Twitter introudces new First View ad campaign to aid plummeting stocks


As Twitter’s stocks plummet to an all-time low, the social networking giant has today released a new advertising platform, it hopes will generate some new revenue. The scheme is called First View and provides advertisers with the facility to host their adverts at the top of a user’s timeline for 24-hours, which means every time you sign into your account, the first post you’ll see will be a promoted video.

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[TA Deals] This bundle will help you become an IT security and ethical hacking expert (98% off)


Information is a growing lucrative field, so it’s no surprise to see many people head into it for work. But to get ahead of the competition, you might need to have certifications in specific topics. So we’re doing our best to help you out by showcasing the IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training Bundle from Talk Android Deals. It has everything you’ll need to prepare for CompTIA Security+, Cisco CCNA Security, and Certfied Ethical Hacker exams. Then you can put the certifications on your résumé and that potential employer will have an even better reason to hire you.

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Google rebrands RideWith by Waze to Waze Rider


Earlier today, Google announced that it has renamed its popular ride-sharing service ‘RideWith by Waze’ to ‘Waze Rider’. It’s unclear why the search engine giant has opted for the rebranding, but we can only assume that it’s planning a worldwide expansion as currently the platform is only available to use in Israel where it has over 20,000 regular customers.

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Intelligent Energy plans to develop hydrogen-based fuel cell for smartphones


Intelligent Energy Holdings Plc, a firm located in the U.K. that specializes in fuel-cell technology, has announced they have entered into an agreement with a smartphone manufacturer to develop a fuel cell small enough to fit inside a smartphone. Sources have not named the smartphone manufacturer, describing in only as an “emerging” producer. Intelligent Energy says the smartphone manufacturer is investing $7.6 million USD in the project that could result in a power source capable of powering a smartphone for a whole week between charges. Read more

[Deal] HTC takes 40% off the Nexus 9 and throws in a free keyboard


The Nexus 9, which was launched in late 2014, is still being sold as Google has positioned the Pixel C as a high-end tablet belonging to another line that is just getting started. So, for people wanting an premium-yet-affordable tablet with stock Android, the Nexus 9 remains the most logical choice (unless you’re a gamer).

When the tablet hit the market, pricing started at $399 for a base model with 16GB of internal storage. And the 32GB model raised the price up to $479. Need a LTE signal for use away from a WiFi connection? The LTE model that comes with 32GB of internal storage is priced at $599. Today, though, you can save big on any model of the Nexus 9. Through HTC’s weekly Hot Deals promotion, the Nexus 9 has a 40% discount and a free Logitech keyboard is being included if you get the LTE model.

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