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Samsung launches Milk Music for several tablets


Samsung’s music streaming service, Milk Music, was previously only available to Samsung smartphones. Today, Samsung is expanding the availability of the service by offering it to a handful of Samsung tablets, including the TabPRO line, the NotePRO 12.2, and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. That’s only a few new additions, but it’s better than nothing.

If you have one of Samsung’s new tablets, you should be able to find Milk Music in the Play Store to download.

source: SamMobile

iFixit team tears down, repairs OnePlus One, receives average repairability score


Now that the OnePlus One is officially outed, of course the folks over at iFixit had to get their hands on it.

The team did a full report on the device (tore it down and put it back together again) to determine its repairability score, which unfortunately was a bit low compared to today’s standards. The device received a 5/10 (10 us easiest to repair). According to iFixit, here’s why:

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Google expected to unveil Android for your car at I/O dev conference next week

android car

Android coming to your car’s dashboard was inevitable.

The plans have been pretty much laid out already, and the market is definitely clamoring for it. Apple is even releasing CarPlay to rival the upcoming system from Google.

As of now, it’s going by the name of “Auto Link OS,” (possibly a developmental-stage name — we say this because it doesn’t sound as pretty as “CarPlay”) and Google will be unveiling it at its I/O developers conference in San Francisco next week.

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Samsung one-ups itself with Galaxy S5 LTE-A, let the buyer’s remorse begin (in Korea)


Brace yourself — prepare to be annoyed. Or not.

So, you bought the Galaxy S5 the day it came out. You couldn’t wait to get your hot little hands on the “next big thing.”

Well, unfortunately for you, Samsung has a new “next big thing,” just two months after it released the last one. Disappointed? Confused? Furious? Don’t be, because fortunately for you, the device will be exclusive to South Korea.

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OnePlus launches “invite contest,” participate to earn invite to purchase 64GB Sandstone Black version of OnePlus One

storm of invites

The OnePlus One is finally ready for launch, and to celebrate, OnePlus has begun a contest where it will be giving away invites to purchase the 64GB Sandstone Black version of the device.

In case you didn’t read that right, the company will not be giving away the device — they are simply giving away the right to buy it. (Hey, they’re still basically a start-up, give ’em a break!) One winner will receive the device for free though, so I do suppose you have some kind of chance.

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Sony partners with YouTube to allow live broadcasting from new app


Sony has partnered with YouTube to allow live broadcasting from the Xperia Z2. The app is officially called “Live on YouTube — by Xperia” and it allows public or private broadcasting. There is also a feature to remind friends when your broadcast is about to start. It is a dedicated app available in the Play Store and requires a you to sign in with a Google account. In addition to signing in, you will need to activate the live broadcast feature within your YouTube account. For now, it is exclusive to Sony’s flagship smartphone, but support for other Xperia devices should arrive over time.

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Samsung working on world’s first Smart Bike


There is no market that Samsung isn’t willing to try to step into. Whether you’re talking about cell phones, refrigerators, cameras, or even virtual reality equipment, you can almost always find something with a Samsung logo on it. Looks like that might be the case with bicycles, too.

Samsung has developed what they’re calling a “Smart Bike” that puts the bicycle on the same level as your smartphone. The bike includes tons of electronics and sensors that add a ton of (possibly unnecessary) features, some of which are actually pretty cool. It comes with a GPS, for instance, that would be able to give you great navigation and directions. It’s not impossible to do that on a bicycle right now, but it’s definitely not convenient. Read more

Motorola may finally roll out Moto Maker to European markets


Although the Motorola Moto X has been out for a while and the Moto X+1 appears to be only a few months away, European consumers may be on the verge of getting some good news if they are still interested in the Moto X. German retailer Phone House has put up a product page for customizable Moto X devices via Moto Maker. To get started, potential buyers will need a code that Phone House indicates will be available starting July 1st. Apparently the codes can be obtained from a Phone House physical retail location.

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