Yes, there will be a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

By now you’ve seen and heard a lot about the Galaxy S8 from Samsung. It’s beautiful, right? Now, in 2017, the company is three years into using premium materials. The Galaxy S8 is made of metal and glass, which partly explains why the price tag is so high. But those materials, despite Corning’s Gorilla Glass being used for the glass, aren’t indestructible. There are consumers out there who are clumsy or work in rugged environments. Luckily, Samsung pays attention to the fact that not everyone can have a metal- and glass-made phone.

You’ll once again be able to buy Samsung’s latest flagship in a variant built around durability.

Moto Z2 Force shown off in new leaked image

In 2016, Lenovo-owned Motorola debuted the Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones that brought with them some powerful specs and a unique approach to customization and experience with their line of Moto Mods. While the success of modularity in smartphones has been shaky at best, Motorola is still full-steam ahead and we are now getting our first possible glimpse of what might be in store for the next Moto Z. Let’s check it out.

Samsung is launching Bixby without voice commands for some reason

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S8, they touted two major features; the infinity display, and Bixby, the virtual assistant. What makes Bixby stand out in the sea of other virtual assistants is that it can navigate compatible apps for you without you ever having to touch the screen. Anything that you’d be able to do with your finger, Bixby can handle with voice commands.

It’s really cool, except the phone isn’t actually launching like that.

Huawei CEO not sold on smartwatches even as his company wants to sell you one

At a Global Analyst Summit for Huawei held in Shenzhen, China on Tuesday, CEO of the company Eric Xu Zhijun dropped what seems like a bombshell, yet is probably exactly what most people think about smartwatches. In response to a question about whether the wearable devices might impact smartphone sales if features like 4G telephone capabilities are added, Xu stated, “I am always confused as to what smartwatches are for when we have smartphones.”

Motorola Moto C and Moto C Plus lower the bar even more

It may be a bit counter-intuitive, but as Motorola works backwards through the alphabet with their device model designations they are also chasing customers who demand less and less from a smartphone. Some have even described Motorola’s latest move as one squarely targeted at first time smartphone buyers, which is surely a small and shrinking market. The newest devices slated to be unveiled by Motorola are the Moto C and Moto C Plus, a pair of devices with a dizzying array of possible configurations made up of some very low level hardware.

Nokia planning Nexus-style experience with fast updates

Nokia was once known as the ruler of all cellphones, but since the rise of Android and iOS it got lost in the dust and struggled to stay relevant. Through various buyouts and attempts with Microsoft Windows Phone, Nokia continued to produce great devices, although it could never regain the popularity or success it once had. Now that HMD-owned Nokia has stepped into the Android ring, it’s promising an experience that very well could attract consumers in this very competitive market. Could Nokia unofficially become the new Nexus?