Possible Nexus 10 press render surfaces


There it is. Well, there is what could be the Google Nexus 10. Not much information has come in on the device, but Phone Arena was left with this image by an anonymous tipster. As you can tell, the wallpaper reflects that of the Nexus 5 leak from last week. The rather confusing part are the lack of apparent Android 4.4 Kit Kat changes. The notification bar is not white, and the bottom navigation bar is not transparent like the Nexus 5. ASUS, who manufacturs the Nexus 7, is expected to create the tablet that packs a killer 2560 x 1600 10-inch display. Stay tuned as we’re sure to learn more about the Nexus 10 in the days coming.

Source: Phone Arena

Amazon’s set-top box has run into delays, launch possibly after the holiday season


As you know, Amazon has been working on a streaming device to compete with Chromecast and Apple TV. It is an obvious choice. Google’s Chromecast has been selling unbelievably all over the world. The Verge is reporting that the set-top box, which is running a forked version of Android, has been delayed by Amazon and could face a launch beyond the coveted holiday season. The device would utilize Amazon’s own services as well as third party apps (just like Chromecast and Apple TV).

While it’s disappointing for Amazon to miss the holiday season, they still can look forward to a good start once the device does launch. Amazon has a plethora of services ranging from music (MP3) to shopping (their website) to TV and movies (via Prime). And of course the set-top box will likely be controlled by a Kindle Fire. Also, Amazon has a lot on its plate right now. They have been working on 3D object recognition that would make its debut on the inevitable Amazon phone. So I think we can cut them a little slack.

Source: The Verge

Sprint Bound HTC One Max Revealed By FCC (Model OP3P700)

HTC One Max Sprint

Looks like AT&T won’t be the only carrier getting some One Max love as a recent filing over at the good ol’ FCC shows bands and nomenclature revealing what appears to be a Sprint bound model. A 6-inch 1080p device with model number “OP3P700″ stood out showing the following bands; 25 (1900 mhz), 26 (850 mhz) and 41 (2500 mhz formerly Clearwire).

As of now, pricing (off and on-contract) is obviously unclear but stay tuned as we’ll certainly find out and report back. Hopefully there’s no indication of a too hefty price tag as we’ve already seen this bad boy listed at £600 ($952) in the UK (off-contract). However, we’re sure it will most likely be close to that. So, if you’re due for an upgrade in the near future and you’re into heavy ass handsets, this might be a viable option for you. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

source: FCC

via: Engadget

Background audio for YouTube app coming?


As the YouTube app has kept improving, we’ve always desperately wanted one feature – the ability to listen to audio in the background. That would make it possible to listen to music via YouTube while still multitasking on your device. It seems like our wish is going to be granted, as Android Police has found a hidden setting in the latest YouTube APK that allows background audio. The feature will actually appearingly allow you to not just listen in the background, but even keep music playing with the screen off.

By setting a playlist of music to play through, this feature could actually be a viable rival to music streaming services like Spotify. There’s no word on when this feature will actually launch, but we’re excited, and hope it’s soon.

Source: Android Police

Via: PocketNow

HTC looking to outsource phone production due to decreasing demand


If you’ve taken a few economics courses, you know all about how cost curves work. I won’t get down to the nitty gritty, because, after all, this isn’t an economics site. All you really have to know is that as production output shrinks, the cost to produce goods gets higher per unit.

As you probably know by now, HTC isn’t selling too many phones these days. Because of this, they have to manufacture less phones so they don’t end up with a surplus. However, if they were to produce less devices at their current factories, the costs for producing these devices per unit increases too much for the company to make a worthwhile profit.

It seems like the only option now is to outsource— which is exactly what they’re about to do.

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Sony Mobile to host November 12 event, possibly the Xperia Z1S global launch


Over the weekend, we learned that the Sony Xperia Z1 Mini could possibly be heading over to the U.S. as the Xperia Z1S. Now new information has revealed that Sony Mobile could be hosting an event on November 12 to launch the smaller handset globally. Another possibility for the event could be a budget phablet released in emerging markets.

While the screen of the Z1S is smaller than the flagship Xperia Z1, the internal specs are set to be toe-to-toe with the full size handset. Stay tuned for more info as an invite would have to be sent out relatively soon.

Source: Digi-Wo (translated)
Via: Phone Arena

LG G Flex shows off back panel controls and makes first video appearance


The LG G Flex may not be the first smartphone with a curved display, but it will be the first curved smartphone with rear power and volume controls. That and 50-cents might get you a cup of coffee, but LG needs some recognition now that Samsung took the crown for the first curved smartphone, the Galaxy Round.

The G Flex should be unveiled next month and will probably be as limited as the Galaxy Round. Neither device is going to be popular since they are still evolving. One day we will have smartphones that we can actually bend, but for now it’s going to be flexible displays that are inflexible. Hit the break for a couple of more images and get an even better look with the G Flex’s first video appearance.

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Motorola “Moto G” Trademark Revealed. It’s Anyone’s Guess As To What It Could Be


Moto G Trademark Name

Recent discoveries of what appears to be a trademark filed by Motorola for the name “Moto G” have provoked bloggers to be up in a roar as to what the perplexing device could be. The name Moto G should come as no surprise to us as it’s been floating around the blogosphere for quite some time. And though the description of the device is, as expected, extremely broad, the device could easily be a smartphone, smart watch or some other high-end accessory. The speculation can honestly go on and on. And though we know something from Motorola is definitely in the works, we’ll just have to be patient like we always are in this industry to see what’s produced.

If you think you may know what the device is, feel free to offer up your suggestions below in the comments. And as always, as new news trickles down the pipeline you’ll be the first to know about it.

source: Phandroid

Samsung may offer Protection Plus warranty plan to compete with Applecare


One of the most important pieces of any retail business is the customer support. Samsung looks like they may be trying to take their customer service to the next level by offering a “Protection Plus” service that will essentially be an extended warranty for Samsung devices and consumer appliances, according to a recent patent filing. That’s a pretty broad scope of a patent, but considering how often Samsung tries to push their mobile business, I think we could expect to see some type of Applecare-esque extended service where you pay some type of fee either up front or month-to-month to get guaranteed coverage regardless of what happens to your device. (Although, the way the patent reads, this could definitely also extend to TVs or even dishwashers)

Samsung has already made strides into getting into the brick and mortar retail space by opening Samsung Experience stores, including some space in Best Buys across the country. They could easily offer warranty services and repairs in those stores, all while making a little extra cash. Plus, it would give consumers a great reason to switch over from Apple products (or any other Android products, for that matter) to a Samsung product.

source: Justia Trademarks

via: Android Community

AT&T LTE compatible device shows up in FCC filing, looks like HTC One Max


A couple days ago we reported on a leaked image that suggested the HTC One Max might be on its way to AT&T, joining Sprint and Verizon as carriers with the super-sized smartphone in their portfolio. Now a new filing at the FCC has surfaced that seems to make that much more likely. An HTC handset with model number OP3P500 is in the FCC database with information indicating support for LTE band 17, which would make it compatible with AT&T. Although a model name is not provided, the number listed is very close to the international version’s model number of OP3P510.

We still do not have any kind of pricing or availability information, although the leaked render mentioned earlier had a date of Nov. 1st on the screen. Screen image dates have been used in the past to determine possible release dates, but HTC has stated in the past they were going to start being a little more sneaky to throw off rumors. Seeing the device surface at the FCC and knowing HTC would probably like to have the device available for the holiday shopping season makes it seem likely the release is imminent.

source: FCC
via: Engadget