[TA Deals] Grab this Universal 3-in-1 Lens kit for just $11.99


The days of carrying a standalone camera for taking pictures of our nearest and dearest are long gone with smartphones often taking better photos and almost always being closer to hand. As good as smartphone cameras have become, though, sometimes you want to take a different sort of image of even higher quality, and this is where the Universal 3-in-1 Lens kit for Smartphones and Tablets from Talk Android Deals will come in handy.  Read more

6 GB Galaxy Note 7 tipped for August 26th launch, but only for China

6 GB galaxy note 7 invite

There was a tiny bit of disappointment when Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 with only 4 GB of RAM. Some early rumors flip-flopped on RAM, so many of us were expecting 6 GB to be standard in the device, but at launch Samsung confirmed you’d only have a 4 GB option. That’s still plenty for most people, but phones with that much RAM do exist and Samsung likes to be on the cutting edge of things. Read more

Galaxy Note 7’s Gorilla Glass 5 display disappoints in scratch test video


Despite some complaints about how the Galaxy Note 7 is merely a reworked Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung’s latest flagship has been well received by most of us, with the re-addition of MicroSD card support and the availability of the handset itself in Europe vastly widening its appeal. When a new phone is launched, there’s often a flurry of videos showing the handset being tortured, and the Galaxy Note 7 is no different. Today, we get to see how its Gorilla Glass 5 handles being scratched, bent, and even being attacked by a cigarette lighter. It’s a little painful to watch, and the display doesn’t exactly excel in the scratch part of the test. Join us after the break for more. Read more

Leaked memo suggests Sprint is killing off 2-year contracts again


With Sprint posting a big quarterly loss last month despite beating revenue estimates, it should come as no surprise that the carrier that just can’t quite get out of that lowly fourth spot is looking to shake things up, according to a leaked memo. In a move that brings more than a little feeling of deja vu, Sprint is purportedly doing away with two-year contracts just a few months after bringing them backRead more