LG G Pro 2 leaked image shows rear power and volume controls


The LG G Pro 2 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, but a couple of images of it leaked for your viewing pleasure. The first is the back of the device, which shows the same rear power and volume controls found on the G2. From the image, it doesn’t look like the G Pro 2 will sport a fingerprint scanner, which was one of the rumored features for the device. However, it is sure to be a beast with an expected 6-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon 800 processor. The second image, after the break, is a side profile. Is anyone excited for this phone?

Can’t decide on a Moto X design? Motorola’s Randomizer generates one for you


One of the coolest parts about the Moto X is the customizing available thanks to Moto Maker. Motorola, while running a special deal through Valentine’s Day, is adding some more spice when it comes to choosing a design. The Moto X Randomizer site has gone live. As the name suggests, you will cue a Moto X with a randomly generated design. If you “love it,” you can head directly to the company’s site and order it. If “nah,” then generate a new design. No matter the design, you are getting a hell of a phone.

Source: Moto X Randomizer (Motorola)

FCC filings for Sony Xperia Z2 and new tablet show up


As we inch closer to MWC 2014, one of the devices surrounded by some buzz has been the Sony Xperia Z1 successor. Dubbed the Sony Xperia Z2, the device has been going by the name Xperia Sirius with a model number D6503. We have already seen some leaked images of the device, so it should be no surprise to see it starting to show up in certifying organization databases. This is true for the FCC where the Sony PM-0740-BV, thought to be the same device, showed up with a wide range of wireless capabilities. Perhaps most notable is the presence of several LTE bands that would make the device compatible with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile depending on which exact band is enabled.

In addition to the smartphone device, a new tablet device from Sony also shows up in the FCC database with the model number TM-0043-BV. The FCC filing shows the same connectivity options as the smartphone. Previous reports had suggested the tablet was going by the codename Castor and would be released in the second quarter in Japan. With an FCC filing in place, it looks like it may make it to U.S. shores as well.

source: phoneArena

Amazon rumored to launch Android powered gaming and media console this year


It seems like every few months a rumor like this pops up. Current rumors have Amazon pegged as releasing a media and gaming device sized at about the same dimensions as a PSOne. The pre-production box is said to be gray in color and will run Android. Assuming this device is real, we can also expect to see that flavor of Android to be the forked version Amazon has on its Kindles.

The device will be a set top box designed for playing games, streaming movies, and television. It could very well have a tie in with Amazon’s Prime service. Pricing for the device has it pegged below $300. How far below that price point is anyone’s guess. Given that the Roku boxes, Apple TV and Chromecast are priced well below that mark, Amazon could be dead in the water if the box is priced higher than that. Of course this is all speculation.

source: VG 24/7
via: Engadget

HTC One now receiving Android 4.4.2 KitKat in Europe


As promised, HTC is rolling out the Android 4.4.2 update to the One smartphone. The version is 4.19.401.8 and it comes in at 308.24 megabytes. Among the usual bug fixes, users will get security enhancements, Cloud Print Service, and new Bluetooth profiles. We should also note that Flash Player has been removed from the HTC stock Browser.

U.S. users should hopefully see this update next month if the carrier approval process goes smoothly.

source: @LlabTooFer (1) and (2)

AT&T HTC One X to get Android 4.2.2, Sense 5 by end of week


HTC’s Executive Director of Product Management tweeted some good news for owners of the AT&T HTC One X this evening. He indicated that “technical approval” had been received for the release of Sense 5 with the Android 4.2.2 update for the device. The update to Android 4.2.2 will be the end of the line for Android updates on the device, but users will at least get to experience some of the features of Sense 5 like Blinkfeed and Video Highlights to go with the new user interface.

According to Versi, the updates are targeted to rollout as an over-the-air update starting on Wednesday, January 29th. Are you still rocking an HTC One X and looking forward to this update?

source: @moversi

Samsung’s lead over Apple in market share grows, other OEMs start to show substantial growth


The final quarter of 2013 was very good for Samsung. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s market share grew to more than 29.6%, compared to 29.0% for the same quarter in 2012. In looking at the entire year, Samsung’s share increased to 32.4%, up from 30.4%. Apple’s market share, however, fell in both the final quarter and overall in 2013. Huawei pulled into third and LG sits in fourth. These numbers should be interesting to see in a few months as both Samsung and Apple are slated to announce their latest flagship devices within the next few months.

It is great to see Lenovo joining the mix (in fifth). Hopefully they finally make their way to the United States this year. After all, I don’t think an HTC acquisition is happening just yet; therefore, Lenovo needs to think about doing it on their own.

Hit the break for smartphone shipment numbers.

HTC faces another branding speedbump as Microsoft renames SkyDrive as OneDrive


It seems that HTC chose an excellent name for its flagship product; however, they can’t capitalize on it as others are using it too. Today, Microsoft announced that it would be renaming SkyDrive, the company’s cloud storage service, as OneDrive. This comes after British Sky Broadcasting Group had obtained the name legally, thus forcing Microsoft to rename its service. Expect the Android app to receive an update with the name change relatively soon.

Also in the ‘One’ game is Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console and OnePlus, a smartphone manufacturer with an upcoming CyanogenMod-running device. The slogan for OneDrive is also clever: “OneDrive for Everything in Your Life.” It should be interesting to see whether or not HTC pursues any legal action against Microsoft.

Samsung reverses course on Note 3 accessory compatibility issue


For all its success in mastering the smartphone market around the world, at times Samsung seems to think it needs to emulate Apple’s walled garden approach toward their customers. The appearance of Samsung engaging in this type of behavior can create some publicity problems for the company as has occurred over the past few days with regard to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device. As previously reported, when the Android 4.4 KitKat update started to rollout to end users, reports quickly surfaced that compatibility with third-party accessories was broken. Samsung issued a statement that basically told consumers they should only use genuine Samsung accessories. Apparently Samsung realized that didn’t sit too well with the market as Samsung has now reversed course.

Latest Nokia Normandy leak reveals more specs before being pulled


For a short while today Vietnamese web site thegioididong.com had the Nokia Normandy listed in their catalog along with some specs. The device is shown with a 4.0-inch display, a 1GHz dual-core processor, dual-sim support, and a 5.0 MP camera. The retailer listed the Nokia Normandy with Android 4.4 KitKat for the operating system. Previous leaks indicated the Normandy will have a Windows-style user interface, so the KitKat bits may be hidden in the background.

The thegioididong.com ad copy indicated Nokia designed the Normandy “in an eye-catching style.” Based on the specs, it appears the device is targeted at emerging markets. If it ever makes it to the shores of a more mature mature market, it will likely be targeted at the bottom of the market.

The ad has been pulled from the thegioididong.com site.

source: thegioididong.com
via: Mobile Syrup

HTC appears to have brightly colored mid-range octa-core phone in the works


According to Chinese web site ePrice, HTC appears to have jumped on the brightly colored smartphone bandwagon based on several leaked photos. The images show a device, believed to be a new version of the HTC Desire, in yellow, orange, red and a teal color. In addition to the bright new colors, HTC is supposedly set to equip the device with a MediaTek eight-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM. The device will supposedly come with a 5-inch 720p capable screen. Running on this hardware will be HTC’s Sense 5.5 UI layered on top of Android 4.3.

Latest market share figures from Kantar show Android dominating but Samsung is feeling the pressure


Kantar Worldpanel ComTech just released their smartphone market share figures for the 4th quarter 2013, and Android not only dominated again, it continued to increase its overall market share. In looking at the U.S., most surveys already had Android as the largest market share, but according to Kantar, Android just surpassed Apple late last year.

Android came in with a 50.6% share, up from 46.2% for the 4th quarter in the previous year, while Apple’s iOS came in at 43.9%, down from 49.7% for the 4th quarter in the previous year. In Europe, things aren’t any different. Android now has a 68.6% share (up from 62.9%), while second place Apple came in with 18.5% (down from 23.7%).

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 could debut as soon as March/April with a flexible display


Shortly after the Galaxy Gear was introduced, the speculation was that Samsung would release a Galaxy Gear 2 sooner rather than later since the reviews we so bad. The latest rumor out of Korea is that the Galaxy Gear 2 will be unveiled in a London event in March or April. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines to figure out that they are implying that it will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S 5. It’s also expected to be a lot more fashionable and will likely feature a flexible display.