Details regarding LG’s upcoming Nexus phone’s camera surface


The camera was one of the weak spots for the Nexus 5. The flagship Nexus device manufactured by LG in 2013 had an inconsistent camera that never seemed to deliver quality shots. Now, in 2015, the company allegedly has plans to produce one of two Nexus phones. A media outlet from South Korea claims to have knowledge of LG’s plans for its upcoming Nexus phone’s camera.

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Saygus V2 gets delayed again, expected to ship in the fall if Indiegogo campaign is successful

saygus_v2_smartphoneThe Saygus V2 is trying its hardest to become the most delayed smartphone of all time. Just one day before it was supposed to begin shipping back in May, Saygus indefinitely pushed the launch of the device back with not much more than a small apology.

Fast forward one month, and in a move that should surprise absolutely no one, the phone has been delayed again. Saygus claims manufacturing issues are the problem here, so in an attempt to move things to another manufacturer, they’ve started up an Indiegogo campaign to raise $1 million to keep the ball rolling. Anyone that’s already pre-ordered the device will still be able to get one, although they are kindly offering refunds if you’re tired of waiting. If the fundraising campaign hits its target, you can expect the device to start shipping in the fall this year. Maybe. Possibly. Don’t hold your breath. Read more

Nokia and LG reach smartphone patent licensing agreement

AT&T_LG_Optimus_G_Pro_TA_Front_Top_LG_Logo_Screen_OffLG and Nokia have announced that they’ve reached a licensing deal related to several of Nokia smartphone patents. LG has licensed a wide range of patents covering communications over a mobile network, although neither company disclosed how much LG is paying for the licensing.

Both companies have said the deal is mutually beneficial, which I’m sure everyone will agree with. LG gets access to some patents to make better phones, and Nokia gets some extra cash. It’s not like Nokia was using the technology to make any compelling smartphones. Read more

Verizon launches the Sony Xperia Z4v as an exclusive this summer


There must be a multi-device agreement between Verizon and Sony because the carrier has received another exclusive device. The two worked together late last year on the Xperia Z3v and today Verizon introduced the Xperia Z4v. The device is very similar to the global Xperia Z4; however, the Xperia Z4v has some very noticeable changes. The display, while remaining the same size, has seen its resolution increase and the size of the battery has been altered to compensate for the display. Sony also included special charging technology just for Verizon’s Xperia Z4v.

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[Deal] Motorola drops the Moto X (2014) to $299 with a 30-day return window


Motorola has made it pretty clear that two-year contracts are becoming obsolete. The phones released by Motorola in the last two years have been some of the best when it comes to off-contract options. Starting today and ending on June 29, the Moto X (2014), which was priced at $349 without a contract, drops to $299 after a $50 rebate. To sweeten the deal and make it less risky, Motorola has applied a 30-day return window.

The money saved from the rebate is actually applied once the 30-day window closes and the buyer completes a survey for Motorola.

Source: Motorola

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active survives 12-foot drop test unharmed


On Saturday, June 13, Jeremy Judkins, the proud owner of a brand new Galaxy S6 Active, took to his YouTube channel in order to share a drop test he recorded of the handset. In the short clip, Judkins taxes the durability of the device by dropping it from various different heights all of which are in accordance with real-life scenarios and every single time the handset emerges unharmed.

Check it out after the break.

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Samsung’s smartwatch market share sharply dropped in Q1 2015


The growing competition in the smartwatch game has caused Samsung to see its market share drop significantly. The company’s smartwatch market share, based largely on its Tizen operating system, slid to 23.1% in Q1 2015. This, according to Strategy Analytics, is down from 47.8% in Q2 2014. Consumers want smartwatches, and wearables in general, that are compatible with various devices and platforms. Tizen, which is featured on the Gear S, only works with select Samsung devices. Android Wear, Pebble, Fitbit, and other platforms are much more open with support.

Samsung plans to gain back market share with the release of its next smartwatch that will feature a round display, refreshed user interface, and enriched developer support.

Source: Naver
Via: SamMobile