Samsung Pay rumoured to launch in China, Spain, and the UK in early 2016


Samsung Pay launched in South Korea and the US earlier this year, and it’s been going great guns, already notching up more than 1 million users in Samsung’s home market. Besides the possibility of becoming available for more brands in the future, it seems that Samsung has its eyes on expanding its mobile payments system to other regions as well. Read more

Details emerge on accessories for the upcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


We are smack in the middle of November, and already there are numerous dates being bandied about guessing when Samsung will announce the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets, with February being favoured as the most likely. The speculation was fuelled further by the news that Samsung had begun developing firmware for the two handsets, and with the alleged rumour that AT&T is already testing the S7. While details about the actual handsets are a little sketchy, today’s leak brings us some news about the accessories for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Read more

The HTC One M9s launches in Taiwan with a MediaTek SoC and Sapphire camera lens in tow


In case you were thinking that HTC’s range of handsets made too much sense, the Taiwanese handset manufacturer has just announced a new model in its One line-up. The new handset is called the One M9s, and is, for the moment, aimed purely at Taiwan. The main takeaway from the One M9s is that uses a MediaTek processor along with a Sapphire protected rear camera lens.  Read more

The YouTube Kids app launches in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK

YouTube_Kids_TA (1)

Just in time for all the kids receiving smartphones and tablets as Christmas presents next month, YouTube’s kid-friendly app has launched in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. The YouTube Kids app offers a selection of filters for parents to choose from to shield adult or inappropriate content from being seen by the little ones.  Read more

Google Chrome surpasses 800 million monthly mobile users



As you may or may not know, Google is in the midst of holding its annual 2-day Chrome Developer Summit in California. During the conference’s opening ceremony this morning, the search engine giant revealed that the mobile version of its Chrome browser is currently being used by more than 800 million people each month, which is pretty impressive seeing as this time last year, the amount of Chrome mobile users was only estimated to be approximately 400 million — so in the last twelve months alone, it has doubled its user base. By the end of Q1 2016, Google expects there to be over one billion users using the service.

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