Patent for Amazon Prime Air drone reveals user tracking for delivery


The upcoming Amazon Prime Air service will deliver goods from the online retailer to locations specified by customers. A patent filed last September, though, reveals that the service could actually deliver to customers wherever they are. It would be done by utilizing GPS technology found in practically every smartphone on the market today. Even when a customer changes his or her location, the Prime Air drone will adapt and reroute itself. The filing also reveals that Prime Air drones will communicate with each other to trade information relating to traffic and weather.

Amazon is still working on bringing Prime Air to the public despite pushback from the government.

Source: USPTO
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German automakers on route to buy Nokia Here


A new report has surfaced indicated German automakers Audi, BMW and Daimler have partnered with Chinese search giant Baidu in an effort to buy the Nokia Here business unit from Nokia. The mapping unit appears to be valued at more than €2 billion ($2.2 billion USD) according to the reports, but more importantly will help the automakers stave off Google’s entry into the self-driving car market. At least, that is what the automakers are hoping. Read more

Nintendo launching five smartphone games by 2017, one out this year


While many companies are embracing mobile gaming with open arms, Nintendo has been a bit reluctant to enter the scene. However, Nintendo, with their recent partnership with DeNA, is now ready to jump in.

Plans are to release one game by the end of this year. Nintendo won’t just been releasing a single game, though. Immediately after the company’s 2014 earnings, CEO and President Satoru Iwata said that they plan on launching five mobile titles by March 2017.

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OnePlus settles lawsuit, confirms Cyanogen to continue OTA support for the One in India

OnePlus Case Closed

In an ironic twist on its #NeverSettle motto, it would appear that OnePlus has indeed settled its dispute with Micromax that saw the OnePlus One briefly banned from sale in India back in December. OnePlus announced that it and Micromax have agreed to mutually withdraw the cases and cease legal proceedings via its blog earlier today.

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Huawei Nexus device to have a 2K display and Snapdragon 810, analyst says



Fans of Google’s upcoming Nexus device are clouded in it. Will it be manufactured by LG or Huawei? Could two be on the horizon–one from both companies? The prospect of a Huawei made Nexus device is exciting, but what’ll put a grin on every Nexus fan’s face is what’s inside. Now, Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang is divulging what hardware could be inside Google’s next big thing.

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