Nokia Normandy Android device leaks again in multiple colors

Nokia Normandy

The Nokia Normandy might be one of the most anticipated devices of 2014. Everyone has always wondered how different things would be if Nokia opted to use Android over Microsoft’s  Windows Phone platform, and despite being bought out by Microsoft just a few months ago, it’s looking like we may see an Android device made by Nokia at some point. Thanks to @evleaks, we’re getting a great look at the rumored Normandy device, complete in a full set of colors; there are green, white, yellow, blue, red, and black options.

Obviously, renders like this don’t necessarily mean that the device will get pushed out to the market, but now that we’ve seen several different leaks about the phone, I don’t think it would be too unlikely. Nokia doesn’t really have much to lose in terms of market share, so what’s the worst that could happen?

source: @evleaks

Samsung may unveil a 10.5-inch tablet at CES next month, could it be the new Nexus 10?


According to ETNews, Samsung will be unveiling a new tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show next month. There, it is believed that a 10.5-inch tablet will make its debut. The interesting part of the report is that the unnamed tablet has not yet been identified with one of Samsung’s brands. It does not carry the Tab or Note name. This could simply be a piece of information missing or it could mean that it does belong to Google’s Nexus brand and that this would in face be the Nexus 10.

Do I think that this is the Nexus 10? Right now, I am not going to buy into that. After all, there was a botched leak that the LG V510 was the Nexus 10, but that wound up being the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition. This could mean that a new version of the 10-inch tablet is not being produced. And I really don’t think CES is the place that Google would like to unveil a new Nexus 10.

Source: ETNews (Korean)
Via: International Business Times

T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 to be announced at CES on January 8th


When T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted last week that it was time for the company’s next Uncarrier event, we figured CES would make a good venue. T-Mobile has not disappointed as they have announced Uncarrier 4.0 will be held on January 8th during CES. According to their promotional materials, “This one you aren’t gonna believe.” We have already heard one rumor that involves T-Mobile helping people move to the network by paying for early termination fees customers may owe with other carriers. Would doing that qualify as something unbelievable? What other changes do you think T-Mobile could make to the way people buy wireless service that would really shake up the industry?

Don’t expect a curved display on the Galaxy S 5


The Korea Herald is reporting that the Galaxy S 5 won’t sport a curved display. This really isn’t anything shocking since curved displays appear to only be reserved for the Galaxy Round series, at least for now.

Let’s face it, Samsung probably wouldn’t have the production capacity to do it anyway. Right now they are producing 8,000 5.5 sheets per month yielding 500,000 panels. We’re not sure if that “500,000” number is annually or monthly, but either way, that is nowhere nearly enough to handle the demand of the Galaxy S 5, which would be at least 40 million units.

On another note, they also reported that Apple won’t adopt curved displays until 2015, so Samsung (and LG) will have a leg up.

source: Korea Herald

Could Uncarrier 4 cover ETF for users switching to T-Mobile?


A couple days ago T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted about Uncarrier 4, the next “release” planned as part of the company’s Uncarrier strategy that has slowly been unfolding before us. Although Legere used a few characters to take a shot at AT&T, he did nothing to give us any hint as to what T-Mobile might have planned for their next step in disrupting the mobile carrier landscape. One unidentified source claims Uncarrier 4 is an initiative called “houdini” that involves payoffs of early termination fees and hardware credits. Read more

Korean researcher says flexible displays will hit mainstream devices sometime next year


Professor Kim Yun-hi, a leading researcher at one of South Korea’s top universities, believes that devices with truly flexible displays will be commonly available sometime in 2014. She’s not talking about things like Samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG’s G Flex; those devices are curved, but not really flexible devices, per se. Not only that, but she also believes that within just a few years, we’ll see folding, rolled up screens make their way into the likes of Galaxy Gear-esque devices, too.

Most of Kim’s claims are based on the fact that her group of researchers have developed a flexible organic polymer that would actually allow flexing and folding in a screen, where the “curved” displays available now are just, well, curved. Many companies are apparently seeking that technology for use in their OLED panels, so that’s a good sign that there’s some serious interest in it.

Of course, if the mainstream consumer doesn’t care to adopt flexible phones, it’s all going to be a moot point. It’ll be interesting to see how most customers react to this inevitable wave of new devices.

source: Korean Herald

via: Phone Arena

Samsung SM-G900F specs confirmed, is it still a Galaxy S 5 candidate?


Last week a Samsung phone with the model number of SM-G900F showed up in Browsermark, but unfortunately no specs were available. Now it has showed up in AnTuTu revealing more about the phone. It has a 1080p (1920 x 1080) display, a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974AC), Adreno 420 GPU, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 16MP rear camera, 2MP front shooter, and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Many thought this phone was a Galaxy S 5 candidate, but the fact that the display is 1080p has me thinking differently. Last week, when I saw this model, I was thinking it could be a F Series, but I am not even sure of that since I would expect the F Series to sport a higher resolution as well.

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Samsung to unveil 10.5-inch tablet with AMOLED display at CES


There has been reports that Samsung will introduce four new tablets in the first quarter of 2014. It’s also rumored they will utilize AMOLED displays in those tablets. We might get to see the first such tablet at CES next month. According to ETNews, Samsung will unveil a 10.5-inch tablet at the event. The last Samsung tablet to sport AMOLED was the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which was one of their best tablets ever. However, it wasn’t all that popular. Things might go better this time around since Samsung is expected to push their marketing efforts towards tablets next year.

source: ETNews
via: SamMobile

Latest report says no metal chassis for Galaxy S 5, Samsung looking into diamond-like coating instead


It seemed like a lock that the Galaxy S 5 would be the first Samsung phone with a metal chassis, but the latest report out of DigiTimes says it’s unlikely. Earlier in the month, we reported that a company called Catcher would be supplying 10 to 30 million metal housings this month, but there is one problemno production has started yet.

The reason for this could be because Samsung is still evaluating exactly how they will implement metal in their phones, not to mention, a lot of people think it’s unnecessary since Samsung is already successful with plastics. Metal is only going to add to their cost, thus lowering their bottomline.

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AT&T internally testing what could be the Samsung Galaxy S 5


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S 5 smartphone may be making rounds to at least one U.S. right now. According to @evleaks, AT&T is testing the SM-G900A smartphone. He adds that this device has a high resolution display that gives “some support to the theory that it’s an int’l flagship.” This specification matches the 2K display rumor from yesterday.

What’s interesting is the model number. So far we have seen the SM-G900F, SM-G900S, and now the SM-G900A. These variants could be for models that are compatible with various carriers. Being that the AT&T-tested version ends with the first letter of the alphabet, it makes sense that it would be the international version. But don’t get too excited for a release date. The Samsung Galaxy S 5 is expected to be released in late April. Would you mind waiting for a metal chassis? Read more