HTC Dot View app becomes manageable with themes and settings


When HTC unveiled the Dot View case, we were pretty impressed. Spending some time with it, though, we found that it was actually quite limited. Today, the company has updated the app to make it visible in your app tray rather than hiding behind the scenes. This means one thing: settings. The HTC Dot View app now has a few settings to work with. Users can choose when the display will timeout, adjust what (of the few apps) can display notifications, display call history, and opt to bypass a security screen.

The biggest part, however, is the ability to apply themes. There are eighteen of them to be exact and activating the display while the cover is on shows the time with the theme sitting in the background. They all look great, but it does take away the time and weather ticker at the bottom.

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Sprint now taking orders for LG G3


Sprint customers, current or would be, who want to get their hands on the LG G3 can now place their orders online. As previously reported, opting for an Easy Pay plan will yield buyers a $150 cash reward card if an order is placed by July 24th. Sprint had previously indicated they would start taking pre-orders for the G3 today. However, the web site appears to indicate they are taking actual orders, not pre-orders for the device although they do not indicate when the phones are expected to ship other than the boilerplate “2-5 business days.” Buyers on Sprint have a choice of gold or black for a G3.


LG releases three commercials touting the camera, display, and design of its G3


LG is ready to provide the G3 with as much exposure as possible. With pre-orders starting and release dates approaching, the company has launched a trio of commercials. Each focuses on a different element of the LG G3 by showcasing how strong the device is as a whole. The three elements covered are the G3’s camera, display, and design. The camera commercial highlights the laser auto focus. The display commercial puts on display the massive 5.5-inch screen. And the design commercial tries to prove that LG is using a high quality material without it actually being a high quality material.

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Samsung announces new Exynos processor with integrated 4G LTE modem


Today, Samsung has unveiled a brand new Exynos ModAp processor that features an integrated 4G LTE modem. This is a quad-core SoC that supports both regular LTE speeds as well as LTE Advanced. At the very least, it is now possible to achieve at least 150Mbps. Of course, a new processor always includes better performance in terms of multitasking and support for high resolution camera lenses.

By integrating a 4G LTE modem with this new Exynos processor, Samsung has finally caught on to what Qualcomm has been up to for the last two years. This means it may finally be possible hardware manufacturers in the United States choose this processor for smartphones rather than just Samsung rolling with it for tablets.

Source: Samsung

Motorola begins Android 4.4.4 rollout to several devices including the Droid Ultra


Motorola has become one of the best manufacturers when it comes to updating devices, and it looks like they’re keeping up the trend with Android 4.4.4. They’ve announced that a handful of devices will be receiving the incremental update, including the Moto G in Brazil and India, the Moto E in France, Canada, and Asia Pacific, and the Droid Ultra in the US.

The 4.4.4 update includes everything that came with 4.4.3, including a new dialer and some camera tweaks, plus the usual bug fixes, performance enhancements, etc. If your device wasn’t listed, I wouldn’t worry too much. Motorola has been great about getting things updated, so we’ll likely hear some more news about it in the next few weeks.

source: Motorola

OnePlus posts subtle tease about July 22nd


OnePlus posted a new teaser image on the Google+ page today suggesting something new is going to be announced on July 22nd. The image includes the phrase “Knock on wood” and “7.22” engraved in what appears to be wood. There are a few options that the tease could be referring to. The most obvious would be the announcement of faux wood back covers for the OnePlus One similar to what Motorola offers for the Moto X. If that were the case, OnePlus may also announce the availability of other cover styles as well.

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LG makes new G Pad 7 and G Pad 10.1 available in U.S.


LG has been following a steady progression with the latest tablets for their portfolio as they get them to market. Announced in May ahead of their big LG G3 reveal, LG expanded their tablet options for customers to include new 7-inch and 10.1-inch versions. In June the new tablets, along with the G Pad 8.0, were released to European retailers. Now, about one month later, LG is making the devices available in the U.S. market.

The LG G Pad 7 will carry a suggested retail price of $149.99 and the G Pad 10.1 will go for $249.99. Both versions are Wi-Fi only. Initially, the devices will be available at major retailers like Best Buy and Newegg.

If you are in the market for a new tablet, do you think you will take a look at the new LG G Pad devices?

source: LG Press Release

Chinese supplier for Samsung accused of child labor violations


More bad news for Samsung as a new report says one of the company’s suppliers in China is engaging child labor. The Shinyang Electronics factory has been identified by China Labor Watch, a New York-based organization, as having several children and underage student workers employed at the plant. CLW alleges that not only are children being used, they are being forced to work 11 hour days with no overtime pay nor are they receiving social insurance. Read more

OnePlus Two in the works with a codename of ‘Lettuce’


While you’re waiting to get your hands on the OnePlus One, we are now starting to get info about the successor….the OnePlus Two. It’s in the works with a codename of “Lettuce” and apparently the OnePlus One was codenamed “Bacon.”

That’s all we have for now, but you can be sure that whatever specs the OnePlus Two has, it will be more superior than the OnePlus One.

Also, in case you have figured it out yet, the OnePlus Three will most likely be codenamed “Tomato.” That and 50-cents won’t even get you a cup of coffee.

source: evleaks