Disney and Pixar characters taking over ‘Crossy Road’


Since being released in late 2014, Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road has stood tall as one of mobile gaming’s most popular titles. The game, which is available across all major platforms, has amassed over 120 million downloads. And now the developer see it’s the right time to release a special version of Crossy Road with a fresh batch of characters.

Coming soon to Google Play and other app stores is Disney Crossy Road.

NVIDIA adds SEGA and Warner Bros. to streaming game service


At the Game Developers Conference today, NVIDIA announced they are adding two top game publishers to their library of streaming game titles for the the NVIDIA SHIELD with GeForce NOW Android TV device. NVIDIA says this will bring the total number of titles available to 100. The latest additions will be coming from SEGA and Warner Bros. who will combine to bring nine new titles to the platform.

Video recording, new ad tools to help Android game developers announced by Google


At the Game Developers Conference, Google announced several updates to the Google Play Games platform as part of their annual Developer Day event. Noting tremendous growth in the gaming community especially in terms of games reaching the 1 million install plateau, Google hopes the new tools will help developers improve monetization and grow their businesses.

’99 Rockets’ ready to send you into frustration space


Like so many games available for mobile devices, simplicity can lead to some intense frustration that can be used to drive the gaming experience. Flappy Bird capitalized on this in a huge way with a simple concept that required nothing more than some well-timed taps on the screen. Developer Itatake.com has released their own concept for a game called 99 Rockets that is based on a simple concept, but execution can result in long periods of fun or frustration, depending on how you feel about such games.

New look comes to theScore esports app


theScore esports app received a major redesign of both the Android and iOS versions of the esports-centered app to recognize the one-year anniversary of the initial launch. Developers theScore, Inc. say the redesign not only brings a better, fresher look to the app, it will help users navigate to the news they are looking for in a much easier manner.

Crafting, plenty of junk, and pets come to ‘Fallout Shelter’


Fallout Shelter was brought to Android devices last summer, and Bethesda’s first mobile game easily became one of the best within weeks and months after launching. The game was named one of Google Play’s Best of 2015 and over ten million people have installed it to-date. As Bethesda continues pushing out fresh content, Fallout Shelter just keeps getting better over time.

Today’s Fallout Shelter update, version 1.4, adds a number of new items and features.

Zynga continues playing musical chairs with CEOs, picks up ex-EA executive

Zynga Logo 16:9 hires PNG

It’s no surprise Zynga is in a tough position as a company, especially considering they’re trying to offload their HQ after cutting staff multiple times over the past few years. And yes, that staff includes the CEO.

After Zynga peaked from its Facebook partnership, it brought on Don Mattrick to get the ship sailing in the right direction again. Mattrick had recently departed from Microsoft after the shaky Xbox One launch, which probably should’ve raised some flags. Either way, Zynga wasn’t happy with their performance under Mattrick, and the two parted ways. He was replaced by Mark Pincus, who was one of the original founders of Zynga.

Interested in buying Zynga’s HQ? Prepare to spend big


Social and mobile gaming have long been synonymous with Zynga, but the company has been quietly going about its business for the last few years. Its growth was largely due to a partnership with Facebook that came to a close back in 2013. Around the time of the partnership’s end, Zynga hired Microsoft’s Don Mattrick, President of Interactive Entertainment Business, to lead the company into a successful future with continued growth. Mattrick’s tenure didn’t last very long as the two parties split in April 2015. So Zynga was left putting one of its co-founders, Mark Pincus, back at the helm.

A turnaround hasn’t happened quick enough because Zynga’s headquarters at 650 Townsend Street in San Francisco is up for sale.