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New details regarding the HTC One (M8) Prime come forward


Mess with a bull, you get the horns. That is what happened on Twitter today between HTC employee Jeff Gordon and @evleaks. There seems to have been a misunderstanding between the two regarding something that was leaked and information being wrong. Either way, we learned some details about the upcoming HTC One (M8) Prime. In short, we are looking at (another) stunning device from HTC.

LG among the first to be part of Android Silver, handset could have 64-bit processor


News regarding Android Silver keeps heating up. On Friday, we learned that the Nexus program (for smartphones) is presumably gone with the addition of Android Silver. And earlier today we found out that the new initiative would be launched in February 2015. Now we have some information regarding one of Android Silver’s initial devices. It will come from none other than Google’s good friend LG.

On Twitter, @evleaks shed some light on the LG handset. Specifically, he said it is “running a Qualcomm MSM8994, to be among first Silver devices.” Additionally, he noted that it is expected to be available through Sprint in the United States. What is that Sprint processor? It looks like that will be the upcoming Snapdragon 810. This is a 64-bit processor and it is not expected to be put into production until the first half of 2015. This would align perfectly with Android Silver’s February 2015 launch date.

Source: @evleaks

HTC One Remix for Verizon press render leaks


While the HTC One Mini 2 name will not be going to Verizon, the HTC One Remix will. Verizon is giving it a name change and today we have the first leaked press render of this handset. In the image above, you see the little HTC device within a case. When Big Red intends on releasing this, we do not know. Although, Verizon has really picked up the pace when it comes to adding a smartphone to its lineup.

Design aficionado Ivy Ross to head Google Glass team May 19

Ivy Ross

Google will be bringing in a new mind to head the Glass team, and she might not be what you would have expected.

Ivy Ross, who previously worked with major companies involved in design and self-branding (Calvin Klein, Swatch, Coach, Mattel, Bausch & Lomb, Gap and will be leading the project come this Monday.

She certainly brings a different angle to the project, and many would argue it’s exactly what Google needs. The search giant needs to find a way to make Glass “cool,” and Ross might be the perfect person to do that. You can expect lots of future partnerships between Google and major fashion/accessory companies, much like what we’ve seen from the partnership with the  Luxottica Group (includes Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue-Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli and Arnette).

It may take some time, but Glass will make its way to the mainstream eventually, and Ross will certainly help to speed up that process.

Source: +Google Glass

Android Silver slated for February 2015 arrival


It looks like we have about nine months to go before Android Silver absorbs the Nexus program. Google is expected to launch Android Silver in February of next year. This news comes just one day after we learned that the Nexus 6 does not exist and the Nexus program is done for.

The Nexus program was originally targeted at developers, but seems to move on to a more mainstream audience over time. Android Silver would be an initiative that has Google partnering with manufacturers to release devices that run stock Android. Google would even handle some advertising, something that a Google Play Edition device has never seen. Nexus devices get advertised, but nowhere near the amount that Samsung or even HTC puts into its smartphones.

Original HTC One (M7) Developer Edition/unlocked models receiving update

HTC One m7 update

Good news for HTC One (M7) owners — you might have thought with the release of the M8, HTC forgot about you. But now we’re receiving news that the developer edition and unlocked models of the phone are receiving a pretty large update (667 MB), including Sense 6.

However, because of the device’s hardware limitations, motion gestures and the advanced DuoCamera effects like UFocus, Foregrounder, Seasons and Dimensions Plus are not included in the update. This was expected though, because the M7 only has a single camera on the back, and does not feature a depth sensor like the M8 currently does.

Let us know if you receive an update and how it goes.

Source: @Jetleigh

HTC working on two entry-level smartphones to join the Desire family


The HTC One (M8) is a very well-respected device due to its premium build quality, but that doesn’t mean HTC will not target the entry-level market anyways. The company just announced the HTC One Mini 2 and the Desire 610 is on the way. However, that is not anywhere near entry-level.

A new leak claims that the company is working on two handsets that would join the Desire family. This is HTC’s line that has decent specifications, but clearly not anywhere near the One (M8). The two handsets are still being developed and the codenames are A1 and V2. That is all of the information we have at the moment, but we will surely learn more about these two over time.

LG G Flex 2 said to be on its way early next year


The LG G Flex is a very unique device. It has a curved display and a self-healing back panel that makes it seem like Wolverine. Some complaints included the large 6-inch display, poor screen resolution, and an iffy camera due to the lack of OIS. So people have been wondering when LG would make things right and release the LG G Flex 2. Well, you are going to have to wait a bit more.

Updated LG home screen leaks, could be used for G Pad Series tablets


An image of an updated LG user interface, specifically the home screen, leaked yesterday. Originally, it was deemed as belonging to the upcoming LG G3; however, the image was shortly pulled after. The questionable part comes in because QPair’s presence. That is an application that allows calls from an LG phone to be taken with an LG tablet. So this could actually be a leaked screenshot from the upcoming LG G Pad Series tablets. That is merely an assumption. Or it could all be a mistake and this belongs to nothing.

If this does indeed belong to an LG device, we are looking at the addition of a dedicated multitasking button. To the right of that is a button for pulling down the notification bar. You know, in case that 5.5-inch display is a little too large. Regardless, we will have some answers on May 27.

Source: @evleaks

Nexus 6 said to be nonexistent, Android Silver hinted as replacement


We have been hearing about Android Silver for some time, an initiative that would effectively replace the Nexus program. Simply put, Android Silver would have Google partnering with manufacturers to produce high-end devices that run stock Android. Today, it seems that the Nexus 5 could be the final smartphone from the program.

On Twitter, @evleaks noted that a Nexus 6 does not exist and said “Farewell, Nexus.” After that, he did say a silver lining can be found. If you are not catching on, that presumably means the Android Silver initiative does exist and will be given some light soon.

HTC’s head of communications officially announces red HTC One (M8), but only in Taiwan (for now)

red htc one

The rumors and pictures of the red variant of the HTC One M8 have been plentiful over the past few days. It was all but confirmed, as we’ve seen 3D images, leaked photos, and more. Now, Jeff Gordon, head of communications at HTC, has announced the new color for the device via Twitter.

However, it’s only in Taiwan now and we can’t promise that it’ll be leaving that market anytime soon. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t — do any of you prefer red to the gold, silver and gray colors currently available?

Source: @urbanstrata

Samsung device information leaks for upcoming S5 Prime, Mega 2, S5 Active, Gear Solo

A man walks out of Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul

Today we have a ton of Samsung information regarding new releases, colors, and availability.

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (a higher-end Galaxy S5) will have a model number of SM-G901 instead of the previously rumored SM-G906, and will come in blue, black, white and gold in Europe. It is possible that both are variants of the same phone for different markets, however.

Blue HTC One (M8) shows up for pre-order on U.K. retailer site


Earlier this week when images surfaced of a blue HTC One (M8) we wondered whether it might be a Best Buy exclusive or whether other retailers would get a chance at carrying it. At least in the U.K. that question has been partially answered after the blue version of HTC’s flagship showed up on the MobileFun website for pre-order.

The blue HTC One (M8) is listed for £549.99 ($924 USD) for the 16GB version, which is the same price as other colors of the smartphone. No availability or shipping date is provided though.

source: MobileFun
via: GSMArena

Galaxy S 5 Active benchmark confirms Snapdragon 800 and a 5.1-inch 1080p display

S5 ACtive

We’ve heard quite a bit about the Galaxy S 5 Active, but we’re finally getting a benchmark to confirm some of the specs. Like the S 4 Active, this device will share many specs with the original Galaxy S 5. There’s a 5.1, 1080p screen on board, as well as a 16 megapixel camera, but the processor will see a slight downgrade to a Snapdragon 800 instead of the 801 CPU found on the GS5. Not a huge difference, but it’s there.

There’s also 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage space, and Android 4.4.2 on board. The benchmark unfortunately can’t confirm just how waterproof and dust-resistant this device is, but considering the normal Galaxy S 5 boasts a bit of water resistance, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Samsung make this thing extremely waterproof. An announcement shouldn’t be too far off.

source: GFX Benchmark

via: SamMobile