Front-facing camera for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 to have autofocus


When the Galaxy S8 launches in 2017, Samsung will get praise for pushing boundaries and utilizing high-end specifications. There’s just one thing on paper that might not stand out but will make a huge difference to future owners of the phone. It has nothing to do with the display, processor, or battery. Not even the rear camera is involved.

One of the biggest changes for the Galaxy S8 could be in the front-facing camera.

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Concept images show off a nearly bezel-free Nubia phone


One of the most popular desires for smartphones these days, aside from longer lasting batteries, is a device with as little bezel as possible. Despite some usability benefits from having a bezel, a smartphone where the display covers all or most of the front gives off a very sleek and futuristic appearance, as well as allow for larger screens with a smaller physical size. If these new concept images for a nearly bezel-free Nubia phone prove to be true, then these wishes may soon be granted.

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Watch the OnePlus 3T geting unboxed on a MIG 15 fighter jet to celebrate European launch


There wasn’t a whole lot wrong with the OnePlus 3, and our very own Jared Peters went as far as to say that the “Third time’s the charm” in his review. That didn’t deter OnePlus from retiring the OP3 from service, though, and replacing it with a slightly updated version called the OnePlus 3T¬†that went on sale in the US on November 22, and has just been released in Europe. What better way is there to celebrate the European release of the OnePlus 3T than an unboxing video while on a MIG 15 fighter jet undergoing high-G maneuvers? Join us after the break for the embedded video. Read more

Xiaomi making no profit on smartphone sales, but that is not a problem


With big smartphone players like Samsung and LG dropping the ball on some high profile products this past year, the door seems to be opened for other players to jump in and establish a strong foothold in the smartphone market. One of those companies may have been Xiaomi, which received a lot of press in 2014 when it was valued at $46 billion during a round of fund-raising. However, Hugo Barra revealed in a new interview that the company is not making any profit on smartphone sales and is actually focused on other connected devices and their software services and ecosystem to help make the company profitable. Read more

LG begins offering full refunds for faulty Nexus 5X units


With the advent of Google’s new Pixel range of smartphones in 2016, the Nexus line has been discontinued. The Nexus 5X was one of the last models in the line-up and it seems that the LG-manufactured¬†handset has some boot loop issues, which is reminiscent of the LG G4. With the Nexus 5X no longer being produced, spare parts are either scarce or non-existent, resulting in LG taking the bold step of offering full refunds as opposed to repairing the affected phone or replacing it with a refurbished or even new handset. Read more