[Deal] Buy two Google Home units for just $229

Digital assistants for the home are rising in popularity now that Google and Amazon are offering premier hardware with plenty of integrated services. Google Home, though, could be the better option for people with Android phones and tablets. Pairing devices with software made by the same company usually works out better since it’s all made for each other.

If you’re interested in Google Home, now might be the perfect time to buy. Multiple retailers in the U.S. are offering two units together for a discount.

Samsung announces the Galaxy S8’s Bixby AI assistant and its ambitions for the platform

Thanks to the absolute deluge of leaks for the Galaxy S8, we’ve known for a while that Samsung intended to launch its own AI assistant¬†with its latest flagship smartphone on March 29th. We’ve even ‘known‘ that Samsung had named its assistant ‘Bixby‘. Today, the Korean handset maker has made it official; and while Bixby will indeed launch with the Galaxy S8, the company has huge plans for the assistant that will, it hopes, eventually encompass most or all the devices it manufactures. Join us after the break for more details on Bixby.