More DROID tablet clues via Verizon’s @DROIDLanding Twitter account


As we continue to wait to see what Motorola may be planning as far as a new tablet device, our latest clue comes from their exclusive partner for DROID devices, Verizon, and the @DROIDLanding account on Twitter. Verizon has used the account in the past as a way to build up buzz for forthcoming device releases. Over the course of the past week Verizon has been tweeting using the account, asking fans to submit their #DROIDtheory in response to a video that is linked in the tweet. As an inducement, Verizon is offering those responding a chance to attend their next commercial shoot in October.
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Could an HTC One with an octa-core and 3GB of RAM be in the works?


With Samsung already making octa-core devices, who is going to be next? The latest comes out of a Greek site called Tech Community. They have a screenshot from a device that is supposedly an HTC One. In the screenshot, under the processor field, you see “Octa-core”. Now some sites are saying this is fake because it just lists “Octa-core” and nothing else, but my DROID DNA has just “quadcore” under the same processor field. You will also notice 3GB under RAM, which would make it the first device from HTC to sport that much RAM.

The first question is what brand processor will this phone have? Samsung is the only company offering an octa-core chip at the moment, and they can’t make enough for themselves, so it’s highly unlikely they would offer any to HTC. Qualcomm isn’t planning on offering an octa-core anytime soon, so who? The only company that could possibly make it would be MediaTek. MediaTek has already announced they will have a true octa-core ready for manufacturers by the end of the year.

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HTC troubles continue to mount as case supply problems impact production


HTC appears to have more troubles with their supply line, this time a casing shortage for the HTC One Mini being the culprit. According to sources, the shortage, caused by some type of design difficulty, is resulting in HTC not being able to meet demand for the smartphone even though only about 200,000 devices per month are in the pipeline. Earlier this year HTC dealt with supply issues that eventually led to delays in the release of the HTC One. HTC sales have already been described as “disappointing” and the belief is that the firm is likely to post a net loss for this quarter.

source: Reuters

Samsung spokesman confirms limited edition Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display


Yesterday’s rumor that Samsung might come out with a limited edition Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display appears to be spot on. According to Asian Daily, they have a spokesman from Samsung on the record confirming that the launch of the said device would be next month. It has already been reported that both LG and Samsung are readying production of flexible displays so this is no surprise. Obviously, flexible displays are not ready for “mass” production just yet, so a limited edition also makes the most sense.

My best guess is that this limited edition Note 3 probably will be limited to Korea and will be very expensive.

via: UnwiredView

Latest Motorola DVX leak puts it on Republic Wireless network in October


After some Motorola devices showed up in an FCC filing earlier this month, many thought the clues pointed to a U.S. release of the Motorola DVX, a low-cost version of the Moto X. The rumors have been out there for a while now indicating the device may be offered in the U.S. on some prepaid carriers in addition to global emerging markets. A new image from a meeting seems to confirm the Motorola DVX is coming to U.S. shores thanks to Republic Wireless.

The image shows the Motorola DVX being released in October, after the release of the Moto X on Republic Wireless and a price drop for the carrier’s current leading phone, the DEFY XT. When the FCC filing first surfaced, readers also uncovered landing pages for the same model number device on overseas retailers with prices in the sub-$200 range. Unfortunately, we still do not have any new information about specs or hardware for the device.

source: Android Police

Android 4.3 coming to HTC One Dev Edition this week, Canadian HTC One later this month

HTC_One_Back_HTC_Logo_TAAccording to HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie, owners of the HTC One Developer’s Edition across America will receive Android 4.3 this week. Canadian owners will receive 4.3 before the end of the month. Rogers confirmed that the update is due in late September, while TELUS says their update will arrive in early October. As to the U.S. carrier models, they are still working hard at getting approvals from each carrier. We know that can be a long and tedious process so don’t expect anything until at least October.

Source: @JasonMacHTC [1],[2]

Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3 featuring flexible display could be announced next month



The war to make the first phone with a flexible display wages on— LG was expected to end it all today with the Vu 3, but the flexible display rumors did not hold any truth as the announcement came and went without a mention of the new screen technology.

The title is still up for grabs, and rumors that surfaced today point to a Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3 coming out soon featuring a flexible display. It is also rumored that only a limited quantity will be produced, but getting it out and on the market would technically still qualify for first.

And remember, these days, if you’re not first, you’re last!

Source: SamMobile

Samsung in talks with metal casing suppliers, metallic S5 coming?

Samsung_Galaxy_S_III_Pebble_Blue_Is_Now_Metallic_BlueSamsung’s wildly popular Galaxy line of phones has typically been made with a glossy plastic exterior, but is that about to change with the S5? We told you about the possibility last month, and now a report in Taipei Times further suggests this. Sources say that Samsung is in discussions with Catcher Technology, a Taiwanese company that makes the metal bodies of the HTC One and Apple’s iPad, for metal cases for “at least one of its high-end smartphone models from the second quarter next year.”

The second quarter of next year is of course when Samsung is expected to launch the S5. Of course, we are still months and months away from the S5, and rumors are still just rumors. Stay tuned.

Source: Taipei Times
Via: SamMobile

Samsung’s 64-bit Exynos processor nearing final development


Whether or not Android 4.4 Kit Kat will support 64-bit processing, hardware manufacturers like Samsung are preparing for it regardless. After Apple’s iPhone 5S was announced to make use of it, a Samsung executive explained that their next round of devices will support 64-bit processing. Now a Korean media source is reporting that Samsung is almost finished developing a 64-bit Exynos processor. While this new processor is expected to be packed into a future device like the Galaxy S5, it is also believed that Samsung’s tablets will be powered by it as well.

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Entry level Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could still be in the works

Samsung Galaxy Note III

This past summer, rumors from web site ET News indicated Samsung was planning to produce and release several versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at the same time in a bit of a twist to their marketing strategy. As we know, just the single, high-end Galaxy Note 3 was announced by Samsung earlier this month with only the normal differences of processors and SIM card slots varying due to the requirements of different markets. If you are wondering what happened to the “entry level” version of the Galaxy Note 3, it appears it is still in the works with the release date shifted to later in the year.

According to sources, Samsung eventually decided the release of a low-end Galaxy Note 3 brought along too high a risk that the “premier” status of the device might be tarnished. Rather than burden their flagship in that manner, Samsung is just pushing back the release date of the plastic-bodied, LCD screen, 8MP camera version of the device until sometime in November. The hardware changes will allegedly save Samsung 20-30% in costs which will enable them to market the device at a lower price point.

Samsung has not yet confirmed any of this plan to produce a low end Galaxy Note 3. Even if they do and manage to get it out to market before the end of the year, it will probably be confined to emerging markets where the normal Galaxy Note 3 is out of reach cost-wise.

source: ET News
via: G for Games