Koush Shows Off Official ClockWorkMod Recovery Touch, Still Under Development

Going thorough my Google+ stream this morning I noticed  an entry from Koush, the man behind CloworkMod and CWM Tether, and boy does he have something awesome up his sleeve! As you can see in the video below, Koush is working on a new touch version of ClockWorkMod Recovery that is going to make things a heck of a lot easier, especially for the uber sensitive Galaxy Nexus.

I know that other forms of “touch” recovery are available, like TWRP from TeamWin, but Koush’s new method that he is working on will allow for swiping and tapping your selections rather than using buttons. Although Koush is teasing his new recovery method via Google+, this is still just a tease. Currently downloads are not available, and according to Koush, “there will be better graphics and whatnot later.” By that I assume the text might be a little easier to read and the UI might get a slight makeover. Whatever it ends up as, I’m sure it will be an amazing finished product. In the meantime, check out the video below and be sure to let us know what you think. Who else is looking forward to some swipe recovery action ?

Jump past the break to see it in action.
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MIUI 4 Rom Touted As Being Extremely Stable For The Galaxy S II

Who can deny again how so fricking popular the Galaxy S line is?  Especially the Galaxy S II which took the mobile market by storm both overseas and in the US.  Well, Android finatics are constantly trying to make the device even better by slapping incredible ROM’s on the device put out by the ever talented dev community. And one of the more popular ROM’s, after CM9 of course, is the MIUI (pronounced “My UI”) ROM.  The MIUI 4 ROM has been touted as being extremely stable and reliable enough to become your daily driver.  Developer adyscorpius over at XDA has put the “very stable” ROM out for the masses to grab and notes a couple of things not quite working yet.

- MIUI Themes don’t work. Create /data/system/theme to get it to work!
- Initially the permissions manager will ask for permission to Manage ROOT. Permit that.

So there you have it.  If you’re one of the proud owners of the international version of the Galaxy S II and want to spice things up a bit, give it a go at the source link below.  
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Lookout Labs Introduces Mobile Threat Tracker App

Mobile security developer Lookout is looking to further innovate internet security on our mobile devices. Using the Lookout Labs (which is how the Lookout team creates and launches new products), they’ve gone ahead and introduced the Mobile Threat Tracker. The app allows you to zoom through time and watch as thousands of sparks light up the globe; each spark represents Lookout blocking a threat to protect a real user. The Mobile Threat Tracker is essentially an interactive means of seeing the threats that Lookout identifies and catches every day. Basically, the app should answer basic questions including “are there really mobile threats?” and “how many mobile threats are there?” There’s even the ability to see the names of the top three trending threats such as week’s top threat, RuPaidMarket, masquerades as a useful app but actually sends premium SMS messages without allowing you to opt out, or letting you know that you will be charged. Sounds awful familiar, doesn’t it?

The app is only compatible with Froyo+ devices, so if you don’t have Android 2.2, sadly you’re out of luck. You can find the Mobile Threat Tracker app in the Android Market today. So be sure to grab it in the Market or using the handy QR code provided to you below.

Android Market link


[via Lookout Labs]


Download: Get The New Experiments Gmail Feature On Your Non 4.0.3 Device Now, Adds Local Indexing and Drag & Drop Contact Fields

As we all know, it’s been a couple of weeks now since we’ve seen the new Android 4.0.3 update hit devices like the Transformer Prime making it the first tab to receive the new firmware.  Subsequently, after the update we saw a few nice features and improvements to multiple applications and the UI itself.  However, it’s been discovered by the folks over at ComputerWorld that there’s a hidden little gem in the Gmail application.  A new Gmail feature has been discovered labeled “experiments“.  Sounds super duper secretive doesn’t it?    The experiments feature is basically just a few useful options Google engineers added for the user to try out but may not be necessarily “stable” by any means.  First up on the new experiments feature is “Enable Full Text Search” which is obvious right?  The feature allows you to perform a complete search throughout your threads for key words while indexing them nicely for you.  
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DROID RAZR Android 2.3.6 update (6.12.173) leaks, Install without root

From time to time leaked builds become available for certain devices. Most of the time, it’s not the final build, and we never know for sure whether or not it is. In this case the Android 2.3.6 update for the DROID RAZR is now available for you to install, and you won’t need to be rooted. The new build number is 6.12.173 and it brings you to Android 2.3.6 from 2.3.5

We’re told this build brings a LTE radio update which is probably the biggest reason to install it. You will also find some Blur enhancements along with some new bloatware like the Moto Car Finder we told you about a couple of months ago.

Instructions after the break

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Root and Push Clockwork Recovery to Your Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

If you have been wanting to root your Lenovo ThinkPad and haven’t had time, knew where to go, or were a little bit apprehensive about doing such things then today is your lucky day as we have the process all lined up for you. Heck we’ll even give you instructions on pushing ClockWork Recovery to your device as a special bonus. We’ve compiled the process from Vulnfactory and XDA and have it broken down below.

As with all rooting, your device’s warranty will be void and all responsibility if you brick your device falls on you. However if you are more than ready to root this device hit the break below to get the files and instructions needed to root and get a custom recovery onto your ThinkPad. Just FYI this only works on Windows PCs. 
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Developer Stephen Erickson Open-Sources BusyBox Installer App




If you’re a developer, a fiddler or a hacker, chances are you’ve heard about or used BusyBox. If you’re a commoner and haven’t heard about it, BusyBox is one of the most imporant tools needed to harness the true potential of your Android device. Essentially, it’s something you install on your device which gives you additional shell commands which in turn allows you to commit actions such as renaming specific files or modifying imporant files. Developer stud Stephen Erickson wants additional masses to get in on the BusyBox action by open sourcing his BusyBox installer app. In addition to installing the app on your device, BusyBox makes it easy to customize your embedded systems in the forms of ROMs or even apps, setting you well on your way to becoming the king Android developer on your block. Now this is what the Android platform is all about.

[via BusyBox Google Code by Android Central]


Sense-ICS Roms Now Surfacing for the HTC Rezound


We knew it would be only a short time before we saw ROMs popping up for the HTC Rezound after it was announced that the device’s bootloader was unlocked. While it may be some time before we see an official OTA build for Ice Cream Sandwich that hasn’t stopped developers from getting their hands on leaked images. We discussed an early build for the Sensation that was released back in December and it appears that developers are hopping all over the system.img released for the Rezound a few days ago as well. Both images show an ICS experience that is chalked full of Sense (obviously) but deep down it’s ICS.

So if you’ve unlocked your bootloader, rooted and installed a recovery hit the links below to check out ICS on the Rezound and if you’re in the market for a new Android phone, remember that the device is going for $199.99 which is a great price for a really great phone.  Hit us up in the comment section below to let us know how they run. Enjoy!

CleanROM    |    RezROM ICS



WugFresh easy root tool for the Galaxy Nexus now with more features and support for the GSM version

Remember that really cool root and unlock tool by WugFresh we showed you a few weeks ago? It’s been updated and is now at version 1.22. If you remember, this tool was only available to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but now it also supports the GSM version. So now you can unlock and root either device and flash it back to stock and re-lock it with ease, but there’s more. They added the ability to backup all your user apps, system apps, and app data. All it takes is one click to restore them. You can also flash or boot any img files you want to any partition. Last but not least, you can flash any current or future stock Android release. It still makes sense to learn how to do these things manually, but for those that want to get into modding, but are afraid to give it a try, this is definitely worth checking out.

[via droidmodderx]

CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 Now Available for HP TouchPad

A few days ago we showed you a preview we saw of the HP TouchPad running CM9. If that video had you chomping at the bit to get your taste of CM9 and Ice Cream Sandwich on the device, now’s your chance as it has been released in alpha. However it is very much an alpha build as all of the following doesn’t work:

  • Hardware Video (OMX). As a result, Netflix does not work, YouTube works only only in non-HD videos.
  • Audio is a mess. The microphone does not work. Work on the current libaudio solution has halted because we will eventually switch to a CAF libaudio.
  • Camera does not work. The only libcamera.so that we have is from froyo and its closed source. There is a wrapper for QCOM gingerbread libcamera libraries that could likely be used as a basis to get our camera working.
  • Market filters prevent some apps from being installed (this can partly solved by switching back to standard DPI settings(120, 160, 240). The current build is using 160 which fixes the market but makes everything look ugly and low resolution.
  • Titanium Backup crashes the kernel. There’s an investigation in progress…There are reports that older versions do work.
  • Most of the hardware problems from CM7 still exist in this CM9 alpha build.

So as you can see this alpha build has a lot more work to be put in but it shows promise. If you can stand the bugs and don’t mind various aspects not working hit the source to get your little piece of ICS. However I recommend using something else as your daily driver. That aside, if you’re interested check it out and let us know what you think!

[via RootzWiki]