Android Wear smartwarches now total 1 million


Early this month it was reported by Canalys that about 720,000 Android Wear devices were shipped during 2014. Of course that figure didn’t even necessarily represent the total amount that consumers purchased.

As of right now, it appears that there are roughly 1 million Android Wear devices in the wild. How can we tell? The Android Wear app reached 1 million downloads as of yesterday afternoon. Now we can’t guarantee that everyone who downloaded and installed the Android Wear app actually has an Android Wear watch, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of those downloads probably represent people who actually do have a watch. It also isn’t that far fetched based on the 720,000 figure given by Canalys for 2014, which ended about 2 months ago.

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Sony confirms Xperia Z4 tablet will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress


A couple of days ago, Sony mistakenly or on purpose outed the Xperia Z4 tablet in their Xperia Lounge app. The immediate assumption was that we would see it at Mobile World Congress next week, and Sony has confirmed it. In a Tweet a little while ago, Sony said, “Slimmer. Lighter. Brighter. All will be revealed on 02.03.15. #Xperia #SonyMWC.”

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Intel teases new Atom processors with a new naming scheme

IntelTo bring the Atom processor line inline with the popular Core i# processors, Intel is introducing a new naming scheme along with a new generation of Atom processors. Much like an i3 being OK, an i5 being better and an i7 being the best, the Atom will sport an x3, x5 or x7 moniker, respectively and performance will get better with each respective numerator. But that’s not it.

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Silent Circle buys out partner, raises funds in push to serve secure enterprise market


Silent Circle, part of SGP Technologies, has announced they have reached an agreement to buy out their partner in the joint venture, Geeksphone. SGP Technologies’ primary claim to fame is their Blackphone, a smartphone developed for users interested in maintaining a high level of privacy. Silent Circle will take over 100% ownership of SGP Technologies when the acquisition closes later this week allowing the company to implement “operation efficiencies” and pursue an “integrated product roadmap.”
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Amazon making Firefly available on all Fire HD tablets


Last year one of the most buzzworthy stories of the tech world was the release of the Amazon Fire smartphone, the giant retailer’s first foray into the mobile phone market. The device, despite all the attention it received, never seemed to generate sufficient sales interest as revealed by the $83 million in inventory Amazon was holding at the end of the third quarter. In what may be a sign of cannibalization of the Fire smartphone, Amazon is making the Firefly software that came on the device available for all Fire HD tablets.
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Moto E (2nd Gen) with LTE: Hands on and first impressions


The original Moto E was already a killer budget phone, but with all technology, there is always room for improvement. Motorola unveiled the all new Moto E for 2015 yesterday, which provides a bigger display, a quad-core processor, and LTE. At a cost of $149, it’s hard to imagine how Motorola is doing it. It even has Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, which you won’t find on too many phones.

Look for our full review very soon, but for now, hit the break for our quick hands on and first impressions.

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Rumour: The 2015 Nexus phone could be made by a Chinese manufacturer

Nexus – Google1

It’s a little early for Nexus season, but here we have a leak hinting at the next manufacturer to be handed the honour of creating the next Nexus handset. In the recent past, we had the Nexus 4 and 5 being built by LG, with the most recent Nexus 6 coming courtesy of Motorola. But now, according to a post by Darren phone chips on Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging site, it appears that a Chinese manufacturer might be given the responsibility for the next Nexus handset.

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