LG could end up supplying batteries for the Galaxy S8


Samsung probably doesn’t want to talk about batteries ever again, but they’re going to have to figure out how to get something that won’t explode in the Galaxy S8 next year.

With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung tried to supply as many components from in-house companies as possible. No one is 100% sure that was the problem, but to make the next round a little safer Samsung is reportedly lining up multiple suppliers for components for their next flagship. Read more

The Le S3 and Le Pro 3 mark LeEco’s U.S. entrance


Beginning today, you’re going to be hearing a lot about LeEco and its ecosystem. This diverse company, which is based in China, is finally entering the United States with products ranging from phones and televisions to bikes and accessories. It’s all part of LeEco’s strategy to give consumers devices and services from the source for a complete ecosystem in which everything works together the way you want.

The Le S3 and Le Pro 3 are LeEco’s first phones to be released in the United States, and they pack decent specifications for a price tag that’s not leaving your bank account in pain.

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