WhatsApp banning users who install third-party messaging clients

whatsapp_app_iconWhatsApp has been pretty strict about allowing users to download third-party clients, and they’ve slowly cleaned up access to those clients. They’re nearly impossible to find on Google Play or any other app store, and the company started banning users that used the apps earlier this year.

What started as a 24-hour ban turned into a three day ban, and now it looks like WhatsApp will permanently ban any user that’s caught using a third-party application to access WhatsApp. The ban pretty much blocks your phone number from the service, so anything short of getting an entirely new account with a new number won’t be enough to use the service again.
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Shazam taking a look at expanding app beyond music

Shazam's Chief Executive Rich Riley poses after an interview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Shazam’s chief executive Rich Riley announced during MWC 2015 that the company is ready to “expand the universe of what you can Shazam.” The statement refers to plans by the company to add the ability to scan physical objects and provide users with additional information. For example, a user could use their smartphone to “Shazam” a cereal box at the store and get additional nutritional information.
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The original Transformers movie in HD is free in Google Play right now along with Cold Play’s Ghost Stories


Google launched their 3rd birthday promotion earlier in the week, and what was 33 deals has now grown to 41. I am not even sure what is new since then, but a couple of notables are both the original Transformers movie in HD and Cold Play’s Ghost Stories album for Free. What’s funny about the Transformers movie is that the SD version isn’t free, so make sure you click on the HD version. We have the links for each as well as the link for the full list of sale items below.


Cold Play: Ghost Stories

Play Store 3rd Birthday Sale



Motorola’s Rick Osterloh says no fingerprint scanner on next Moto X and no e-ink on next Moto 360


Motorola was one of the first companies to slap a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone, but they are reluctant to do it now. The original Atrix from 2011 had one, but Motorola President Rick Osterloh says the technology is still too inconsistent for their devices.

Osterloh thinks it’s just as fast to tap your finger to unlock a device as it is to swipe for a fingerprint. He also said that when the reader fails, the customer is turned off and that “All of the fingerprint readers are unreliable.” That’s pretty bold when you consider that Apple’s Touch ID works very well, Of course, it remains to be seen how well Samsung’s new touch sensor on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge work in everyday life, but early reports are that it’s pretty promising.

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Samsung starts rolling out Lollipop update for the Galaxy S5 Active in Nordic countries


Samsung has now started pushing out the long-awaited Lollipop update to all unlocked models of the Galaxy S5 Active located in Nordic countries. The 1.4GB upgrade is being distributed over-the-air and carries the latest build of the Android operating system to the handset, in addition to a handful of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations.

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CEO of Cyanogen: Samsung and Apple to get slaughtered by startups within 5 years


After forming their own corporation with a round of funding, partnering with OnePlus, and now Qualcomm, things are looking up for Cyanogen. CEO Kirt McMaster sat down with Business Insider to talk about the company, and one interesting tidbit came out of the interview.

Kirt believes that Samsung and Apple won’t be able to stay at the top for long. It won’t be companies like Huawei, LG, Motorola, or HTC that will knock them off their perch though, it will be various startups making low cost handsets. Cyanogen could actually be part of that craze as their software will be part of Qualcomm’s Reference Design (QRD) devices that will release in April. Basically it’s the complete software and hardware package that any startup can use to bring a phone to market within 60 days.

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