Binary Helix Brings Open World Sandbox RPG Dangerous to an Android Device Near You

I’ve always been a fan of RPGs. In fact Mass Effect 3 has taken over a good chunk of what little time I have in the day. Well it appears that I may have to cut into some sleep time as the folks at Binary Helix have released a open world sandbox RPG set in space. That game, Dangerous. As it starts out you are pulled out of a cryo sleep a century after going in and you must figure out the truth about yourself. You could be the savior of the universe or even one of the most blood thirsty bad guys out there.

Along the way you will meet a slew of characters that include “a Universal AI, a shadow group protecting the future, a cult bent on apocalypse, a runaway princess, a schizophrenic robot, a beautiful lieutenant of the Royal Navy, a fearsome mercenary, a suicidal slave, and a playboy fighter ace.” After you finish download the secondary files you’re greeted with a title screen with an amazing soundtrack then following that is a screen with four save slots. Once you pick a save slot your universe will be generated and you’ll be good to go. The game has the following features: 
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Capcom to unleash zombies in Manchester, Bristol, and London as part of an Augmented Reality hunting celebration

To celebrate next week’s release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Capcom will unleash a bunch of Zombies onto the streets of Manchester, Bristol, and London. Don’t panic the world isn’t coming to an end, we are talking about augmented reality. To play you will need to live or physically be in the cities mentioned and download the Operation Raccoon City – UK Takeover app for either Android or iOS. Then you will simply hunt down zombies that will most likely be hiding or running around in various locations within these cities. You will of course need your phone and GPS to find them.

Right now there aren’t a lot of details, but in order to have a chance to play, you must head over to Capcom’s Facebook page (source link) to get signed up. It all starts on March 22 and should run through the weekend.

“We are all positive that Operation Raccoon City is going to be another successful branch to the franchise, enticing not only Resident Evil fans but also those new to the franchise,” Adam Merrett, Capcom’s PR manager, said.

“This real-world game is the perfect opportunity to bring the horror, drama, and edge-of-the seat gaming out into the real world. Operation Raccoon City – UK Takeover promises to be one the most memorable weekends of 2012.”

source: Capcom Facebook


Hands-On Time And New Trailer Videos With New Angry Birds Space Game

If you’re lucky enough to own one of those sexy Samsung Galaxy Note phablets, you’re about to experience yet more exclusives that the rest of us normal folk won’t. Of course you all remember how Sammy announced a special collaboration with Rovio— aka the makers of Angry Birds— to bring a special edition of the upcoming Angry Birds Space game to the Galaxy Note. If you recall, the special edition of the game was to bring an exclusive level designed specifically for the Galaxy Note and its awesome stylus pen. We’d heard about the special level, but were longing to see how the new level was designed and more importantly— how it played. Hit past the break to see some hands-on time with not only the actual gameplay on the Galaxy Note, but also a brand new cutesy, yet awesome character called Lazer Bird.
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Angry Birds Space to bring Galaxy Note level and thirty levels of “Danger Zone” for free to all Samsung Galaxy users

As we mentioned yesterday, Samsung will be showcasing the upcoming Angry Birds Space game on the Galaxy Note starting today at SXSW. We also had an idea that it’s going to be integrated with the Galaxy Note in some way, and now we can tell you what the story is.

Angry Birds Space will launch on March 22, and there will be a level exclusive to the Galaxy Note and a special package called, “Danger Zone,” will include 30 levels and will be free to all Samsung Galaxy users for a period of 3 months. If you don’t own a Galaxy device, it will be an in app purchase. Galaxy users will be able to to access the “Danger Zone” through Samsung Apps and the Google Play Store (level pack compatible above Android 2.1) for three months starting on the March 22 release date.

Samsung is also introducing a new character called Lazer Bird, and it reflects the personality of the Galaxy Note. “The bird’s lazer vision resembles the best viewing experience on the crisp and expansive screen and its lazer strike super power the high performance.”

So who’s excited for a little bird-launching in space?

Full press release after the break:

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NCAA March Madness Live App Coming to ‘Selected’ Android Devices In Time for Tourney

NCAA March Madness is about to begin and just like last year they are going to make PC, smartphone and tablet apps available so you can keep up on all the action, wherever you are. Formerly March Madness on Demand, the new app, March Madness Live, should be available in Google Play for “selected” Android devices before the tournement gets under way on Monday, March 13th. The app will run $3.99 but will give you access to a slew of cool features such as:

  • High quality live streaming video of every game
  • Video highlights of every game
  • Live radio broadcasts of every game
  • Schedules
  • Live scoring and stats
  • Live tournament brackets
  • NCAA Bracket Challenge game
  • My Channels
  • Social Arena

Those are just a few of the features you get for $3.99 and any basketball fan will love this app. Keep your eyes peeled for its release because we should see it over the next few days. Jump past the break to see the full press release. 
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Samsung Is Not Unveiling the Rumored 11.6-inch Tablet Tomorrow, But Instead Opting For Angry Birds Space

We already know that Samsung has plans to make an announcement tomorrow at SXSW and there is a rumor going around about a 11.6-inch tablet that unfortunately is not true. According to a press release we recently received, tomorrow’s announcement is much less exciting than a new HD tablet from Samsung. Samsung is teaming up with Rovio for the (2nd) official unveiling of Angry Birds Space, and the two are also going to provide exclusive content for the Galaxy Note once the game is released on March 22nd. There will also be Galaxy Note’s on demo at the SXSW Samsung booth for attendees to get an early hands-on with the game and a chance to win prizes.

This is a far cry from the unveiling of an 11.6-inch tablet, but just for the heck of it why don’t I tell you about this rumored tablet anyway. Apparently Samsung has a new tablet they have been hiding up their sleeve and the rumored specs are nothing to scoff at. Given that the new iPad was just announced yesterday, this would have made for perfect timing as this new Sammy tablet would put the new iPad to shame. Now before you go saying 11.6-inches is too big, get a load of this. The 11.6-inch tablet is said to have a whopping 2560 x 1600 screen resolution, higher than the new iPad, and a density close to 260ppi. And because the bezel surrounding the screen is so slim, it’s said that the tablet’s dimensions aren’t much larger than the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Other believed specs include a 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor and will run Android 4.0. This isn’t a long shot for Samsung as they already have a 11.6-inch windows tablet, the Series 7 Slate. Now the question is when will we get to see this thing if not tomorrow?

What do you guys think, could you dig a tablet like this? Jump past the break to see the underwhelming press release.

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NASA Makes Official Angry Birds Space Announcement… From Space

Today Rovio aired the new trailer for their Angry Birds Space game, and what better place to film than the International Space Station, 240 nautical miles above the earth. NASA astronaut and physicist, Don Pettit, gives us a glimpse at what the new game is going to look like with interplanetary gravity fields at play. By the looks of the trailer, this new game is going to take some serious getting used to and a basic knowledge of physics may actually help. The bird’s flight path will be straight until it enters a planets gravity field, only then will gravity take in to effect. I don’t want to give too much away before you see the video but the Rovio team obviously put some serious thought into this one and Angry Birds Space is going to be totally unlike any other game from the series. It’s gonna be out of this world, man!

Angry Birds Space will launch from the Google Play Store on March 22nd and isn’t going to be limited to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Jump past the break to check out Rovio’s galactic announcement. 
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Google to Combine Existing Gaming Platforms and Google+ Into One Unified Platform

Google+ Product Manager Punit Soni promised today, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, that Google will combine it’s multiple gaming platforms into a single unified platform, making developers’ lives much easier.

“By next year, we will not be here talking about Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android games. We will be talking about Google games.”

Doing this will give developers a much larger audience to target, making developing for Google more lucrative. Technically, this will entail using technologies such as HTML5 and Google Chrome Native Client, which enables browser games to take advantage of 3D graphics hardware, for easier and higher performing cross-platform compatibility.

Google+ will serve as the social layer supporting and helping games get noticed. With already more than 100 million active monthly users spending more than one hour a day on the site, Google+ will certainly attract gaming companies. Game developers are excited to have a Facebook alternative, but want Google to provide more promotional opportunities for their games. Google is starting to do this already with a new notification system to promote games to your Google+ circles.

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Angry Birds Seasons: Cherry Blossom Festival! Update Hits Google Play

Ahh, is it that time of season already?  Rovio is keeping it going strong with their latest iteration to the Angry Birds franchise.  The company has updated their Spring version of the game, Cherry Blossom Festival in preparation for the upcoming season.  So, while we’re all still waiting for Angry Birds Space to hit the ground running on a device that is not the Galaxy Note, here’s a little something to take the edge off.  The Spring time app will offer the Cherry Blossom and Japanese themed game with fifteen standard levels and two bonus levels that are hidden.  And there doesn’t appear to be an intro to any new birds that we can see in case you were wondering.  They’re saving those for Angry Birds Space which we could see on or around March 22nd.  Fingers are crossed.  Feel free to leave a comment or two below and don’t forget to take some pigs and kick some names for us.  
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