I thought the ‘S’ in ‘Galaxy S’ stood for ‘Samsung’, but it doesn’t


Recent we heard how HTC came up with the “M” naming scheme and why the latest HTC One is the “M9“. Now it’s time to learn about the Samsung Galaxy S. Actually this is nothing new as it was actually reported in a 2011 press release that Phone Arena dug up, but I guess we all forgot about it or we didn’t pay attention to it at the time.

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OPPO bezel-less phone concept revealed in images, video


It is no secret that OPPO has been working on a bezel-less design for a smartphone. This first showed up in some leaked images for what was believed to be the OPPO R7 and then again for a device that may be the OPPO R5 successor. However, other leaked renders of the R7 did not show the bezel-less design. According to this latest set of images and video, OPPO’s work is more a proof of concept and it is unclear whether the technology will make it into one of their existing lines of devices or will be part of a whole new line. Read more

Alleged HTC Butterfly 3 specs claim QHD display and Snapdragon 810 processor


The specifications of the HTC One M9 come across as underwhelming for some consumers. While the aluminum design is beautiful, the display and camera just miss the mark compared to its competition. The upcoming Butterfly 3 could be worth a look many consumers (in the event it leaves Asia). On CompuBench, specifications for an HTC device that is allegedly the Butterfly 3 surfaced. It shows a 5.1-inch display with 2560×1440 resolution and a Snapdragon 810 processor. The rear camera is 19MP and the front camera is 12MP. Certainly not underwhelming, right?

Source: CompuBench
Via: G for Games

Nokia smartphones to rise from the ashes in 2016 with Android


In years past, Nokia was one of the biggest players in the cell phone market. As the world started to move away from regular cell phones to smartphones, Nokia got left behind, but started to claw back with the mobile Windows platform and some dabbling with Android-powered devices. All of that came to a grinding halt though when Microsoft bought out Nokia’s mobile device division. In a speech concerning a new R&D center for Nokia, Nokia China president Mike Wang appears to have confirmed that Nokia will return to the smartphone market in 2016 with Android-powered devices. Read more

LG Watch Urbane launches in Korea for slightly more than LG G Watch R


LG is poised to launch the LG Watch Urbane next week in 13 countries through the Google Play Store, but buyers in Korea get a little hometown advantage as LG has started selling the device in that country through the major carriers starting today. One of the big questions about the device is what the selling price would be given that it is a slight step up from the LG G Watch R. In Korea at least, the answer is about $30 more, which is not quite a ten percent increase. When launched, the LG G Watch R sold for $332 in Korea and the new LG Watch Urbane is listing at $365 today. Read more

NVIDIA won’t be offering a 500 GB Shield TV after all

NVIDIA_SHIELD_TV_500_GB_VersionIf you got your hopes up for NVIDIA’s 500 GB Shield TV earlier today, bad news. Turns out that particular model was just a development kit, and it won’t actually be available to the general public. Your choices are going to be limited to the 16 GB version, which at least has expandable storage.

It’s hard to imagine how NVIDIA would cram a massive hard drive like that into this console, considering they would either have to use a standard spinning hard drive (which would be loud and not so energy efficient) or it’d spike the price far higher than $299 if they used a solid state drive. Read more