Google IO 2016 Coverage

Xiaomi posts teaser videos for new Mi Max


Xiaomi has plans to hold a launch event later this week on May 10th when they will announce the new Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone. Unlike so many other companies, Xiaomi does not seem to be particularly interested in keeping images of the device closely guarded. Not only has Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun posted images of the device via Weibo, we now have the company posting official teaser videos that include a starring role for the device as opposed to subtle hints and innuendo. Read more

Land Rover and Bullitt Group announce plans for new smartphone


Frequently news about a new manufacturer of smartphones involves the latest Chinese manufacturer ready to jump from serving that market to something bigger. The latest company to jump into the smartphone market involves a new angle though as Jaguar’s Land Rover group announced today a partnership with British company Bullitt Group to produce a brand new bespoke smartphone and line of accessories. Read more

Chinese pre-orders for HTC 10 practically non-existent


As if the struggles to avoid falling out of the smartphone market altogether have not been difficult enough for HTC, a new report indicates the company may have really screwed up the launch of the HTC 10 in the Chinese market. According to this report, after eleven days of taking pre-orders through two retailers, supposedly only 251 HTC 10 devices have been ordered. Read more

ASUS to launch the ‘Zenvolution’ at end of month


ASUS has announced a new press event for May 30th in conjunction with the Computex 2016 event in Taiwan. ASUS has setup a countdown page for the event they have dubbed the Zenvolution. ASUS does not drop any hints with their countdown page, although we expect the launch of the Zenfone 3 line of devices to be one of the items covered during the streaming event. Read more

Moto G (2016) slides through Zauba, possible specs revealed


Motorola shattered the meaning of “mid-range” with the Moto G (2015) last year. In 2016, the Lenovo-owned brand really has its work cut because of the bar being set so high. And it’s seeming like the world will be impressed once again. Two phones — the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus — could launch at the same time with specifications even better than before, giving consumers even more options for the Moto G (2016).

What was just spotted on Zauba? Devices believed to be the next phones built by Lenovo under the Moto name. The Indian import and export database revealed the specs we’re likely to see sometime soon.

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