Apple tops customer satisfaction survey results in “Samsung territory”


A bit of irony for your Saturday night— in a recent customer satisfaction survey carried out by a Korean-language news site, Apple stood atop the standings with a 52% satisfaction rating. The Korea-based Samsung fell a bit short of their main competitor, with a 50% satisfaction rating. LG was able to manage a 46% rating. The poll surveyed over 44,000 smartphone owners, so its definitely a large sample size. The companies were also graded on a point scale, in which Apple managed 711 points, Samsung garnered 695 points, and LG was able to pick up 682 points.

Source: Naver

Motorola Droid X2 shows serious privacy issues, may affect other Motorola devices


With more and more privacy problems popping up, especially in portable technology, everyone is paying more attention to what information their phones have access to and how they’re handling it. The latest problem may come from Motorola, as a Droid X2 owner has found out that tons of information is being funneled through Motorola servers from the device.

According to a bit of snooping done by Ben Lincoln, his Droid X2 was sending information about apps, files on his phone, login credentials, and even the types of photos uploaded onto the internet to a Motorola server, which is a scary thought. Although Motorola does claim to get a little invasive in their privacy policies (which absolutely every other company in the world does, too) there’s some concern that Motorola might be extending its reach a bit with user data.

Of course, there’s nothing to suggest this is malicious, and it may not even affect other devices aside from the Droid X2, Regardless, it’s a great reminder that when you’re dealing with the internet, true privacy is hard to get.

source: Beneath the Waves

via: PocketNow

Several new pics of Moto X surface, shows front plate of device


We’re only a few days away from seeing how accurate the July 11th prediction for the Moto X is, but that’s not going to stop the leaks from coming. The latest set of pictures show what appears to be the front plate of the Moto X. No internals, but it’s a good shot of the cosmetics of the device, and it matches up with most of the other leaks we’ve seen in the past several weeks. Personally, I think these plates have a more rouned, Nexus-ish aesthetic to them that isn’t seen in Motorola devices, so they could definitely be the result of a Google and Motorola collaboration. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out. Hit the break below to check out some of the pictures. Read more

Image of possible Motorola DROID MAXX for Verizon with extended battery surfaces


Yet another leaked image of a Motorola device has surfaced thanks to Twitter account @evleaks. This time it is not a Moto X Phone, the subject of so many leaks and rumors this week. Instaed, the device in the render appears to be a Motorola DROID MAXX that @evleaks claims is headed to the Verizon network. The DROID MAXX is expected to be similar to the Motorola DROID ULTRA, if not the same, with the exception being a high capacity battery.

The DROID MAXX is expected to ship as a Kevlar framed device with capacitive buttons. Other than the possible connection to the DROID ULTRA, other specs are not yet known for the device. However, it does appear Verizon has several Motorola devices in the pipeline for release sometime in 2013, with several apparently poised to carry the DROID name. While all manufacturers seem to be more inclined recently to work to ensure their devices are available on all carriers, it seems that Verizon and Motorola are working especially close together to make the latter half of 2013 a season of DROID.

source: @evleaks

Moto X appears to be headed to Canada exclusively on the Rogers network


Despite a big advertising push to capitalize on the U.S.A.’s Fourth of July holiday and rumors that Motorola’s highly anticipated Moto X Phone was going to be a U.S.-market only device, a leaked screenshot appears to show the device heading to the Canadian market via the Rogers network. The screenshot shows the Rogers network market plans for Q3 and how they plan to market Android devices to different segments of the youth buyer market.

It appears Rogers splits the market for Android devices between those looking for premium, high-end devices and those looking for value, at least amongst youth buyers. For those wanting a premium device, Rogers will be pushing their LTE Max network and devices capable of taking advantage of the higher speed. Specifically listed as a possible device is the “Moto X Phone” which is also tagged as an “EXCLUSIVE.”

Like everything else related to Moto X Phone, no other details are gleaned from the leak.

source: MobileSyrup

Render of ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini discovered


A recent image discovered by a Chinese source shows a ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini, ZTE’s answer to the “mini” device market. Even though many of our readers are unlikely to get their hands on ZTE devices, in markets like China where they are a major player, ZTE seems to be following an increasingly common pattern. First they introduce a new, large, flagship device. In ZTE’s case, it was the ZTE Nubia Z5 released in the Chinese market earlier this year. A few months later, they are back with a smaller version of the device, the ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini. Read more

White Nexus 4 coming to Canada via Google Play, WIND Mobile, and Videotron

lg_nexus_4_white_leak_02Google Play shows the white version of the Nexus 4 as sold out in the US, and maybe even discontinued, but in Canada, it’s still just arriving. LG Canada sent an email to Mobile Syrup claiming that “the device is coming to Canada via Google, WIND and Videotron. Timing TBA, so we’ll keep you posted.”

Exact pricing is also unknown at this point, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will run at around $300-$400 outright. Talk Android will keep you posted as we continue to hear details of the white Nexus 4’s imminent arrival in Canada.

Source: Mobile Syrup

Sony’s “my Xperia” remote security service now rolling out globally


After some successful beta testing, Sony has announced on their blog that they are ready to roll out their “my Xperia” remote security service globally.

While there are certainly other alternatives to Sony’s service currently on the Play Store, “my Xperia” will surely introduce some new and useful options.

It does all the basics, such as locate and protect your phone should it ever be misplaced, sound an alert which overrides silent mode and wakes the display, maps the phone’s location through the cloud, locks the phone, pings a message with contact details, and even erase internal and external SD card data info or data if needed.

Check out the full press release after the break for more info. Read more

HTC financial profits for Q2 2013 take a turn for the worst, down 83% from last year


Things certainly could have been a whole lot worse for the Taiwanese manufacturing mogul, but this news is pretty bad. HTC have reported a profit of  $40 million USD after tax from revenue of $2.33 billion USD.

Their numbers are a lot better than the reported profits of $2.48 million USD from last quarter, clearly due to the release of the HTC One to more markets and due to fixes in manufacturing issues, but this quarter’s numbers were expected to be much higher.

HTC’s stock price on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange has already fallen a full dollar since the start of July, leaving it at $7.20. The company is certainly going to be in trouble and in dire need of help if they can’t find a way to boost their profits.

Sony highlights how efficient you will be with the Xperia Z Ultra in latest video


Who wants to be more efficient and who wants a large, and I mean a very large, phone? Well assuming the answer is yes to both questions, then Sony thinks the Xperia Z Ultra is the phone for you. They just posted a highlight video showcasing how efficient you will be at creating a new note with any pencil, multitasking, using the calculator that features handwriting recognition, using the one-handed keyboard, and answering calls with the Bluetooth handset. With all this efficiency, the battery could be an issue, so you might want to utilize STAMINA mode. Hit the break for the 78-second clip.

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