Here are three more promotional videos for Samsung’s Galaxy S7


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (reviewed here) handsets have been available to order for a couple of months now, but does that mean that its marketing department has taken its foot off the gas? No, sir. Instead, what we have is a steady stream of promotional videos to keep the Korean electronics giant’s newest flagships firmly in the public’s eye. Join us after the break for the latest Galaxy S7 promo videos.  Read more

Camera Shootout: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6


For many people, the camera on their smartphone is the most important feature of the device. Most companies realize this, so over the past few years we’ve seen tons of improvements to mobile cameras with just about every new iteration of flagships. Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S7, was hyped up on its photo shooting capabilities, and with good reason; it’s arguably the best camera you can find in a smartphone. Read more

Moto India starts Twitter campaign for new phone release


Lenovo’s marketing arm in India has launched a new Twitter campaign via the Moto India account that is teasing a new smartphone coming to the market. The Moto India team does not help too much with clues to which device this might be. However, some recent leaks show the new Moto G and being a budget phone that would fit right in to the Indian market, odds seem to favor that device. Read more