HTC Desire Eye from AT&T gets Lollipop on June 30


There may not be many Desire Eye owners roaming the country, but June 30 will be an exciting day for them. The device’s exclusive carrier, AT&T, will release a software update that bumps it up to Lollipop.

Mo Versi, the HTC employee who announced the update’s impending release, did not specify the exact version of Lollipop coming to the Desire Eye. So it could be Android 5.0 or 5.1, but we will know for which one tomorrow.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)

Sprint’s HTC One M9 to receive Android 5.1 Lollipop this week


This week, Sprint will push a software update to its HTC One M9 that includes the latest version of Android. The flagship from HTC will receive Android 5.1 Lollipop in addition to some camera fixes on Wednesday. Being that the specifications of the One M9 have been underwhelming to some, providing timely software updates and a clean user interface is vital for HTC’s success. The company has issued multiple software updates to fix the camera’s quality as well.

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Upcoming OnePlus 2 will have a fingerprint sensor that is “done right”


The upcoming OnePlus 2 will be launched on July 27 during a special virtual reality event, but its manufacturer has already started revealing what we can expect from the device. The company shared that it would pack the Snapdragon 810 processor (without overheating concerns) and be the first flagship with a USB Type-C port. This afternoon, OnePlus informed the world that the OnePlus 2 would also have an enhanced security component with the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner that is faster than Apple’s TouchID.

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Hugo Barra talks Xiaomi and plans of the U.S. market at Code Conference


Hugo Barra was once a star player on the Google Android team, but has now moved on to working at Xiaomi, the world’s most valuable startup company and 3rd largest smartphone distributor. Xiaomi makes many things from Android phones, wearables, and even TV sets. However even with all of it’s success the name is barely mentioned in the U.S. and it hasn’t officially launched any major products on North American soil.

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Unannounced Motorola ‘Kinzie’ (XT1585) phone packs powerhouse specs


The longstanding relationship between Verizon and Motorola received new life in 2014 when the two released the DROID Turbo. The device, which was available exclusively to Big Red’s customers, had everything that a spec-obsessed consumer could want right down to long battery life. And this year Motorola will produce another device for Verizon being referred to internally as ‘Kinzie’.

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Leaked Galaxy S6/S6 edge Plus dimensions and battery size


Samsung is said to be making a “Plus” version of their S6 and S6 edge known as “Project Zero 2″. There are a lot of similarities between the regular and Plus models, but most notable changes are larger screen size and a different processor. We are not sure yet if the phones will indeed be named “S6 Plus” and “S6 edge Plus” or exactly when they will be announced, but we would imagine it will be in the coming weeks (possibly before the iPhone 6s launch?).

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