Samsung demonstrates future foldable and transparent display concepts for smartphones and tablets


The Galaxy Round isn’t exciting too many people because we are still in the very early stages of this technology. Eventually we will have foldable phones and tablets, but we will probably have to wait till 2016 or even as late as 2020. Samsung put together a document with concepts that could very well come to fruition in the coming years.

We will eventually have foldable phones, tablets, and even a transparent notepad. You just might be able to insert your folded phone in your wallet. So for now, you might not be coveting that Galaxy Round, but I have a feeling you might be desiring the Galaxy Round 3, or whatever they will be calling it. Hit the break for more images.

Android 4.3 now officially available for Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)


Late last night, we posted about the leaked Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), but now it’s official. Since this is a jump from Android 4.1.2, there are quite a few changes. Unfortunately Samsung didn’t offer a changelog, but SamMobile put together an extensive list. One thing to note is the absence of Samsung Knox, but that is expected with a future update. Also, the core UI has changed, but you will still find the old GSIII launcher and widgets.

As of now, the update is available to those of you in Ireland, but other countries will follow soon. You will be able to get the update via KIES or over-the-air. Only unlocked non-carrier versions are getting the update for now. Carrier branded versions will have to wait, hopefully not longer than a couple of months.

Hit the break for the changelog.

Moto G to be unveiled on November 13


This morning, Motorola sent us a “Save the Date” for November 13 with the hashtag #MotoG. I think it’s safe to assume we will see the Moto G at this event. Back when the Moto X was announced, Motorola did say they will offer a more economical version. The Moto X is only available in the U.S., but it’s expected the Moto G will be available internationally as well as in North America. We are hearing prices as little as free on contract or as little as $250 off contract. This is the same phone that we used to refer to as the DVX.

The Moto G will have a 4.5-inch 720p display, a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 8GB of internal storage, 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, dual-SIM capability, and Android 4.3. The back is probably going to be removable, which will allow users to easily change the color of their phone.

The Moto G won’t be the phone of the year, but it could be a nice option for those on a very tight budget.

Test build of Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S III leaked


Amidst the buzz for Android 4.4 KitKat, there are many device owners out there who would be happy with the next best thing, Android 4.3. A test build of Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S III, a device that Samsung never bothered to update to Android 4.2, will be welcome news for those users who have not yet updated to a newer device.

According to those who have been using the test firmware, it is “very stable” though still subject to a few bugs. It appears Samsung has incorporated many of the improvements found in Android 4.3, especially the core UI improvements. However, at this point Samsung appears to still be using the original Galaxy S III launcher and widgets and they have not yet implemented Samsung Knox.

If you are interested in giving Android 4.3 a try on your Galaxy S III, hit the source link for the files needed and instructions on how to install the firmware update. Just keep in mind the update is not official and may be subject to problems. You should also note that the process of installing the update will wipe your device, so be sure to back up your data before attempting.

source: SamMobile

Samsung launches new, Snapdragon 800 powered flip phone device at charity concert


Samsung and China Telecom revealed the latest flip phone the two companies are bringing to the Chinese market, the SCH-W2014. The dual-screen flip phone comes equipped with a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM to power Android 4.3 on the device. Samsung loads it up with 32GB of internal storage and the capability to expand that via microSD. The W2014 also has dual-SIM capability.

When the device was first spotted last month, the expected price was going to put it at around $700 USD. However, the latest reports suggest the W2014 will be selling for at least ¥10,000CNY (approximately $1,640 USD). China Telecom has not released an availability date and Samsung has not released information about other carriers or regions that may get the device, but it was spotted passing through the FCC, so there is a chance it may find its way to the U.S. market.

source: Engadget

Is Google hinting at a Nexus 8? If so, they aren’t very shy about it


Google may be hinting at the release of a brand new device. Found by a member of The Verge Forums, it seems that Google could be launching a new tablet with an 8-inch screen. We know Google has a very interesting way of leading up to an announcement, just look at KitKat. In the image above (with the full size after the break), you can see that this tablet is not the usual Nexus 7. This has smaller bezels on the top and bottom with wider sides. Also, it is running KitKat. Could this launch alongside the new Nexus 10? That seems to be how this will play out if the Nexus 8 is indeed real. Google could be launching both this new device with the Nexus 10 to give consumers a wide variety of choice this holiday season.

Galaxy Note tablet with 12.2-inch screen quietly sneaks through the FCC


Trying to satisfy consumers of all tastes, Samsung is likely producing a new tablet part of their Galaxy Note line. And in true Note fashion, the screen is going to be… bigger. This tablet is rumored to have a 12.2-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Powering it would be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz with 3GB of RAM. As you can see in the image above, LTE Band 5 is supported, pointing to Korean carriers; therefore, it is unknown if it will make it to U.S. shores. Keep your eyes open for this device. Then again, it’s so large it would be hard not to notice.

Source: FCC
Via: Phone Arena

Newly formed Rockstar Consortium launches large patent suit against Google and Android


Remember a few years ago when Nortel’s enormous patent portfolio went up for auction and we had tons of tech companies bidding for it? Well, looks like we’re about to see the effects of it. The group of companies that won the patents – Microsoft, Apple, RIM, Sony, and Ericsson – banded together under a new company named titled “Rockstar” and have filed an extremely extensive patent suit against Google and several Android handset makers, including HTC, LG, and Samsung.

Originally, Google wanted to purchase those patents to prevent this from happening, but stopped bidding for them at $4.4 billion. Rockstar nabbed the patents for $4.5 billion, which is an astronomical sum of money for a patent portfolio. Some of the patents that are being used in the lawsuit include patents for things like an “associative search engine” and “an advertisement machine which provides advertisements to a user searching for desired information within a data network.” Vague? Yep.

Realistically, the ultimate goal for the Rockstar Consortium would be to strong-arm other companies into paying licensing fees for infringing devices. Microsoft already makes several bucks per Android phones sold because of patents and licensing agreements. It’ll be interesting to see how this suit plays out, but make no mistake, it’s probably going to get pretty messy.

source: Ars Technica

Moto G leaks yet again, this time with more specs and pricing


After being exposed yesterday by Twitter’s @evleaks, a poster regarding the inevitable Moto G has appeared. According to a tipster from GSM Arena, the poster shows Motorola’s budget-friendly device will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on a 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor. The screen, which has a water repellent coating, is a 720p screen sized at 4.5-inches covered with Corning Gorilla Glass. Considering its purpose, the Moto G will have just 8 GB of storage. The camera around the back is 5 MP and the front is 1.3 MP.

As for the price, this handset is expected to be free with a new contract and maintain a relatively low price without one. With the holidays quickly approaching, this could be that one item that gets all of the attention. You would be getting a pretty good device since the will be priced competitively.

Source: GSM Arena

Nexus 5 battery life will be better than expected thanks to Qualcomm

Android Battery Life

Yesterday we learned that the Nexus 5 will have a non-removeable battery sized at 2300 mAh, but prospective owners should not have to worry about running out of juice quickly. Inside will be Qualcomm’s new QFE1100 envelope tracker that the company claims to be able to reduce heat and power consumption from the radio components. A huge concern with many phones is the pace at which LTE data kills a phone’s battery; however, Qualcomm’s new envelope tracker aims to solve that. Also, the Nexus 5 has the 802.11ac WiFi standard. This means that if you have a compatible router, your phone will reach the signal easier with much larger transfer speeds. All very good signs if you’re picking up a Nexus 5.

Source: Gigaom

Moto X camera app now being updated through the Play Store

Motorola Camera

We now take a break from all this Nexus nonsense to talk about the Moto X’s camera app.

When certain pieces of hardware on devices need to be upgraded, we usually see OTA software updates. However, Motorola is now updating the Moto X camera app through the Play Store.

The device’s camera was one of the weaker features of the phone at launch, and the last OTA update to all Moto X variants greatly improved the performance. But now, Moto has decided that if they want to update the camera (and maybe some other things) more frequently, the faster way to do so is through the Play Store. (Basically, the carriers are constantly getting in the way.)

This is a very welcome change, as maybe other manufacturers will catch on and do the same with many features of the phone that don’t really require an OTA update.

Here’s what the update brings:

  • Brightened camera viewfinder so it’s easier to see
  • Enabled Quick Capture for more Enterprise users IT policies
  • Bug fixes

Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store.

LG G Flex to be shown off next week, possibly released later this month


According to a press event invite, the LG G Flex will be showcased on Tuesday, November 5. Following the event, a Korean news source says that the device will be released in mid-November in South Korea. The G Flex has a curved 6-inch display with a 720p resolution and a meager pixel density of 245; however, the Snapdragon 800 is likely to be powering the handset. On the back will be a 13 MP camera. And juicing the G Flex will be a 3500 mAh battery. Stay tuned for news out of the event next week.

Source: Yonhap News
Via: G 4 Games

J.D. Power says Samsung tablet owners are the most satisfied


According to a study conducted between March and August by J.D. Power, owners of a Samsung tablet have bested iPad and Kindle Fire owners in terms of satisfaction. The study utilized performance, ease of operation, styling and design, features, and cost. Based on those five factors, Samsung scored an 835 out of 1000. This led Apple by two (833) and Amazon by nine (826). They can thank the wide distribution with their devices for scoring so high. Along with many commercials, Samsung has a strong presence in stores like Best Buy which show off their Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy Tab 3.

Galaxy Nexus will not receive Android 4.4, Google will follow 18-month support window


The Galaxy Nexus, the device that started the “Ice Cream Sandwich-age” of Android, will unfortunately not be receiving the Android 4.4 update. This actually comes as a bit of a surprise, as Google has stated (and will continue to state) that one of Android 4.4’s main goals is to put an end to Android fragmentation, bringing support to lower end devices.

Yes, Android has had an 18 month rule— if a device is over 18 months old, it will stop receiving support.

However, the Galaxy Nexus definitely has the RAM necessary to run the new OS version. (Google has stated that 4.4 will run smoothly on devices with 500mb of RAM, which is half the amount the Galaxy Nexus offers.)

Only Moto X and current line of Droids will receive Android 4.4


People everywhere are wondering if and when they’ll get KitKat. We’ve already heard from HTC, and now Motorola gives us an update. According to Motorola’s online portal, it looks like only the recently released Moto X and current line of Droids — Motorola DROID Ultra, Motorola DROID Maxx, and Motorola DROID Mini — will be receiving Android 4.4.

This list could always be updated in the future, so we’ll have to wait and see if any other devices become slated to receive KitKat, but for right now, that’s all we know. Also stay tuned for a timetable on when the devices will receive the update.

Source: Phandroid