Samsung debuts the 128GB Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge


After the Note 7 made an explosive exit from the market, Samsung has been bolstering its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones with more marketing and more color variants. We’ve seen both devices get post-launch support with a pink gold version and a slick Coral Blue that was originally exclusive to the Note 7, and now Samsung is dropping a glossy Black Pearl variant of the S7 Edge right before the holidays.

[TA Deals] Use True Key to store and protect all of your passwords


Stop putting your passwords in an risky place online or leaving them written on a piece of paper in a desk drawer. You’re just asking for someone to steal them. So let’s get your passwords stored and protected in a single place recommended by security professionals.

On Talk Android Deals, Intel Security’s True Key is being featured as the deal of the day.

[Video] Moto Z: The good and the bad


When you read reviews online from other people, you may not get both sides of a device. It’s because consumers generally share their experiences if they’re very good or very bad. There’s little chance you see someone talk about what they do and don’t like in a single review.

Nick Martin, the new Talk Android video editor, is setting out to show you the good and bad of the devices he picks up. First up is Lenovo’s Moto Z, a phone that launched a few months ago to mixed reaction. But Nick isn’t sticking with one side or the other. His latest video for us shows you where the phone thrives and where it falls short.

You can take a VR tour of New York’s department stores thanks to Google


If you’ve ever wanted to see New York’s fancy department store windows without having to shell out the cash to get there (and deal with the insane crowds this time of year), Google has your back. Their latest VR endeavor puts you right in front of several New York department stores, complete with a high-resolution virtual reality panorama and the sounds of a bustling city street around you.

TouchWiz gets rebranded as Samsung Experience in latest Nougat beta firmware for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


Samsung opened up its Galaxy Beta Program back in November for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, allowing those who signed up to test its beta Nougat firmware ahead of an official release. The electronics giant is rolling out the third update for those enrolled in the program, and it comes with some interesting changes, including a move away from the TouchWiz branding for its user interface.

Pebble officially leaves the smartwatch market after Fitbit acquisition

pebble 4.0

Pebble was a pioneer in the smartwatch market, thriving off of Kickstarter success and a brand new device category. The original Pebble had its shortcomings, but it was one of the first actual smartwatches you could buy, and it wasn’t crazy expensive.

The Pebble Time refined the watch by giving it a sleeker design and a colorful e-ink screen, which I personally liked enough to use every day for the past.

Google rolling out Duo 5.0 with major video quality improvements


When Google released their brand new video chat app Duo this Fall, they aimed to provide an experience that was simple and could provide uninterrupted and good quality video and audio regardless of your location or connection strength. And with downloads on Android hovering around the 10 million mark, it shows that if nothing else Google has peaked the interest of a lot of users. A major update is starting to roll out now that will provide a number of benefits.

Join us after the break for the details.

Samsung is releasing custom watch bands exclusively for the Gear S3


When talking about smartwatches, it’s easy to forget that they’re more than just extensions of a smartphone. They offer a ton of useful electronic functionality, but they’re still watches, and watches are fashion accessories. Samsung is taking advantage of that fact and releasing a handful of new bands for their Gear S3 to mix and match any kind of fashion.