Amazon to revamp Kindle Fire line with higher resolution displays and new design

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After the tablet craze started, Amazon jumped and and built a solid tablet lineup with the Kindle Fire, which is still one of the most dominant Android tablets in the market today, and according to BGR Amazon is going to make some major improvements to their tablets by the end of the year to stay competitive. There will be three new tablets to replace current models on the market, which includes the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″. » Read the rest

Latest Motorola X leak shows a dual-SIM variant is likely on the way

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Boy oh boy— if we didn’t know any better, we’d think that Google is purposely trying to tease the public since we keep seeing all these different leaks of its upcoming X smartphone. As you can see in the photo above, the back and front plates of the X smartphone seems to indicate that there will be a dual-SIM set up, thanks to the SIM 1 and SIM 2 identifiers located at the top and bottom sections of the plates. In addition, it appears there are some cosmetic or physical differences with the dual-SIM model as well. A second leaked photo shows 3 different colors of the single-SIM X’s body, while highlighting the placement of the speaker on those three cases is on the opposite side of  than where the speaker is located on the dual SIM model.


At this rate, Google might as well just go ahead and show us the final product already. Sheesh.

source: NWE
via: Android Community

Rumor: Motorola set to launch European variant of the X Smartphone in Q4, will give it Nexus-esque pricing in the process

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So you think Google’s Nexus line of smartphones are impressive in setting the bar for quality phones at affordable prices eh? Well you’re about to even more impressed at this tidbit of news from ADSL Zone: Google’s Motorola unit is rumored to bring a variation of its imminent X smartphone that will arrive in Europe for an astounding 250 Euros (roughly $250 here in the States). Moreover, Europe’s version of the X smartphone will have a different name than the U.S. version and will be completely subsidized— meaning European customers will be able to take advantage of the low price point without having to be locked under contract for a period of time.

Of course this is all hearsay for now and there’s no word on when exactly the new version will arrive (all indications are pointing to a “Q4 release”), but if this is true— then Google is certainly positioning itself to take over the smartphone world… one country at a time.

source: ADSL Zone
via: Phone Arena

Moto X to incorporate clear pixel technology in camera hardware

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According to Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me, the new Moto X Phone is going to come with some new technology to raise the stakes in terms of camera performance for a smartphone. The clear pixel technology the device is said to use is based on some technology patented by Kodak back in 2005. Although it has been around a few years, this appears to be the first known use in a smartphone. » Read the rest

Yet more Moto X Phone images surface

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Although images of the white Motorola DROID ULTRA and the black version, along with the DROID MAXX have taken center stage today, the buzz generating Moto X Phone refuses to be forgotten. More images of Motorola’s highly anticipated mid-range smartphone surfaced today. They show some more details of both the white and black cases that were spotted over the weekend. » Read the rest

More DROID ULTRA images surface

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With a Motorola press event only days away, there has been a definite uptick in activity related to non-Moto X Phone leaks, with the latest set of images being for the Motorola DROID ULTRA slated to launch on the Verizon network. Since a landing page, sans images, appeared on the site for the DROID ULTRA, folks have been on the lookout for the device. Earlier today we reported on an image of a white smartphone alleged to be the DROID ULTRA according to the source.

The latest images purporting to be the DROID ULTRA come to us thanks to @evleaks and show both the front and back of the device. We can see the case has a carbon fiber look to it on this black version of the device. Adorning the back is the DROID name, a subdued Motorola logo and the Verizon logo. The front of the device appears to be devoid of any marketing images or text giving it a very clean look. Whether the new DROID ULTRA maintains that look on this black version, or even the red version, is unclear as the white version of the phone appeared to have a small Motorola logo in the top left corner on the screen.

source: The Unlocker

Could Samsung be planning to launch four versions of the Galaxy Note III at the same time?

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Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung is fond of producing several different versions of their devices to reach different market segments. The pending release of the Samsung Galaxy Note III could represent a significant change in how Samsung goes about doing this though. According to reports from Korean web site ET News, Samsung is preparing to release four different versions of the Galaxy Note III at the same time. Unlike other smartphone models, the different devices will not have different names to distinguish them like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 versus Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini versus Samsung Galaxy S 4 Activ. All of the devices will be Galaxy Note III models and they will all be released at the same time.  The differences in the models will be in items like screen sizes, types of screens, camera hardware or the chassis material. Core components like the processor or amount of memory included will be consistent throughout all of the devices. » Read the rest

LG confirms August 7th G2 launch with new teaser vid

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As we get closer and closer…. and closer to the LG G2′s upcoming release, we are finally starting to get an idea of when the masses can finally expect the device to hit store shelves. In its latest teaser video, a fine gentleman is seen roaming through the various New York City boroughs, seeing various “To me, you are perfect. From G.” hints. As if that isn’t enough– the end of the teaser sees LG going ahead and confirming it will have an event in New York City on August 7th, indicating it would be “Great 2 Have You” and pretty much confirming what we already knew. It looks like it’s a pretty safe bet that LG has pretty much given up trying to keep its new toy a secret and is as giddy as we are about the new smartphone.

So there you have it friends, go ahead and mark your calendars for the August 7th unveiling of the G2 smartphone.

YouTube Preview Image

More LG G2 front and rear images leaked

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lg_g2_leakLeaked images of the LG G2 are coming in like they’re out of style. We’ve already showed you multiple pictures of almost every angle, but today we have a few more. Twitter account leakschina tweeted out a couple of images showing the front and back of the G2. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but reinforces the unique design with the volume buttons on the back.

After all of the leaked photos, I’m excited to see the real thing, which should be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Source: @leakschina | 1 | 2


HTC One in Glamour Red surfaces in hands-on video

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We already had an idea of its imminent arrival, but we’re finally getting our first live glance of the HTC One smartphone in its Glamour Red color, thanks to the gang at BestBoyz. While the Glamour Red edition of the One is pretty much identical to the original, it showcases an awesome finish– while giving off a sort of bold character in the process. Unfortunately for those of us out here in the States, we probably won’t see this edition anytime soon, though UK residents will be able to order the phone through online retailer Phone4U sometime in a few weeks at least.

You can check out the full hands-on video below.


YouTube Preview Image


source: BestBoyz
via: Android Authority