OUYA possible acquisition target for Razer


There is no hiding that OUYA has struggled since its launch in 2013. The Android-powered video game console, despite raising $8 million in a Kickstarter campaign, has struggled to be a hit with consumers and the company failed to repay investors that helped bring the product to life. Among the investors is Alibaba who made a $10 million investment as recent as January. Julie Uhrman, OUYA’s chief executive officer, sent an internal memo to employees in April stating that being sold is the only way to solve their problems.

OUYA could finally be acquired soon as another company in the gaming industry has been involved in negotiations.

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Star Wars: Uprising game coming to Android devices soon

Star Wars: Uprising Poster

Kabam RPG Studio has teamed up with Lucas Films and the Walt Disney Company to create “Star Wars: Uprising,” an upcoming game on mobile devices.

The game will “introduce a new chapter of the Star Wars™ universe that will illuminate dramatic events in the Anoat Sector, inclusive of Hoth and Cloud City, following the Battle of Endor and the death of the Emperor,” according to a release.

The RPG will immerse players in the Star Wars universe during a unique time following the fall of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

Although there is no set date for the app’s official release, users can pre-register to receive a beta rollout in the coming weeks.

Hit the break for the full presser and the app’s promotional video.

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Terminator Genisys: Revolution now available


Competing against a host of other franchise movies coming out this summer, the companion game for Terminator Genisys managed to score some points as the first app listed in the Google Play Store for pre-registration. Terminator Genisys: Revolution first popped up almost a month ago with a “Pre-register” button that enabled users to sign up to be notified of the game’s availability. That time has come as developer Glu has released the title for installation on Android devices. Read more

On your mark, get set…Yak Dash


Fans of side-scrolling racing games have a new title available in the Google Play Store for their amusement. Yak Dash: Horns of Glory from Mutant Labs is inspired by traditional Tibetan yak racing as players mount up their steeds and take on 17 levels of racing courses on four different mountain ranges. Like most titles in this genre, the racing is spiced up with a variety of challenges that can help you and your Yak to victory. Read more

Is Nintendo looking to Android for its next video game console?


There is a possibility that the next video game console released by Nintendo is powered by Android. The upcoming hardware, known internally as NX, would take advantage of the third-party developers support that Google has cultivated with its operating system. Nintendo would also seek to bring together phones, tablets, and other form factors if Android becomes the backbone for its “dedicated gaming system.”

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NVIDIA game development tools expand to all Android devices


Capitalizing on the attention Android is getting this week thanks to Google I/O 2015, NVIDIA has been busy with some announcements about new hardware and now, software as well. Yesterday NVIDIA officially started selling their Android-TV based NVIDIA SHIELD console. Today, they announced a new suite of developer tools called NVIDIA AndroidWorks that will be available to all Android platforms, not just those powered by Tegra processors.  Read more

Minecraft Pocket Edition getting update full of cool things this week


Developer Mojang has announced an update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition on all mobile platforms, Android included, will be submitted to the app stores for Google, Apple and Microsoft this week. Mojang is highlighting a new “skins” feature, probably because it includes an in-app purchase option, but there are a bunch of other wacky updates and new features included. Read more