[TA Deals] Enjoy unlimited access to SelecTV’s content library for $49


Cutting the cord? It can be difficult as most services are limited in what they offer. SelecTV, though, keeps you entertained with a massive content library including television shows, movies, radio stations, and even live channels.

Let’s show you what you can do with SelecTV and how much the service is on Talk Android Deals as the featured deal of the day.

What’s Periscope? Twitter intros Go Live feature right from a Tweet


Twitter is getting into the live video craze with a brand new feature that will allow users to create and tweet live video footage directly from the Twitter mobile app. Facebook has been pushing its live video pretty hard, and the whole concept has gained a ton of steam over the past few months, so Twitter had to jump in eventually.

Except, Twitter basically already did this with Periscope. Since 2015.

Newest Synaptics fingerprint scanner might be the death of smartphone bezels


We’ve been hearing rumor after rumor that eventually some manufacturer is going to release a device with a fingerprint scanner built into the glass of the display. No more buttons, just a huge screen that can handle all buttons and sensors.

We still haven’t seen that device, but the first ever optical fingerprint sensor from Synaptics brings us one step closer to actually getting a phone that’s all screen without needing to make room for a physical button anywhere on its face.

[TA Deals] Get a lifetime subscription to Brain.fm for $39


Need a productivity boost? The technology behind Brain.fm tries to give you the most productive audio options for the task at hand, whether that be studying, working, sleeping and more. Brain.fm isn’t another streaming service, as it focuses on productivity by playing background music that fits and flows with different tasks. If you want to give it a try, you can grab Brain.fm from our online store today.

Android users on Rogers in Canada will get RCS support very soon


Google’s plan for messaging on Android has been convoluted for years, but their latest push has been for RCS in standard messaging applications. You would think they’d want to roll things into Allo, but, you know.

Last month, Google turned on RCS in their Messenger application, starting their plan to standardize rich communication services for the entire world.

[TA Deals] Pick up some heavily discounted Windscribe VPN subscriptions


Windscribe is a fantastic VPN option for anyone that wants to secure their internet browsing history and habits. With that being said, it wouldn’t really be such a great option if it was just your standard VPN solution, so Windscribe goes a step further by also allowing you to get around some geoblocking restrictions from certain sites and services, as well as blocking ads from most sites. Not only does it improve your security, but it actively improves your browsing experience, too.