Leaked image shows Moto Z Play with 3.5mm audio jack and USB Type-C connector


When it comes to audio jacks, the most common argument in recent years has been whether it’s best placed at the top or the bottom of the phone. With the rising popularity of the USB Type-C port, the argument is turning to whether the ubiquitous 3.5mm audio jack should even be present. When Motorola chose to use the USB Type-C connector for audio on its Moto Z and Moto Z Force phones, one might have expected the Lenovo-owned company to follow suit with the Moto Z Play.  Read more

[TA Deals] Learn how to build Android apps from start to finish with this bundle (91% off)


Want to learn how to build Android apps? Well, as they always say, when it comes to programming of any sort, your best bet is to learn by building projects than actually sitting down and reading through a book. That’s how instructor Rob Percival will be teaching you how to build Android apps with his Complete Android Developer Course. Throughout the course, Percival is ditching the traditional style of learning and will be guiding you through building 14 of your own Android apps.

You can get a quick overview of all the content you’ll be wading through after the break.

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Watch Samsung unbox the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition


Samsung recently created a colorful new Galaxy S7 Edge in honor of the Olympics in Rio, and today’s the day it’s been officially released. We’ve already gone over some of the details about the special edition of the phone, most of which revolves around a color scheme designed to match the Olympics, but now you can get a closer look thanks to an unboxing video from Samsung directly. Read more

[TA Deals] Get a 12-month Steamcrate subscription for $139!


So you want to play a new game on your computer. The problem, though, is that you really can’t be spending money on every title you’re interested in. Fortunately there’s Steamcrate, a service that bundles top titles in a monthly package at a friendly price. Through Steamcrate, you get ten random games each month to keep forever and play even after the next batch of games arrives.

Because we think you’ll like Steamcrate so much, we’ve labeled it as today’s featured deal on Talk Android Deals.

Hit the break for this deal’s details.

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Want to write about Android? We’re hiring!


Hello there! Have an interest in everything related to Android? Find yourself spending a large portion of your day reading blogs and news sites? Maybe it’s time to start writing about Android yourself.

We’re looking for a talented, responsible, and driven writer — who will be working remotely — to join our team.

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