Sound quality problems reported for Nexus 5 devices


When the Nexus 7 (2013) was introduced earlier this year, it did not take long before reports of problems like touchscreen inaccuracies and GPS issues surfaced eventually leading to some fixes from Google. Another group of early adopters may be going through the same thing as Nexus 5 owners are discovering some problems with audio quality. The problems seem to be connected to the built-in microphone with the biggest impact being on call quality during phone calls.
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Samsung to release new Galaxy Gear alongside Galaxy S5

Galaxy Gear-008-Set1 Side_Six

Everyone knows Samsung is working on a Galaxy S5. We don’t need rumors and leaks to tell us that it will happen eventually. One thing that we aren’t too sure about, though, is the Galaxy Gear. When it launched, it was panned with mediocre reviews and it was definitely lacking a few killer features, although Samsung has updated it to try to bring a little more functionality for users. Samsung has defended the Galaxy Gear and they’re very positive about the device, even if it didn’t sell millions and millions of devices, and it looks like they’re already planning on a Galaxy Gear 2.0.

According to rumors, Samsung wants to launch the new Galaxy Gear alongside the Galaxy S5 next year. Obviously the newer Gear will have a handful of newer features, but one area Samsung really wants to address is the thickness of the watch. I can imagine battery life will probably be something else they’ll try to improve to really convince mainstream buyers to want one. Since we’ve heard a few different things about when the Galaxy S5 will be released, the new Gear launch date is up in the air as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung launch the devices together like they did with the Gear and Note 3.

What do you think Samsung will change in the newer Gear? Let us know in the comments.

source: etnews

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APK teardown reveals new features possibly coming to YouTube


Yesterday Google started a phased rollout for a new version of the YouTube app on Android taking the version number up to 5.3. Immediately noted in the update were some slight changes to the user interface. However, digging into the apk for the update revealed several new features that appear to be on the horizon for YouTube including the framework for the YouTube subscription service, an offline video mode, some background music listening options, and “uninterrupted playback.”
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White DROID Ultra leaks, likely joining the white DROID Mini for the holidays


Right on the heels of the white DROID Mini leak, @evleaks has tweeted an image of a white DROID Ultra. Currently both devices, sold exclusively by Verizon, are only available in black or red; however, white could join the fun just in time for the holiday season. We’ll keep a lookout for both the DROID Mini and Ultra are set to be released.
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Samsung’s Galaxy Round sales are meager, said to be around 10,000

Samsung_Galaxy_Round_Official_01It doesn’t seem that its curved display is attracting consumers. Sales figures for Samsung’s Galaxy Round are said to be just under 10,000 units. As we know already, their Galaxy Gear smartwatch isn’t doing so hot either. For one, availability for the Galaxy Round is nowhere near that of a flagship like the Galaxy S 4. Also, a curved display is not going to automatically convert attention into sales. And as always, cost is driving away consumers. If Samsung actually makes the Galaxy Round compelling at a reasonable price with worldwide availability, they would likely see much better numbers. Perhaps adding a self-healing back plate like the LG G Flex would help?

Source: Daum
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Samsung customizing phones for corporate clients


Samsung has announced that they will be customizing phones for their corporate clients including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and FedEx. According to The Korea Times, Samsung “believes its smartphone solutions reached a level sophisticated enough to serve corporate clients.” For each of the aforementioned companies, Samsung will tailor the experience specifically.

An official explained that the company is exploring new ventures because of the pressure to maintain its growth. Another official said that “selling just smartphones and tablets can’t guarantee margin sustainability. The B2B business will give us a good chance to get into mobile device management.” BlackBerry was considered the go-to for corporate mobility but Samsung is challenging that with its Knox mobile security solution. It is unknown whether or not Samsung will expand this to other large companies as well.

Source: The Korea Times
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Screen testing of Vivo Xplay 3S caught on video


Last night we reported on one of the first smartphones slated to hit the market with a 2K screen, the Vivo Xplay 3S, which will be launching on December 12th. There is no indication that the device will be produced to meet any of the “rugged” specs, but that does not mean Vivo isn’t interested in producing a device that can withstand some occasional abuse as shown in some leaked images of testing the device underwent.
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Mystery surrounds Xperia Z1s as yet another image leaks


Sony has seen yet another image leak of a forthcoming device, but as more images leak the mystery as to just where it fits in the portfolio continues to deepen. We have previously reported on a device named the Xperia Z1s appearing briefly on the Sony web site, followed by leaked images of a Sony device apparently headed to international markets and another purportedly showing an Xperia Mini that was thought to be the Z1s. However, sources now think the Xperia Z1s may be a completely different version than the Xperia Mini and may be an updated version of the Xperia Z1.

As hinted at in previous leaked images, the new image clearly reveals the headphone jack relocated to being just off center in the top edge of the device instead of being over close to the side. Based on the angle and relationship of the devices, it appears this new Z1s device is slightly larger than the current Xperia Z1 as well. Meanwhile, we will have to continue the hunt for news about the Xperia Mini as well. Hopefully all of these new devices are ready to be revealed soon by Sony, perhaps at CES 2014.

source: Xperia Blog

HTC M8 shows up in benchmarks with extremely high scores


We’re starting to hear more about the M8, HTC’s follow-up to the HTC One. Today’s rumor is brought to you by an AnTuTu benchmark that is showing an HTC device with the name 0P6B120. Normally, these early device benchmarks are to be expected, but what’s special about this one is just how high the mystery device is scoring. The results pin the device with a score of just over 36,000, which beats similar devices (Samsung Note 3, LG G2, etc) by a few thousand points. Obviously we’ve seen that benchmarks don’t actually equate to real-world performance, and benchmarks are extremely easy to manipulate, but this could definitely be one of the first devices to run one of Qualcomm’s slightly faster Snapdragon 805 CPUs.

source: Ameblo

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Successor to Alcatel Idol X appears to be in the works, images leak


TCL Corporation, parent company of Alcatel, announced a few days ago that they were preparing a successor to their Idol X device tentatively named the Idol X+. Based on the MediaTek logo spotted in some images that leaked online, the device is expected to come with MediaTek’s latest high-end octa-core processer. Other specs are unknown, but something in the 5-inch or better range with 2GB of RAM and of course, a high-end processor, is expected.
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