Samsung budget-friendly smartphone leaks with 4.8-inch display, quad-core chipset


An unidentified entry-level smartphone has been spotted on Samsung’s official website in the form of a User Agent profile. Going by the name of SM-J100H, the handset doesn’t pack much by way of specifications, but it does feature a barometer sensor, which is something that’s usually reserved for higher end devices — leading us to believe that this may be some type of speciality device.

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Sony Leaks Xperia Z4 in Hacked Bond Movie Documents?


Sony just can’t catch a break. First, the “scandal” surrounding the now-canceled Seth Rogen film The Interview has shed light on all sorts of internal quibbling at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and the studio has been embarrassed and hostile in response.

On top of that, the script for the upcoming Bond film Spectre has also been leaked. The film only started production last week. Now, related to that, there’s another leak – albeit ostensibly minor – surrounding Sony’s product placement in the next James Bond film, which looks suspiciously like a futuristic Xperia Z4.

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Telltale Games working with Mojang on Minecraft: Story Mode video game

minecraft story modeTelltale Games is known for their work on the episodic Walking Dead games and The Wolf Among Us, along with recent releases such as Game of Thrones and Tales from The Borderlands. Many of their full titles are available on mobile devices, plus PCs and video game consoles.

The next project in their lineup is a collaboration with Mojang, developers of the insanely popular Minecraft. This project will be called Minecraft: Story Mode, and like Telltale’s other offerings, it will feature a complete player-driven narrative experience. It’s not a typical Minecraft game, but it should be interesting nonetheless. 
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Amazon running a holiday sale on several Chromebooks

Chromebook_GenericAmazon typically runs sales on their wide assortment of Chromebooks, and the week before Christmas is as good of a time as any. Right now, they’re offering multiple models of Chromebooks from different manufacturers for as much as 30% off, which is a great discount. Right now it doesn’t look like any Samsung models are on sale, but if you’re okay with an Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo or Toshiba Chromebook, you might want to glance over some of the sales.

source: Techno Buffalo

Xiaomi Redmi 2S shows up in AnTuTu benchmark with slightly improved hardware

Xiaomi-Redmi-2-TENAAXiaomi’s Redmi successor showed up in a TENAA certification not too long ago, but there still hasn’t been any official announcement or release for the device. A new benchmark has leaked clarifying some of the hardware in the device, however.

The specs for the Redmi 2S aren’t significantly improved from the original Redmi 1s, but considering it’s a budget phone that’s trying to stick a fairly low price point, that makes sense. The processor has seen an upgrade to a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 instead of the Snapdragon 400, and the front-facing camera has been bumped to a full 2 megapixels. Other specs include 1 GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 720p screen, and Android 4.4 on board. The rear camera looks like an 8 megapixel shooter, and Xiaomi’s MIUI software will likely be on the device.
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Maps’ Street View comes to a Google Cardboard near you

google_cardboard_500k_unitsWhen Google said it was getting serious about Cardboard, it meant it. The search giant has added VR functionality to Google Maps, allowing you to take Street View to the little VR set that could. A newly added easter egg in the Maps app on Android allows Cardboard owners to activate the Street View VR function. By double-tapping the navigation circle in the lower right corner of the the Maps app, the VR view pops up allowing Cardboard users to take tours of various cities.

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[RUMOR] – Galaxy S6 could come in second quarter and sport side-sloping display


While there have been rumors going back and forth regarding the curved display on the next Galaxy S series flagship, much like that of the Note Edge, there are rumors coming from an Italian tech blog suggesting that the sides will indeed slope, but to a lot less of a degree than the Edge does. The reason being that Samsung is attempting to keep the dual-edged display from affecting grip ergonomics. The phone is also rumored to sport a unibody aluminum chassis. But that’s not it as far as rumors are concerned.

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