Samsung Galaxy S 5 could support 4GB of RAM thanks to Exynos 6 processor


More news on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 front, once again dealing with the possible processor that may come in the device. As we previously covered, the next iteration of Samsung’s flagship device is expected to come equipped with a new, 64-bit processor tentatively dubbed the 6 series in the Exynos line. Word from a South Korean site is that the architecture of this new chip will allow Samsung to address bigger quantities of RAM and at least initially, the Galaxy S 5 will come with 4GB of RAM out of the box.

According to the earlier reports, the Exynos 6 line of processors is slated to commence production by the end of 2013 so it can be included in the Galaxy S 5. It is unclear whether any other chip manufacturers, notably Qualcomm, would have something comparable so that Samsung could continue their strategy of producing its devices with different chipsets for different markets. If the new Galaxy S 5 comes out with some devices getting the Exynos 6 plus 4GB of RAM versus current configurations, like the Snapdragon 800 mated with 3GB of RAM found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, that may be too much of a difference for some buyers to jump on the new smartphone.

Do you see the option of a 64-bit processor with 4GB of RAM as offering anything meaningful to consumers or is it just a feather in Samsung’s hat that can be leveraged for marketing purposes?

via: phoneArena

Nexus 5 pre-registration page goes live for WIND mobile; full specs also finally confirmed


With still no word from Google, seems like other companies are taking the next step in regards to preparation of the upcoming Nexus 5 announcement. WIND mobile threw up their pre-registration page for the Nexus 5 and also revealed the full (official?) specs of the device. While it seems like WIND has taken the page down, we do have a screenshot of the page which I’m sure they’ll throw back up once it’s been officially announced by Google. Until then, here’s the full spec list rundown.

  • Screen: 4.95-inch 1920×1080 display (445 ppi) Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Cameras: 1.3MP front facing 8MP rear facing OIS
  • Weight: 130 grams
  • Dimensions: 69.17 x 137.84 x 8.59 mm
  • Operating System: OS Android 4.4, KitKat
  • Chip Set: 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
  • Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) 802.11 a/b/g/n/ncNFC (Android Beam) / Bluetooth 4.0
  • Storage / Memory / Ram: 16GB or 32GB internal storage 2GB RAM
  • Ports & Connectors: microUSB, SlimPort enabled, 3.5mm stereo audio jack, Dual microphones, Ceramic power and volume buttons

source: Facebook
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Leaked images show thousands of Nexus 5 retail boxes stocked and ready to go at an LG distro center in Canada


Need some further convincing the Nexus 5 is raring to go? We think we’ve got it. According to a source over at the Neogaf forum, an LG distro center in Canada is currently housing 30,000 of Google’s new Nexus 5 handsets manufactured by LG. The source supplied a couple of images that appear to be legit and states that the distro center is just awaiting Google’s go-ahead. If you’ll look closely, one image confirms that stacks of LG branded boxes are on standby just waiting to be shipped and even adds a close up shot of the Nexus 5 retail box looking pretty darn similar  to one we’ve previously posted of the leaked handset in white. And while there is no real way to confirm the claim, it certainly appears to be pretty convincing. We’re not sure what the ultimate hold up is at this time but here’s to hoping Google and LG get the ball rolling soon to beat the holiday rush. Are you currently holding out for the device? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  
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Galaxy Gear support to be added to more smartphones in US


One of the main criticisms of the Galaxy Gear at launch was that it was only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1.

Now, Samsung has begun adding support for the device to many other phones in the United States. The support will come via software update, which will soon come to the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, and the Galaxy S III.

For some, the software update will come today, but it should go out to everyone over the coming weeks depending on exact model and carrier.

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Google looking to expand Glass Explorer program, current users will be given three invites to give out, asking price still $1500


Google is looking to expand its Glass Explorer program, which provides thousands of developers with the option to own their very own pair of Google Glass.

Although Glass isn’t expected to be available on the consumer market until 2014, Google is ramping up production on the devices anyway, with a possible upcoming dispatch of more Glass units into its Explorer program in the coming months.

How will Google make these extra Glass units available, you ask? According to the Financial Times, existing Glass owners “will be able to invite a limited number of friends to buy the device.”

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Nexus 5 camera samples leak on Google+

Nexus Vegetables 1

The Nexus 5 official announcement is going to come any day now, and we’ve received a series of leaked images of the device since rumors started floating around the web. Now, we’re starting to see some camera samples on Google+ from the Nexus 5.

They’re pretty normal pictures, but after going into the EXIF data, the Nexus 5 is listed as the device used to take the picture. There were other images that appeared which showed a Googler during a family Halloween event at the Googleplex.

Hit the break for the full resolution image.

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Asus PadFone Mini benchmarks show quad-core processor and Android 4.3

ASUS PadFone 2

Looks like Asus is planning a Mini version of their PadFone device to compete with the flood of other mini devices on the market lately. Some early benchmarks show a device with a model PadFone T00C, similar to the model of their hybrid PadFone devices that can seamlessly turn into larger tablets with some accessories and attachments.

This PadFone Mini looks like to be a 4-inch device with a 275 PPI screen, which is slightly better than what Samsung’s GS 4 Mini offers. It’s also powered by a quad-core processor that appears to be a Snapdragon 400, so while it’s nothing extremely high end, it looks like it should be a very capable device. It’s also running Android 4.3, so the software side of things is top notch.

Hopefully Asus will make something else official about this PadFone Mini soon, considering they just announced the PadFone Infinity last month.

source: GFXBench

via: The Droid Guy

Nexus 4 may stick around despite Nexus 5 launch


Courtesy of @evleaks, we now have a reason to believe that the Nexus 4 may live on and coexist with the Nexus 5. He tweeted out the above image a few minutes ago, showing a log from a retailer that has both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 on file. Unlike every other installment of a Nexus device, this could mean that the Nexus 4 will continue to be sold after the Nexus 5 is finally announced.

What is even more interesting is that the price for last year’s Nexus phone would likely drop even more. If the Nexus 5 is supposed to be priced at $349, what will the Nexus 4 be? The N4 is currently listed at $199 for 8GB although it is not in stock. Maybe Google kept it listed because it isn’t leaving the Play Store. If the price drops to $149 without a contract, can you imagine the demand? Even though the specs are a little behind by now, that could prove to be a huge deal.

Source: @evleaks

What is Vic Gundotra excited about?


Is seems as though Vic Gundotra is a little excited for something today. I wonder what that could be? Late last night, he posted on Google+…

Can’t sleep. Always happens to me on Sunday nights. Yes working at Google is that exciting.

Of course when you work as hard as Vic does, this could happen any night right? Sure it could, but why would you need to post about it on the eve of the rumored unveiling of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat? More importantly, he went on to post….

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Photos of colorful OneTouch Pop 7-inch tablets from Alcatel leaked


Alcatel looks to be preparing some colorful new devices. The best leaker in the business, @evleaks, has provided us with the above photo showing these new colorful 7-inch tablets from Alcatel, allegedly part of the OneTouch Pop family. OneTouch Pop, if you remember,  is the same family that has the colorful budget phones in other parts of the world.

Along with the colors above, black will also be an option. The backplates will be removable and switchable to change hues as often as you want. Also, it looks like there will be a translucent flip-cover for safety. There’s not much additional information on these, but we’ll be sure to let you know as we hear more.

Source: @evleaks