OPPO continuing to tease N1 ahead of official announcement

oppo_n1The OPPO N1 is allegedly coming out in just 10 days, on September 23. There’s a lot of hype for this device, and OPPO is fueling the hype by posting trailer videos. The latest one, Trailer #4, shows short clips of the N1 being built, taking us through the manufacturing process. There’s not much new to take out of it, but it’s still interesting.

In addition, Chinese media sources, along with finding some leaked press shots, have learned that the N1 will be capable of taking long exposure shots, up to 8 seconds long. Also, the price for the N1 will be at around CNY4000, or $650 US. While waiting, check out Teaser #4 after the break.

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HTC One Max gets pictured again revealing a fingerprint scanner


At the end of last month, a really nice image of the HTC One Max leaked that showed a fingerprint scanner. Now we have yet another image that confirms it, and we also get an idea of how it compares in size to the smaller HTC One.

With Apple announcing their own version of a fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5S, this means the two operating systems will feature it. The only problem for Android is the One Max isn’t going to be a high profile device. Not only is HTC suffering when it comes to sales, this phone is a niche product, which further dampens things.

What’s also interesting is Apple’s scanner is on the front of the device, while HTC chose to place it on the back of the device. Apparently HTC agrees with LG’s belief that most people naturally place their finger at the back of the device.

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ZTE Nubia Z5 NX501 passes through FCC, could launch in United States relatively soon


A device going by the name “SRQ-NX501″ recently passed through the halls of the FCC, which is more than likely the ZTE Nubia Z5 NX501.

The device will work on both GSM and WCDMA networks, and is Bluetooth and WLAN capable.

The China version of the device comes with a 5-inch display, a full HD 1080p resolution, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, has 2GB RAM, features a 13MP camera, and ships with 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Rumors say that the American variant will feature an upgraded processor, the Snapdragon 800. This is quite the surprise, since in the past, Chinese devices making their way over to the United States normally have downgraded specs, including RAM and processor speed.

Via: GSMInsider
Source: FCC

Temporary root achieved on Verizon Moto X and new DROID phones


Root access on the Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile variants of the Moto X has been relatively simple and straightforward, as Motorola hasn’t put too many safeguards in the way of consumers messing with their devices for these carriers. However, Verizon and AT&T customers haven’t been so lucky. However, that might change very soon for Verizon customers, as developer Justin Case of TeamAndIRC has achieved root on their Moto X, and the procedure also applies to the new DROID phones. The root isn’t permanent at this time and you might want to hold off on any OTA updates if you’re planning on going through with the root.

It’s great news nonetheless and hopefully Justin Case comes out with a more stable method sooner than later.

Source: Phandroid

Document mix-up exposes images of next Nexus phone under FCC listing for LG G2


If the accidental “reveal” of the next Nexus smartphone during the Android KitKat reveal wasn’t enough for you, either LG or the FCC appears to have come to your rescue by releasing pictures of what appear to be the LG D820 instead of the LG VS980 in a recent application. LG submitted documentation to the FCC for the Verizon edition of the LG VS980, aka the LG G2, to address some last minute changes to the hardware, specifically the antenna. Normally, the images are withheld until a device is released to the public, so it is not clear why the FCC went ahead and published these to their web site. In any case, what got published is not the LG G2, but instead appears to be the new Nexus 5.

At least a couple of the photos show a blurry D820 label and the orientation of the headphone and microUSB jacks are not consistent with the G2. In addition, the camera hardware and location is consistent with what was seen in the KitKat video. Sources also believe some of the bits shown reveal wireless charging and NFC hardware present in the device.

source: FCC
via: PhoneScoop

Motorola’s new tablet (and other devices) will include many features of the Moto X



It isn’t news that Motorola will be releasing a new tablet relatively soon, but we don’t really know what to expect from the company. CEO Dennis Woodside offered some insight into the new device, and said that “a new set of products” will implement both design and technology built into the Moto X.

This probably means that we’ll be seeing the Moto Maker once again, in products other than the Moto X. We’ll also probably see software features such as Touchless Control and Active Display as well. Some features might be left out, such as the Quick Capture camera feature, as it wouldn’t make too much sense in a tablet.

Expect to hear more about Motorola’s upcoming products in the coming weeks.

Source: Engadget

LG D821 FCC filing could prove the D820 is indeed the Nexus 5


This is starting to get a little crazy. Last week we saw an FCC filing for the LG D820, which was immediately assumed to be the Nexus 5 since the back plate looked very familiar to the Nexus device that made an unannounced guest appearance in a Google video. Then a few days later, @evleaks came out and said it’s just another LG G2 CDMA variant and it’s the same phone as the D821. They provided an image of the D821, but they didn’t on the D820. Now @evleaks is saying they were wrong, and the reason is the D821 filing is now public at the FCC.

The D821 isn’t the same device as the D820 whatsoever. It’s not a CDMA device as @evleaks originally thought, although it appears to be another G2 variant. It’s for a GSM operator supporting GSM 850/1900 and WCDMA 850/1700/1900, as well as LTE 5/7 bands. The D820 has support for a total of 7 LTE bands as well as GSM and CDMA support. So the D820 is looking more like a Nexus 5 again.

You can go back to your partying now!!

sources: @evleaks / FCC
via: UnwiredView

Huge Oppo N1 image, details leaked


Yet another Chinese smartphone manufacturer is making a bit of splash today with the discovery of a leaked image of the Oppo N1. The Oppo N1 is going to sport a 5.9-inch display, a touch panel mounted on the back of the device, and supposedly will be built with a metal frame. Inside the device Oppo plans to include a 3500 mAh battery. Oppo has also hinted at some external wireless optical accessories, which might be a bit of creativity relative to the rest of the market.

Oppo is scheduled to announce the new device on September 23rd. It will join devices from Huawei, Meizu, and Xiaomi as new devices from China that hope to show the country is ready to compete in the high-end smartphone market. Of course, few of these devices make their way out of the Asian markets and even fewer to U.S. or North American locations. Perhaps the Oppo N1 will be one of the exceptions.

source: Weibo (registration required)
via: G for Games