Samsung posts “unofficial review” of their own Gear S smartwatch

Gear S releasepic

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to purchase Samsung’s Gear S, reading a few reviews might help sway you towards one side of the fence. To help make that buying decision a little easier, Samsung has posted their own unofficial review of the Gear S. It seems weird for a company to review their own product, and it’s certainly more than a little biased, but hey, at least it gives you a detailed look at the better points of the smartwatch. Read more

Samsung struggling with producing metal cases for Galaxy A3 and A5


Samsung recently formally announced the Galaxy A3 and A5 smartphones, but they’re currently slated for a relatively small Asian release with no concrete plans on bringing them to other markets around the world. Apparently, a big reason behind that is due to Samsung’s low yield on production of the unibody metal frames for the devices.

With these phones being among the first full metal Samsung devices with no removable batteries, production for components was a little different than what Samsung was used to. Reportedly only about 50% of the cases made it past Samsung’s quality control, which is a very, very low yield and explains the limited availability. Read more

[Smoking Hot Deal] HTC has the One (M8) for $299


Last Tuesday kicked off 9 weeks of Hot Deals from HTC with the Nexus 9 at half off. So what does HTC have in store for us this week? They have the One (M8) for $299 contract free, which is a $350 savings. This includes the unlocked model or any carrier variant.

Things moved pretty quickly last week, so don’t expect today to be any different. They have only 200 available which won’t last long. After the 200 are gone, the next 300 people will be able to buy one (no pun intended) for $499, which is still a $150 discount.

Just like last week, the promotion starts today at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT and will end at 12:00 am midnight / 9:00 pm PT.  Hit the source link to get your order in, and let us know if you were successful.

source: HTC Hot Deals



AT&T announces November 12 pre-orders for Nexus 6


AT&T has finally announced when they will begin selling the new Nexus 6 with Android 5. Lollipop. The big day for pre-orders will be tomorrow, November 12. The device will run $249 on new 2-year contract or $682.99 without a contract.Alternatively, there are three AT&T Next (device payment plan) plans to choose from, all of which require $0 down: Next 24 at $22.77 per month, Next 18 at $28.46 per month, or Next 12 at $34.15 per month.

The device will be available to order in only Midnight Blue, as the press release does not mention the Cloud White version.

Source: AT&T

LG G3 (D855) gets Lollipop through flashable ROM from latest build


So far, LG has only pushed the Lollipop update to the G3 in Poland, but that won’t stop others from enjoying it. If you have the European model (D855), Skin1980 from XDA has a surprise for you.

He put together a flashable Zip that’s even rootable. You will need the TWRP recovery installed and you will need to do a factory reset. If this is something that interests you, hit the source link below for full instructions, and be sure to consider giving Skin1980 a donation because I’m sure this took a lot of work.

source: XDA

LG’s new AKA smartphone will be your emotional buddy


We had a glimpse of something very unique from LG last month, and they are now official. If you’re looking to make a deeper connection with your smartphone, then LG’s AKA (pronounced “AW-kuh”) is the phone for you.

There are actually four AKA’s to choose from…..Eggy, Wooky, YoYo, and Soul. Eggy is yellow and falls in love easily. Wooky is white and always speaks in slang. Soul is blue and loves beer and music. YoYo is pink and the only female in the group. She loves hamburgers and coca cola.

Read more

Want the Nexus 6 from Sprint? Carrier only offering one configuration


The Nexus 6 in all of its color and storage options is available from Google Play. No matter what carrier you have, Google Play’s Nexus 6 will be supported with an appropriate SIM card. Carriers in the United States, though, will be selling the device themselves. Prospective buyers just won’t see the same amount of configurations on a carrier-by-carrier basis. Sprint clarified today that it would only offer the Midnight Blue model with 32GB of storage. Want 16GB? Or do you want Cloud White? You cannot have either one if purchasing through Sprint.

So, again, the Play Store will offer exactly what you want because carriers decide to make odd choices.

Source: /r/Sprint

Samsung will invest in $3 billion smartphone plant in Vietnam


According to a report from Reuters, Samsung is looking to invest several billion dollars into building a smartphone manufacturing plant in Vietnam soon. The company already owns a $2 billion smartphone plant in the Thai Nguyen province, which is where the second, $3 billion plant will be built. Right now, that 3 billion number is just an estimate, as Samsung is still in talks with the Vietnamese government to make the plans official. Read more

LG’s POLED display points to devices right around the corner


With LG finally releasing the LG G Watch R and adding to the choices for a round faced Android Wear device, buyers will also get some more new technology from LG. For the display, LG used Plastic OLED, or POLED, a technology that the company sees as very important to the future development of electronic devices. LG recently added a new page on their web site explaining some of the benefits of the technology and dropping some hints about how they see it being used in the coming years. Read more