AT&T Branding Revealed on Sony Xperia T in UK Promo Shot

Last week we were hit with a triple-shot of news from Sony at IFA regarding their upcoming devices, and one of those devices was the announcement of their flagship phone – the Xperia T. While the beans were spilled at IFA regarding the specs for Sony’s upcoming beast, we were left wondering about specific U.S. release information. Well, today that picture became clearer by way of a promo shot posted on a UK retailer’s product page for the Xperia T. In the shot, you can clearly see the AT&T logo below the Home key on the phone. On the product page itself, there are three images used in the description of the phone. The first two images simply show the same “Xperia” logo that we saw at IFA, however the last image replaces the Xperia logo with the AT&T logo. AT&T hasn’t released an official comment regarding the image, but we’ll keep you posted if they release a statement regarding the revealing shot.

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AT&T announces the entry-level Pantech Flex coming September 16th; Offers qHD display and dual-core CPU


AT&T has announced their new entry-level Android handset, the Pantech Flex. As the name suggests, the device is “flex-ible” to the users needs. While the device offers Android’s 4.0 ICS interface, users do have a choice to select “Easy Experience” mode if ICS is too difficult to use. Does this feature seem familiar to you? If you can recollect, Samsung has a similar device in Verizon’s Galaxy Stellar in which the user can choose between “Starter Mode” and “Standard Mode” depending on what they want. Seems like both carriers are attempting to cater to the “less technologically advanced” consumer.

As for the specs, the Flex offers a 4.3 inch qHD display, an 8 megapixel camera, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and more. AT&T will offer the device for $49.99 starting September 16th. You can watch the introductory video of the device below.

YouTube Preview Image

Full press release after the break.

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A Samsung mystery device pops up in GL benchmarking dubbed as SGH-I317, sports JB and HD display

Well what do we have here? It looks like a mystery Samsung device has popped up in GL benchmarking touting an HD (1280×720) display, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and a max CPU frequency of 1600MHz (amount of CPU cores unknown). The device is dubbed as the SGH-I317, which indicates either an AT&T or Canadian handset.

Sadly, not much else is known about the device and we can only speculate what it may be. The obvious guess would either be a Galaxy S III for a Canadian carrier, or perhaps a Galaxy S III variant for AT&T (this I highly doubt). Another possibility would be the device being AT&T’s version of the Galaxy Note 2 that was just unveiled last week. After all, Samsung did say the Note 2 would arrive in States side sometime this Fall/Winter.

Either way, this is definitely a device to keep an eye on. As we get more information on this, we’ll be sure to let you know!

source: GLBenchmarking

Sense 4.5 with Jelly Bean RUU leaks for the HTC One X

There has been reports that some users actually have a leaked Jelly Bean build for the One X, but nothing has surfaced until now. Football just posted a test only build, which is version 3.00.999.7 and is a whopping 641MB. We are assuming this is for the international version of the One X only. One problem is that Football is urging us to not install it since it’s strictly a test build and is unstable.

And last but not least, this is highly unstable release, 999 ID means it’s only for test purposes and you shouldn’t use it for everyday usage.

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Verizon Wireless officially announces the LG Intuition, Available September 6th for $199

The LG Optimus Vu certainly wasn’t as big of a hit as the Samsung Galaxy Note, but that’s not going to stop Verizon from launching it as the LG Intuition this Thursday, September 6th for $199. The biggest problem with the Intuition (Optimus Vu) is that the screen size is 5-inches, but with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Many thought the Galaxy Note was too big, but in reality this is the device that’s too big. LG thinks the 4:3 ratio makes it better for reading, but it’s too cumbersome for an everyday device. If you’re not familiar with this device, it comes with a Rubberdium™ pen, which is LG’s version of the S Pen. We did a hands on with the device a few months ago at CTIA so click here to check it out. Of course we encourage you to go to the Verizon store and see it for yourself, which won’t be until September 10th.

Hit the break for featured specs and the press release.

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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Stellar for Verizon Wireless, Available Sept 6th for Free after rebate

As we reported over the weekend, Samsung just made the Galaxy Stellar (SCH-i200) official. It’s a lower-level phone that will be available at Verizon Wireless starting on September 6th for Free after a $50 mail-in-rebate. The Stellar features a dual interface so customers can choose between Starter Mode and Standard Mode. Those new to Android will appreciate the Starter Mode since the interface will be a simplified home screen with preset widgets for favorite apps, favorite contacts, and favorite settings. There’s even a Help App that features guided tours, walkthroughs, tips, and more. Experienced customers will opt for the Standard Mode since it will be more traditional.

The specs include:

  • 4-inch WVGA display (800 x 480 )
  • 1.2 dual-core GHz Snapdragon processor
  • Front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera for video chat and 3.2 megapixel rear-facing camera with auto focus
  • microSD™ card slot with support for up to 32 GB
  • Suite of Amazon apps includes Kindle, Shopping, MP3, Zappos, IMDB and Audible
  • Wi-Fi® Connectivity (802.11 a/b/g/n)
  • Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich – support for Google Mobile™ Services including Gmail™, YouTube™, Google Talk™, Google Maps™ and access to more than 600,000 apps available to download from Google™ Play Store
  • Backup Assistant Plus – media management and online storage service designed to help customers store and access media content such as music, videos, pictures documents and contacts.

Full press release after the break:

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AOKP Jelly Bean Nightlies Officially Rolling Out For The Nexus 7 Tablet


So you own a Nexus 7 tablet and want to get in on some Android Open Kang Project action? You’re in luck as the latest Jelly Bean-based AOKP is now available for all, courtesy of the official AOKP nightlies that have recently been rolled out. Along with the usual Jelly Bean goodies, users will be treated to such features like custom lockscreen targets and the option for 7 navigation buttons. AOKP is one of the more popular ROMs available and the latest build aims to make your Nexus 7 just a little bit better.

We’re sure you’re itching for more details, so be sure to hit the XDA threat to see everything in its entirety, including full instructions on how to slap the latest ROM onto the Nexus 7.

source: XDA Forums


More Proof Jelly Bean Is Almost Here For The Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone: Another Build Leaks And Is Ready For Download


Those of you who don’t think the Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update isn’t on the way, we have additional proof that highlights the update is certainly due soon— very soon. After seeing one leak just a few weeks ago, version I9300XXDLI1 has leaked and brings with it Android 4.1.1. In addition, the latest version is dated from yesterday (September 3rd), which gives another indication that Sammy may be close to being done working out the kinks and start the process of rolling out the update for those who want all that buttery goodness.

One thing to keep in mind is the latest leaked update is made solely for the international model of the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), so those of you who own a carrier-branded Galaxy S III will need to sit tight and wait for your wireless provider to push the update out to your device.

source: XDA

Sony Releases Binary Files Required For AOSP Project

Google’s experimental AOSP project was announced last month, which promises to bring the latest open source Android to the Sony Xperia S. Sony seems to be following through on their part by releasing their closed-source binaries, which are required for this project to be viable. These binary files are essentially closed boxes of proprietary code (custom drivers, graphics firmware, etc.) which drive the Sony hardware specifically. Without these files, it would be nearly impossible to get an AOSP build working properly.

Sony has also stated their commitment to the innovation that open source brings, and says that these binaries should allow an AOSP build of Android to boot to the home screen. Of course, these files won’t be useful to the casual custom ROM fan until developers manage to make stable builds from them, but this is the first important step to getting a full-fledged AOSP build of Android running on the Xperia S.

Hit the source for the downloads.

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Leak shows US Cellular ready to release LG Splendor

Sources scouring the LG US web site stumbled upon some product information for a new LG smartphone. Dubbed the LG Splendor, the model number is US730. The information was found on the support pages of the LG US site and included some product images and specifications. No news on a release date or the cost for the device. The pages have since been taken down.

The LG Splendor is similar to the LG Optimus L7. Equipped with an 800×480, 4.3-inch screen, a 1GHz cpu, and 2GB of built-in memory, the new phone will come loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

source: Unwired View