Angry Birds Space update hijacks NASA Curiosity Rover

NASA and Rovio have enjoyed a nice working relationship on the Angry Birds Space version of the blockbuster hit game. With the popularity of the Mars Curiosity Rover, Rovio stepped things up and incorporated Curiosity into the game in a big way. Curiousity has a major role in the teaser video Rovio released for this latest update. It is also incorporated into the storyline which has the Piggies hijacking Curiosity to go in search of eggs. The changelog for the update released today indicates 20 new levels on the Red Planet are now available, new challenges like volcanoes and fiery asteroids have been added, and a new astronaut pig may be found. In a nod to NASA, information about real NASA missions can be accessed if you succeed in accessing some hidden levels.

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Samsung now offering free apps for UK owners of the Galaxy Note 10.1

In a move that appears to promote the use of the slick S Pen, Samsung is offering UK owners of the Galaxy Note 10.1 the opportunity to get started right away with some free apps. All of the available apps and games have been optimized for the included S Pen including Drop the Beat, Spot the Difference, and Where is it? just to name a few.

In addition to the free apps, Samsung is also offering up free subscriptions to some of the top digital magazines and newspapers which should look excellent on the 10.1’s display. There are quite a few apps and games available spanning both Samsung’s own app store and the Google Play Store. Galaxy Note 10.1 owners can download the apps via the already included S Suggest app. Hit the break for the complete list of apps and games. Read more

Humble Bundle for Android 3 adds 4 new games into the package

Remember Humble Bundle for Android 3? It initially launched with donators receiving 4 games: Battlefield, BIT.TRIP BEAT, SpaceChem and Spirits. If you think that wasn’t great enough, 4 more games are being added into the bundle! The new games are Osmos, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, World of Goo, and EDGE. These 4 titles were actually available in the previous Humble Bundles, so if you missed out on the previous ones, now is a great time to get them. If you’ve already donated and got this bundle before today, need not worry as these titles will automatically be added for you and you can download them any time you wish.

Nothing beats an already sweet deal getting sweeter, right? If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle and how it works, check out our previous post which further explains how it works and how to get it.

source: Humble Bundle for Android 3

Gameloft’s Wild Blood Trailer Released, Coming to Android ‘Very Soon’

Gameloft just released the first gameplay trailer for Wild Blood which will arrive on Android “very soon.”  This will be the first Gameloft title based on the Unreal Engine and the bloody action-packed trailer surely doesn’t disappoint.

This second trailer is a follow up to the teaser trailer that popped up a few weeks ago. Don’t forget Gameloft has another Unreal Engine-based game in the works called, March of Heroes, but it won’t be released until sometime after Wild Blood gets released.

Gameloft gives some clues about the game on its official Facebook page and the gameplay trailer reveals a new hint about the story if you watch closely. Hit the break to check it out.

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PopCap announces sequel to Plants vs. Zombies, Available in 2013

The incredibly popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise is set to receive a sequel in 2013, according to PopCap. Earlier today, the game studio announced that the follow up to the original PvZ is slated to launch in “late spring of 2013″.   The new game will add an array of fresh features, settings, and situations that are “designed to delight the franchise’s tens of millions of fans around the world.

Plants vs. Zombies has proven to be one of the most successful games to ever launch on mobile devices. If you haven’t had the luxury of playing, Plants vs. Zombies offers a unique take on the classic tower defense genre. Instead of setting up a wall of cannons or machine guns, you must defend your backyard by using a plethora of plants. Unsurprisingly, the game can become excessively addicting at times, disappearing hours of your day at a time. If you haven’t had the chance to play the original, it’s currently available in the Google Play Store. Either way, you can catch the full press release after the break.

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OnLive releases statement regarding the companies ownership change


When a company goes through a change of ownership, it’s always important for the company to release some sort of a statement regarding the switch. The last thing the company wants is to remain silent, that may give their customers reason to doubt them. OnLive has effectively avoided a potential PR nightmare by releasing a statement regarding their change of ownership that went down this past Friday. The statement definitely eases any concerns people had with where OnLive currently stands, as well as the future of OnLive. In the statement, OnLive made it clear that the change of ownership has not affected production and development of OnLive and have, and always will, work 24/7 in hopes to continue the growth of the company.

It’s also important to remember that OnLive plays a big part in the impending release of the OUYA console due out sometime next year, thus this statement also eased many minds of the backers of the OUYA project.

You can hit the break for the full press release and a short Q&A for further information.

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Sony Teases Its Playstation Mobile Gaming Service With Screenshots Of Its Exclusive Titles


For all you obsessed Playstation gamers, Playstation Mobile is here. Well— it’s more or less a renaming of Sony’s existing Playstation Suite for Playstation-certified devices and there looks to be plenty of promise for Sony’s revamped service. Droid Gamers reports there is an ever-growing list of titles set to be available to those gamers including Tractor Trails, Twist Pilot, Tipper, Aqua Kitty, Samurai Beatdown, Underline and Beat Slider. Sony decided to tease everyone and show off a couple of screenshots of the various gameplay for the different titles and so far, everything looks good. So yes friends, fans of gaming genres such as action, strategy or platform will soon be able to your gaming fix. Of course there’s no exact date on when each game will be available, but we suspect will see everything by this fall.

source: Droid Gamers


New info on Heroes of Order & Chaos MOBA game from Gameloft, scheduled for October release

Gameloft revealed details about their forthcoming multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) game Heroes of Order & Chaos. Heroes will be a free-to-play online game in the tradition of typical MOBA games. Players will join together in teams of 3-5 players to battle other teams with the same goal – destroy the enemy’s base. Players will be able to control NPC characters as they push through the arena, destroy towers, collect loot, and help the player power up. The arena will have three major “lanes,” a river and landmarks. Read more

Cloud-based gaming service OnLive officially acquired by ‘newly-formed company’ with ‘substantial funding’

Yesterday, it was reported that the popular cloud-based gaming hub OnLive had allegedly laid off a majority of its staff and planned to file for bankruptcy. OnLive remained quiet for several hours after the initial rumor became widespread. When asked about the potential folding of the company, OnLive’s director of corporate communications refuted the claim by saying “we don’t respond to rumors, but of course not.”

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