Focus shifts back to LG as possible Nexus 5 manufacturer


A few days ago we reported on rumors that Motorola may be the next manufacturer of a Nexus smartphone. Chinese site has shifted the focus back to LG as the company tagged to produce the Nexus 5 with a report today indicating the device may be based on the LG G2. There are expected to be some differences though as word is Google will want to keep the price point close to, if not the same as, the Nexus 4, selling for $299 off contract.
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Possible masked photos of the Sony Honami and Xperia Z Ultra leaked

sony_honamiOver the last few years, phone manufacturers have had to take an extra step to make sure their devices leak out to the public before they launch. Many use a different shell or case to hide what the device really looks like to avoid prying eyes.

The picture above is tagged as “Unannounced Sony Device.” It’s believed to be the Sony Honami. Adam Outler, of xda-developers, posted the photo from his Google+ profile. The image has since been removed, but not before Xperia Blog got their hands on it. If you click through the source link, you can see a second image, believed to be a masked Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Source: Xperia Blog

Release date for non pre-ordered Droid ULTRA/MAXX pushed back to August 27


Verizon’s been having some pretty bad issues with release dates lately, and it looks like we can add 2/3 of the upcoming Droid family to that list. If you didn’t pre-order your Droid ULTRA or MAXX before today, you’ll have to wait 7 days beyond the normal release date of August 20 to get your hands on it. The Droid MINI is still expected to come with a August 29th release date, as originally reported by Verizon.

Source: Verizon Wireless

Verizon finally launches HTC One sign up page


Would you look at that! Verizon has finally revealed the sign-up page for the HTC One, just in time for a bunch of other great flagship devices to be released in just a few weeks. Unsurprisingly, we still don’t have a formal release date from Big Red— an early leak had said that the phone would come out on August 1. That date has come and gone… The release date was then seemingly pushed to August 15, and now we’re looking at either a launch on August 23 or 29 according to some sources.

Source: Verizon Wireless 


Verizon to add two mid-range smartphones to its device lineup in September


In an effort to round out its already crowded mid-range smartphone lineup, Verizon is rumored to be releasing a few new phones in September, two of which will be running Android. The LG Enact is a slideout QWERTY device with unimpressive specs, and the Kyocera Hydro Elite is that waterproof device that’s leaked a few times.  There’s nothing concrete about specs on either device, but it’s a pretty safe bet they aren’t going to wow anyone. The Enact does have some new features shared with its newest big brother, the LG G2, including some multitasking features found in the Optimus UI.

If you’re looking for an upgrade and want something on the budget side, these devices might suit your needs pretty well. For everyone else, let’s just hope the HTC One on Verizon actually happens.

source: Phone Arena

Press images of the clamshell Samsung Galaxy Hennessy SCH-W789 leak


I know you have been secretly desiring a clamshell phone with Android haven’t you? We have already seen a few leaks of an upcoming Samsung clamshell phone with a model number of SCH-W789. It has been referred to as the Hennessy and the Golden. Now we have a couple of clean press shots to show you. It actually looks like a cool phone, but I am not sure I would want it to be my only device for two solid years. It’s going to have two 3.3-inch HVGA (480 x 320) displays, a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, microSD slot, 5MP rear camera, and Android 4.1

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first clamshell Android phone Samsung has offered. They had the SCH-W999 about a year and half ago. That one never made it to the U.S. and I suspect the same result for the SCH-W789. One more pic after the break.

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LG VU III rumored to have a 5.2-inch 4:3 display and a Snapdragon 800


Ah yes, the phone that just won’t go away. Sometimes you have to wonder why companies insist on producing products that no one wants. Take the LG Optimus Vu for instance.  It was the only phone to feature a 4:3 display. LG thought it was great for magazines and Web browsing, but the phone was too big. Nobody was interested in it, but that didn’t stop them from making a second edition, which again, nobody bought. Will the third time be a charm? Most likely not. The only real difference this time will be better specs and the “Optimus” name is dropped.

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HTC possibly gearing up for a Q4 2013 launch for the One Max


Excited to finally get your hands on an HTC One Max? Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer, as the latest rumors suggest HTC will be releasing their first phablet in Q4 of this year. HTC Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho said the company was going to release a variant of their latest flagship One series in the fourth quarter, according to Focus Taiwan. Since we’ve already seen the One Mini, the One Max is the only device left that he could’ve been referring to.

He also said that the company has released too many devices in the past, so they’re now going to focus on just a handful of quality devices. The One Max will be their only flagship for this part of the year alongside just two or three midrange devices. We’re close to the fourth quarter of this year, so the wait is almost over, folks.

source: Focus Taiwan

via: Unwired View

Successor to Archos GamePad in the works, filings for device appear at FCC


It’s only been about five months since Archos launched their “GamePad” Android-powered gaming tablet, and it looks as though the company is already working on a follow-up device, according to a recent filing that showed up at the FCC. Surprisingly, we don’t have any valuable information from the filing, as it has a confidentiality letter with it which essentially keeps the FCC from publicly releasing any of the hardware information, user manuals or any related details regarding the GamePad 2 for 180 days.

What we do know, however, is that the tablet comes with 802.11 b/g/n single-band WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. We wouldn’t expect to see anything ground-breaking in the new device considering that its predecessor was “so-so,” but who know? Maybe Archos took the time to really step up their game with this one…

Source: Droid Gamers

Verizon training materials reveal marketing strategy for DROID vs. Moto X question


Later this month Verizon is slated to start delivery of the DROID MAXX and DROID ULTRA, with the DROID MINI following later, as part of their big push to capitalize on the DROID brand. In an interesting twist, the new Motorola Moto X is slated to hit the market that same week if Verizon can keep things on schedule. Since the DROID line of devices is also being produced by Motorola, Verizon is in a bit of a unique situation having several devices all from one manufacturer vying for selection by customers. Some new training materials from Verizon reveal a little bit about how the carrier may go about selling the devices.

In one table that shows some of the differences between the devices, Verizon made sure to use some bright red checks to highlight all of the “benefits” of the DROID line of devices. These include qualities like the Kevlar unibody design, wireless charging, and some special software offers, like six months of Google Play Music All Access for free. Astute buyers may also notice all of the DROID devices are thinner than the Moto X.

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