Samsung and Apple in advanced talks to join e-SIM launch


One of the things we do when we get a new smartphone is to check whether it will accept the SIM card used in the previous device. Current SIM cards are ‘locked’ to a specific carrier and sometimes a different sized SIM card than previously used is required by the new device. Those requirements could become unnecessary when the e-SIM becomes available in the relative near future though.

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HTC’s Under Armour-connected Grip fitness band is experiencing delays


Remember that fitness watch HTC unveiled alongside its HTC One M9 flagship back in March? Let me refresh your memory.

At Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled a fitness watch with a partnership with Under Armour called “HTC Grip.” The HTC Grip had a design similar to the Nike FuelBand and was to be targeted towards athletes or just anyone who remains active. The device wasn’t going to have a dedicated heart rate sensor, but it did promise built-in GPS.

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European Commission opens up two antitrust investigations on Qualcomm

Qualcomm_Logo_01_TA_CES_2014Qualcomm really isn’t having a great year. Not only has there been tons and tons of controversy over their 2015 flagship CPU, the Snapdragon 810, but now the European Commission has opened two antitrust investigations into the company. Ouch.

The first investigation relates to whether or not Qualcomm offered financial incentives for their customers to purchase exclusively Qualcomm products. The second investigation will look into pricing and whether or not Qualcomm engaged in “predatory pricing” where they aggressively priced down their product with the sole purpose of forcing other competition out of the market. No company ever wants to be accused of either of those things. Read more

Commodore is back in the form of a cheap Chinese smartphone

Commodore-phoneCommodore was once a brand that manufactured electronics and home computers. They were one of the original big computer brands that lasted from 1954-1994 when it finally claimed bankruptcy. With that long lifespan many people grew up with Commodore and still hold them true to their hearts. It looks like fans may or may not be excited to see them make a comeback in the form on an Android phone.

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