WugFresh easy root tool for the Galaxy Nexus now with more features and support for the GSM version

Remember that really cool root and unlock tool by WugFresh we showed you a few weeks ago? It’s been updated and is now at version 1.22. If you remember, this tool was only available to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but now it also supports the GSM version. So now you can unlock and root either device and flash it back to stock and re-lock it with ease, but there’s more. They added the ability to backup all your user apps, system apps, and app data. All it takes is one click to restore them. You can also flash or boot any img files you want to any partition. Last but not least, you can flash any current or future stock Android release. It still makes sense to learn how to do these things manually, but for those that want to get into modding, but are afraid to give it a try, this is definitely worth checking out.

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CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 Now Available for HP TouchPad

A few days ago we showed you a preview we saw of the HP TouchPad running CM9. If that video had you chomping at the bit to get your taste of CM9 and Ice Cream Sandwich on the device, now’s your chance as it has been released in alpha. However it is very much an alpha build as all of the following doesn’t work:

  • Hardware Video (OMX). As a result, Netflix does not work, YouTube works only only in non-HD videos.
  • Audio is a mess. The microphone does not work. Work on the current libaudio solution has halted because we will eventually switch to a CAF libaudio.
  • Camera does not work. The only libcamera.so that we have is from froyo and its closed source. There is a wrapper for QCOM gingerbread libcamera libraries that could likely be used as a basis to get our camera working.
  • Market filters prevent some apps from being installed (this can partly solved by switching back to standard DPI settings(120, 160, 240). The current build is using 160 which fixes the market but makes everything look ugly and low resolution.
  • Titanium Backup crashes the kernel. There’s an investigation in progress…There are reports that older versions do work.
  • Most of the hardware problems from CM7 still exist in this CM9 alpha build.

So as you can see this alpha build has a lot more work to be put in but it shows promise. If you can stand the bugs and don’t mind various aspects not working hit the source to get your little piece of ICS. However I recommend using something else as your daily driver. That aside, if you’re interested check it out and let us know what you think!

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Samsung Epic Touch 4G Gets Official MIUI ROM

MIUI is one of the more popular ROMS out there. While at first one would confuse it with that of the iOS it’s so much more than that. Well until now those with a Samsung Epic Touch 4G on Sprint weren’t able to play with this ROM. In order to run this ROM you need to make sure that you are rooted. So hit the source and get your taste of MIUI. Let us know what you think.


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Notion Ink Adam Receives Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich Build, Also Teases A New Device (Video)

Well, it’s been a while but it looks like it’s officially official.  The Adam has received it’s very own Alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich.  Keep in mind with alpha this is extremely in its infancy as many of the features aren’t working yet.  Count on plenty of bugs along with the camera, 3G, USB storage, USB flash drive and light sensors not to work at this time.  In addition, the blog states that there are some video playback issues and HDMI sound bugs along with the device not waking up properly from sleep mode.  Nevertheless, ICS is on board and it’s open to the public for anyone feeling frisky.  In further Notion Ink news, the company’s blog states that they will be making some changes to the site along with an addition of a new device:

Post the mentioned public release, we will be starting another blog. It will focus only on development, and we will again see a new device coming to life. Unlike last time where the hardware was mostly done out-house, this time every resistor, IC, bus lane, etc is designed and selected on the very computer working on this blog. We will try to involve as many professionals as possible so the new blog can become a reference for new developments!

We’re looking forward to seeing what Shravan and the boys cook up so stay tuned to TA as we dig a little deeper.  In the meantime, check out the lengthy 18 min or so video of the ICS demo in action.

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Google Engineer Confirms Fiddling With Battery Stats Doesn’t Improve Battery Life

So you know those old wives’ tales about tweaking your battery stats improving your battery life? Well apparently those old wives’ tales aren’t true. In fact— Google says you’re wasting your time by fiddling around with your battery stats or using battery tweaking apps. Google’s own Diane Hackborn recently addressed this common myth and urban legend of tweaking battery stats improving your battery life:

“Today’s myth debunking:

“The batterystats.bin file in the data/system/ directory is used to maintain, across reboots, low-level data about the kinds of operations the device and your apps are doing between battery changes. That is, it is solely used to compute the blame for battery usage shown in the “Battery Use” UI in settings.

That is, it has deeply significant things like “app X held a wake lock for 2 minutes” and “the screen was on at 60% brightness for 10 minutes.”

It has no impact on the current battery level shown to you.

It has no impact on your battery life”.

This response was squarely aimed at the minority of advanced Android users who like to root their phones and tweak things they probably shouldn’t. If you want better battery life, try adjusting your brightness settings, fixing your notification settings in your apps or just buy bigger battery for your Android device (if possible). So there you have it folks.

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The CyanogenMod Team Wants You to Weigh, Do You Want a CM App Store for Rooted Apps?

I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck do we need yet another app store on our phones, what with Amazon, GetJar, and the Android Market and a slew of other apps that do this same thing. However, I think you’ll want to hear me out on this one because this proposes to be a different kind of app store. Here’s the back story.

Recently Koush, the man behind ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager, came out with a tethering app that bypassed the need for a tethering plan and one that did so without the need for root access. While there are other apps that do the same thing, Koush is known for bringing us very good software. Well it wasn’t long before carriers banned the ability to access this app in the Android Market as they did with other tethering apps. It’s those moves done by carriers that spurred this article to begin with. So here’s the deal.

Desire HD, Wildfire and Wildfire S Receive Bootloader Unlock Support by HTC

HTC has been on a quest if you will, to further support the development community by bringing the ability to unlock your phone’s bootloader. In my opinion this is a quest that more phone manufacturers should join (hint, hint Motorola). Well if you were one of the lucky ones to purchase an HTC phone after September of last year then chances are your bootloader is unlocked and if you weren’t and are stuck with an older model, fret not, as HTC is showing some love to their older devices. Yesterday the HTCdev Twitter Account announced that the Desire HD, other Desire models and both the Wildfire and Wildfire S now have Bootloader Unlock support.

As you know, unlocking your bootloader and all related problems are at your own risk as unlocking your bootloader voids your warranty. If you are up for an upgrade or are ready for a new phone I recommend the HTC Rezound as it’s now only $199.99 on 2-year contract and as HTC announced, the bootloader is unlockable leading to some pretty awesome ROMs and MODs down the road. If you don’t have Bootloader Unlock support yet keep looking on the HTCdev site because eventually your phone may see this support. Enjoy!

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Got Root? The ASUS Transformer Prime Does Now

Fast on the heels of the Asus Transformer Prime announcing its bootloader unlocked tool, the device is now also capable of being rooted.  Thanks to Asus finally listening to the masses, they are making available a new root tool to give you all Superuser access.  And thanks to the viperMod Prime Tool, only available for Windows (.exe file) at this time, the impossible has now been made possible. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t impossible as much as it was annoying, but nevertheless, we’ve got root!  However, on a side note, recall that Asus has an ICS update coming this month for the device, so you may want to reconsider rooting the device just now until the update occurs.  Whichever route you take, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.
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Get Cool Boot Animations For Your Galaxy Nexus

If you’re of the “root’n & rom’n” variety and you own a new Galaxy Nexus device, you’ve got to be loving all of the new tweaks the dev community have been accomplishing.  Latest to make its way to the device are a few cool boot animations provided by our friends over at RootzWiki.  The Bokeh animation above should be a good indication for you of how fricking cool these animations are.  Ready to give them a go?  Check out the DL links after the break along with the instructions.  Feel free to use our forum or the comments thread below if you have any issues.  We’ve provided all of the download links courtesy of RootzWiki for your convenience.  Good luck and have fun.  

CyanogenMod Gets Amazon’s Silk Browser Working on Non-Kindle Fire Devices

Though Amazon’s Silk browser may not be a perfect fit for everyone and their smartphone, you’ll be happy to know that the good folks over at XDA have managed to port the popular eReader’s new browser over to non-Kindle Fire devices.  Yep, we were thinking the same thing, these fricking guys can do anything!  And though the browser could use a few extra features, it still appears to have a decent fan base and loyal following, otherwise the dev community wouldn’t have thought it worthwhile to port over.  So far the browser has been tested on the original Motorola Atrix and the Droid X for starters.  We look forward for the extra browser alternative to hit other devices soon, so stay tuned to Talk Android.  If you’ve managed to get this working on your smartphone, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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Galaxy Nexus Gets Its Own 4G LTE Toggle Switch/Widget From Team BAMF

And the race to bring a 4G LTE toggle function to the Galaxy Nexus is well under way as Team BAMF emerges with the capability for the Galaxy Nexus device.  These are the same dev’s who brought you the toggle button for the HTC Thunderbolt.  Your device has to be rooted and it’s being touted that the function works well on most of the ROM’s available for the G-Nex.  Note that they’ve had some difficulties getting it to work properly on a stock rooted Nexus, so be cautious.  If you’re ready to check it out you can follow the simple instructions below.  

4G LTE Toggle Switch Coming To CM9 And The Galaxy Nexus?

Remember when the original Evo 4G on Sprint came with toggling capabilities to save on the constant drain of searching for WiMax?  I thought to myself “why don’t all devices have that feature?”  Well, here’s to hoping we trend in that direction.  Java coder, Android lover and avid beer drinker, @gsarrica, shows us the first signs of this capability making it into CyanogenMod9 and on the Galaxy Nexus.  Check out the video below of the toggling feature and be sure to stay tuned as to whether or not the CM team accepts the feature.  Although, we can’t see why they wouldn’t.  Feel free to leave your comments below.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Mods discovered to work on Android Counterpart

Many of the popular alternative textures and mods to vehicles and buildings in Grand Theft Auto 3 for PC have recently been found to transfer quite easily to the newly released anniversary edition for Android.In fact, one simply places  the modified  files in the  sdcard/android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/gta3/ directory (which happens to be the same directory structure as the PC version). Check out the video with some mods in action.

DroidMote Highlights Dual Analog Stick Gameplay In Grand Theft Auto 3

Who’s ready to see a new toy used for playing Android games? Sure there are already traditional controllers out there, but Android gamers love trying out new and interesting concepts aimed to help enhance the overall gaming experience. Enter the DroidMote– which is aimed at enhancing the overall experience.

The DroidMote works in an interesting way too. You’ll first need two devices. The preferred setup is a tablet and phone combination— of course you can always use a phone/phone or tablet/tablet combo, but the bigger screen on the tablet and size of the phone for controls would probably feel most natural to the vast majority of Android gamers. Whichever device you want to control will then need to be rooted and have the DroidMote Server installed. After that the DroidMote Client is then installed on the device you want to use as the gamepad and that device does not need to be rooted. Once you’re done, you map the keys and voila, you’re all set for some serious gaming. Hit the break to see the dual-analog stick action in Grand Theft Auto 3.