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HTC One now updated to Android 4.4 KitKat on select Canadian carriers

HTC One update

The day is finally here. At least it is if you have an HTC One and using Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Virgin, SaskTel, or WIND as your network provider…

The HTC One is now being updated to Android 4.4 KitKat on the networks listed above. This is all confirmed, straight from the mouth of HTC America’s President and onto this page. Get on your phone and hit Applications >>Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update.

If it’s not there yet, be patient— it’s coming!

Source: MobileSyrup

Press image of red Nexus 5 appears online, could launch Feb. 4 on Google Play

red nexus press

This could either be the biggest hoax in the history of smartphone rumors or it could be just a simple expansion of color options from a popular smartphone— either way, the red Nexus 5 rumors are going to keep coming.

@evleaks just tweeted out a press render of a red Nexus 5— it looks pretty legit, but there are also some pretty legit Photoshop experts out there as well. The new color may be available on Google Play on Feb. 4 (next week), so we’ll just have to wait and see for confirmation.

Source: @evleaks 

Samsung adds Galaxy Core, Fame Lite, and Trend to LeFleur lineup


Last January, Samsung took a few of its phones and added a more feminine look to the hardware, changing the color and outer design as well as adding a new wallpaper to match. Samsung will be doing the same this year before Valentine’s Day, with three newer devices, the Galaxy Core, the Galaxy Fame Lite, and the Galaxy Trend.

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HTC M8 mini could be coming soon, specs not yet available


The HTC M8 has been hyped up a lot of the past few weeks after a series of leaks of specs and pictures. Now, it looks as though we have some information on a little brother to the M8, the M8 mini. Following suit with Samsung (and now many other OEMs) it seems that HTC is catching on that people want different things from their devices— there is no one true device to “rule them all.”

@evleaks sent out a cryptic tweet earlier today which read: 0P6B:HTC M8::0P8B:M8 mini.

Believe what you want, but this is what we’re going with. (It could also be a possible HTC One mini, which was also rumored for a 2014 release.)

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Lenovo to honor Motorola’s current device timeline for 2014 and 2015


Just like any manufacturer, Motorola already has devices in the works for the next couple of years. With the Lenovo purchase, many of you are probably wondering if things will change? The early word is no, and we know that at least for now, the lineup will remain intact through 2015. The only thing that could change is that one of Lenovo’s China plants could be added for production.

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Samsung device appears in Bangalore for testing, could be Galaxy Tab 4

galaxy tab 4

Zauba, an Indian website listing imports and exports, listed a device titled “SM-T330″ as having arrived in Bangalore for testing. Sporting an eight-inch display, the same device recently underwent Bluetooth certification. The model number suggests that the device could be the Galaxy Tab 3’s successor, the Galaxy Tab 4, but we’ll know for sure soon enough.

Source: SamMobile


Lenovo rumored to make one of the last Nexus devices


Now that Lenovo is set to acquire Motorola, everyone is wondering what’s going to happen with that new partnership. The latest leak comes from Eldar Murtazin, the same guy responsible for dropping the hint that Google would be ending the Nexus program.

Murtazin has tweeted that Lenovo will be responsible for making one of the last Nexus devices this year, and that it’s going to be aimed at the US market instead of Lenovo’s home market in China. Now, he only said Nexus “product” so while it’s obviously going to be some kind of electronic device, it could be a tablet, a phone, a follow-up to the Nexus Q, or anything else that Google might be wanting to try. Since Motorola doesn’t have much experience in the tablet space, I would think this means phone, but anything could happen.

Either way, we’re sure to start hearing rumors about Lenovo’s first phone with Motorola in a few months. Maybe we’ll hear more about Google extending the Nexus program, too.

source: @eldarmurtazin

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors revealed by @evleaks


We were already pretty sure that the next big installment of Samsung’s Galaxy series would be called the Galaxy S5, and a recent tweet by @evleaks suggests that the rumors are true. The device is coming soon, and although we don’t know much about it, a second tweet from @evleaks showed an image of an .apk file with the word “QHD” in the file name. (3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk.) This may or may not have to do with the fact that the phone could come with a QHD display, but if it does, that’s a pretty big deal. We’ll see soon enough.

Sources: @evleaks 1 / @evleaks 2

Samsung Galaxy S 5 leak points to a fingerprint scanner being included


If the APK file leak above is any indication, the Samsung Galaxy S 5 is all but confirmed to have a fingerprint scanner. The leak, courtesy of @evleaks, shows an APK file with the name FingerprintService.apk and the he says it is “from Samsung Galaxy S 5.” This would put Samsung next to Apple and HTC (with the One Max) when it comes to fingerprint scanning devices. Also, this aligns itself with last week’s report that the device would be ditching an iris scanner in favor of a fingerprint scanner. Read more