Latest Galaxy S8 leak reveals the handset could default to Full HD resolution

The dawn of a new day naturally means that it’s time for a new round of Galaxy S8 leaks, am I right? Yesterday brought us leaked high-resolution renders of the Galaxy S8, and Samsung itself got into the act by airing a brief teaser for its new flagship on Korean TV. Today it seems that the leaks are beginning to delve into the nitty-gritty of the Galaxy S8, with details emerging of its display resolution settings. 

Cyanogen may have ‘stuck it’ to Nintendo over use of OS for Nintendo Switch

Did spring fever get to Cyanogen’s Kirt McMaster today as evidenced by a tweet he sent out earlier – since pulled – in which he was virtually fist-bumping himself over not working with Nintendo to put together an operating system for the Nintendo Switch? As most of the replies on Twitter indicate, with the success of the Nintendo Switch crowing about how one did not partner with Nintendo may not reveal the most astute business acumen.

[TA Deals] Get more streaming content with a discounted TNT Unblocker lifetime subscription

Sometimes, certain content on streaming sites can be blocked off based on what country you’re located in. You’ve probably seen that happen more than once on YouTube, and it’s a frustrating experience every time. Fortunately for you, there’s an easy way around that (besides literally moving to another country) and right now it’s cheaper than ever.

Homeland Security bans laptops and tablets on direct flights to the U.S. from eight Middle East countries

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued new guidelines for travelers carrying electronic devices when flying to the US directly from eight Middle East countries. According to the new rules, if you are carrying any electronic device bigger than a smartphone, you will be required to stow it away with your check-in luggage. Join us after the break for more details.

Samsung airs a brief teaser for the Galaxy S8 on Korean TV

In recent days we’ve seen leaked high-res renders, details on the Bixby AI assistant as well as European pricing for the Galaxy S8 leak via the usual sources. With its March 29th launch just a few days away, Samsung’s huge marketing department is getting in on the act of keeping the tech world’s attention focused firmly on the Galaxy S8. Join us after the break to watch Samsung’s 15-second teaser that aired on Korean television earlier.

Check out the Galaxy S8 in these leaked high-resolution renders

If you woke up this morning worried that the steady stream of leaks for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus had dried up, fret not because there are still a ton of leaks turning up. The color options and European pricing of the Galaxy S8 leaked yesterday, and today we have some high-resolution renders of the handset to gawk at after the break.