Motorola Mobility ordered by jury to pay $10 million in Fujifilm patent suit

fujifilm v motorola

A U.S. jury has ordered Motorola Mobility to pay a total of $10 million due to the Fujifilm patent lawsuit where Motorola used their patented technology without permission. Fujifilm sued Motorola in 2012 accusing the company of infringing three of its patents on digital camera functions and a fourth patent relating to transmitting data over a wireless connection such as Bluetooth.

While Motorola is ultimately forced to pay up, it is significantly less than the $40 million that Fujifilm initially asked for.

source: Reuters

Samsung’s smart lighting platform to be demonstrated at LIGHTFAIR International 2015


Today, Samsung Electronics announced that for the first time it will demonstrate its new open and secure platform for smart lighting at LIGHTFAIR International 2015. Per Samsung:

Samsung’s smart lighting platform is designed for integration with LED lighting systems in order to easily transform luminaires into smart, digital nodes. This Internet of Things (IoT) platform incorporates processing capabilities, firmware, connectivity and an open architecture connected to sensors for collecting data and creating new applications.

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[Deal] HTC RE Camera price slashed to $149 when paired with free accessories bundle

htc_re_camera_lineupNow could be the time for people to purchase the HTC RE Camera if they were once hesitant to do so. The RE Camera could be yours for $149 when paired with an accessories bundle through HTC’s site. The company has taken $50 off of the normal $199 price while also including the accessories bundle valued at $70.

Simply head to the site and choose between turquoise, white, orange, and blue color options. Your cart will then update with the clip-on, bar mount, and protection pack not having any price attached.

The deal runs through May 10 and includes free two-day shipping.

Source: HTC

Samsung to Enhance Camera Features with Android 5.1.1 on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6

A wise man once crooned, “I’m King of the Mountain” (and he was), and Samsung is like unto said wise man in this regard – the unquestioned lord of its domain. Though the Galaxy S5 is largely seen as a disappointment, the S6 and S6 have been met with some of the best reviews in Samsung’s history. It’s too early to report actual sales, but there’s buzz about these devices.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge also happen to boast one of the best cameras in all of mobiledom, with a great (if saturation-happy) sensor, and a camera app robust with features, yet still simple enough for lay users to harness.

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Samsung working on camera improvements for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge


Yesterday TalkAndroid posted some camera shootout results comparing the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4. While both cameras are able to produce excellent images that are nearly indistinguishable, one of the takeaways was that the LG G4 had more features and flexibility available to users willing to dig into the camera settings. This is because LG decided to enable more features that Google makes available in Lollipop like support for Raw images and specific camera settings like ISO or shutter speed. Sources say Samsung may be working to narrow the gap by adding new features to their camera app as part of an update to Lollipop 5.1.1. Read more

Not surprising: HTC revenue plummeted in April due to lack of demand for the One M9


At the end of February, I wrote a little piece on how HTC was pretty much screwed with the One M9 since they failed to capitalize when Samsung was more vulnerable. Now the numbers are in proving my prediction.

The One M9 debuted at the beginning of April so you would think that HTC might have gotten a little boost, but they didn’t even get that. Their revenue for the entire month plummeted by almost 40% to NT$13.54 billion ($439.95 million US) from NT$22.07 last year. If you compare it to the previous month, the drop is 32.36 percent since March posted NT$20.02 billion. Read more