2K Games releases NBA 2K13 for Android

For all the fans of the 2K line of basketball games, you will be happy to know that you can play 2K13 anywhere you have a device running Android 4.0 or higher. Yesterday 2K Games released NBA 2K13 on the traditional consoles, but they also released it in the Google Play Store. The game costs $8 and won’t give you the full experience you get on a traditional console, but will let you play full exhibition games as any of the 30 teams. You can also recreate legendary performances in NBA’s Greatest Games mode or play as your favorite team in  the Multiseason Mode. It uses the 2K basketball engine with controls optimized for mobile gaming. Normally I would not expect much from a game like this, Madden 12 anyone, but we will let you be the judge. Use the link or QR code after the break to check the game out in the Play Store.

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Playstation Mobile Is Officially Live For Those Who Love All Things Playstation


It’s official Android gamers— Playstation Mobile is now live. This means select Sony and other Playstation-certified Android devices will be able to access the Playstation Store in order to access all of the Playstation games and content you can handle. The cool thing too is if you’re an users of the service will only need to buy a game once— the games will be playable on any certified device or PS Vita.

Playstation Mobile is now available for users in Japan, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia. If you don’t see your country listed, don’t fret— Sony pledges additional countries will follow.


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source: PSN Stores

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution launches in the Amazon Appstore

Top Gear is one of the most favorable international shows watched in the U.S. With the continuation of the American series, the Top Gear franchise has grown much larger than its younger years of dry comedy, and average cars. It is now a hilarious supercar/ comedy special, where people who are, or aren’t car enthusiasts can unite.

Luckily the development team over at BBC has created the game, Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution, to give users their Top Gear “fix” while on the go. The game revolves around a crash-style environment, including time trial races and competetive gaming. Here are some of the features:

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X-Plane 9 now free on Google Play, flight simulator enthusiasts rejoice

Nearly everyone has tried their hand at one version of a flight simulator or another, but now one of the best flight simulators for mobile devices, X-Plane 9, is no free in the Play Store. The app features 21 scenery regions as well as 53 planes to command in addition to WiFi-multiplayer, simulated system failures, and even bird strikes.

Previously $2.99, this powerful mobile sim is now a steal thanks to its free-to-play status. This free version will give you 6 scenery regions and 10 planes. To unlock the remaining regions and planes, you will need to make an in-app purchase. Even if you’re not a flight enthusiast, I suggest heading over to Google Play and downloading this one.  Now, if only FTL would make its way to Android, my gaming library would be complete. Hit the break for full features and download links.

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Gameloft Releases NFL Pro 2013 Trailer, Indicates Game Is Coming Soon To Android Devices


While we’re already a month into the NFL season and we’ve had a couple of snafus involving officiating during games, but things are going to be just a little better for Android gamers looking to get some pigskin action on their Android devices. Gameloft has released a trailer for its NFL Pro 2013 football game. The game is expected to feature all 32 NFL franchises, allow users to customize items like the playbook and likely even the ability to perform upgrades of players and stadiums. The game is a free to play game, so there’s no word yet on the cost of each upgrade in-game, we suspect they will cost a pretty penny as the enhancements should make the game better. Fortunately, players will be able to do upgrades by way of XP (experience)— granted they have the time to play the game enough to see the upgrades.

Hopefully, we’ll see a solid Madden competitor in NFL Pro 2013. After all, a little competition doesn’t hurt and ultimately benefits us all. Hit the break to check out the trailer in all its glory.

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Rayman Jungle Run arrives on Google Play

Us Android faithful have grown accustomed to waiting for the latest apps and games to come are way, and our patience has paid off yet again. Another iOS hit has made it’s way to Android: Rayman Jungle Run.

This addictive platformer features the legend from the PS2 and Atari classic, Rayman himself. This latest iteration features detailed high-resolution cartoon graphics, fluid controls and some of the best gameplay of any game in the Play Store. If you are feeling the need for a nostalgia fix or simply need a decent game to kill a couple minutes while on the bus, pick this one up, its only $3 in the Play Store.

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