OnLive announces its shutdown after Sony acquires “important parts”


Cloud gaming service OnLive has announced it will be shut down later this month. The reason for the shutdown is that Sony has acquired “important parts” of the service and the company has no plans to continue operating OnLive. That decision makes sense considering Sony operates PlayStation Now, another cloud gaming service featuring titles from the platforms vast catalog. So the pieces of OnLive being acquired by Sony are almost guaranteed to be integrated into PlayStation Now.

Data centers supporting OnLive’s services will cease to exist on April 30. Subscribers will no longer be charged and games will go inaccessible on that date. All data will be deleted after accounts are closed.

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Ready Steady Mental turns Google Cardboard into a stress reliever


Put on Google Cardboard and go crazy. In Ready Steady Mental, developer Submachine Factory encourages users to kick and scream all they want to earn points. The virtual reality game simply asks users to “scream and shake” their heads for ten seconds. Apparently, Ready Steady Mental has “bleeding edge graphics and never-before-seen gameplay.” So, get your Google Cardboard on and let us know how crazy you went in ten seconds with this game. Who knows, it could relieve some of that stress you’ve been feeling.

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Square Enix rereleases Tomb Raider I for Android devices


The Tomb Raider franchise holds a very special place in the hearts of gamers around the world. Since its first release almost twenty years ago, millions of gamers have spent hours playing as Lara Croft. The game that started it all can now be played on Android devices as Square Enix, its publisher, has rereleased Tomb Raider I. Everything about the original, even its blocky graphics, returns in the version available right now in the Play Store. Tomb Raider I for Android also includes two extra chapters and support for MOGA and Logitech accessories.

The game costs $0.99 and requires 320MB of memory to install.

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Google introduces new analytics tools to help game developers


Following up on an announcement a few weeks ago at the Game Developers Conference, Google is make the new Play Games Player Analytics tool available to all developers through the Google Play Developer Console. The Analytics tool will help developers manage their business to revenue targets, identify hot spots using metrics to develop new game updates, and understand how players are progressing, spending and churning. Read more

Fast & Furious: Legacy drifts on to the Play Store

Fast-and-the-Furious-LegacyFurious 7 is the latest installment in the Fast and Furious movie franchise and is set to hit theaters from April 3rd with its exotic cars and crazy stunts. In case you can’t wait until then, the official Fast & Furious: Legacy game that puts you behind the wheel of more than 50 sports cars has just hit the Play Store. We have the video and download link after the break.  Read more

World of Warriors content update brings arena mode for PvP action


Gaming becomes even more exciting when multiplayer is introduced because of how fierce competition becomes. Competing against a friend or complete stranger is so fun because of the pursuit of victory. Who wants to lose? No one. For World of Warriors, a new content update pushes the game into ‘player vs. player’ territory. The role-playing game that has hosted nearly two hundred million battles is expanding to battles between players around the world.

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Star Wars Rebels: Recon hits the Play Store


Nothing can stop the Star Wars franchise at this point. From television to apparel to movies and video games, George Lucas’ beloved child can be seen around the world. Star Wars Rebels is an ongoing television series airing on Disney XD. To supplement the television series, Disney has released a mobile game titled Star Wars Rebels: Recon. This action-platformer tasks players with fighting against (suprise!) the Empire.

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Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 expands to ten games


The latest Humble Bundle fundraiser covers games on both PC and Android. Today, three games were added to the mix. Donating more than the average will now include Eufloria HDSolar Flux, and Toast Time. This round of Humble Bundle benefits the Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Red Cross, and developers. A tip can also be left for those who run the fundraiser.

Hit the break for a rundown of the games available.

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