Senate chairman digs into Facebook over political bias in Trending Topics

facebook_app_ta_pageThe US Senate Commerce Committee has publicly opened up an inquiry into Facebook and it’s potential manipulation of political posts in the social media site’s Trending Topics. Senate chairman John Thune is leading the questioning, asking Facebook to clarify reports that the teams of people managing Trending Topics were actively suppressing certain stories. In this case, the Senate believes those suppressed stories had a conservative slant.

Thune claims that Facebook’s political manipulation was a strike against an open and fair internet, which is interesting coming from a guy that publicly decried the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules. Read more

European Commission rules against Three UK’s proposed merger with O2

Three_Retail_Store (1)

After BT acquired the UK’s largest network, EE, all eyes have been focused on whether CK Hutchison (owner of Three UK) would be allowed to buy O2 from Spain’s Telefonica. The question has been answered, and while it isn’t good news for the companies involved, it could be some welcome news for UK consumers. The European Commission has ruled against allowing the deal on the grounds that it would have reduced customer choice and likely seen prices increase. Read more