HTC One in Glamour Red surfaces in hands-on video

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We already had an idea of its imminent arrival, but we’re finally getting our first live glance of the HTC One smartphone in its Glamour Red color, thanks to the gang at BestBoyz. While the Glamour Red edition of the One is pretty much identical to the original, it showcases an awesome finish– while giving off a sort of bold character in the process. Unfortunately for those of us out here in the States, we probably won’t see this edition anytime soon, though UK residents will be able to order the phone through online retailer Phone4U sometime in a few weeks at least.

You can check out the full hands-on video below.


YouTube Preview Image


source: BestBoyz
via: Android Authority

LG G2 leaked photo shows how it looks from the side

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lg_g2We’ve seen a few photos of the front and back of the LG G2 that have leaked, and today we get to see the side. From the picture above, you can see that it doesn’t look as if there are buttons on the side, since the buttons have been moved to the back, as we showed you last month. It’s a very interesting design, and it will be interesting to see how a phone like this will be perceived by users, being so different from the norm we have become accustomed to.

As a reminder, the LG G2 has a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, Android 4.2.2, a whopping 13MP camera, and a 5.5-inch full HD display. And of course, it might become one of the first phones to come with 3GB of RAM.

Source: TechTastic

Possible Motorola DROID ULTRA image leaked

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motorola_droid_ultraWe recently saw a leaked image of a possible Motorola DROID MAXX, and if that wasn’t enough excitement for you, today we see the DROID ULTRA. XDA poster xavierk75 shows us a white version of the ULTRA with a title of ”Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080 is Here!”

From the picture, we can tell that the ULTRA will have three capacitive buttons, and a sort of chin at the bottom of the phone. With all of the leaks piling up, it shouldn’t be too long until we officially hear more about eh new DROID phones for Verizon. Stay tuned.

Source: XDA Developers

MoDaCo Switch will offer both stock and Sense on your HTC One

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htc_one_switchDo you have an HTC One and want to try out stock Android, but aren’t willing to take the plunge and lose Sense? Well, popular modder Paul O’Brien is at your service, as he is developing a new feature called MoDaCo Switch, which will allow users to seamlessly switch between HTC Sense and stock Android. Via the image above, you can see just how easy it will be to switch.

The feature is a work in progress, understandably  as it must be difficult to load two full operating systems and the ability to switch into a ROM. You’ll need to be rooted, and run the MoDaCo ROM on your One for this to work.

Source: @PaulOBrien
Via: Android Community

Several new pics of Moto X surface, shows front plate of device

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We’re only a few days away from seeing how accurate the July 11th prediction for the Moto X is, but that’s not going to stop the leaks from coming. The latest set of pictures show what appears to be the front plate of the Moto X. No internals, but it’s a good shot of the cosmetics of the device, and it matches up with most of the other leaks we’ve seen in the past several weeks. Personally, I think these plates have a more rouned, Nexus-ish aesthetic to them that isn’t seen in Motorola devices, so they could definitely be the result of a Google and Motorola collaboration. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out. Hit the break below to check out some of the pictures. » Read the rest

MetroPCS to announce Galaxy S 4 next week, teases through Vine

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MetroPCS sent out a Vine on their Twitter account yesterday that teased a release of the Galaxy S 4 for the carrier coming next week. The Vine showed a Galaxy S 3, a “+ 1″ sign, and a question mark. It’s pretty obvious what they’re hinting at, especially because the device with MetroPCS’ specific radios already passed through the FCC. Check out the link below for the Vine. More details to come next week.

Source: @MetroPCS 

Image of possible Motorola DROID MAXX for Verizon with extended battery surfaces

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Yet another leaked image of a Motorola device has surfaced thanks to Twitter account @evleaks. This time it is not a Moto X Phone, the subject of so many leaks and rumors this week. Instaed, the device in the render appears to be a Motorola DROID MAXX that @evleaks claims is headed to the Verizon network. The DROID MAXX is expected to be similar to the Motorola DROID ULTRA, if not the same, with the exception being a high capacity battery.

The DROID MAXX is expected to ship as a Kevlar framed device with capacitive buttons. Other than the possible connection to the DROID ULTRA, other specs are not yet known for the device. However, it does appear Verizon has several Motorola devices in the pipeline for release sometime in 2013, with several apparently poised to carry the DROID name. While all manufacturers seem to be more inclined recently to work to ensure their devices are available on all carriers, it seems that Verizon and Motorola are working especially close together to make the latter half of 2013 a season of DROID.

source: @evleaks

Could the X Phone launch on July 11?

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motorola_x_launchDoes the image above suggest a sooner than expected launch of the hyped Motorola X Phone? According to some, the man and woman in the promotional image above could have intentionally posed in the form of Roman numerals “XI,” for 11. Leo Laporte was invited to a press event – on which day? July 11. Could the signs have been pointing to a July 11 X Phone launch but we didn’t even realize it until now?

It’s also very likely that we’re just overanalyzing and seeing things. Either way, we will know in just a few days. Keep your browser at Talk Android for all of the latest Moto X news as it breaks.

Source: This Week in Google
Via: Droid Life

Moto X appears to be headed to Canada exclusively on the Rogers network

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Despite a big advertising push to capitalize on the U.S.A.’s Fourth of July holiday and rumors that Motorola’s highly anticipated Moto X Phone was going to be a U.S.-market only device, a leaked screenshot appears to show the device heading to the Canadian market via the Rogers network. The screenshot shows the Rogers network market plans for Q3 and how they plan to market Android devices to different segments of the youth buyer market.

It appears Rogers splits the market for Android devices between those looking for premium, high-end devices and those looking for value, at least amongst youth buyers. For those wanting a premium device, Rogers will be pushing their LTE Max network and devices capable of taking advantage of the higher speed. Specifically listed as a possible device is the “Moto X Phone” which is also tagged as an “EXCLUSIVE.”

Like everything else related to Moto X Phone, no other details are gleaned from the leak.

source: MobileSyrup

Render of ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini discovered

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A recent image discovered by a Chinese source shows a ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini, ZTE’s answer to the “mini” device market. Even though many of our readers are unlikely to get their hands on ZTE devices, in markets like China where they are a major player, ZTE seems to be following an increasingly common pattern. First they introduce a new, large, flagship device. In ZTE’s case, it was the ZTE Nubia Z5 released in the Chinese market earlier this year. A few months later, they are back with a smaller version of the device, the ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini. » Read the rest