Samsung’s own Clear View case could be scratching Galaxy S6 Edge displays


There are multiple reports from owners of the Galaxy S6 Edge that the Clear View case offered by Samsung scratches the handset’s display. Those with scratches present are experiencing the issue in varying ways. While some have minor blemishes on their Galaxy S6 Edge display, others have nicks and scratches scattered throughout.

Assistance from Samsung’s customer support department has been hit-or-miss.

Source: XDA Forums

Edge-ucate yourself with Samsung’s new videos for the Galaxy S6 Edge


Samsung released four videos featuring Snapchat superstar Shonduras in order to showcase the power of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Why? Because the device with curved displays will let people “draw razor-sharp lines.” That’s perfect for Snapchat users that want to make their snaps into masterpieces like Shonduras. So the four videos are part of an Edge-ucational series that lasts nearly eight minutes.

Hit the break for the videos.

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T-Mobile giving away free SIM starter kits to certain customers

t-mobile_logo_magentaT-Mobile has been extremely bold in trying to pull customers onto their network, including letting customers test drive their network and offering up tons of promotional credit. Their latest move is a small but meaningful tactic to bolster their prepaid numbers for anyone wanting to get away from postpaid service.

From now until June 30th, all Pay in Advance and Simple Choice No Credit customers will see the normal $15 SIM starter kit fee completely waived. This unfortunately doesn’t extend to anyone activating a new postpaid line of service, but there are other promos to make that option a little easier to swallow. Read more

Job listing suggests Google may be developing several Glass products

google-glassGoogle’s Glass project never really took off, but that doesn’t mean the company is abandoning it. According to a recent job listing for the company, it looks like they’re expanding the scope of Google Glass to include “smart eyewear and other related products,” with listing open for several different positions.

Of course, everyone knows Google is the type of company that toy around with tons of different ideas and products, some of which never actually see the light of day. We do know that Google is still working on a newer version of Glass that will hopefully go over a little better with consumers, but there’s no telling when that will actually hit the market. Read more

HTC still considering taking a stab at the budget-friendly tablet market

Nexus_9_LTEWe’ve heard multiple times that HTC wanted to get back into the tablet market with something based off of their recent Nexus 9. While the Nexus 9 fills a high end role, (and is mostly maintained by Google) HTC was planning on releasing something a little lower-end to try to appeal to the budget-minded consumers all while keeping some of the fantastic features of the N9. Nothing concrete has come out of those rumors yet, though. Read more