Samsung to update original model Galaxy Gear to Tizen OS


When Samsung announced the new Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, one of the biggest changes from their predecessor was the change to the Tizen operating system. Similar to Nokia’s move to a forked version of Android for their new smartphones, the switch to Tizen means app developers will need to produce yet another version of their app if they want them to run on the devices. Samsung has indicated that CNN, The Weather Channel, and Garmin have all jumped on board already.

Users who bought the original Galaxy Gear may be worried new apps will no longer be produced for their devices. Samsung says that they will update the original Galaxy Gear with the Tizen OS as well. New apps won’t be able to take advantage of hardware found on the newer models, but at least both generations of Samsung’s smartwatches will be running on a common operating system. Samsung has not indicated how the update will be deployed or when users may expect to see Tizen rolling out to their watches.

source: TechRadar

Can HTC make a difference in 2014?


HTC continues to get praise from the media, but it never translates into growth. They were just awarded the best phone of the year by the GSMA, which has to be bittersweet while watching Samsung sell over 200 million Galaxy S phones right in front of their eyes. I declared the HTC One the best phone on the planet, but I asked the question, “Is it good enough?” in my review last year. Some of you laughed at me, but it’s clear that being the best doesn’t always translate into success.

CNet had a chance to sit down with Jack Yang, the new HTC boss of the South Asia Market, to find out what the thinking is for 2014. Ironically, Mr. Yang is the former head of Apple’s iPhone business in Southeast Asia, so this has to be a dramatic change for him. He is not only in charge of Southeast Asia for HTC, but also India and Australia.

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Samsung unveils new Exynos processors



Even though news seems to be centered around the new Galaxy S 5, that’s not the only news that’s coming out of Samsung’s camp. To “meet the ever-increasing needs needs of high-resolution displays and complicated computation without sacrificing battery life,” the company has announced a newer, more efficient Exynos processor. The new 5422 processor features eight cores ( four ARM® Cortex®- A15™ up to 2.1 GHz for the heavy lifting and four ARM® Cortex®- A7™ up to 1.5 GHz for lighter lifting.) Samsung says that the new octa-core processor is 34 percent more efficient than previous generations.

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Another report indicates Samsung will cut the price of the Galaxy S 5


Last week Bloomberg reported that Samsung is going to offer the Galaxy S 5 at a lower price as compared to not only the competition, but also the launch prices of previous Galaxy S phones. Samsung didn’t offer any pricing at the Unpacked event, but another report out of ZDNet Korea seems to confirm Bloomberg’s report.

Since the Galaxy S 5 really doesn’t offer anything significant in terms of hardware over the Galaxy S 4, this makes a lot of sense. Samsung could not only lower the off contract pricing, but they are likely to do it for contract pricing as well.

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OnePlus One has reached the ‘Feature Freeze’ phase of development


Last month, CyanogenMod announced it partnered with OnePlus to release a CyanogenMod powered smartphone to the market this year. OnePlus has now announced that the upcoming device, the OnePlus One, has reached the ‘feature freeze’ phase of development.

The company already started testing its first prototype, A0001, which arrived to their office on Monday. There’s no detail about the smartphone’s specifications but the company promised that the device would come with the best specifications. The company says that the device still needs a lot of improvements before releasing the final product to the market but they are “still loving it!” Read more

Images of prototype Motorola-Google smartwatch surface

Motorola Google smartwatch

We’ve known Google has been working on a smartwatch for a while now, but we haven’t gotten a clear look at anything they’ve been planning. Now, thanks to Android Police, we’re getting a pretty decent glance at what Motorola was developing for Google prior to the Lenovo sale.

The images show a prototype smartwatch with Motorola branding on the front face of the device, as well as a volume rocker on the top of the screen and a back button below the screen. It had a rubberized wristband that also looked to be detachable. Read more

The Moto G is Motorola’s most successful smartphone ever

Moto_G_Back_Camera_TAThe Moto X may have been Motorola’s most hyped device of the past year, but instead it’s the lower-end Moto G that has met the marks, and exceeded them. Motorola senior vice president of product management Rick Osterloh proclaimed that the Moto G “has been the most successful, highest-selling smartphone in Motorola’s history.”

Osterloh went on to say that Motorola is making a profit on every sale, and that they will make even more once the Lenovo action is complete.

Source: Android Central


Samsung’s Knox 2.0 provides better app data security and brings a new cloud-based store


Samsung has announced today the next step for its Knox security suite. With Knox 2.0, apps no longer have to be run within Knox. Instead, many apps from the Google Play Store can now operate with Knox to secure app data. Samsung has also launched the Knox Marketplace — a cloud-based store that allows managers to remotely install apps on employee devices. So far, Box and GoToMeeting have joined the Knox Marketplace and Samsung says more companies are actively working on adding their apps. While the Galaxy S 5 ships with Knox 2.0, other Knox-ready devices will be upgraded when they receive the Android 4.4 KitKat update.

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2014 GSMA Global Mobile Awards are in, phone of the year goes to…..


Every year at Mobile World Congress, the GSMA holds the Global Mobile Awards, and this year was no exception. They have a slew of categories for devices, services, and apps.

For best phone, it went to the HTC One unsurprisingly. Unfortunately winning in this category doesn’t always translate into sales or profits. Did an Android tablet get best tablet? Unfortunately not, as the Apple iPad Air grabbed that one. Again, unsurprisingly.

What about innovation? The most innovative device manufacturer went to LG. AT&T also took best consumer mobile service.

If you want to see all the awards, hit the break for the full presser.

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