Huawei hints at new Ascend series device in new teaser video


Huawei plans to unveil a brand new “Ascend” series device at CES 2014 next week in Las Vegas, but it’s unclear on the specifics. A sequel to the Ascend P6 has been rumored, which could be branded as the Ascend P6S or the P7. Photographs of the Ascend Mate 2 have been leaked recently, so this could be the mystery device as well.

Either way, video after the break teases the new Ascend phone to come next week. We’ll know which one it is (or both) soon enough!

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere posts 2014 resolutions after checking off a completed list from last year

Legere Resolutions

If T-Mobile hadn’t been so successful as of late, CEO John Legere’s antics wouldn’t be as entertaining. And he knows it too.

In a recent post, Legere let us all know how he did with his 2013 resolutions. Unsurprisingly, all were completed— he followed up with a second image, this one of a list of his brand new resolutions for the upcoming year. (If only all of us could be as successful with our New Year’s goals…)

In 2014, Uncarrier 4.0 will be unleashed to “transform the wireless industry.” Legere promises to “remove customer pain points” and bring faster 4G LTE service after expanding the coverage last year.  The next list item, “unshackle the family from those other guys,” is definitely interesting.

What it could mean, is that T-Mobile will let customers from other carriers the ability to “escape” their current contracts by paying off early termination fees. 

Expect some of these announcements to be made official at CES 2014 next week.

Source: TmoNews

ZTE looks ahead to 2014, plans to unveil the Projector Hotspot, Iconic Phablet and others at CES


ZTE will be showing what it’s got at CES next week— some of the products it’ll be unveiling include the Grand S II smartphone. The device will feature voice control technology which can be used to easily take pictures and unlock the device. The nubia 5s and 5s mini will also be released, which are phones that feature professional-grade photography.

That’s not all, either— the company plans to release the “Iconic Phablet,” which features a 5.7-inch HD Display, “smart viewer” mode for multitasking with two apps on screen at once, and has a quad-core processor. Wireless charging capabilities will also be built in.

Another device ZTE will be showing off is the Projector Hotspot. In this case, the name tells all. It’s a mobile hotspot and mini video projector hybrid. This device will surely be great for a variety of different environments. Whether it be at home for streaming media, or in the office or classroom for showing presentations, it’ll surely be a useful and handy little device— at the right price, that is. The hotspot can connect to up to eight devices as well.

ZTE will also be launching its first smartwatch, which will be called “BlueWatch.” The device constantly analyzes data including body fat percentage as well as other data.

Hit the break for ZTE’s full press release.

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Samsung awarded patent for foldable tablet

Samsung Patent

Tech companies have seemingly been filing patents at record pace as of late— whether it’s to serve as ammunition in inevitable court battles or to actually use them for possible future innovation, we can all agree that they do serve as a glimpse into the future.

On December 31st, Samsung was awarded a patent for a foldable tablet.

If you were wondering, “how hasn’t anyone thought of this already?” don’t worry, I was too. It’s definitely one of those “of course” patents, but either way, it will make for an exciting product if the idea end up coming to fruition for the company. With flexible screens starting to hit the market, the possibilities are endless.

A visual rendering in Patent US D696,693 shows that the tablet will be able to snap into two parts and close like a book. If it hits the market soon and works as planned, expect it to be a success.

Via: US Patent and Trademark Office
Source: PhoneArena

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite may have a 720p display, launch with Android 4.3


We do know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite (SM-N750) will launch in the first quarter of 2014 with an announcement possibly at Mobile World Congress 2014 in February. We also know that it could come with an interesting green variant. The main question for the device is its specifications. But SamMobile has located the user string agent profile for the Note 3 Lite variant that does not have LTE connectivity. According to the profile, they found that it will have a downgraded 720p display when compared with the Note 3’s 1080p one. Being that the screen is so large, a 720p display causes it to lose pixel density. Also found was Android 4.3 running as the device’s operating system; however, an upate to KitKat should be in the works later on.

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LG G Pro 2 planned for March release, could be unveiled at MWC 2014


LG made some major waves with the LG G2— it served as a viable competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and made some noise around the industry at the same time. The company has announced that it plans to manufacture wearables in the coming year, including a fitness band and a smartwatch. The G2’s successor, the LG G3, is even planned for an unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in February.

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Google Glass could hit the market in 2014 with a $600 price tag


Like it or not, Google Glass is coming in 2014. It’s about time, since the Glass Explorer Program as been going on for quite a while now. The device has only been available to those that received special invitations or were accepted to the program by Google itself.

Pricing has remained a major question mark— when the product inevitably hits the market later this year, it will surely cost less than it currently does under the Explorer Program, but we still don’t know exactly how much it will be.

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Samsung blog post hints at possible unveiling of Galaxy Gear 2 or Galaxy Band at CES next week


CES is now less than one week away, and we’ll soon be getting an up-close look at all the new gadgets for 2014 and beyond.

Plenty of manufacturers have been hinting at what they’ll be showing off at the event for weeks now, and today we received an idea of what Samsung will be unveiling.

The Samsung Tomorrow blog touched upon CES in a recent post, and mentioned that in just the past few months, the company has released the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and also is working on a new “smart home” concept. Here’s what the post explicitly said:

“The wearable device market is on the rise and the concept of ‘smart home’ has started to gain ground. Hence, at this CES, maybe we can expect some innovative products that we had imagined to use in the future.”

So, could we be looking at a brand new Galaxy Gear (Galaxy Gear 2) or possibly the rumored Galaxy Band at CES next week? It was originally thought that it would be unveiled at MWC 2014 next month, but we could be looking at an earlier release.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung design patent could hint at look of Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4


A Samsung design patent might just give us a clue as to what the Galaxy S 5 or even the Galaxy Note 4 might look like. Since the design appears to have a S Pen slot, all things point to the Note 4, but we know that Samsung usually keeps the Galaxy S and Note phones look the same each year. Interestingly enough, this patent was first revealed back in August of last year, and it was believed to be the look of the Galaxy Note 3. This particular patent is a re-application of that August patent.

One thing that is very interesting about the patent is the lack of hardware buttons, which has always been synonymous with Samsung. Could they finally be removing them, or for whatever reason, were they purposely omitted from the document? More pics after the break.

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