[Video] Unboxing the HTC U Ultra

The HTC U Ultra is technically HTC’s first premium phone for 2017, even it’s a little disappointing on paper. It’s still high end, but we just didn’t love the price point. HTC’s had some decent sales to counteract that, though.

It may not be enough to sway you away from that shiny new Galaxy S8, but there’s plenty to love about the U Ultra.

Check out our unboxing to see how it looks in hand before you make any decisions.

Robinhood hits 2 million users, saved $500 million in commission fees to date

Until Robinhood came along, it was incredibly difficult for people outside of the financial system in the United States to get involved. You needed a financial expert’s help, fees were high, and the methods of entry were far too complex. Robinhood got rid of those things by just bringing investing down to a simple app for mobile devices. Now it’s possible for anyone with a phone to get Robinhood and immediately start investing their money in stocks.

Today a milestone was reached, and Robinhood shared it alongside news of additional funding.

Moto Z2 Play leaks, confirms designs for the Moto Z2 family

The Moto Z Play was an excellent midrange phone from Lenovo last year that actually ended up being my pick for 2016 phone of the year. For anyone else that really enjoyed the modular entry into the Moto Z line, you’ll be very pleased to know it’s definitely getting a second generation with just a few small tweaks. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

Google Home gaining multi-user support with specific voice recognition

One of the most common complaints about Google Home is that it lacks real support for multiple users. Your notifications and information aren’t really personalized to you, which is completely fine if you live alone (or are the only one using it) but it’s really frustrating if you’re in a house with multiple people that all want to use it. And hey, there’s a Google Home sitting on a table, who wouldn’t want to use it every chance they got?