Google adds Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition to lineup


If you have been looking for a large screen smartphone, but want that latest stock Android experience and hopefully faster access to updates, Google has added yet another device to their Google Play Edition lineup that may meet your requirements. The Sony Z Ultra, a 6.4-inch behemoth is now available in the Google Play store for $649 in the U.S. and capable of running on the AT&T or T-Mobile networks. The Sony Z Ultra comes with a Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM to help push the full 1080p HD screen. In addition to being really big, the Sony Z Ultra is dust and waterproof. It also has a unique screen covering that lets you use a pencil or ballpoint pen as a stylus.

If you are interested in super-sizing your smartphone and want something that blurs the line with tablet devices, hit the source link to place your order.

source: Google Play

LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition tablet now available in the Play Store


So the LG V510 wasn’t a Nexus device after all, but it might be the next best thing. It’s the G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition and it’s already available in the Play Store for $349. This version of the G Pad 8.3 is identical to the non GPE version except for one glaring difference… get Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box.

The rest of the specs include an 8.3-inch (1920 x 1200) Full HD IPS display, a quad-core Snapdragon 600, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a microSD slot for expanded storage, 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, and 4,600mAh battery.

source: Google Play Store

[Deal] Get $35 Google Play credit with purchase of Nexus 7 and Chromecast combo


Google is busy with new deals in the Google Play Store today, releasing some new devices and new versions of existing devices. However, if you have just been waiting to get your hands on a couple devices that have been around for a while, this new deal may just be for you. Google is offering a $35 credit for buyers of a Nexus 7 and a Chromecast device. Just for good measure, they are also throwing in free shipping.

The Nexus 7 and Chromecast must be submitted on the same order. Once the order ships, Google will send the information for buyers to claim their credit via email. The credit can be added to a Google Wallet account and must be added no later than March 31, 2014. If you are ready to place an order this combo of devices, just hit the source link. Act fast though, as Google does not indicate how long this particular promotion will last.

source: Google Play

Inside look at Samsung facility reveals torture tests for smartphones


When new devices are released to market, one of the enjoyable past times for many is the viewing of all the drop test comparisons. Part of what makes it enjoyable is knowing that it is not our own personal devices that are being shattered in an effort to find the limits of durability. Before a Samsung device ever reaches the point where it can be subjected to a drop test, it goes through a litany of tests the company uses to try to produce at least three years of useful life for digital devices as revealed by a recent tour of a Samsung facility. One of the tests involves a zap from a stun gun to test the ability of a device to withstand static electricity.  Another test involves dropping a tablet from a ledge about three feet off the floor, replicating a drop from a typical table. The drop test is not performed a single time though – it is repeated about 300 times to make sure the device continues to function. Read more

OPPO N1 in stock now


As promised, OPPO’s N1, a flagship device from the Chinese manufacturer, is now available for order on the OPPO web site. Two versions are available, one with 16GB of internal memory for $599 USD and a 32GB version for $649 USD. The only color option at this time is white. OPPO is offering free shipping for those ordering the device, along with a flip cover and an O-Click remote shutter. The O-Click enables users the ability to trigger the camera just like remote triggers for DSLR cameras. The device can also be used to set off an alarm on the phone to help you locate it should you let it accidentally slide behind the cushions on the couch.

Taking LG’s idea of placing a button in the middle of the back of the phone a step further, OPPO includes a rear touch panel built into the back of the case. This makes it possible to do things like scroll, tap, or even snap a photo without your finger blocking the display.

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Image of LG V510 carries LG logo, no Nexus branding in sight


Remember @evleaks‘ tip that the LG V510 was indeed a Nexus tablet? Well, now a new image of the purported device shows that it may not be a Nexus tablet after all. In the image above, you see LG’s logo smacked right in the middle of the back. Also, this device seems to be made out of shiny plastic, not the same material as Nexus devices. This was supposed to be the rumored Nexus. Prior to @evleaks‘ tweet, it was believed that this model number belonged to an LG G Pad 8.3 with LTE packed inside. Since @evleaks‘ information came from a tipster, it may be wrong; however, I’d like to believe that the LG V510 is the Nexus 8. After all, wouldn’t it be great for Google to hit that 8-inch sweet spot?

Source: MyLGPhones
Via: Phone Arena

Galaxy Note 3 joins ’10 Million Seller Club’ in just two months, Samsung creates infographic to celebrate


Samsung has moved 10 million Galaxy Note 3 phones in just 2 months, which is way ahead of the four months it took for the Galaxy Note II to achieve the same total. Looking back at the original Galaxy Note, it took 9 months.

To celebrate, Samsung created an infographic of all their phones that are part of the “10 Million Seller Club.” The oldest phone is from 2002, the SGH-T100, which was a flip phone. Samsung will of course be adding to this list next year. Hit the break for the full infographic.

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Samsung could drop AMOLED displays in favor of PLS LCD for Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4


Korean media is reporting that Samsung might go with PLS LCD displays instead of  traditional AMOLED displays for next year’s Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4. According to sources, it would cut production costs by 20%.

With Samsung peaking in smartphone sales, Samsung is obviously looking for other ways to increase profits. It could also provide other benefits though. The S Pen in the Galaxy Note 4 might get better performance with an LCD panel. We will keep an eye out for more info.

source: etnews
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Smaller LG G2 may be in the works, matches internal specs of bigger sibling


Everyone wants in on the mini market with smaller models of their full-size devices. Samsung, Sony, and HTC have all released downsized devices. This time around it seems that the LG G2 will be getting a downsized sibling. While the G2’s screen is 5.2-inches, this model’s would be 4.7-inches. And this device will pack the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. It is unknown if the display will be 720p or 1080p. A reveal could be in the works for CES 2014 in January; however, that is nothing but an assumption.

Source: Techblog (translated)
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HTC One Mini sales resume in the UK until December 12 hearing


Last week, Nokia earned a victory in a patent dispute that halted HTC One Mini sales in the United Kingdom. The device would no longer be available and consumers would have to opt for another device. Fortunately for HTC, the device will resume being sold until December 12. That is the date that HTC will head back to court to appeal the court’s decision. While a few days won’t make a difference in terms of sales, HTC’s camp is preparing to fight in order to keep the One Mini around in the United Kingdom.

Here is HTC’s statement:

“HTC is pleased that an urgent hearing with the Court of Appeal has been scheduled for Dec. 12. Until the Court of Appeal hearing on Dec. 12, the court’s injunction against HTC is stayed. Until the hearing on Dec. 12, our U.K. customers will be able to sell all HTC devices which are already in their inventories.”

Source: Focus Taiwan
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