‘Age of Empires: World Domination’ launches on the Play Store in select countries

age of empires logo

Microsoft’s Age of Empires: World Domination is finally seeing a launch on Google’s Play Store, although only in a few countries at first. The app is free to play and has many real time strategy elements, much like the original AoE installments.

World Domination was developed by KLab Games and has a ton of features in tow, including limitless customization, over 100 heroes, and what’s supposedly a well-designed interface and control scheme to take advantage of touch screens. That last part is important, as I can’t really imagine that playing an older Age of Empires game would be fun on a 5-inch touchscreen. Read more

Google introduces Trial Run Ads that allow users to test out an app without installing it

google trial run adsGoogle has introduced a new way for users to test out apps that pop up in search results without actually having to take the time to install and run the application. Roughly 25% of app installations never actually get touched (I’m guilty of that myself) so Google is looking into new ways to try and get users engaged with the application before it ever hits their phone. Read more

Verizon managed to make a fully functional smartphone in Minecraft

verizon smartphone minecraftThere’s no shortage of insane creations in Minecraft, but it looks like Verizon might have just made the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in the block building game. Verizon’s engineers managed to build an actual, working smartphone in the game, complete with a web browser and the ability to make video calls to people in the real world. That’s significantly cooler than the wooden huts I usually build in Minecraft. Read more

Google announces their Best of 2015 picks from the Play Store


With December now showing up on everyone’s calendars, it means we are getting ready to bring another year to a close. That means it is time for companies to start sharing the reviews and picks of what they thought was the best of 2015. Google is getting an early jump by releasing their “Best of 2015” lists of items available through the Play Store including apps, games and entertainment titles. Read more

Kickstarter project shoots to bring AdventureQuest 3D to all devices


A Kickstarter project is trying to bring an online 3D version of MMORPG hit AdventureQuest to your computer device no matter what it may be. Like the original Flash game, AdventureQuest 3D is set in a fantasy world populated by monsters and magic. One of the goals of this latest version though is to make it cross-platform so that players can access their character and the fantasy world regardless of the device they happen to be using – smartphone, tablet or PC. Read more

‘Zooshi’ from Fun Propulsion Labs showcases open source game development


Within the Google organization, there is a group of employees working to build sample games that demonstrate how available technologies can be used by game developers to create easy-to-build, performant, cross-platform games. This group comprises the Fun Propulsion Labs and their most recent creation, which supports Google Cardboard, has been released to the Play Store as Zooshi. Read more