Every angle of the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks in live shots

First we had a press render of the Galaxy S8 leak last night, and today we have live shots of Samsung’s 2017 flagship. Multiple images showing the Galaxy S8 from every angle leaked online a few hours ago. It shows us a number of things we already knew about the phone, but no one is going to complain about getting another look at the device set to dominate the mobile industry this year.

Hit the break for details.

Leak may indicate HTC Ocean still in play

Over the last few months HTC got some media coverage for some videos they released for a device called the HTC Ocean. In the videos, one of the intriguing features was some technology that appeared to make the side edges of the device capable of detecting touch input. Interest in the HTC Ocean concept slid from view though as HTC moved to release their new line of U phones. A new leaked screenshot showing a setting for something called “Edge Sense” may reveal the HTC Ocean is still somewhere in the pipeline on the way to market.

Android One’s next phone is the General Mobile GM6 for Turkey

Google isn’t worried about Android One, it’s budget-focused strategy for Android devices throughout the world. We know this because, in addition to readying low-end hardware for the U.S., new Android One phones continue appearing overseas. General Mobile debuted a new phone with modest specifications and Android 7.0 Nougat, the latest version of the mobile platform.

The GM6, which will be released exclusively in Turkey, actually seems quite better than most of the Android One devices released before.