Xaiomi releases Millet Bluetooth gamepad controller for only 99 Yuan


Xaiomi is on an ambitious path as a major manufacturer in a variety of electronics categories. Part of their success has been due to the low price points they set for solid hardware. Their latest release is no different as they are now selling a game controller for only 99 Yuan ($16 USD). The Millet Bluetooth handset has a classic Sony PS4 shape to it and supports the usually array of buttons, 4-way rocker switches, and 360-degree sticks.
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Humble Bundle Mobile 10 is now live


Today is a good day for mobile gamers as the tenth Humble Bundle Mobile is now live. This one includes Buddy & Me, Lyne, and Doodle Kingdom. You can pay whatever you want and get all these games or if you pay more than the average of $3.82 (at the time of this post), you will get three bonus games. They are Sorcery! 2, King of Dragon Pass, and OTTTD. And don’t forget that they will add a couple of more games at a later date that you will get too.

Per past practice you can choose where your money goes. That can be one or any combination of Humble Bundle, the developers, the Extra Life / Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, or the World Land Trust.

source: Humble Bundle

WWE Immortals brings the ring to Android devices in supernatural ways


Tune into WWE programming on a weekly basis and you will see some of sports entertainment’s finest performers putting on a show for the thousands of people in attendance and the millions watching around the world. The company is reaching for a mobile audience with its WWE Immortals game released this week for Android devices. The game transforms WWE’s finest into supernatural characters with abilities you would expect from Mortal Kombat. It has touch-based controls in 3-on-3 matchups. WWE Immortals features many wrestlers from the past and present including John Cena, The Undertaker, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and The Bella Twins. Wrestlers have their own unique moves and abilities. Players can upgrade as they progress through the game.

Hit the break for the trailer, gallery, and download links.

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Hunt for the Mask of Creation in new LEGO BIONICLE game


Small brick-maker LEGO is back with a new game to start 2015 off, this time bringing the universe of their BIONICLE line to Android gaming. The new LEGO BIONICLE game gives players the opportunity to play as one of six heroes who are trying to recover the lost Masks of Power and stop the rise of evil on the island of Okoto. In classic LEGO fashion, players have build their heroes before they can enter into battle and as they play, more than 100 customizable pieces can be collected to add to their BIONICLE.
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You can now play Flappy Bird on an Android Wear smartwatch

flappy bird android wearSince Flappy Bird’s initial release and take down from app stores, we’ve seen the incredibly frustrating game spawn tons of clones and imitators. Even Google got in on the action at one point.

Right around the release of Android Wear, a Flappy Bird clone called Flopsy Bird was created for the smartwatch platform, but it still wasn’t the real deal. Thanks to Corbin Davenport, though, you can finally get the original Flappy Bird on your wrist. 
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