Huawei’s P8 Lite 2017 launches in the UK on February 1st

With last year’s P8 Lite proving to be a success, Huawei has launched the P8 Lite 2017 that brings some welcome upgrades with it such as a bigger, higher resolution display, a higher capacity battery, more RAM and better cameras. The P8 Lite 2017 will also launch running Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0 out of the box. Join us after the break for more details.

A new Huawei Watch with LTE connectivity could launch in February

Two years ago, Huawei launched its first smartwatch. The Huawei Watch became one of the world’s best smartwatches because of its gorgeous design, admirable battery life, and brilliant software. It turned out being a product that accomplished almost everything you expect from a device in its class. That’s exactly why a successor wasn’t introduced in 2016. The original remained formidable for over a year.

Now’s the perfect time for Huawei to launch a new smartwatch because Android Wear 2.0 is set to be released next month.

ZTE seeks additional vision for Hawkeye device

ZTE decided to try something a little bit different with Project CSX which was meant to be a crowdsourced development activity for a smartphone. Kind of like Boaty McBoatface, ZTE discovered that turning the reins of development over to the public can produce some strange results. The ZTE Hawkeye was such a device, a smartphone in which the top two features as determined by the public would be eye-tracking and an adhesive case to make it a hands-free smartphone. Despite the odd collusion of features, ZTE stuck with the crowdsource development concept and created a Kickstarter campaign for the Hawkeye. After struggling since being posted, ZTE has admitted they made a strategic error with the Hawkeye.

Amazon adds “Computer” to Alexa’s list of wake words

If you own an Amazon Echo, Dot, or any other device with Alexa built-in and you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll be glad to hear that Amazon has added the word “Computer” to the device’s list of ‘wake words’. This means that on top of “Echo”, “Alexa”, and “Amazon”, you can now just say the word “Computer” and to wake Alexa up from its slumber. 

OnePlus plans to tackle shipping delays in 2017 with ‘immediate dispatch’

The OnePlus 3 and its upgraded sibling, the OnePlus 3T, were two of the highest regarded smartphones of 2016. Packing in mostly top-of-the-line specs, generous battery, a solid camera, and most recently upgrades to Android 7.0 Nougat, the OnePlus 3 and 3T were great choices especially with the price tags of only $349 and $439, respectively. However, high demand and low supply led to a host of shipping delays, pre-orders, and waitlists that continued through the start of 2017. With this comes the New Year’s resolution announcement from OnePlus that commits to the goal of “immediate dispatch” for 2017, starting with the OnePlus 3T Gunmetal 64GB.

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LG G6 to make do with the Snapdragon 821 after Samsung gets ‘first dibs’ on Snapdragon 835

While it’s widely believed that Samsung will delay launching the Galaxy S8 thanks to the lingering effects of the abortive Galaxy Note 7, LG has confirmed that it will announce its G6 handset on February 26th at MWC 2017 next month. There is one caveat, though, the LG G6 will use last year’s silicon, the Snapdragon 821, instead of the Snapdragon 835.

Here’s what Google’s first smartwatches look like

The next logical step for Google is releasing smartwatches. There are phones, virtual reality headsets, and home-based digital assistants stamped with the company’s logo. Millions of people have purchased these products. They trust Google to produce hardware and software made for each other. Still, despite Android Wear being around since 2014, Google has stayed far away from directing a partner to design smartwatches.

Everything is going to change next month. Google is working with LG to offer two smartwatches in 2017 — the Watch Sport and Watch Style. Today, we’re getting our first look at both of them.

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Samsung pens in Galaxy Note 8 as successor in stylus-equipped line


As the dust continues to settle from last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, one question that lurked in the background was whether Samsung would have to rebrand their line of stylus-equipped large screen smartphones and abandon the Galaxy Note name. In comments made earlier today as part of their explanation for the Galaxy Note 7 problems, Samsung mobile chief D.J. Koh stated “I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8”. Koh cited a couple major factors that played into the decision to try to retain the Note branding.

[Video] Unboxing the Huawei MediaPad M3


With Samsung having delayed the launch of the Tab S3, Google giving the segment a miss last year, and Sony seemingly abandoning the market altogether, there’s a dearth of premium tablets to be found.

One company that is attempting to grab a bigger share of the tablet market is Huawei, whose latest offering, the MediaPad M3, boasts an 8.4-inch 2560 x 1600 IPS display, the Kirin 950 Octa-core processor (the same processor found in the Honor 8), 4GB of RAM, a premium build, and stereo speakers designed in partnership with the audio experts, Harman Kardon.

The MediaPad M3 was announced at IFA 2016, and its premium build quality impressed us at the time during our brief hands on. Join us after the break to see our Justin Herrick unboxing the Huawei MediaPad M3 tablet.