Showcase for Huawei’s holiday lineup is next week in New York City


While it’s probably not a traditional launch event, Huawei is hosting a two-day showcase in New York City on October 27-28. Talk Android was sent invitation to a showcase for its 2016 holiday lineup that will include “new surprises” the world hasn’t seen before. Considering the company is hosting this at a very luxurious venue, Huawei is sure to impress with present and future products on display.

We’ll be there live in New York City next week to see what Huawei is showing off.

Leaked slideshow paints an ugly picture for corporate culture at Samsung


Samsung has had a pretty rough few weeks, with their latest and greatest phone exploding and being recalled, twice. They don’t know why the phones are exploding, they just know they need to get the phones back and it’s costing them billions of dollars. But SamsungĀ and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day week month isn’t quite over yet.

CPSC finally issues a second Galaxy Note 7 recall, cites over 20 new incidents


After replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices began exploding, Samsung ordered that carriers and retailers worldwide stop selling and exchanging out original Galaxy Note 7 units for a replacement. Now, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has officially announced a second recall that encompasses original and replacement units.

Join us after the break for the official CPSC statement.

New images of Huawei Mate 9 surface, reveal curved edge model


Time is getting short in 2016 for any manufacturers that still want to introduce a new smartphone to their lineups. One company planning to release a phone late in the year is Huawei which is slated to reveal their new Mate 9 at an event in Munich, Germany on November 3rd. New renders of the Mate 9 and some insider information suggest two versions of the Mate 9 will be announced with one of them getting a curved edge display similar to what Samsung has been doing with some of their devices.

Samsung has no idea why the Galaxy Note 7 is exploding


If you’ve missed all the commotion, Samsung is discontinuing its Galaxy Note 7. Due to a design flaw, the phone had a tendency to explode, but even after switching battery suppliers, the same defect continued to happen. So, Samsung’s nixing it altogether, but a new report from The New York Times indicated that Samsung actually has no idea why the Galaxy Note 7 is exploding.

Samsung is sending customers an explosive-proof box to return their Galaxy Note 7 in


After Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 replacement devices begun exploding, Samsung has decided to discontinue the product and require all consumers to return the device for a full refund. Unfortunately, online orders are a little more difficult, considering that you can’t just go into the store and return the device, but put it in a box and ship it back.

Having devices explode on shipping trucks is a no-go, and that’s why Samsung is sending some customers (presumably online orders only) a way to safely ship a device back.

Join us after the break for details.