Samsung altering its production schedule for the Galaxy Note 7 after more battery fires


Samsung was reported to have brought worldwide production of the Galaxy Note 7 to a screeching halt after multiple reports of battery fires emerged. Now, in a statement given to Android Central, the company says it will be “adjusting” its production schedule to ensure quality and safety, something that was thought to have been done for the first round of replacement devices.

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Huawei confirms Honor 6X will launch on October 18th in China


The popularity of Huawei‘s budget conscious e-brand, Honor, has grown in leaps and bounds in 2016, spurred on by the warm reception the Honor 8 received when it launched back in August, helping it sell more than 1.8 million units. It’s recently been rumored that the company would soon launch a successor to the 5X, a rumor that has today been officially confirmed with Huawei issuing invitations to a launch event in China on October 18th.  Read more

Leaked images provide proof-of-life for HTC’s Halfbeak Android Wear smartwatch

HTC has long been rumored to be developing a smartwatch with the codename Halfbeak based on Google’s Android Wear platform, in tandem with Under Armour. It’s been rumored for so long, in fact, that for a while it seemed that we had more chance of seeing unicorns roam freely in the streets than the Halfbeak being announced. Today’s leaked images of the Halfbeak smartwatch at least prove the existence of the device, although it’s still unknown if it will launch anytime soon. Read more