ComScore numbers for August shows a slight dip in Android while Apple and Samsung see growth


After holding steady in June’s comScore numbers, Android saw a slight dip in August. While a dip would normally be unsettling, Android still holds more than 50% of the mobile platform market share. Apple, however, did see growth with iOS even though their new devices had yet to launch until recently. Microsoft, who has reportedly talked to HTC about dual booting Windows Phone with Android, saw a slight jump and is nearly the number three operating system. Hit the break for information on manufacturer market share.

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MotoMaker likely heading to Verizon on November 11

AT&T_Moto_MakerAccording to frequent leaker @evleaks, MotoMaker for the Moto X will drop its exclusivity with AT&T next month. He says that Verizon will join MotoMaker on November 11. Since launching the device in August, Motorola says it has been shipping about 100,000 of them every week. With Verizon coming into the mix, Motorola will likely face a higher demand from customers on the nation’s second-largest network. If you’re on Verizon, are you interested in using MotoMaker to build your own device?

AT&T’s Moto X receiving camera and Touchless Control update


Early last week the Moto X began receiving its first update on Sprint and T-Mobile. Motorola’s flagship device’s first update brought enhancements to the camera which was one of the few gripes with the device. Touchless Control was also given a touch-up to be more easily triggered along with better accuracy. AT&T’s changelog also includes the stability improvements to Motorola Migrate and Moto Care that we saw hit other variants. Hit the break for the full changelog from AT&T. Read more

HTC to roll out Android 4.3 to AT&T’s One next week

Good news! If you own an HTC One and are on AT&T’s network, you’ll be receiving Android 4.3 shortly.

Jason Mackenzie, HTC America President, tweeted that the update has passed carrier certification and will begin pushing out next week.

Sprint’s variant of the device got Android 4.3 this week, and the U.S. developer version and Canadian versions got it last week. T-Mobile should be getting the same update by the middle of this month, and Verizon should receive it by the end of the month.

It’s great news that HTC is taking the initiative to get their flagship device all up to date, without ignoring customers on different carriers. The update includes bug-fixes, the latest version of HTC Sense, video highlight templates, Instagram support in BlinkFeed, and now you can disable the on-screen menu button.

Source: @JasonMacHTC

Xiaomi MI3 with Tegra 4 to be released October 15, variant with Snapdragon 800 to come later


There’s been a lot of hype about the Xiaomi MI3, especially because of its awesome specs, and we finally know that it’s coming out on October 15. Thing is, though, that this variant will only have Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor, and is tailor made for China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA 3G network.

The other variants have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor. We currently have no word on when the other variants will be released, but rumors suggest late November or maybe even early 2014.

It’s a weird situation, and very well may delay Xiaomi’s plans to go international.

Source: GizChina

Galaxy Note III with dual-SIM launches in Asian markets, not region-locked

galaxy_note_3As previously rumored, Samsung has launched its dual-SIM variant of the Galaxy Note 3— it’s only available in China, so don’t go crazy just yet.

The device features the Snapdragon 800 processor and actually doesn’t come with a region lock. Samsung hasn’t officially announced it, but GSMArena says it costs €735 (the single SIM model is around €700).

Although it’s only being sold in Asian markets for now, (and will most likely stay there) the absence of region locking is great— if you feel like having one shipped to you from the other side of the globe, go right ahead.

Source: SamMobile

HTC posts large losses in Q3 2013, continuing on their downward spiral


HTC got a little bit of good news when their HTC One won several awards last night at the T3 Gadget Awards, but all the praise and awards just can’t seem to slow down HTC’s constantly diminishing market share and monetary losses. According to HTC, the company posted a net $101 million loss in the third quarter of this year. HTC’s market share is down to about 2.8% globablly, which is well below many of the major players in the smartphone ecosystem.

Taipei analyst Wang Wanli seems to think HTC should focus their efforts on either the high-end market, like Apple, or the mid-range and low-end segment, like many other cheaper Android manufacturers. Currently, HTC is trying to secure both segments of the market and they’re missing out on both.

Is this the beginning of the end for HTC? Hopefully not. But right now, things aren’t looking too great for the company. With the holidays and the fabled HTC One Max right around the corner,  HTC has a shot at turning a profit for the end of the year, although that may not do them much good if they go back to bleeding money in 2014.

source: Bloomberg

Sony explains PlayStation app, set to release alongside PlayStation 4

PS4 App

We received news that Sony would be releasing its PlayStation app in November alongside the PS4 a few weeks ago, and today, Sony detailed the app for us, explaining the ins and outs.

The app will have many features that will actually allow you to interact with what’s going on on your PS4.

It will allow users to send invites to multiplayer games, purchase and remotely download games from the PlayStation Network, and send voice/text messages to users on the PS4.

There will also be a “compare trophies” feature, the ability to see what your friends are up to, and access PlayStation Blog news.

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HTC takes home gold thrice at T3 Gadget Awards, including ‘Phone of the Year,’ ‘Gadget of the Year’


I believe I owe HTC an apology. Just last night, I bashed the company (again) for its miserable sales, citing a recent Bloomberg report showing that they were following the path of the doomed Blackberry.

Last night HTC took the throne from Samsung, winning ‘Phone of the Year’ for the HTC One at the T3 Gadget Awards, an award that Samsung had won for their  Galaxy S line for consecutive years.

Editor-in-chief of T3, Kieran Alger, said, “It’s been a brilliant night for HTC and the HTC One is deserving winner of three of the biggest awards.”

The HTC One also took home the ‘Gadget of the Year’ award as well as the T3 Design Award.

This may temporarily boost sales and give them a positive image, but I still have a hard time believing that a few T3 Gadget Awards will really change the direction of this company.

Source: PocketDroid


Galaxy S4, Note 3 will not be receiving full 8-core Exynos performance patch


It looks like Samsung is eating its words once again, coming at a time when people are accusing them of juicing their benchmarks again.

Their most recent flagships, the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, will most likely not achieve the full octa-core power in their Exynos chipsets, which was originally promised. This upgrade would boost performance significantly, and was a major selling point on these devices.  

What’s keeping Samsung from doing it? A Samsung engineer says that they can release a software patch that will allow both the quad-core Cortex-A15 set, and the Cortex-A7 cores to work together, however there might be issues with heat dissipation under pressure.
So, yes, overheating is the problem here. Because the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are packed with the current thermal envelopes, which are only set to run with only four cores at one time, any fix won’t apply to them anyway.
(You could flash it, but your device could go up in flames.)
Source: Hi-Tech Mail