[Deal] Get an extra battery, charging cradle, and microSD card with your LG V10


Shortly after the G4’s release earlier this year, LG offered buyers an opportunity to pick up extra goodies at no cost. Customers were asked to verify their purchase with LG and then the company would send things like a leather back, an extra battery, a charging cradle, and a microSD card. LG is doing the same with its current flagship, the V10. Buyers of the V10 can go to the new promotional page to fill out a form that will send them an extra battery with a charging cradle as well a 64GB microSD card.

Could it get any easier to get a $125 bundle for free?

Hit the break for the full press release.

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You can now get the Nexus 5X from Best Buy starting at $299


Both Amazon and B&H Photo last week became the first two retailers selling Google’s Nexus 5X. Today, Best Buy joins them and is also selling the handset at a discount. The electronics retailer has the Nexus 5X with 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. Color options include Google’s standard Carbon, Quartz, and Ice.

Best Buy is selling the Nexus 5X for $299 or $349, which is $80 off, to honor Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Karalux unveils the 24K gold BlackBerry Priv


Popular Vietnamese gold-plating company Karalux has today revealed that BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone, the Priv, is the latest flagship handset to enlist in its vast lineup of 24K gold devices.

As the Priv supports a Gorilla Glass display and a solid textured backplate, there isn’t much surface area for the Karalux team to dip, so it could only coat the bezel surrounding the unit, the volume rocker and the metal rim surrounding the camera module in gold.

Hit the break below to see a selection of hands-on pictures.

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[Deal] T-Mobile discounts flagship Samsung and LG phones for Cyber Monday


John Legere, who has essentially become Santa Claus for the wireless industry, is spreading more holiday cheer with T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday deals. The carrier is actually hosting what it believes are Cyber Monday Steals. Devices from both Samsung and LG that have high-end specifications are being discounted today only. This comes one week after T-Mobile announced its strategy to lure competitors’ customers towards Team Magenta.

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ZTE Nubia Z11 to get simultaneous U.S. and China release


Although other big Chinese brands like Huawei and Xiaomi are just now achieving some success at making inroads in the U.S. market, despite success in China and other Asian markets, ZTE has avoided that fate and enjoyed a decent U.S. demand for its devices. The combination of strong sales in both a mature market like the U.S. and a relatively new market like China has led ZTE to the sixth position in the rankings of biggest smartphone manufacturers. ZTE hopes to continue to improve on that position by releasing their next flagship, the Nubia Z11, in both the U.S. and China at the same time. Read more