[Deal] Toshiba Excite 10″ For $299 At Costco, Tegra 3 Power On A Budget

by Ed Caggiani on
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Want a big 10-inch screen, quad-core Tegra 3 power, and 16GB on onboard storage for under 3 bills? Well Costco has a deal for you. Until December 1st, Costco is offering $100 off the Toshiba Excite 16GB and 32GB 10-inch tablets. That brings the 16GB version to just $299 and the 32GB version to $349. Not a bad deal for Toshiba’s slim tablet.

The specs are pretty solid for this price:

  • Android 4.0 ICS
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB or 32GB onboard storage
  • 10.1-inch 1280×800 Gorilla Glass screen
  • 5MP back camera, 2MP front camera
  • SD Card slot
  • Micro HDMI port
  • Micro USB slot

This looks to be a pretty good online deal. Hit the source link top pick yours up.

source: costco

Samsung engaged in “beat-Apple” strategy by copying iPhone Apple claims in court hearing

by Jeff Causey on
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Last week all eyes were focused on a courtroom in California where Apple and Samsung were engaged in a litigation battle. That was only one front in the war between the two smartphone manufacturing giants. Across the country, in an appellate courtroom for the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, Apple and Samsung engaged each other to start this week in yet another Apple v Samsung case.

This particular hearing was the result of Samsung’s appeal of an order from Judge Lucy Koh to ban the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones until the patent infringement trial takes place in March 2014. Samsung is trying to get the ban overturned, to get Judge Koh’s finding that Apple is likely to prevail overturned, and they are challenging the validity of the patent in question. On that point, the patent is the one that involves the ability of Google search to return “hits” for items both on the device and on the Internet – a unified search result. » Read the rest

Samsung teams up with James Franco in new Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial

by Colton Kaiser on
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Samsung  released its first official Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial, and it’s a doozy. The 2-minute plus trailer features James Franco going about his “normal” everyday life, showing how useful the Note 10.1 is for such a busy multitasker. Apparently cooking, pillow fighting, treating illnesses and owning a tiger is all easier with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 at your disposal. Be sure to check out the full video after the break.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Wi-Fi versions of the Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2 Now Live

by Sean Stewart on
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Good news is always welcomed and it’s always a little sweeter when received on a Monday. Making good on their published timeline released two months ago, owners of the Wi-Fi version of Motorola’s XYBOARD tablets will get a taste of this sweet news as Motorola has officially rolled out Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 for both screen sizes (8.2 and 10.1).

Users can receive the update via Wi-Fi connection. Once connected to Wi-Fi you should receive a notification for the upgrade, but if you don’t, make sure to go to Settings/About Tablet/System Update and see if you can manually pull it. A few of the most notable features with the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich are re-sizable widgets, revamped notification features, and face unlock.  A full list of enhancements can be found after the break. » Read the rest

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gets the iFixit Teardown Treatment

by Dominick DeVito on
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The folks over at iFixit have given the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 one of their usual tear downs. Overall they give the new tablet a repairability score of 8 out of 10. Some of the highlights of the teardown are as follows:


  • 16 connectors – a boon for repairability!
  • The front glass and LCD can be separated and replaced individually (take that iPhone!)
  • Easily replaceable battery, even compared to the Nexus 7
  • Unscrewable EMI shield – first time seen by iFixit


One downside to note is that the battery capacity has been downgraded to 25.9 watt-hours, which was expected due to the device’s slimness. Is an easily repairable device a priority on your list? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think!


Source: iFixit

Samsung Formally Announces The Galaxy S Duos Dual-SIM Smartphone

by Roy Alugbue on
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Samsung is no stranger to dual-SIM devices and there is now another device on the way. We previously told you about the Samsung Galaxy S Duos that leaked late last month, but now Sammy has made the ICS-powered device officially official with its formal announcement. In case you’ve forgotten, this interesting device features 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480) display, 1GHz single core processor, 512MB RAM, 5MP rear camera, VGA (640 x 480) front camera, a 1500mAh battery and 4GB of internal storage. Of course the real kicker is the fact users of S Duos allows both SIMs to be active at the same time– allowing you to do things like taking calls on one SIM, while receiving another on the other.

The device is aimed at users who balance fast-paced work and social lifestyles— which looks like most of us. Expect the device to fully launch in both European and Asian markets soon.

source: Samsung Tomorrow


Not Surprising: Apple and Samsung tried to settle over the weekend but failed

by Robert Nazarian on
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The jury is scheduled to start deliberating tomorrow, but Judge Lucy Koh was hopeful that both Samsung and Apple could cut a deal. Apparently both parties did attempt it over the weekend after Judge Koh asked the parties to simplify the dispute as well as ask the chief executives to talk it over one more time. Not surprisingly, nothing was resolved.

Both Apple and Samsung made a joint filing with the court that said, “The parties have met and conferred about case narrowing, but have not been able to narrow their cases further.”

I have to be honest with you. I’m glad they didn’t cut a deal. Lets find out if Samsung really did anything wrong here. I for one think that they were inspired by Apple, and not guilty of actually copying them. Unfortunately Apple owns patents that are ridiculous in itself, so Samsung could be found guilty. That would be very sad to me, and that’s not because I’m an Android fan. It’s because this type of thing happens in all industries, and I’m not sure why Apple thinks they are different from any other company out there. If things were the other way around, I wouldn’t want Apple to lose either. It’s just plain wrong.

source: businessweek

Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 2 Teaser Video Ahead of IFA

by Sean Stewart on
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Let the official hype machine begin. Samsung released a short teaser video of the new Galaxy Note 2 ahead of the IFA show in Berlin, which is a little over a week from now. The video obviously doesn’t reveal too much, however in normal teaser fashion, you do get a few extreme closeups and it also includes a cameo of  “Wings of Desire” director Wim Wenders. One of the closeups is of the included S-Pen, but you will also find a rapid succession of screen shots of included apps. One of those apps clearly looks like the media player app packed with the Galaxy S III. I’m definitely excited for this one, and we will be sure to let you know about all the juicy details from the unveiling on August 29th. Hit the break to check out the video.

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Sony Announces New Exmor RS Camera Sensors

by Roy Alugbue on
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Sony is known for having a heavy influence on the camera sensors found on your smartphones and tablets, but it looks like Sony will be trying to make future sensors just a little bit better. Sony announced the new Exmor RS sensor which has several components featured: two eight-megapixel sensors (one with new camera signal processing tech) and a top-drawer 13-megapixel module. Naturally if you have three topnotch sensors, they’ll need to be complimented by new lenses and the Exmor RS delivers by featuring an f/2.2 lenses alongside a refreshed auto-focus module. Oh and they will all be capable of full HDR (HD recording).

Well friends— looks like your next camera on that shiny new premium smartphone or tablet certainly will be a doozy. Expect to see the first batch of Sony’s latest fruition to surface sometime early in the next year.

source: Engadget

LG Optimus Vu Will Make its Global Debut in September

by Justin Crouch on
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LG has announced that their newest flagship device, the Optimus Vu, will be making its way to retailers globally in September. The device has only been available in Japan and Korea but will see a release in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the U.S. next month. This news comes slightly after LG announced they had sold more than 500,000 units, an impressive feat and a sign of the phones acceptance. As far as the US release goes, we know it’s coming to Verizon Wireless, but at this point we’re not sure who else will carry the device.

The Optimus Vu rocks a glorious 5-inch screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an 8MP rear-camera, a 1.3MP front facing camera and 32GB of storage. The more I think about it, the more I wouldn’t mind owning an one. It’s slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S III, and that phone doesn’t seem too big at all. So what about you? Is the LG Optimus Vu the perfect size? If presented with an opportunity would you buy one? Let us know in the comments!

Hit the break for the full press release from LG.

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