Google Now adds alternate flights after delays and cancellations


It’s pretty annoying when your flight gets delayed, or even cancelled. It’s even more annoying trying to find an alternate flight to get to where you’re going.

But now, you won’t have to worry about it.

Google Now has added an “alternate flights” view after your flight has been delayed or cancelled, which is a pretty convenient addition to the service.

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Samsung finally unveils the Galaxy Alpha


After many months of speculation, Samsung finally took the wraps off of the Galaxy Alpha today. This one is all about the design as JK Shin said “The Galaxy Alpha was built and designed based on the specific desires of the consumer market.”

That desire is metal. However, don’t expect an all metal device here. It includes a metal frame, but the backplate is still that lovely perforated design. It definitely resembles the iPhone 5S, but it’s a lot thinner. At 6.7mm, it’s nearly 1mm thinner than Cupertino’s current flagship.

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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for August 12, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Best Android apps for taking notes [August 2014]


Madfinger Games working on virtual model builder called Monzo

TapPath attaches custom actions for tapping links one or more times

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Google announces Android distribution numbers for August


It’s that time of month again: Google revealed the current distribution of Android software on devices around the world. Unlike in the past, where Gingerbread was the king ahead of a lagging Jelly Bean, the latest OS has been sufficiently spreading the love to everyone. According to the pie graph, one out of every five devices is running KitKat, and a little over one half of devices is running Jelly Bean.
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Glide update introduces new social features including Discover People tool


The very popular video messaging application Glide is getting a major update to bring it up to the same strength as its iOS counterpart. The entire update is primarily geared towards new and improved social features. But the most prominent is its Discover People tool. It provides a way for users to browse other profiles based on different filters. Theses filters include location, demographics, or recent activity. Instead of just limiting yourself to who adds you, Discover People aims to broaden your horizons.

The developer improved the core messaging experience. Much like other messaging apps, Glide will now let you quickly compose a new message first by hitting its new camera button and then selecting which users/groups the content is sent off to. This is something that will greatly improve efficiency. Also, group chats can be renamed; therefore, users can add some personalization and identity to conversations. And, finally, Glide’s update brings the option to mute group chats for a specific amount of time. So if your friends are all sending messages very quickly while you are at work, they cannot distract you.

Hit the break for the gallery, download links, and full press release.
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HTC will make proprietary software available to other Android devices


HTC tried to knock it out of the park with some of the sexiest phones known to man, but they ended up striking out. Now HTC is going to try something completely different in an effort to increase sales and profits.

The Taiwanese company has set up a separate business unit that will build software for other Android devices from Samsung, LG, and others. It’s called HTC Creative Labs and it employs roughly 260 people in Seattle, San Francisco, and Taipei.

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Xiaomi apologizes for uploading Address data without permission


Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra has apologized to users who were concerned with the fact that contact data was collected from address books without permission. The issue arose from a cloud messaging service from Xiaomi similar to iMessage. The specific problem was the service uploading phone numbers to servers without asking for permission (like other Android applications). Xiaomi has added an OTA update as an opt-in for the service and has promised to encrypt numbers as well. 
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Motorola Shamu shows up on GFX bench, could be Nexus 6


Motorola’s most anticipated device of the year, codenamed Shamu, has shown up on the GFX Benchmark database. Although the results weren’t complete, the scores are fairly similar with other devices running Snapdragon 801′s. The results showed that Shamu will sport a 1080p screen, and rumors have led us to believe that the size of the screen could be anywhere from a normal size, like 5-inches, to phablet size, like 6-inches.

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Google+ app gets ability to cast your stream to Chromecast


Google+ for Android received an update today — in addition to the usual bug fixes, you’ll now have the ability to cast your Google+ stream to Chromecast.

You’ll be able to manually flip through posts on the stream or you can automatically play through the stream. The posts fill up the whole screen, but it looks like GIF-support is not included for now.

The update is pushing out now, so be patient. If you’d rather not wait, head on over to the source link and grab the download files.

Source: Android Police