Image of LG V510 carries LG logo, no Nexus branding in sight


Remember @evleaks‘ tip that the LG V510 was indeed a Nexus tablet? Well, now a new image of the purported device shows that it may not be a Nexus tablet after all. In the image above, you see LG’s logo smacked right in the middle of the back. Also, this device seems to be made out of shiny plastic, not the same material as Nexus devices. This was supposed to be the rumored Nexus. Prior to @evleaks‘ tweet, it was believed that this model number belonged to an LG G Pad 8.3 with LTE packed inside. Since @evleaks‘ information came from a tipster, it may be wrong; however, I’d like to believe that the LG V510 is the Nexus 8. After all, wouldn’t it be great for Google to hit that 8-inch sweet spot?

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Galaxy Note 3 joins ’10 Million Seller Club’ in just two months, Samsung creates infographic to celebrate


Samsung has moved 10 million Galaxy Note 3 phones in just 2 months, which is way ahead of the four months it took for the Galaxy Note II to achieve the same total. Looking back at the original Galaxy Note, it took 9 months.

To celebrate, Samsung created an infographic of all their phones that are part of the “10 Million Seller Club.” The oldest phone is from 2002, the SGH-T100, which was a flip phone. Samsung will of course be adding to this list next year. Hit the break for the full infographic.

Samsung could drop AMOLED displays in favor of PLS LCD for Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4


Korean media is reporting that Samsung might go with PLS LCD displays instead of  traditional AMOLED displays for next year’s Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4. According to sources, it would cut production costs by 20%.

With Samsung peaking in smartphone sales, Samsung is obviously looking for other ways to increase profits. It could also provide other benefits though. The S Pen in the Galaxy Note 4 might get better performance with an LCD panel. We will keep an eye out for more info.

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Smaller LG G2 may be in the works, matches internal specs of bigger sibling


Everyone wants in on the mini market with smaller models of their full-size devices. Samsung, Sony, and HTC have all released downsized devices. This time around it seems that the LG G2 will be getting a downsized sibling. While the G2’s screen is 5.2-inches, this model’s would be 4.7-inches. And this device will pack the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. It is unknown if the display will be 720p or 1080p. A reveal could be in the works for CES 2014 in January; however, that is nothing but an assumption.

Source: Techblog (translated)
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HTC One Mini sales resume in the UK until December 12 hearing


Last week, Nokia earned a victory in a patent dispute that halted HTC One Mini sales in the United Kingdom. The device would no longer be available and consumers would have to opt for another device. Fortunately for HTC, the device will resume being sold until December 12. That is the date that HTC will head back to court to appeal the court’s decision. While a few days won’t make a difference in terms of sales, HTC’s camp is preparing to fight in order to keep the One Mini around in the United Kingdom.

Here is HTC’s statement:

“HTC is pleased that an urgent hearing with the Court of Appeal has been scheduled for Dec. 12. Until the Court of Appeal hearing on Dec. 12, the court’s injunction against HTC is stayed. Until the hearing on Dec. 12, our U.K. customers will be able to sell all HTC devices which are already in their inventories.”

Source: Focus Taiwan
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Winners of Nexus 7 tablets from KitKat promo in India getting the 2012 model


Looks like people in India are getting shorthanded during the KitKat/Nexus 7 promo. Winners everywhere else in the world received a brand new 2013 Nexus 7 as their price while in India, it’s the 2012 model that’s being given out to the users. As expected, winners from India  aren’t quite pleased and have been trying to voice out their opinions toward KitKat India but to no avail. Nestle’s response is that the new Nexus didn’t launch in India until November, two months after the promotion.

Android 4.3 finally on its way to T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 users


Always better to be late than never right? T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 users should expect their Android 4.3 update to hit their devices right now as the update started rolling out. It’s available as an OTA update so head into your settings and check if its available for you.

Now the question is, when will we see KitKat for this device?

source: TMONews

LG G2 sales fall short of expectations, but not by much


LG had planned to sell 3 million units of their LG G2 in the four months since its launch. Unfortunately, they missed their target. LG sold 2.3 million units, falling 700,000 short. It certainly did not help that they sold just 600,000 units in Korea alone. That isn’t too impressive since the LG G Pro sold 540,000 units in Korea last year. One would think the strength of the G2 would help sales in that country. LG is currently spending a ton of money on marketing to make their name synonymous with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S 4, but that can only help the product so much.

Source: Asia Today
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Qualcomm’s new 64-bit chip targets entry-level devices


To get their name into the entry-level device market, Qualcomm will be launching a special processor during the last half of 2014. The Snapdragon 410 is aimed for devices that cost about $150. The processor stands out because it is based on 64-bit architecture, something Qualcomm discredited a few months ago. The Snapdragon 410 supports LTE networks and high quality graphics an impressive price.

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Motorola launches Active Display in the Play Store and fixes lag


Motorola already migrated the Camera, Touchless Control, Motorola Connect, and Motorola Assist to standalone apps in the Play Store. Now they just added Active Display, and with it’s release, it gets updated with a fix for the delay when swiping up or down to unlock from the Active Display screen. Of course, if you don’t have a Moto X or the new DROIDs, you won’t be able to install it or update it.

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Moto X owners get a new holiday boot animation [Update: Moto G as well]


You have to hand it to Motorola. They may not sell the most phones, but they created one of the best phones of the year plus they added some really nice touches like Windy Day and now a new boot animation for the holidays. This probably wasn’t a background update, but more of something that was already installed and ready to kick in today.

If you don’t have a Moto X, hit the break for the quick video showing you what Motorola came up with. If you do have one, then power off your damn phone and turn it back on.

Update: Moto G owners are also getting the new holiday goodness

Samsung SM-G900F is latest Galaxy S 5 or F Series candidate to show up in benchmarks


Now that we are heading into the winter season, the Galaxy S 5 leaks should start multiplying. We already saw the SM-G900S show up in GFXBench, and now we have the SM-900F. This one showed up in Browsermark, but no details were specified other than it was running Chrome version 28 (a little older than the current version 31). Even with the older version, it came in as the 3rd fastest device globally.

With the F Series being confirmed as a separate line, one has to wonder if the “F” means that his phone is indeed an F Series device and last week’s SM-G900S is the Galaxy S 5 since it has a “S” in it. This rumor and leak train is just leaving the station folks, so stay tuned for a lot more in the coming months.

Samsung cuts forecast 2014 smartphone sales down to 330 million


Samsung has always been pretty ambitious with what it hopes to sell in the smartphone market, and we’ve already seen them forced to cut back sales projections to avoid scaring investors, even though Samsung’s sales are figures that most other OEMs can only dream about. This year, it looks like Samsung is trying to temper expectations right from the start.

Xiaomi’s Magic Cube to take on Motorola’s Project Ara in the modular smartphone revolution


Motorola’s Project Ara is exciting indeed, but if you think for one second that they will be the only company implementing something like this, think again. It appears Xiaomi might have something in the cooker as well. The image above was shared by Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun, but has since been removed.

Dubbed the Magic Cube, there are some differences. It appears you can’t remove the screen without the mainboard, but we also don’t know how early these images are. We also don’t know how far along Xiaomi is in their development, but we do know Motorola is close to unveiling a prototype.

Magic Cube might have been just the thing that attracted Hugo Barra to the company, so it will be interesting to see how this story develops.

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Google slims down margin on Motorola Moto G

Moto G Frontback black

A new analysis by Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. indicates Google’s Motorola Mobility business unit is selling the new Moto G at an operating margin of less than 5%. A Motorola spokesman says the company does make money on every unit sold, but did not comment on how much that profit might be. According to TechInsights, the Moto G’s hardware costs Motorola approximately $123 to produce, while the company is selling it for $199 off-contract.