Oppo confirms Find 7 smartphone, mid-range Find 5 mini could be in development


Oppo doesn’t plan on stopping with their N1 smartphone. The company has confirmed that the rumored Find 7 handset does exist via Twitter. The image above is a teaser that Oppo posted and confirms that their next device will be the Find 7. According to the previous leak, the Find 7 will have a 2560×1440 resolution on a 5.7-inch display. Interestingly, it will also have Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM. A 13MP camera will be on the back with a 5MP one facing the user. And 4G LTE connectivity will finally be available in China with the Find 7. For now, the Find 7 could be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January; however, nothing is confirmed at this time.

If the Find 7’s specs were a little too much for you, then the Find 5 mini may be the device for you. It is the rumored smaller sibling to their Find 5 smartphone that launched last December. Unlike other devices with the “mini” name, the specs will indeed be lowered. The Find 5 mini is said to have a 4.7-inch display with a 960×540 resolution. A quad-core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM is packed inside. The camera will be set at 5MP. Stay tuned for updates on these two.

Source: VR-Zone

HTC M8 aka HTC One Two receives WiFi certification


The HTC M8, or as one UK judged called it the HTC One Two, just received WiFi Certification. This is just one of the many approvals that every phone must go through until it hits the open market.

It’s still not clear what the official name will be for this HTC One followup, but we are praying it isn’t the One Two. Internally it’s called the M8. We expect to see this phone unveiled in February at either Mobile World Congress or a separate event. Stay tuned.

source: WiFi Alliance
via: pocketdroid

Sony Xperia Z1S shows up at the FCC with ‘Amami’ name


The Xperia Z1S, the mini version of the Xperia Z1, showed up at the FCC with the name “Amami.” This is the same phone as the Z1F that already launched in Asia. Now we aren’t sure if the Amami name will stick or if it’s a codename, but I suspect the latter.

The Xperia Z1S is going to be a unique mini phone in that Sony isn’t going to skimp on the specs because it will still include a Snapdragon 800 and the same 20MP camera found on the Xperia Z1.

I would expect to see the Xperia Z1S debut at CES so stay tuned.

source: FCC
via: Pocket-Lint

Estonian LG Optimus G receives Android 4.4 update [Updated]


Back in October, France announced that their LG Optimus G would receive Android 4.4 as early as October. Considering KitKat’s release date was only October 31, that was preposterous. Still, it seems like the Optimus G will still be one of the first devices to receive the 4.4 update – at least in Estonia. LG’s Facebook page in Estonia announced that Optimus G customers of Elisa, the second largest carrier in the country, will begin receiving Android 4.4 today.

No word on when Optimus G owners outside of Estonia will receive KitKat, or when the higher-end LG G2 will receive 4.4.

Update: Unfortunately the information on LG’s Facebook page was untrue and LG reached out to us with the following statement…..

HTC One Max shows up in black on HTC Hong Kong site


When originally released, the HTC One Max was like a Ford Model T in that you could get it in any color you wanted as long as that color was silver. That appears to be slowly changing as a new image on the HTC Hong Kong official site reveals a new black version of the super-sized smartphone. This comes almost two weeks after a red version of the HTC One Max was revealed in some marketing collateral for the Taiwanese market.

Similar to the situation with the red HTC One Max, there is no information for this black version about how widely it will be distributed around the globe. However, the HTC One Mini is available in black, silver and blue while the original HTC One can be purchased in silver, black, red, blue and gold. With the HTC One Max now available in silver, red, and black, albeit in limited markets for now, it may yet shed its relation to Henry Ford.

source: Unwired View

HTC now able to sell all phones in UK again


After HTC was ordered to stop selling a couple of their phones in the UK, the Court of Appeals has granted a stay of injunction to the Taiwanese company this afternoon. This means that they will be able to resume selling the HTC One mini and other devices, effective immediately.

HTC has issued a statement saying that they’re “delighted” that the Court of Appeals has granted the stay of injunction, and that they’ll “immediately resume shipping of all of their devices into the UK, including the entire HTC One family.”

Alliance for Wireless Power picks out Rezence brand name for wireless charging products

A4WP Rezence

The Alliance for Wireless Power, one of the groups of tech makers that’s pushing for wireless charging standards, has announced that they’ve picked out a brand name for their products that support their specific type of wireless charging. The brand? Rezence, complete with that fancy logo you see above.

Unfortunately, there are no actual A4WP products on the market yet. The Wireless Power Consortium (which back the Qi wireless charging standard) and the Power Matters Alliance all have at least a few things available on the market. However, we should see the first Rezence-capable products shown off at CES in January with plans to get those devices into market by the middle of 2014.

What do you guys think? Will adopting a brand name to promote help wireless charging become mainstream?

source: AllThingsD

Samsung to merge divisions in hopes of improving smartphone cameras


A report out of Korea indicates Samsung has merged their Digital Imaging Business Division with their Wireless Division. The Digital Imaging Business Division is responsible for cameras produced by the company, while the Wireless Business Division is essentially their smartphone division. According to a statement released by Samsung, the company “will transplant the brand, sales networks, software competency and manufacturing competitiveness of the Wireless Business Division into the Camera Business Division, and integrate the technical know-how of the two business divisions into competency for differentiating our smartphones.” The reorganization was effective on December 11th.

Samsung loses home turf court battle in South Korea to Apple


In the ongoing string of court battles between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has come out the loser in the latest round. This battle took place in South Korea where Samsung alleged Apple violated patents related to short message display methods and messaging group features. Samsung had asked the court to put a sales ban on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 2 in place and they had asked for 100 million won ($95,000 USD) in damages. The judge in the Seoul Central District Court threw out the damages claim and refused to institute the sales ban.

In response to the latest ruling, Apple’s spokesman in Korea, Steve Park, said the company is “glad the Korean court joined others around the world in standing up for real innovation and rejecting Samsung’s ridiculous claims.” Apparently Park was not referring to a case last year in which Apple was found to have infringed on two of Samsung’s patents for wireless technology.

source: Reuters

Sprint rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat update to Moto X


After sending out soak test invites last week, owners of the Moto X on Sprint are finally receiving Android 4.4 KitKat. While all of the KitKat goodies are being added, except for the Google Experience Launcher, Motorola is also enhancing some of their own features such as Touchless Control.

If you’re unaware of what this update will bring, hit the break for an overview.

Microsoft negotiating massive deal with Samsung, $1 billion on the table


According to Russian Blogger Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft is offering Samsung $1 billion to support their Windows Phone operating system by manufacturing devices. As we all know, Samsung is the leading Android OEM by a landslide. But on the Windows Phone front, Microsoft is struggling to have a company come forward that isn’t Nokia (who may be releasing a device based on Android). Nokia was involved in something similar with Microsoft when Steve Ballmer and the guys up in Redmond decided to pay more than $250 million every quarter to keep the Finnish manufacturer with Windows Phone. Samsung likes to spread its name, so escalating Windows Phone production wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

Samsung SM-T331 could be Galaxy Tab 4 with AMOLED display


A new Samsung tablet with the model number SM-T331 has surfaced at Zauba with a value of Rs. 33,884 or $550. Unfortunately we have no idea what the specs are, but with that price tag, there is no way it’s the rumored Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.

We can only assume it’s a Galaxy Tab 4 based on the model number. The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 has a model number of SM-T210 and the 8.0’s sported SM-T310, T311, and T315. I guess it’s quite possible this tab has an 8-inch display, but more importantly,  it also could sport an AMOLED display. It was reported that Samsung would drop LCDs for next year’s tablets in favor of AMOLED. We will keep an eye on this one.

source: Zauba
via: TheDroidGuy

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite said to be entering production, could be 30% of Note 3 sales


Remember Samsung’s watered down devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 Lite and Galaxy Tab 3 Lite? A new report from ET News in Korea claims that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite has already entered production. Apparently Samsung is slated to produce 500,000 units in January and about 1.5 million in February. This would allow Samsung to announce the Note 3 Lite at Mobile World Congress in February and a release in March or April.

It is rumored that Samsung had started production last month but decided to push back the release since the device would be close to the Note 3 release and change the perception of the Note brand as premium. Sources are even saying that Samsung expects this device to consume 30% of Note 3 sales. The Note 3 Lite is rumored to have a 5.49 or 5.68-inch LCD, not AMOLED to keep costs down, display. Being that it is a low-end device, a 1080p display is not expected alongside Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor.

Source: ET News (Korean)
Via: G 4 Games

Vivo sends out very cool augmented reality invitations for Xplay 3S event


Normally we just get a simple email for manufacturer events, but Vivo is doing something totally different and cool. They are sending physical invitations for the Xplay 3S event, but what’s really cool about it, is the card is NFC equipped and when holding your phone over it, you get a really cool augmented reality surprise. The phone should be unveiled on December 18, but hit the break to check out this very cool invitation. It’s by far the best invitation I have ever seen.

ASUS to host ‘In Search of Incredible’ event on January 6


CES is quickly approaching and a lot of companies will be unveiling a few goodies. ASUS is one of those companies as they just sent out invites for an event on January 6, which is the big press day for CES. What exactly will ASUS unveil? Probably a refreshed tablet(s) for the Transformer line and/or MeMoPad is my best guess, but we will know for sure in just under a month.