OnePlus confirms the OnePlus 3 will be discontinued in favor of the OnePlus 3T


The OnePlus 3T is being treated as the successor to the OnePlus 3, so as you might imagine, the latter phone won’t be available to buy any longer, at least that was the assumption. But now, Android Central obtained a statement from OnePlus confirming that OnePlus 3 will indeed be discontinued. It’s something we expected, but this is official confirmation.

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OnePlus 3T on its way, but don’t count out the OnePlus 3


Yesterday OnePlus launched the new OnePlus 3T as the updated successor to the OnePlus 3 that was released earlier this year. Outside of a new color option, externally the new device appears the same as the old device, but comes packed with new internal hardware. The OnePlus 3 is currently showing as not being available for order, which makes sense since everyone assumed the OnePlus 3T is replacing the OnePlus 3. OnePlus support on Twitter indicates that is not true though and both phones will be available.

The OnePlus 3T product page has a nifty flying game to play until the announcement begins


At this point, there isn’t too much about the OnePlus 3T that hasn’t been revealed over the past few weeks. It’s known that the OnePlus 3T is an updated version of the original OnePlus 3 (reviewed here), and will almost certainly be unveiled later today at 1PM, as alluded to by OnePlus itself. This gives us a while to wait still but the handset maker has thought of this and has placed a nifty little flying game on the OnePlus 3T’s product page. 

Rumors surface on specs for OnePlus 4


As OnePlus prepares to launch a refreshed version of their OnePlus 3 flagship device this week, the forthcoming OnePlus 3T, the rumor mill is already getting started with guesses about what next year’s flagship for OnePlus may be equipped with in terms of hardware and materials. A source posting on Weibo supplied a list of claimed hardware for the device along with a partial render of what the new OnePlus device will look like. As it is so early still, it appears even the name of the device is in question with it being the OnePlus 4 or possibly a skipped model number to the OnePlus 5.

Samsung Pay to be a more rewarding experience


Samsung announced today a new program being rolled out in connection to their Samsung Pay app. Following the lead of the credit card industry, Samsung is introducing a new program called Samsung Rewards that will award points to users for their use of the Samsung Pay platform. Samsung says this is to help recognize their loyal users, but it will also be a motivator to help get more people to use the service. There is a bit of a downside to the new program though – it is only available to users in the U.S.

How-to video shows that setting up Google WiFi is child’s play


Besides launching the Pixel handsets, the Chromecast Ultra, and Google Home back in October, Google also announced its solution to network coverage in the home, simply called Google WiFi. Ahead of it becoming available to purchase, Google has quietly published a video on how to set up the Google WiFi router. Join us after the break to check it out.