Android 3.2 kernel source code available, ASUS Transformer to receive update soon

When Google released Honeycomb 3.0 earlier in the year, they stated that the full source code would not be released until Ice Cream Sandwich for the fact that it was not finalized. Honeycomb has already been updated two times, so it is obvious they are attempting to get it finalized, and we know Ice Cream Sandwich should be introduced by the end of the year.

As with 3.0 and 3.1, Google released the source code for the GPL and LGPL components of 3.2, which is essentially the kernel source.

So far, the XOOM WiFi has been the only device to get the 3.2 update, but ASUS has confirmed that it will be coming to the Transformer soon as they are already testing it. Don’t worry, Verizon XOOM 3G owners, we are hearing you are next in line.

[via xda developers]

Android 101.03: Managing Your Music/Your Phone as an MP3 Player

Now that you’ve learned how to transfer files from your computer to your phone via USB this next lesson will be a cinch. You’re sick of carrying both your dedicated MP3 player around and your phone, huh? Well this lesson here will narrow down your devices in your pocket to one. You know what’s even better? You have two ways about this that you can do: Hard memory or streaming. Hit the break to read more. Read more

Motorola releases 20 tutorial videos for the Droid 3

As we reported earlier, the Droid 3 is now available online for $199 for a two-year contract or $459 without. Motorola released 20 videos to help you understand all the features. Some of these videos were leaked a month ago. For a lot of us, these videos won’t serve a lot of purpose, but I think these videos are great for the mainstream consumer, especially if they are new to Android. Here are all 20 videos for your viewing pleasure:

Using your phone for the first time:

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Want a White HTC EVO 3D? Here’s how to make it yourself

XDA user, Zoidpilot, dropped his EVO 3D which caused some damage. He decided to fix it up, and in the process he painted it white. It looks as good as if it came directly from HTC. So who is brave enough to try this?

List of supplies you will need:

  • 2 sheets of extemely fine sandpaper
  • 1 can of black primer spray paint
  • 1 can of white primer spray paint
  • 1 can of gloss white enamel spray paint
  • 1 bottle of gloss white touch up paint (just in case)
  • 1 set of paint brushes (for the just in case)
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • 1 razor blade
  • 1 box of pop tarts ( artists get hungry y’know?)

Checkout a bunch of photos after the break

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Google Maps now lets you download map data for offline use

The new update to Google Maps was released today which brought a lot of nice new features, but one additional feature is the ability to download map data for offline use. This is something we have been all waiting for. Unfortunately, you are still unable to use it for navigation, but you will be able to download a 10 square mile area for viewing anytime you do not have a data connection.

To do this you need to go into maps and hit Menu/More/Labs. The third choice down should be “Download map area.” All you need to do it tap that to enable it (you will see a check mark). To actually download an area, there are 2 ways:

1) You can search anywhere on a map and long press in the area and after the box appears, tap that and you will see “Download map area” at the bottom of the screen. Tap that and your download should take about a minute.

2) From a Place page you can tap “More options” and you will see “Download map area” at the bottom.

To access your downloaded areas, from the map screen, hit Menu/More/Cache Settings/Downloaded map areas. Select one of your download areas, and it will appear with a black square surrounding it. Only map tiles are loaded (no satellite, traffic, etc.)

[via gigaom]

Android 101.01: Installing 3rd Party Apps/Non-Market Apps

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to get an Android phone? Your friend got an iPhone, your mom told you you don’t even need a smart phone, and the weird salesman in Best Buy has been trying to sell you on Windows Phone 7. Despite all of that, you stayed true and got an Android phone. Or maybe your parents just got you one as a gift. Regardless of why you got here, you’re here. Welcome to Android 101, where I will try and help you get to better know your phone. These posts should help you delve into the vast world of Android. Topic for now? Non market apps; an important thing to learn to really let your phone loose. Hit the break to learn more. Read more

Focus on Community: Customize Sense Launcher without Root

It has long been the understanding that if you wanted to customize or mod your launcher on the Evo you would need to either root your phone to mod the Sense launcher or choose another launcher from the Market (ADW, LauncherPro, etc). What if you like Sense, you just want to change it a bit to fit you? 4×5 setup. Transparent app drawer. Nothing big, just small corrections. You know you need to root. Even worse, you’re stuck with the 4.24 OTA update for the Evo where an exploitable root hasn’t been found yet. Uh oh. Game over, right? Not exactly. Radical thinker and modder extraordinaire tommytomatoe has found a way to edit your Sense Rosie without needing root. “You can’t do that!!!” you might be thinking. Pfft. He just did that. Read more