Slides revealing Samsung Galaxy S8 Active specs leaked

Samsung and AT&T must be getting close to launching the Galaxy S8 Active, a rugged version of the flagship Galaxy S8 that follows in the footsteps of similar offerings from AT&T. Apparently Samsung or AT&T has started the process of preparing people to be able to explain the features of this new variant and they prepared some slides for this purpose. Where there are slides there is a good chance a camera will be present along with someone willing to post what they capture to social media. That has happened in the case of this latest leak giving us an early peek at the specs for the new Galaxy S8 Active.

Next software update for the OnePlus 5 looks to improve battery life

Since the release of the OnePlus 5, the company has released several updates to address a variety of problems and issues. Most of them have been minor, although the most recent update to OxygenOS for the OnePlus 5 addressed a significant problem with dialing 911. Hopefully these post launch jitters are behind the company as it starts work on the next significant update with a concentration on improvements or new features. According to one source, OnePlus plans to include a major enhancement to power management on the OnePlus 5 that will have a significant, noticeable result in battery life for users.

Huawei ships 73 million smartphones in first half of 2017 despite slower growth

Huawei has released its financial results for the first half of 2017 (H1) and it seems that the Chinese electronics giant’s march towards being household recognition is continuing unabated thanks to its sales revenue increasing by 36.2% ($15.58 billion) and increased smartphone sales. Despite these impressive numbers, sales growth has slowed in comparison to 2016. Join us after the break for more details on Huawei’s H1 results and a nifty little infographic. 

OnePlus explains why some OnePlus 5’s rebooted when dialing 911

There are signs that OnePlus may be getting the hang of this smartphone manufacturing lark, and moving on from the image of being a brash upstart of a company. With the discovery some OnePlus 5 units were rebooting when users dialed 911, the company responded as you would have hoped by rolling out a hotfix to remedy the situation in a matter of days. In case you were wondering how the bug came to be in the first place, OnePlus took to its forums to explain how the issue came about in the first place.

Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force has an unbreakable display and two rear cameras

Motorola’s 2017 flagship arrived today, and it’s succeeding not one but two devices from last year. We saw the Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and Moto Z Play in 2016. Those phones were all solid; however, consumers didn’t quite know how to differentiate them. Now Motorola is tweaking the Moto Z family to give each phone a unique identity. The Moto Z2 Force, which was just announced, gives a premium vibe inside and out.

Google’s Sundar Pichai becomes the thirteenth member of Alphabet’s board

While the number 13 is considered unlucky by some, it’s proving to be a lucky number for Sundar Pichai at least, because Alphabet has announced that Google‘s CEO is set to become its thirteenth board member. Pichai will become the second Google executive on Alphabet’s board with Diane Green, the head of Google’s cloud division, being the first.