ZTE will launch its new Falcon 4G Mobile Hotspot through T-Mobile on Friday, February 12


ZTE announced earlier today that it will launch its brand new Falcon 4G Mobile Hotspot on T-Mobile starting Friday, February 12. While the market for dedicated Mobile Hotspot’s is declining as a result of every Android smartphone having the feature on board, there are some people who need to connect multiple devices when they’re on the road — so they plumb for a standalone LTE tethering unit.

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[TA Deals] This Lithium Card Wallet Battery is the perfect solution for your portable charging needs


Keeping you smartphone charged can always be a pain, particularly if you’re a power user. Thankfully, the wonders of engineering has made it possible to keep your smartphone charged on the go. One of those marvels is the Lithium Card Wallet Battery. No thicker than five credit cards, this portable battery will keep your smartphone powered throughout the day.

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