Official Steam Application hits the Android Market in closed beta

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the official Steam App, the ultimate online gaming platform, to come to Android. We’re ever so close as they just released the app in the Android Market. Don’t go too crazy yet because although you can download it, you will find that it’s in closed beta. If you’re a fan of steam, you should probably go ahead and download it anyway because you will be the first to know when the app gets updated and possibly moves out of beta, or at least closed beta. Download links below.

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Spacetime Studios will bring Vampire themed Dark Legends to Android this quarter

When it comes to massively multiplayer online (MMO) games on Android, no one does it better than Spacetime Studios, creators of Pocket Legends and Star Legends. They just announced their next epic will be Dark Legends, which will will all about embracing the secret societies of vampires and fighting off the undead, werewolves, demons, and humans. They plan on releasing it on Android, iOS, and Chrome sometime this quarter.

Spacetime Studios is promising a much deeper focus on the narrative. Players will have the option to complete quick action missions as well as being involved with the traditional story communicated during the multiplayer missions. Basically, players will experience the life of a vampire up-close and personal.

They haven’t released any pictures or video teasers yet, but we will let you know as soon as they do.

Full press release after the break:

Microsoft Aiming To Get Xbox Live Games On “Other Platforms”

More word of Xbox Live trickling down to other platforms is on the rise as a Microsoft spokesperson has acknowledged they realize some are playing their games elsewhere.

“While the Xbox Live experiences and games always work best on the Windows platform, we understand that some Xbox fans may be using other types of devices”.

“To satisfy that need, we are working to extend a few of our Xbox experiences and titles to other platforms.”

While they didn’t flat out say “Android” or “iOS”, one would only hope that they would target two of the biggest platforms out there.  Stay tuned Xbox fanatics as we aim to deliver the scoop once and if the application becomes available for Android.

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Run over to the Android Market for Sonic 4 Episode 1

Sega brings more Sonic to Android with the release of Sonic 4 Episode 1, a continuation from Sonic CD.
In this version you can look forward to the  following:

  • 2 Exclusive Levels – Two exclusive levels build specifically for smartphones using the accelerometer.
  • New Moves – All of Sonic’s classic moves are available, including the newer Homing Attack which will add a new level of control and excitement.
  • Classic Sonic Stages – Race through 4 unique zones containing 4 acts each as well as 7 special stages.
  • Special Stages Return – A staple of the Genesis-era games, the special stages return allowing fans to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and unlock Super Sonic.
  • Revamped Classic Boss Battles – Dr. Eggman returns with new and improved mechas and will go berserk when he accumulates damage.
Sonic CD was a success and it looks as if Sonic 4 is going to be as well. However, we personally have experienced some technical difficulties. For instance the game hangs on the Galaxy Nexus as well as the Transformer Prime. Even more peculiar is that we had it up and running on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with an ICS ROM, but were incompatible as far as the market was concerned when trying it on another Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Honeycomb 3.2. Hopefully Sega can get Sonic past these initial speed bumps quickly.

Get Gameloft’s Asphalt 6 for free through GetJar Gold

GetJar has been adding to its library and giving away free premium apps to attract customers. The latest partner to their library is Gameloft and to commemorate the partnership today they have been giving away Asphalt 6 Adrenaline for free. Asphalt 6 is one of the top racing games on Android so if you haven’t already shelled out for it, get it here for free. Press release after the break.

Gameloft and Verizon to Bring Voice Over LTE for Multiplayer Gaming

Gameloft and Verizon have recently announced plans to revolutionize Android gaming that could potentially change the game (pun intended). Plans are in action to enable in-game voice chat over Verizon’s 4G network that will work much similar to online gaming on Xbox and PS3 consoles.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Verizon to illustrate the potential of in-game voice chat and multiplayer over the 4G LTE network,” said Baudouin Corman, vice president of Publishing for the Americas at Gameloft. “Gameloft seeks to provide gamers with a complete mobile gaming experience and feels that these features are at the forefront of the platform’s future.”

According to the demo at this years CES, only three gamers are able to play and talk at the same time but I imagine that will change once the technology gets perfected a bit more. If you are anything like me and like to play online multiplayer games, then you know how important this feature can be and that it will take more than three people to be completely effective. To see how this is going to work, jump past the break to check out the short demo video and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Now if Verizon would just activate voice over LTE we’d be set!

Counter-Strike Esque Like Game Comes to Android Devices

If you were a huge fan of the popular FPS (First Person Shooter) hit PC game, Counter-Strike, we’ve got some good news for you.  The hit game has made its way to an Android device near you and takes many of its design ques from the original game.  However, this game is a more of a port as it was built from the Unity 3D tool.  The game is a near exact replica as far as game play goes.  You’re either a terrorist or a counter-terrorist.  Plant bombs, diffuse them or just flat out kill the entire opposing team.  Counter-Strike Portable, as it’s called, is a cross-platformed multi-player game also offering options to play on both Facebook and Kongregate for those looking to get their game on in their browser.  The game is also available as a native app on your Android device.  Devices running Android 2.0-2.2, there’s the 5-series application and for devices running Android 2.3 or higher there’s the 6-series app.  Keep in mind the game is still in its early phases but is coming along rather well.  If you experience any bugs feel free to pass it on to the dev so as to improve the overall game play.  If you want to give it a go, simply point your browser towards the source link and have at it.  Xperia Play owner?  Guess what?  It’s optimized for your device too.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Check out the screen shots below along with a quick video demo after the break.

Get Android Game Recommendations From Over 250,000 Games With the Hooked App

With Android gaming popularity on the rise, it’s becoming harder and harder to find games that you are interested in with the flood of new daily releases. That’s where the Hooked app comes in. Hooked is an Android app that searches a database of over 250,000 games and provides “personalized game recommendations based on each users’ game preferences and ratings”.

Hooked runs off of a proprietary algorithm based on your previous game rankings and the more rankings you create, the better the recommendations. Hooked CEO Prita Uppal, explains the app like this:

“As the number of games in the Android Marketplace continues to rapidly increase, it is getting harder and harder for consumers to find the games that best fit their interest. The Hooked app is an easy-to-use resource that will help gamers find the ‘hidden gems’ in the Android Marketplace and deliver compelling content that until now was not receiving the attention it may have deserved.”

Also equipped with social integration, Hooked allows users to recommend games to friends on Facebook and Twitter. I haven’t yet had the chance to try out this app so if you end up giving it a whirl, be a pal and let us know what you think! If you want to read the whole press release that contains all of the apps additional features, jump past the break.

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Namco: “Freemium” Games Hurt Quality, Do Gamers Really Need Them?


There’s no doubt about the impact of gaming in our society today. Much of pop culture and our social lives are impacted by gaming to a certain extent. Angry Birds went from being a small app to a pop culture reference in the form of mentions from celebrities and clothes with Angry Bird characters being sold in designer stores now as noteworthy examples. We see celebrities and famous figures discuss how they play Modern Warfare or Grand Theft Auto and the impact it’s had on their lives’, which in turn affects our lives. Let’s face it, we play games on our Android devices. What once was an afterthought because of our Sony PSPs, Nintendo DS systems, Xboxes— is now very much status quo and the norm to even the average and simplistic Android user.

The continuous advancements from the development of games allows for users to have respectable Android gaming experience at the very least. One significant thing about the Android platform is the significance of the choice of apps that users want to use: paid apps or free apps. This is especially relevant with gaming on Android. The Android platform caters to two main categories of Android gamers: the recreational gamer and the hardcore gamer. The recreational gamer (and even Hardcore gamers to a certain extent) can enjoy popular gaming series such as Angry Birds, Words With Friends and Shoot The Apple, at no cost to them generally speaking. The hardcore gamer can enjoy such games as Modern Combat 3, Grand Theft Auto III, Madden ’12 and Need For Speed just to name a few, for a premium price that is more than reasonable especially with the vast amount of content included in the various games. There’s a consensus that both gamer types love seeing games that are free, especially when they are free games that look and play at a high level. Knowing that, there’s a troubling trend growing among developers of Android games found in the Market— the “Freemium” model. Read on to find out why this is not only a bad practice among developers, but why it turns me as a gamer off to certain games, even if they look and feel great.

Brass Monkey Raises $750k In Seed Financing, Looks To Turn Android Devices Into A Wii-Type Controller For Browser Games

While using your Android device as a controller is nothing new, Small development company Brass Monkey has just made a potential breakthrough. They developed and released SDKs for Android and iOS devices not too long ago which allowed those devices to act as a remote controller for Flash-based, Unity3D-based and desktop games and apps. There was some understandable excitement generated at the idea of using your device as a sort of Wii-type controller, but there was one problem– there was no support for being able to play games on a web browser until now. Brass Monkey has officially enabled the ability to play games right through your browser.

It works in a pretty straightforward manner too. Using the brilliant mind of Francois Laberge of Emotely, Brass Monkey developed the necessary technology to convert devices into controllers and run games on the browser using HTML5 for both the interface and communication layers (with HTTP and WebSockets). That means Brass Monkey has turned browsers like Safari, Firefox or even Google’s own Chrome into virtual gaming consoles that work with your device and turn it into a controller. Moreover, the same SDKs Brass Monkey released to developers includes the ability to create games similar to those from Wii, Xbox, and PS3 consoles. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Of course this technology is still quite young and needs to be developed further. Brass Monkey realizes this and has announced it has raised over $750,000 in seed financing from various investors. Also, it’s development efforts have not gone unnoticed. It was after all a finalist in the 2010 MassChallenge which is a competition for networks and startups. CEO Chris Allen is excited about the direction of the company and has since announced an Android version is in the works and will arrive to devices by March, while there is an iOS version out now. How many of you all will be trying out this cool concept? Be sure to sound off in the Comments section below and let us know what you think of the cool technology.

[via Tech Crunch]

Penguin Palooza Comes To Android Thanks To Polarbit and Pixelbite, Another Great Physics Puzzler (Video)

Having been playing Sprinkle for Android non-stop, I seem to be all about the physics puzzler lately.  And damn if this one doesn’t look cool too.  Two of the industries most influential entities have teamed up to bring you an Android instant classic.  From the makers of Reckless Racing, Publisher Polarbit teams up with game studio Pixelbite to bring you this crazy penguin packed pass-time, Penguin Palooza.  The object of the game is to assist the flightless birds across a chasm set with various obstacles in an effort to hinder your quest to reach an ancient breeding ground.  We can’t have that now can we?  A bird has to do what a bird has to do, if you know what I mean.  In your journey to reach the breeding ground, there’s only one way to get your penguin safely across the chasm, and that’s to draw a trampoline under them just in time to bounce them along.  The game will run you 99¢ but is well worth it for the fun you’ll gain.


  • Palooza, VS and Challenge game modes
  • Physics-based trampoline action
  • Head to head battle on one device
  • GameCenter leaderboards and achievements
  • 36 challenges and hours of fun

Check out the quick demo along with a few screen shots below and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Enjoy.  Download links are after the break.  

SteelSeries Announces Ion, A Bluetooth Gaming Controller You Can Easily Put In Your Pocket

As popular as Android gaming has become, it’s no shock that the company SteelSeries wanted to make a gaming controller that you can comfortably put in your pocket. The new SteelSeries Ion gaming controller is just that. It works off of Bluetooth technology and is no larger than a deck of playing cards (18mm), yet maintains all the functions you would find on a PS3 controller. Sounds pretty cool for the more serious gamers out there, or those who simply don’t like playing with touchscreen controls.