HTC’s trade up program offers up to $300 for trading in your old phone towards a new HTC device

by Macky Evangelista on
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To help persuade customers into purchasing one of their new devices, HTC has created a Trade Up program that offers in upwards of $300 by trading in your old Android device for a new HTC one. While it’s a cool idea in theory, these types of programs are always a landslide win for the company. Not only do you buy a new device from them, but you’re basically selling them yours for a fraction of what it’s really worth.

For example, my mint condition GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus will only fetch $170 through this trade in program where I can easily get almost twice that. Either way, I’m sure this will appeal to some.

Hit up the source link for more information!

source: HTC Trade Up

Pocket for Android now features text-to-speech playback functionality

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Pocket for Android has been updated to version 4.2 and brings in a new feature along with several big fixes. The new feature is text-to-speech playback, something I’m sure many will be excited about. This option can be useful in times where you are multi-tasking (except for driving of course!). Here’s a list of what you can expect in 4.2:

– Listen: Pocket can read your articles to you using Android’s Text-To-Speech feature
– Manage Site Subscription feature now working on all versions of Android
– Improved full screen animation in Reader
– Disabled URL shortener when sharing to Evernote
– Minor UI updates
– ZTE Blade crash when opening an article
– Blank help screen on Jelly Bean
– After marking a link to “Read Later” inside an article, Archiving/Favoriting would affect the wrong link
– Minor bug fixes

Head on over to the source link and QR code after the break for a download!

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Chrome currently not compatible with Motorola RAZR i

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Due to Motorola RAZR i’s Intel Atom CPU, Google’s Chrome browser for the device currently won’t work as you’ll be given the “Package file is invalid” prompt upon installation. I suppose that’s to be expected when Motorola brings in a new CPU into the game with the Intel Atom. So far, here’s what Motorola had to say regarding the issue:

There is not a version available that is optimised for Intel. We expect it at in-store launch or shortly thereafter.

I would fully expect an update to Chrome in the near future to fix the incompatibility issue. For now the RAZR i’s stock browser will have to do for you Chrome fans. Once the update is pushed we’ll be sure to let you all know!

source: AC

$25 Google Play gift card with Nexus 7 purchase offer expires September 30th

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Still eyeing that beautiful quad-core Nexus 7? If so, make sure you get your chance to purchase one straight from Google and receive a $25 Google Play Store gift card along with your shiny new tablet! If you’ve been planning on buying this device but still holding out for personal reasons, time is now of the essence as the special $25 gift card promotion ends on September 30th.

Still on the fence for the Nexus 7? Check out our review of the device and how it may change your device habits! Check out the source link to purchase yours today.

source: Google’s Twitter

T-Mobile rolling out “Magenta Deal Days” phone promotion, offers zero-down deals after rebate

by Sean Stewart on
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As with most carriers, T-Mobile is certainly no stranger to rolling out deals and it doesn’t appear that they’ll be changing that any time soon. Beginning September 21st, T-Mobile will launch their latest campaign, “Magenta Deal Days” Zero Down promotion. This promotion allows new customers to purchase any device, yes even the Samsung Galaxy S III, for $0.00 down on qualifying Unlimited Value and Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plans, after mail-in rebate card. The promotion will also be available for existing customers, but the usual migration fees apply when going from a Classic plan to a Value plan while having less than 18 months of contract tenure. If you’re the type that doesn’t mind paying for your phone in monthly installments and don’t mind waiting for that mail-in rebate, then this deal may just be for you. It’s a great way to get a premium device without having to shell out a ton of coin up front, albeit still having to sign a long-term agreement. Hit the break for the full press release from T-Mobile, including specific phone pricing examples.  » Read the rest

HTC tweets photo of a device as a teaser for tomorrow’s event

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Tomorrow, HTC will be holding an event to launch a new device(s) and we’ve all been eagerly anticipating what it may be. Today HTC took it upon their Twitter account and posted a teaser photo about the event. My first guess is a Windows 8 device, perhaps a Windows version of the HTC One X?

While I don’t expect it to be an Android device, there are several contenders such as the rumored 5″ HTC DIx device and a new tablet that they’ve been working on.

Either way, the event should be great and I have no doubts HTC will unveil yet another high spec’d device. We’ll be sure to cover tomorrow’s event and bring you up to date news.

source: HTC’s Twitter

AT&T 4G LTE now available in Birmingham, Memphis

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Add two more cities to that  AT&T 4G LTE list. Birmingham, AL and Memphis, TN have now joined the LTE party hosted by AT&T. While AT&T seems to be making good on their overall LTE roll-out plans, they’re still behind Verizon’s planned 400-market plan, but well ahead of Sprint’s. However, AT&T does claim to serve more of the overall population than Verizon, if you ask them. Regardless, it’s certainly good news that they are rolling out new LTE cities seemingly daily.

source:  AT&T (1) and (2)

Amazon Cloud Player (Amazon MP3 app) launches in the UK

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We all know that Amazon is a major player in the U.S. on numerous fronts, and the Amazon Cloud Player certainly counts as one. The Cloud Player, as you may know, provides the ability to upload music to Amazon’s servers allowing playback on a device without taking up precious storage space on the device. However, while we’ve been enjoying this service in the U.S. for a while now, the rest of the world has been shut out. That is, up until now – at least in the UK.

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Twitter Updates Android app with header photos, photo streams and pinch to zoom on photos

by Winston Gordon on
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Those that use the official Twitter app on android will be happy to know there is an update available today. In addition to the usual bug and maintenance fixes, this update brings nice features such as header photos for profiles, photo streams on profiles and events, in addition to better account management. With this new update, Twitter is taking a step in the right direction, though the app still has room for improvement compared to alternatives like Hootsuite for phones and Plume for tablets. Hit the break to get a link to the update in the Google Play Store.

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