PSA: NVIDIA announces worldwide recall for SHIELD Tablet, overheating battery poses fire risk

nvidia_shield_tablet_9448NVIDIA might be in the process of pushing out software updates to its devices, but it has also issued a voluntary worldwide recall for any SHIELD Tablet sold between July 2014 to July 2015. The recall is due to NVIDIA determining that because the tablets battery can overheat, the tablet poses a fire hazard. If you have an affected device, NVIDIA will replace it with an identical device, albeit with a different battery.

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Microsoft wins case against Google in patent royalty battle

Google HQ

Google’s nose has been bloodied slightly with the news that Microsoft has emerged victorious with a court ruling in a case that has been dragging on since 2010. The ruling could result in a decrease in royalty payments paid by electronics manufacturers for patents pertaining to Wi-Fi and video downloads. The case was a tit-for-tat move on Motorola’s part because of the lawsuit that Microsoft filed a month before claiming Motorola infringed on several Microsoft patents in Android smartphones.

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More than 1 million people are on the OnePlus 2’s reservation list


The OnePlus 2 received mixed reaction from critics and consumers upon being announced on Monday night. OnePlus is calling its new device the “2016 flagship killer” despite the phone missing features that are pretty common for today’s flagships. And the OnePlus will only be left behind when devices arrive this fall and early next year with those features at the very least. However, that has not stopped more than one million people from being added to the reservation list on OnePlus’ site. Continuously refresh the invites page, scroll to the bottom, and you will notice that people are joining the reservation list at a rapid pace.

Remember that this is merely a reservation list. It does not mean that more than one million people have actually pre-ordered the OnePlus 2.

Source: OnePlus