Speed test pits Samsung Galaxy S8 against Apple iPhone 7 Plus

They are the two biggest players in the smartphone market so it should be no surprise that comparisons between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 (Plus model in this case) will start to crop up now that Samsung’s latest flagship is out. These may be of interest to users who are not locked into a specific platform out of some requirement or just personal preference. In a new video posted on YouTube, the devices were pitted against each in some tests that try to replicate actual usage to go with the typical benchmark test scores.

Samsung first quarter income highest since 2013

Despite continuing jokes about last year’s hottest product, the Galaxy Note 7, and having a key executive jailed amidst a scandal investigation, Samsung announced in earnings guidance that for the first quarter of 2017 the company had sales of approximately 50 trillion won ($44 billion USD) which helped drive operating income to 9.9 trillion won ($8.7 billion). These results are the best for Samsung since the third quarter of 2013. Analysts believe the growth was driven by sales of semiconductors and OLED displays.

[Video] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Still Worthy in 2017?

All the attention might be focused on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ right now, but should the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge be forgotten about so soon? They really shouldn’t, as they’re still excellent smartphones. They were considered some of the best releases in 2017, and even though the Galaxy S8 is here now, they’re still some of the best smartphones you can get your hands on.

So, a year later, are they still worthy in 2017? Talk Android‘s very own Kent Oki will give you the rundown of the Galaxy S7 Edge in our review video below.

New Alcatel Flash sports dual camera setups front and rear

In the truck world, the term dualie refers to a truck with a total of four wheels on the rear axle. If Alcatel can ever be said to be trendsetter it may be in bringing that term over to the world of smartphones. A new device called the Alcatel Flash is shown on Alcatel’s web site for the Saudi Arabian market and it is unique in that it sports a total of four cameras – two on the rear and two on the front of the device.

The Honor 8 Pro is official with 5.7-inch QHD display, Kirin 960 processor and 6GB RAM

In case you weren’t watching the virtual launch, Huawei’s e-brand, Honor, has just taken the wraps off its latest handset, the Honor 8 Pro that previously launched as the Honor V9 in China back in February. The Honor 8 Pro is both bigger and more powerful than the beautiful Honor 8 that launched in August 2016. Luckily, it would appear that despite sporting a bigger display with QHD resolution, the latest Kirin 960 processor, a whopping 6GB of RAM, and a bigger battery, the Honor 8 Pro is still a great looking handset. Join us after the break for more details and images.