Fenix down! The third-party Twitter app has hit its 100k token limit

Fenix-IconAll good things must come to an end, especially if that good thing is a third-party Twitter client. Fenix, one of the better options for anyone that isn’t happy with the default app, has officially started down the path to obscure, abandoned apps.

In case you’ve forgotten or just don’t keep up with Twitter apps, Twitter has instituted a 100,000 token limit for all third-party apps. That means that once an app has signed up 100,000 unique users, it can no longer issue tokens and is effectively useless to new users. Existing users shouldn’t have a problem, but it completely stunts the app’s ability to grow. Read more

[Deal] Need a Mother’s Day gift? Moto X Pure Edition is starting at $299


A brief sale will cause the starting price of the Moto X Pure Edition to drop considerably early next month. Motorola is hosting a Mother’s Day sale where you can get its flagship for at least $100 off, which means you should probably hold off on the existing deal which saves you $50.

Hit the break for this deal’s details.

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[TA Deals] Get The Complete Android Developer Course for $17


Ever wanted to become an Android Developer? Getting started is easier than you might think. Over on Talk Android Deals is The Complete Android Developer course, which will get you up to speed in Android in no time! Through the course instructor Rob Percival will take you step-by-step in building 14 different applications. And in six weeks, Percival believes he’ll have you creating applications like Uber and Instagram in no time!

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ilumi’s BR30 Outdoor LED smart lightbulb is now up for pre-order

Detached luxury house at night view from outside front entrance.LED lights that are controlled with a smartphone are nothing new, but until now your options for an outdoor flood light have been pretty limited. ilumi is here to fix that with the BR30 Outdoor LED light that works just like your traditional indoor, connected home light bulbs, but you can use it outside on an awning, porch, or wherever else you’d need one. Read more