Motorola’s Jim Wicks is leaving the company after 12 years

motorola_moto_x_pure_edition_camera_angled_dark_closeup_TAJim Wicks is Motorola’s Senior VP of Consumer Experience, and he’s been with Motorola for 12 years. That’s a fairly long tenure in a market where high-level positions jump around between companies every couple of years.

Despite being with the company for over a decade, Wicks has decided to leave the company, which just might be a sign of how things are going for Motorola under Lenovo. Read more

Ultimate Ears adds Google Now to create smart speakers


Ultimate Ears has announced a unique new addition to their UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth speakers. The latest firmware update for these devices adds a new push-to-talk feature that can trigger Google Now, or Siri, directly from the speakers. The concept is to make it so that users can “say it to play it” in order to quickly access and launch their favorite tunes. Read more

HTC 10 is beating sales expectations

htc_10_glacial_silver_official_in_handWe finally have some news about HTC that’s not awful! It seems like it’s been years since anything has gone right for the company, but right now it looks like the HTC 10 is hitting its stride and is beating internal expectations, at least in Taiwan. All of this comes from Jack Tong, president of HTC in North Asia. Read more

Samsung’s Rio 2016 promo video ‘The Chant’ wants you to Do What You Can’t


The 2016 edition of the Olympic Games being held in Rio, Brazil is fast approaching, with Samsung being one of the main sponsors. The South Korean electronics has a long-standing relationship with the Olympics in recent times, which has proven to be beneficial for the handset maker, as seen with the Galaxy S3 during London 2012. Samsung’s huge marketing machine is just beginning to warm up for Rio 2016, and one of its first promo videos is called “The Chant”, telling the story of South Sudanese 400m runner, Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan. We’ve embedded the video for you after the break.

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