‘Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’ makes its way to Android

GTA libery city storiesRockstar has added another Grand Theft Auto entry to their mobile portfolio, this time adding Liberty City Stories to the Play Store. This is a port of the original PSP game, which was designed with a mobile-first mentality before smartphone gaming exploded. The missions are focused more around being quick and accessible, as opposed to the longer, more meaty style that you’d find on the console versions of GTA. Read more

According to leak, HTC’s One M10 will feature UltraPixel technology front and back


Another day, and yet another leak. But this time, it relates to the HTC’s upcoming flagship, the One M10, which is also known by its codename, Perfume. A few hours ago, we learnt from serial leaker Evan Blass that the M10 would hit US retail stores the week of May 9th, with the smartwatch being available some weeks before. Now we have some details about the handset’s cameras, more of which after the break.  Read more

Google announces People API, moves further away from Google+

samsung_galaxy_s6_edge_plus_contacts_TAGoogle has announced a new People API for Android to help apps gather information from your contacts list, which is meant to eventually replace the current Contacts API and move away from using Google+ to glean connections about a user. This is an interesting move compared to Google’s direction just a few years ago when the company was bent on forcing everything through the social media portion of their services, and really shows that Google has changed focus from Google+ back to multiple services, like Photos and Hangouts. Read more