable to change hues as often as you want. Also, it looks like there will be a translucent flip-cover for safety. There’s not much additional information on these, but we’ll be sure to let you know as we hear more.

Source: @evleaks

LG G Flex announced by LG to join the ranks of devices with curved displays


LG has officially announced the LG G Flex, their version of a smartphone with a curved display. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Round that bends around the vertical axis of the device, the LG G Flex curves around the horizontal axis. It should be noted that this means the curvature will be similar to an IMAX screen when the device is held in the horizontal orientation when viewing video. LG also announced the back cover of the G Flex will be made of a material that can self-repair hairline scratches “within minutes” to help keep that new device look.

Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) Android 4.3 firmware leaks from Samsung


If you own an unlocked Galaxy Note II, you’re in luck. SamMobile has gotten their hands on some pre-release firmware of Android 4.3 for Samsung’s phablet for you to play with. It’s definitely not a daily driver, but hey, at least we know Samsung is going to make good on their promise to update these devices.

The update brings the Note II up to speed with the S 4 and Note 3, especially in the UI department. It has the tabbed settings interface, as well as a few more subtle changes throughout the OS. Samsung Wallet is present, as well as Samsung Knox. There may be more features added before development is halted, but that’s what we’re looking at currently.

If you’re interested, you can download the firmware at the link below. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t have the GT-N7100 model of Note II (which means no US carrier variants) leave this one alone for a bit.

source: SamMobile