Square Enix officially announces Tegra 3-optimized Demons’ Score

Square Enix just posted their presser announcing their upcoming Tegra 3 -optimized title, Demons’ Score. It’s a breakbeat action game that seemlessly fuses music and battles and it was developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 to produce high-quality 3D graphics.

“What’s more, the soundtrack has been composed by a number of musicians renowned in the Japanese music industry including Kohei Tanaka, known for his work on the Sakura Wars series, and Yoko Shimomura, whose accomplishments include work on the Kingdom Hearts series.”

The premise is Serenity is just your average college girl, but when her father goes missing, she sets out to find him at the lab facility where he works. All Hell breaks loose when she lays hands on the Demons’ Score, a mysterious program that allows her body to be possessed by various demons. Where did her father disappear to? What’s the mystery behind the Demons’ Score? Serenity’s battle begins with the thunderous tunes of Hell!

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NVIDIA showcases five upcoming Tegra 3-optimized games at E3

E3 just kicked off a few minutes ago and our friends at NVIDIA are showcasing 5 big time TegraZone games at their booth. All five are Tegra 3-optimized, which make them console-like quality. The first is Dead Trigger (pictured above), which we told you about last week. It’s a First Person Shooter and it’s your job to take down all the zombies. The Tegra 3-optimized version provides effects like enhanced water, specular lighting, volumetric fog and ragdoll physics. It should be available by the end of this month.

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Nyko and NVIDIA announce new Tegra-optimized gaming controllers for Android devices

One segment that I see a lot of growth in over the next year is gaming controllers for tablets and smartphones. I think a lot of consumers just don’t understand that they can actually use one, and sometimes it can be complicated to get certain controllers working with rooting and all that good stuff that leaves mainstream consumers in the dust. NVIDIA has been touting console-like experiences with Tegra games and in order for that to happen game controllers need to become more mainstream.

Well NVIDIA has teamed up with gaming peripheral manufacturer, Nyko Technologies. They just announced two new controllers, the PlayPad Pro and PlayPad. These controllers are optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra mobile chips including the mighty Tegra 3 quad-core. By working with NVIDIA, Nyko can ensure both controllers will be compatible with games in the TegraZone.

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EA Sports Madden NFL 13 to support Mobile Device Management of your football teams

In less than four months we will be sitting in front of our favorite TV, or at our favorite sports bar on Sunday waiting for the kick-off of the first games of the 2012 NFL Season. Also, don’t forget, right about now you’re probably getting your invites to your regular fantasy football league’s (I know I’ve got at least one league invite waiting). So to round it all off, we now need to prepare for EA Sports Madden 13, coming soon. With this latest release of Madden will come a new feature, the ability to manage your teams by way of your Android phone or tablet. We don’t know the full details right now, but we can assume that managing a team would include: Trades, line-up changes and more. What makes this new feature more than welcome? Throughout our work day, if you have a change in mind for your team, without a second thought you can pull out your mobile device and make the management decisions required. This will free up time for gameplay when you power up that PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or even the PS Vita, as the changes will be pushed to your account and you’ll be all set. So stay tuned and get ready for the latest offering from EA Sports, Madden NFL 13.

source: droidgamers

PlayStation Suite becomes PlayStation Mobile, HTC officially certified

When Sony introduced the PlayStation Suite a little over a year ago, their plan was to have other manufacturers jump in. So far the adoption has been slow, but HTC is one company that sees a benefit in getting PlayStation Certified. We heard rumors about this a few months ago, but it was just officially announced that HTC is now onboard. HTC might not be the biggest presence when it comes to Android, but they’re definitely a major contender. This deal can only help Sony get the PlayStation experience to more devices in the coming months. We can expect to see HTC One customers benefit from this deal.

Sony also announced that the PlayStation Suite has been renamed to PlayStation Mobile. This change reflects the fact that Sony is now positioned to bring the PlayStation experience to many mobile devices with this HTC deal along with other developers and publishers.

Full press release after the break

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Gameloft announces Amazing Spider-Man for Android

Marvel’s Spiderman franchise is all set for a big screen refresh when Amazing Spider-Man hits the theatres. Not to be outdone by Hollywood, the gaming industry will be covered too as Gameloft has announced that Amazing Spider-Man will be swinging its way to a smartphone near you around the same time as the movie release.

Specific details are scarce at the moment however with the movie set for a box office debut on July 3rd, we surely won’t have to wait long to find out more. In the meantime you can check out the press release from Gameloft after the break.

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More Details On Microsoft’s SmartGlass, Still Strongly Aims To Be The Ultimate Media Hub In The Living Room

Why in the heck are we reporting news on Microsoft?  Good question.  As we briefly touched upon a couple of days ago, in an attempt to integrate seamlessly several media outlets through the medium of one device, your Xbox 360, Microsoft has brought to the table “SmartGlass”.  What is SmartGlass?  It’s quite a few services, features and benefits rolled up into one package.  For starters, it can be considered an application.  An app that allows your phone and tablet to be transformed into another screen, an extension if you will, for your television as well as a game controller and Internet access tool.  The feature will work with iOS, Android and of course, Windows, giving great flexibility and squashing for the most the necessity to go out and purchase a new device for compatibility.  Using your 360 console, your tablet, phone and even PC becomes a multi-screen companion for your convenience and at your fingertips.  For example, the company demo’d Game of Thrones on the TV via the Xbox, a SmartGlass enabled tab was showing a map of Westeros and other pertinent info related to the show.  In addition, the content itself can either be pushed from the PC, phone or tab to the Xbox or from the Xbox to the TV set.  SmartGlass seamlessly integrates all devices to work together to enhance the media experience.  Furthermore, in addition to these avenues , gaming was taken to another level as the company demo’d how the user could use the tab as a playbook while playing Madden on the 360 console.  The company is also reportedly adding Internet Explorer to the Xbox and will allow you to use your Android smartphone as a mouse.  Yes, a mouse I said.  This will allow you to surf the mighty web on the big screen using the smartphone as a mouse to navigate.  As most who follow Microsoft know, it’s no hidden agenda that the company aims to make their Xbox 360 the center hub to control all of your media, thus transforming your living room experience with their product at the helm.  It will be the hub that powers all, so to speak.  Only time will tell how the product ultimately pans out and whether or not Android devices will integrate into the mix with little effort.  Stay tuned and as we find out.  Feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

source: Gizmodo


Demolition Inc. incoming for non-Tegra devices

We gave you the heads up back in April that Demolition Inc. had arrived for Tegra devices by way of the Tegra Zone. Gaming developer Zeroscale Games has today made the addictive, physics based, destructive cavalcade available to the wider Android market.

Check out the full list of features and if that teases out your destructive side you can pick the game up for £1.59 ($1.99) by clicking the links below.

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NVIDIA Gives More Details Of Its Upcoming KAI For Budget-Friendly Tablets

It’s no secret that NVIDIA (and Android fanatics in general) are eager and excited about its upcoming KAI platform for tablets. We saw as recently as a few weeks ago how NVIDIA envisioned bringing premium quality to tablets for modest and reasonable prices, yet NVIDIA was rather vague and general about the concept and its intentions for Android consumers. That’s why it took the time to expand on the basic premise of what KAI is and why it will be important for any and all Android users. To begin, NVIDIA makes it completely clear that it’s not easy to bring a budget tablet device to the marketplace:

“The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult to manufacture a low-cost tablet at all, even with a compromised experience – one marked by poor performance, previous-gen display capabilities, mediocre battery life, discouraging touchscreen responsiveness, lack of apps, and low-quality build. Building one that’s satisfying and profitable is a whole other matter”.

That very reason is the basis of the KAI platform. NVIDIA got to thinking and wondered if it’s possible to bring its high-performing Tegra 3 chip, while keeping costs as low as possible for tablet devices. Well NVIDIA researchers found a way to bring its Tegra 3 technology for budget friendly tablets. In essence, the Tegra 3 is the “blueprint providing the basis for future low-cost tablets with a premium experience that consumers will be able to buy” for KAI-based budget tablets. That means that eventually, users will be able to use the Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor (and its 4-PLUS-1 architecture and battery-saver core) in a variety of options and configurations such as NVIDIA’s own reference unit— which is a modest 7-inch tablet. NVIDIA also confirms that KAI technology will be found in many resolutions and sizes of Android tablets.

NVIDIA doesn’t have much more for the Android community for now, but urges everyone to “stay tuned” to see what it and partner manufacturers are cooking up their sleeves. Looks like it will soon be time to finally splurge on a budget-friendly tablet device, right?

source: NVIDIA blog

ASUS And BlueStacks Team Up To Bring Android Apps Preinstalled On ASUS PCs


BlueStacks and ASUS are about to embark on a major collaboration which will entice more than the average PC user. So what does this major collaboration entail you ask? Well if you recall, we had mentioned to you earlier in the year that BlueStacks would be bringing Android apps to PCs. The beta has not only brought Angry Birds to desktop users, but massive buzz and appeal. Well ASUS caught wind of that and decided to bring BlueStacks on board to work with its asus@vibe unit. Essentially, the new collaboration will bring specific asus@vibe Android apps too the entire line of ASUS products including the Eee PCs, notebooks and desktop PCs. So this means that if you plan on owning an ASUS-brand PC in the near-future, you can look forward to seeing Android apps being preinstalled on your computer, courtesy of BlueStacks. BlueStacks is more than excited about the collaboration too. Here’s President and CEO Rosen Sharma offering some words on the partnership:

“ASUS has created a phenomenal software experience on PCs. Launching with ASUS at Computex 2012 solidifies BlueStacks’ leadership position as the sole provider of apps for consumer electronics and PC manufacturers worldwide. Our strong portfolio of apps from top developers, combined with our unique monetization engine makes this a revenue-generating opportunity for PC OEMs. This is a winning proposition for the entire PC ecosystem. App developers who have already built for Android can now just run their apps on Windows PCs through BlueStacks. We’ve done the heavy lifting for the benefit of all.”

 For now, users of this will get free access to the asus@vibe Android apps for 6 months, though there’s no word on specific pricing after that. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a pinch in your penny. We know you’re itching to get more details, so be sure to hit the break to get a gander of the full details of this new collaboration. Read more