CyanogenMod 6.1.2 now available for HTC Evo 4G

by Jesse Bauer on
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Just as you can see above, CyanogenMod 6.1.2 is available as a stable mod for the Sprint Evo 4G. As always, if you are planning on modding your Android device, please be cautious and follow these steps carefully as it could brick your phone.

Current known issues are no 4G or HDMI support in this stable release as of yet, but are being worked on. If you come across any other issues after installing, please report them here or leave us a comment below.

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XDA Provides Stable Android ROM On HD2, Ditches Build From SD Card

by Joe Sirianni on
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Who can deny that the HTC HD2 is some pretty impressive and sexy hardware for a cell phone?  The only thing that stood out like a  sore thumb was the Windows Mobile 6.5 that is illegally married to it.  Well, the next best thing to do would have been to run over to XDA and grab yourself a nice stable “build” that could be run off of your SD card.  Meaning?  Meaning, that you have to load up WinMo first, then run the build from your sd card.  Well, once again, XDA provides an escape from the daunting wait for Windows Mobile to boot up first.  Hit the break for more info and to check out the video of the install process in action. » Read the rest

Easter egg ringtone found on LG Optimus S

by Mikka Burrell on
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Apparently the programmers left behind a little something deep in the files of an Android Central forum user’s LG Optimus S device. It’s some sort of sound file that was left in the file system of the device. Other forum users have run into it while installing ROMs and the like.

Head on over to the source link to check out the sound file for yourself.

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Install Kindle Books app on a NookColor

by Jesse Bauer on
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So you have a bunch of ebooks already purchased through Amazon’s Kindle app, but you really want that sweet new Barnes & Noble NookColor running Android. What can you do? Root it! All you need is Autorooter images and either Win32ImageWriter for Windows or Mac OS/Linux tools to write the image to an external MicroSD card for use on the NookColor. Once it’s rooted, you can hit the Android Market and grab the Kindle app and install it! Pretty cool.

Also, you’ll be able to grab gmail, youtube, and several other apps that were not included on the NookColor’s rendition of Android OS, turning this little e-reader into a full color mini Android tablet, or at least close to it anyway. You can go through the walk through here to try it out.

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New Android trojan virus discovered, dubbed “Gemini”

by Dustin Karnes on
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Today, mobile security company Lookout released some information regarding a new virus found in the wild, and it’s targeting Android phones. The virus comes to us by way of China, and has been dubbed “Gemini”. The app attaches itself to legitimate applications, such as:

  • Monkey Jump 2
  • Sex Positions
  • President vs. Aliens
  • City Defrense
  • Baseball Superstars 2010

According to Lookout:

The specific information it collects includes location coordinates and unique identifiers for the device (IMEI) and SIM card (IMSI). At five-minute intervals, Geinimi attempts to connect to a remote server using one of ten embedded domain names. A subset of the domain names includes,,, and If it connects, Geinimi transmits collected device information to the remote server.

We will say this, however… this isn’t a giant threat. In order to get infected, you would have to install an sideload app from a 3rd party or Chinese Market, meaning the trojan doesn’t come to your phone by way of the official Android Market. So be careful out there, users, and always make sure your apps are coming from a legal, legit source. Lookout Mobile Security, however, has been updated to protect against the malware, so be sure to get it here if you aren’t already using it.

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Want to eavesdrop on a GSM call? Just get a $15 phone and 3 minutes, researchers say

by Dustin Karnes on
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It’s no secret that GSM phone calls, such as those made on carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, have the ability to be decrypted and listened in on. However, the fact that it can be done with a $15 phone and 180 seconds of free time? That’s a little bit more interesting. Karsten Nohl, researcher at Security Research Labs, and Sylvain Munaut, OsmocomBB project manager, recently spoke at the Chaos Computer Club Congress in Berlin about the new hack. They were able to take the audience through it, step by step, in a matter of minutes.

They say that it’s quite simple to use a $15 Motorola phone to sniff out some location data to route texts and phone calls, and then use a modified firmware to feed data into a laptop, which can then decrypt said data. Add in 2TB worth of precompiled hash keys, and the researchers were able to crack the encryption in a mere 20 seconds. Not much left to do after that, except record the live call.

For a full rundown on how the hack is executed, be sure to hit up the source link below. It’s our hope that, like any other security flaws, developers will realize the flaw, and get to patching. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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New Hardware Fix Available For Samsung Vibrant GPS Fail

by Joe Sirianni on
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Looks like the guys over at XDA aren’t just good at altering code, they can tweak hardware too!  With the major GPS fail issues going on with the T-Mobile Vibrant, someone had to do something about it.  Well, look no further, as XDA member Plato56 has begun a revolution with his new hardware GPS fix.  If you’re feeling frisky, and aren’t afraid of completely breaking down your Vibrant, then head on over to XDA, via the source link and get your tinker on. » Read the rest

Gingerbread running on MyTouch 4G via CM7 alpha builds

by Mikka Burrell on
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I know what you’re thinking…. What the hell is that device pictured above? Well, the folks over at xdadevelopers have given the myTouch 4G a taste of Nexus S Gingerbread goodness with an alpha build of CyanogenMod7.

XDA member option94 posted the first build and now he and Thatguy32404 have begun compiling builds from Team Douche’s source tree. Mind you, these are only alpha builds and as such, you are risking turning your phone into an expensive paperweight. You should have experience with flashing, booting, and the like before trying out these builds for your MyTouch 4G.

Alas, if you’re still itching for Gingerbread on your MyTouch 4G, hit up the source link below.

[via xdadevelopers]

Download: Leaked Android Honeycomb default music player app, with complete UI overhaul

by Dustin Karnes on
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Want a sneak peek at some Honeycomb goodness? Of course you do! And now, thanks to xda member johnnie93, you can have some. It looks like good ol’ Johnnie managed to yoink the default music app for Android’s yet-to-be-released Honeycomb iteration, and wants to share his wealth. The UI is smooth and slick on this author’s Evo, and the entire experience is pretty smooth. Remember, though… it’s not 100% functional, and has a tendency to force close. The great news here? You don’t even have to be rooted to install the app. Simply:

  • download the .apk
  • put the .apk on your sd card
  • use a file explorer to navigate to the .apk, tap and install

And that’s it! Be sure to hit the break for the download link, as well as to check out a gallery of screenshots, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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