If the Priv fails, BlackBerry might be forced to abandon hardware


Today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with Re/code at the publication’s Code Mobile conference. And of course the main talking point was BlackBerry’s upcoming Priv handset. Chen explained during his session at the conference that BlackBerry is moving to Android because of the company’s need for apps. With that, he feels that BlackBerry can produce a device that masters software, security, and productivity.

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Startup launches smartphone-inspired camera to take on DSLRs


Not many people are aware that Android was originally meant to be an advanced operating system for digital cameras. But since the market was not ready for it, the early founders of Android started working on a software for mobile phones. Now when smartphones have largely gobbled up the point-and-shoot cameras’ market, the only kind of cameras that remain relevant anymore are the DSLRs. But a photography startup called, Light, claims that its Android-based point-and-shoot cameras are capable of taking better images than DSLRs.

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Google, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo to assume liability for accidents involving self-driving cars


The idea of a self-driving car is brilliant but there is definitely risk involved with the operations of such vehicles. After all, this is still an automated machine. So the makers of self-driving cars are going to need strong legal teams for when things go wrong; however, select manufacturers are ready to assume liability for accidents that involve these vehicles. Google, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo are three of the brave companies ready to face potential disasters.

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Sony bolsters its growing image sensor business by acquiring Softkinetic Systems


Sony may be considering the future of its mobile division, according the latest reports, but it’s image sensor business is a rising star, generating much-needed profits. It’s doing so well, that its even helping to cover Sony’s losses in its mobile and television divisions. It should come as no surprise then that the Japanese company is bolstering its image sensor business with the purchase of Belgian image sensor technology company, Softkinetic Systems.

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