Images of HTC One M9 leak showing new camera port


Some images alleged to be the forthcoming HTC One M9 flagship from HTC have surfaced on the web and appear to support rumors suggesting HTC is making a major change to the cameras in its top tier device. The HTC One M8 was generally regarded as a solid contender in the market with one exception – the Ultra Pixel camera technology used for the rear-facing camera. Despite HTC’s marketing efforts to explain why their solution was better, consumers wanted more pixels. For the HTC One M9, it appears HTC is bowing to the pressure and will outfit the smartphone with a 20 MP rear-facing shooter.
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New Samsung 7-inch tablets delivered to India for testing


The Indian import-export web site Zauba, which displays a database of goods shipped into the country, is showing some Samsung tablet devices that have been delivered for “testing & evaluation” purposes. Samsung is very active in the tablet market and much like their smartphone portfolio, they produce a wide variety of models. Currently Samsung seems to favor a couple different iterations of their tablet devices, regular tablets and stylus-enabled tablets, the latter being part of their Note line of devices. For their regular tablet devices, Samsung produces different sizes and combinations of wireless connectivity. The devices most recently spotted in the Zauba database are all 7-inch devices believed to be Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 tablets and join some units that were spotted back in December.
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Sharp announces the Aquos Mini and a high-end flip phone

sharp aquos miniSharp has taken the wraps off of their first two devices for 2015, one of which is a high-end compact device, and the other is, surprisingly, a flagship flip phone.

The Aquos Mini is one of Sharp’s most impressive devices, featuring the razor thin bezels that their Aquos phones have come to be known for. The phone sports a 4.5-inch, 1080p screen with an extremely narrow body, and the display features Sharp’s IGZO technology which will supposedly let the device last for a full two to three days on its 2120 mAh battery.
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Xiaomi growth is impressive, but not expected to hit U.S. or Europe for a few years


When Hugo Barra left Google to join Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, many people saw that as a sign that the company might be the next big thing to sweep the globe in the smartphone industry. To some extent, that has proven to be true. Xiaomi has quickly risen to become the third largest smartphone manufacturer. That achievement has been accomplished on the back of their sales success in China and India. With some impressive devices, many are hoping Xiaomi will expand to other markets sooner rather than later, but in a recent interview with the BBC, Barra says not so fast.
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Motorola updating long list of apps


Motorola is in the process of updating a long list of apps for their devices. Most of the updated apps have not yet surfaced on Google Play, but APK files are available for download and install. Early feedback suggests users are having the most success installing the updates on Motorola Moto X 2014 devices, though some of them will install on other Motorola smartphones. Details are still sparse regarding the changes to the apps, but it looks like Motorola is prepping them for Android Lollipop including a dose of Material Design. Reports indicate some of these updated apps are included in some Lollipop soak tests that are underway.
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Report confirms two-edge Galaxy S 6

Samsung_Galaxy_S6_CESWith everyone a buzz about the Galaxy S 6 moving toward a less Touchwiz filled direction, the rumors of Samsung making an “edge” variant of the Galaxy flagship have somewhat died down. That said, it looks to be all but confirmed as in the works as a new report from SamMobile suggests the S6 Edge is definitely a go. Just like the Note Edge, the S6 Edge will feature less prominently curved edges on both sides of the display. However, the S6 Edge isn’t the official name of the device.

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