Android-powered Samsung Galaxy NX camera officially available starting at $1,600


Samsung’s Galaxy NX, the Android-phone-camera-DSLR-thing, is finally available to the public. It didn’t make the original October release date, but unfortunately, it kept the hefty price tag; expect to shell out $1,599 for this niche device. It’s a 20.3 megapixel camera complete with a quad-core processor, Android Jelly Bean with a TouchWiz overlay, and the option to purchase some additional interchangeable lenses. The standard kit comes with 16 – 55 mm lens, which is standard for other DSLRs, although not always at this price point.

As far as I can tell, this isn’t the one with AT&T version, however. If you were interested in picking up one of these to add to your cell phone plan, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. If you were interested in picking up one of these anyway, you should probably wait a bit longer, too, because I feel like there are probably better things to spend your $1,600 bucks on.

source: Engadget

HTC “M8” APKs leak, 249 of them to gaze upon


Yep, there’s a lot to look at. After a few days of expressing his distaste with a popular drugstore chain, @evleaks is back in action with a pleasant gift — the system APKs for the HTC “M8”. We can spend all day talking about them, but there’s just too many and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Here’s what we know about HTC’s 2014 flagship already: the specs are going to be boosted, a fingerprint scanner may be utilized, and all four carriers will get it at launch. Take a look at the image above and let us know if there’s any that jump out at you.

Huawei Ascend P6S photos leak, specs too


Huawei’s upcoming device for its Ascend line has leaked in multiple photos. The Ascend P6S is set to have an octa-core processor with 2GB of RAM underneath a 4.7-inch IPS 720p display. The device is going to have a brand new chipset that allows power consumption to be lowered while also improving performance by 80%. The new chipset is likely to be based on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture that allows for eight cores to be running the show with less power consumption and impressive performance. The front camera will be an impressive 5MP camera and the rear will be 8MP. The leaks show the device running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean; however, Android 4.4 KitKat is expected in January so there’s a chance it could launch with the latest version of Android.

Hit the break for the leaked images.

Motorola announces Android KitKat for several older devices


When Google released Android 4.4 KitKat, one of the primary benefits mentioned was Project Svelte, an effort to make the operating system run on older, less powerful hardware than the current crop of high-end smartphones and tablets. Demonstrating the possibilities this opens, Motorola is now indicating that the DROID RAZR HD, the DROID RAZR MAXX HD and the DROID RAZR M will all be getting an update to KitKat.

Motorola does not indicate when this should occur. It seems likely that other, newer devices like all the Moto X variants and smartphones like the DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX and DROID Mini will get their updates first. The fact that Motorola is looking out for owners of older devices is good news for users with these devices and could help Motorola establish a reputation in the market as providing decent support for the life of a device when it comes to making operating system updates available.

source: Motorola


Motorola now offering zero down, zero interest options through online store


Motorola certainly seems to be working on beefing up their online retail presence. Yesterday we saw them add the Google Chromecast to their store. Today, they have rolled out some new payment options for Motorola credit account buyers. Mimicking popular retailers, the new options let buyers get their hands on the latest technology with $0 down and zero interest if paid within 6, 12 or 18 months depending on the amount purchased. In a bit of a twist though, Motorola says the special terms will apply to all charges that are in your account, not just initial purchases.

In addition to the zero down, zero interest offer, Motorola indicates there is no annual fee and consumers will have access to the usual array of options like paperless statements and online account access. If you want more information or to apply for credit so you can buy that Moto X you have been thinking about, just hit the source link.

source: Motorola

Motorola now offering device accessories at 30% discount until November 27

Motorola Accessories

Planning on waiting until Black Friday to binge-spend on all those new electronics coming out?

You may want to drop some bills a bit early this year, as Motorola just started a 30%-off accessory sale including docks, speakers, cases and more. Most of these accessories are compatible with the Moto X or any of the new DROID phones.

SOL Republic headphones only have slight discounts on them, but the 30%-off items include car chargers, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, cases, docks, etc.

Here are just a few to check out:

  • Moto X Griffin PowerDock ($27.97)
  • Moto X card dock by Griffin ($27.97)
  • DROID ULTRA and MAXX PowerDock by Griffin ($27.99)
  • ULTRA and MAXX car dock by Griffin ($27.97)
  • Moto S11-HD Headphones ($69.99)
  • Moto S11-Flex HD Headphones ($90.99)

You only have a week or so to get on this deal, as the offer expires on November 27. (Expect another sale from Motorola on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, though…)

Source: Motorola

Samsung Galaxy S5 expected to include 64-bit processor, 128-bit processors on the horizon


You may have noticed that smartphone manufacturers seem to be in a race to not only one-up each other, but also to keep pushing the limits of hardware specs. In the field of displays, there is an on-going push to increase the pixels-per-inch (PPI) count on mobile devices. Samsung has been touting 3GB of RAM in their latest devices. When Apple released the latest versions of their smartphones, they triggered a race to include 64-bit processors in top-tier devices. In a story in The Korea Herald, sources indicated that Samsung’s next version of their top of the line smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, will come with a 64-bit processor. That bit of news probably is not a surprise to anyone who has been following the hardware race.

At the same event, ARM’s executive vice president of commercial and global development, Antonio Viana, predicted that 128-bit processors were probably on the horizon and could be hitting the market within a couple years. Viana thinks that technologies like facial recognition will push device manufacturers to incorporate ever more powerful hardware to meet the computing requirements.

Do you see a 128-bit processor in your future or do you think 64-bit will be plenty?

source: The Korea Herald
via: PocketNow

Motorola is feeling pretty good about Moto X being first non-Nexus device to get Android 4.4, alters KitKat easter egg


Earlier today, Motorola announced the shocking news that the Verizon Moto X is getting Android 4.4 KitKat starting today. One of the reasons why Motorola can be quicker than other manufacturers is the fact that their phones are pretty much stock Android except for a few minor modifications. Motorola continues this theme with the KitKat update, but they did make one interesting modification with the KitKat easter egg.

As you probably know, if you go into Settings / About Phone and tap rapidly on “Android Version” the easter egg begins. If you’re using stock Android, you will get the letter, “K”, but with the Moto X, you will get the number, “1”. We can only assume this represents that the Moto X is the very first non-Nexus phone to get the KitKat update. To me, it’s not even about being the first, it’s about how fast this was accomplished. The Moto X is getting KitKat before the Nexus 4. Pretty amazing indeed.

It will be interesting to see if this modified easter egg makes its way to the other carrier updates or if it’s reserved for just the Verizon version.

source: Reddit

LG QuickCover and bumper cases for Nexus 5 now available in Google Play Store

Nexus 5 QuickCover

It took a while for Google to finally put up the accessories for the Nexus 5 in the Play Store, but after 3 weeks of waiting, they’re all there.

Joining the wireless Qi-enabled charging pad are the new bumper cases and LG QuickCover.

The bumper cases are available in black, gray, bright red, and bright yellow and are made of a hard exterior and soft rubber lining. The cases are available for $34.99 but you unfortunately cannot purchase it as it says “Coming Soon.”

The LG QuickCover case is going for a whopping $49.99. I couldn’t justify myself spending that much on a case, but maybe that’s because I’ve never spent money on a case. (I’m one of those “I never drop my phone” people until it actually drops.) The cover comes in black and white.

Anyway, if you love protecting your precious device, go ahead and accessorize your new Nexus 5.


Source: Google Play

ZTE announces the Nubia Z5s and Z5s Mini

ZTE Nubia Z5s

ZTE has announced a pair of two new phones, titled the Nubia Z5s and the Nubia Z5s Mini. The Z5s is the more high-end of the two, sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU under a 1080p display, complete with 2 GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera with OIS and an f/2.0 aperture, and Android 2.2 out of the box. It’s a far cry from a budget smartphone which traditionally comes from ZTE. You’ll have two options as far as internal storage and network connectivity; a 16 GB 3G model or a 32 GB LTE model. Naturally, the LTE model raises the price a bit, but it’s still only priced around $567. ZTE managed to pack in some beefy specs at that price point, so it should definitely give other manufacturers solid competition in the international market.

Verizon Moto X officially getting Android 4.4 KitKat starting today


Well there you have it. The first non Nexus phone to get the KitKat update is the Moto X and it just so happens to be the Verizon version. Motorola just announced that the update will start rolling today. Think about this for a moment….The Moto X is receiving the latest and greatest Android before the Nexus 4 (at least OTA). In fact, I have two Nexus 7 devices that have yet to receive the official update. Kudos to Motorola and their team for getting this done so fast while other manufacturers like Samsung are pushing 4.3 to their devices.

This update will roll out in phases, so be patient because it could take a week or two till everyone gets it. Motorola didn’t offer any info for other carrier versions, but did say they will “have more KitKat for Moto X news to share on other carriers and countries very soon.” Hit the break for the changelog directly from Motorola.

Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7105) officially getting Android 4.3


Hopefully this update will go a little smoother than the Galaxy S III update. The Galaxy Note II (GT-N7105) is now getting the Android 4.3 in Nordic countries. Owners of the phone should be excited because this is the first major update since the phone launched with Android 4.1.2.

It will probably take a few weeks for all regions to get the update, so hang tight. It will be available via KIES and over-the-air. For those of you that own carrier versions of the Note II, you will probably have to wait at least a month or two. Hit the break for the full changelog.

Samsung says Galaxy Gear far from a bust and is the most popular smartwatch ever


Yesterday a report out of Korea suggested the Galaxy Gear is an absolute flop and that only 50,000 units have been sold to date. Of course, one day can make all the difference in the world when it comes to news. Today, Samsung is saying that the Galaxy Gear is doing better than expectations, selling 800,000 so far, making it the most popular smartwatch in the world.

“It’s the most sold wearable watch available in the market place…and we plan to expand its availability by expanding mobile devices that work with the Gear,” Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung pulls Galaxy S III Android 4.3 update and issues statement


Now we know why updates aren’t always available to everyone right from the start. It’s because problems can arise. AT&T pulled the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S 4, and now Samsung has pulled the 4.3 update for the global version of the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300).

Once you look at this list, you will wonder how the update was approved in the first place. Samsung did issue a statement, but you won’t get an answer to that question. Hit the break for it as well as the list of issues.

Motorola adds Chromecast to online store


Google has not been shy about making their Chromecast HDMI dongle available through a variety of sales channels, so it should be no surprise one of their business units is now carrying the device. With so many sources for the device, places like Best Buy, Amazon or the Google Play store, it is not clear why one would choose to order theirs through Motorola, but the option is there for anyone interested.

If you are interested in grabbing a Chromecast through Motorola, hit the source link to start your order.

source: Motorola