Joyride monetizing podcasts with in-app fundraising and rewards


Joyride, the service that focuses on distributing podcasts, is introducing new capabilities on behalf of content producers. Rather than relying upon traditional advertising, podcasters can launch in-app fundraising and rewards. Simply put: “advertising doesn’t cut it” about the current revenue model in the podcast industry. That is what Joyride CEO Jeff Chen had to say. The service is working with podcasters to compose custom fundraising campaigns that are approachable for users. Joyride users then pay a monthly cost to support a podcast and receive rewards accordingly.

Google selected Joyride as a launch partner for Android Auto.

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Yahoo Weather makes your device match the environment with animated effects


Yahoo doesn’t just want users to read out about the weather. They want users to actually feel it (without actually feeling it). Today, the company started rolling out an update to its Yahoo Weather app that introduces animated effects. Based on the weather outside your window, the app will adapt the display with effects for rain, snow, fog, heat, lightning, and frost. Yahoo feels that this takes things to the “next level.” So while the weather outside is frightful, the fire inside is so delightful. And Yahoo Weather will make sure you know that.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge will be upgraded directly to Android 5.0.1

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Back_Galaxy_Note_4_Logo_TAWith Android 5.0.1 rolling out to Nexus devices, it’s technically the latest and greatest that Google offers. Unfortunately, because of the way the Android update process works, many devices will be upgraded to 5.0 first and may or may not see that incremental upgrade over the next few months.

To work around this, Samsung looks like they’re going to be updating their latest Galaxy Note devices directly to 5.0.1 and just skip 5.0. The Galaxy S 5 LTE-A has already seen this update, and it’s been solid so far, so it makes sense for Samsung to go ahead and start sending it out to other devices like the Note 4 and Note Edge.
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Android 5.1 to roll out in February, 2015


Lollipop Forest

The final version of Lollipop (5.0) was unveiled back in October and manufacturers have only just begun rolling out the upgrade to unlocked variants of their flagship smartphones. However, it appears that an Android update with Silent Mode, changes to the Material Design color palette, improved RAM management and much, much more on board is on its way.

According to AndroidPIT and a couple of its trusted individual sources, Google is preparing to release a rather large Android 5.1 update in February, 2015, which is set to bring many interesting new features.

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Ting Mobile bringing fiber optic network to Charlottesville, VA


Ting Mobile, a Canadian-owned wireless carrier based in Mississippi, has reported plans to buy Blue Ridge Internetworks in Charlottesville, VA, and to eventually expand the local fiber optic network. According to Ting Mobile CEO Elliot Noss, the new offering when built out may best be described as “Google Fiber lite.” New broadband plans are expected to cost less than $100 per month and will be capable of supporting speeds of up to 1 GB per second.
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