Huawei has a bold New Years Resolution


Huawei didn’t have the greatest 2016 thanks to an increasingly difficult wireless market and some uncontrollable political and economic situations, but that’s not stopping them from setting the bar high for 2017. They’re expecting a 32% increase in revenue from 2016, which is actually down about 5% from 2015, but they’re hopeful they can shake things up for next year.

LeEco looking for a billion dollar investment deal


LeEco expanded as quickly as possible over the past couple of years, but that created some problems for the company’s cash flow. After expanding into the US market with a slew of phones and a Vizio acquisition, LeEco is pretty close to being completely broke. Since they sell their phones very close to cost to keep up that growth, it’s hard to turn much of a profit, which is, ironically, a big hurdle to overcome when you’re trying to keep up fast growth like LeEco has done.

Qualcomm slapped with a hefty $854 million fine from South Korea


Qualcomm has been fighting to stay the course in a smartphone market that’s cooled down globally, and a new, very large fine from the South Korean antitrust regulator isn’t going to help things.

The Korea Fair Trace Commission has officially levied a 1.03 trillion won, or $854 million, fine on Qualcomm because of unfair business practices and patent licensing deals. It doesn’t matter how big of a company you are, losing nearly $1 billion to a fine is going to sting.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus soar past 10 million shipments


When Huawei released the powerful Huawei P9 and P9 Plus smartphones earlier this year, the Chinese company hoped to make a big splash with a premium design and powerful photography experience in cooperation with Leica. With 2016 coming to a close, it looks like their hopes have paid off as Huawei just announced shipments of over 10 million units.

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New ASUS convertible Chromebook briefly leaked on Newegg site


For a short while visitors to the Newegg retail web site had an opportunity to view a listing, since pulled, for an ASUS C302CA laptop. This is significant in that ASUS has not yet officially unveiled or announced the device, which appears to continue the company’s efforts in production of flip style Chromebooks. This particular iteration has the markings of a move up to a more premium spot in the spectrum of available devices.

New Galaxy S8 sizes rumored, including 6-inch beast


While many people are working out their attempts to track Santa’s route around the globe that will be starting soon, sources in Korea have dropped their own gift in the form of new rumors about Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S8. We have already heard rumors about a couple massive devices coming from Samsung and this latest batch of news seems to confirm some of the previous information, but revises other bits. The latest claims indicate Samsung will be releasing a 5-inch Galaxy S8 and a 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus in 2017.