Specs of HTC’s upcoming “Hima” flagship leak out


It’s no secret that HTC is prepping the launch of the One M9 in its research labs as we speak. And now, a new leak courtesy of @upleaks has revealed the alleged hardware specs of the smartphone codenamed HTC Hima. According to the source, the smartphone will pack a 5 inch 1080p display along with a 20.7-megapixel rear camera (possibly from Sony) and a 13-megapixel or 4-megapixel front camera.
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Snapdragon 810 could cause delays for both the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and LG G4


Companies only get one or two shots each year for flagship devices so they want to make sure they utilize the best specs available at the time. For next year’s devices, that means the Snapdragon 810, which is Qualcomm’s first 64-bit octa-core processor.

The early consensus was that the 810 wasn’t going to be available till June of next year, so I really didn’t think Samsung and LG would include it in the Galaxy S 6 and G4, but according to a report out of Business Korea, both companies are trying to utilize the said chip.

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Android 5.0 Lollipop Starts Rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S5 – In Poland


Predicting a rollout of new Android software is difficult at best and impossible at worst. Even though Google officially released Android 5.0 Lollipop nearly a month ago, less than 0.1 percent of Android handset owners are running the new Material Design-based software. Even some Nexus users don’t yet have the update.

So it comes as no surprise that OEMS, with their custom overlays, are typically a bit later to the party than their Nexus cousins. However, owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 eager for that Lollipop with a dash of TouchWiz can breathe a sigh of relief, as the handset has finally started receiving the OTA update – in Poland.

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Google may replace your smashed Nexus 6


You’re walking down the sidewalk with your brand new Nexus 6 in toe, then bam! The handset falls from your hand or pocket face-down. The device is completely wrecked. Unusable. Aside from feeling pretty embarrassed and maybe muttering or shouting a few obscenities, what do you do? Well, according to one user on Reddit, you simply give Google a call and they’ll replace it for you completely free of charge the very next day.

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New video shows Android 5.0 running on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


On Monday, a collection of leaked screenshots appeared online supposedly showcasing the latest beta build of Android 5.0 Lollipop running on a Galaxy Note 4 and the Google Play Edition of a Galaxy S4. Now, today, SamMobile has posted a video on YouTube airing the alleged ROM for Samsung’s latest flagship phablet.

At first glance the software does look much smoother and more fluid than the previous version and there’s a truckload of additional features on board, too. If you’d like to see the ROM in action — hit the break to watch the new leaked Android 5.0 firmware running on a Galaxy Note 4.

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Samsung Galaxy A7 gets certified in China


There are no signs to indicate that Samsung is slowing down. In China, the Galaxy A7 just received certification and this means that the handset is likely to be released rather soon. The most noteworthy item about the Galaxy A7 is that it measures 6.3mm in thickness. Samsung has never released a phone that thin. The body of the Galaxy A7 is metal, a step in the right direction after Samsung’s long years of using plastic and faux leather.

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Upcoming DROID device to have 5.9-inch display and Snapdragon 810 processor


The DROID Turbo has been on the market for just over one month, but Verizon is not allowing Motorola to slow down production. Sometime next year, likely around the summer, Motorola will release a DROID device that matches and surpasses the Nexus 6 and its specifications. There is a chance, though, that the device ditches DROID branding and joins the Moto line.

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Motorola releases new ads with a sense of humor for the Moto 360

Moto_360_Google_IO_2014The latest ads in Motorola’s marketing campaign for their flagship smartwatch take a humorous approach towards promoting the Moto 360. The ads are both under half a minute long and have the same classy feel that watch commercials on prime time television do, but end with reminders that the real world isn’t always so elegant.

Hit the break to check out videos. Keep an eye on the Businessman spot if you’re a fan of burritos.
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