Instagram adding several new features to Instagram Direct

instagram directInstagram Direct is the social media site’s way of directly sharing content with friends and family, and it’s been a success for the site since it launched a few years back. Today, Direct is getting some new features to make it even better, including threaded messaging and a way to share photos and videos on your feed straight to specific people. Read more

Google pushing for less intrusive app installation pop-ups in mobile web pages

app install bannerGoogle is updating their mobile friendly website test to try and promote less intrusive app installation warnings that hide significant amounts of content. When browsing a website on a mobile device, it’s not uncommon to see a pop-up that prompts you to install the site’s app on a mobile app store. Sometimes it’s out of the way and simple, like a native banner at the top of the website. Sometimes, though, it’s a very intrusive, large pop-up that hides the actual website. I’m sure you’ve seen one at least once since you’ve had a smartphone, but if you’ve managed to avoid it this long, trust me, they’re awful. Read more