Samsung lit up with Canadian class action lawsuit over Galaxy Note 7


Samsung has been making progress to recall all of the faulty Galaxy Note 7 devices that were released this fall as indicated by a recent report showing 85% have been retrieved in the U.S. market. Nevertheless, the company is still facing some backlash over the whole incident. The latest is a class-action lawsuit filed in Canada alleging Samsung knowingly shipped faulty units and mislead consumers. The Canadian action joins lawsuits in South Korea and the U.S. that Samsung already faces over the Galaxy Note 7’s exploding batteries. Read more

Nougat debuts with 0.3% on November’s Android Platform Ditribution chart


Over the course of Android’s history, nay-sayers have screamed that this most versatile of mobile operating systems would implode because of fragmentation. Yet, somehow, Android is still here and has evolved into the most popular mobile OS. About that fragmentation, though, just how many of us are running Android 7.0 Nougat on our devices? And is Froyo still a thing? Join us after the break to find out. Read more