Amazon will subsidize certain Android phones with ads and bloatware

amazon subsidized phonesIf you’ve ever purchased an Amazon Fire tablet directly through Amazon, you’ve probably seen their “special offers” promotion that shaves some of the cost of the device off in exchange for personalized lock screen ads. Amazon’s line of thinking is that they’ll make more money off of shoving ads in your face than selling a full-priced device, and so far it’s worked for them. Read more

ZTE can continue U.S. trade through end of August with latest extension


Earlier this year ZTE found itself on the wrong side of the friend or foe line with regard to the U.S. government. After allegations surfaced that ZTE was channeling technology to Iran contrary to U.S. export-controls, the Commerce Department proposed what would have been some of the toughest trade sanctions ever levied by the U.S. against a company. Shortly after that, a reprieve was issued based on ZTE’s interest in cooperating with the government’s investigation. That reprieve was scheduled to end on June 30th, but a statement issued by the Commerce Department on Monday¬†indicates the government is extending relief through at least the end of August. Read more

[Video] First look at TouchWiz for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?


A new video surfaced via Italian site that appears to show the new TouchWiz user interface that will be launched on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in August. With the launch of that smartphone a little over a month away, this is likely a beta build of the interface, although it should be pretty close to being a final version. The video shows several features of the interface layer like a new notification shade, new device toggles and the theme management system. Read more