Humble Mobile Bundle 6 gets three new titles added to the mix


Last week Humble Bundle announced their latest mobile package of titles. As they normally do, for buyers who donate more than the current average, one of the benefits offered is access to any titles added to the package prior to it being closed. Humble Bundle normally adds titles to the bundles and Humble Mobile Bundle 6 has now been shown to be no exception.

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Madfinger Games working on virtual model builder called Monzo


At Gamescom in Germany, Madfinger Games has announced a new platform full of virtual model kits. It is called Monzo and allows users to build a project from scratch. Madfinger Games will supply the models through in-app purchases and users can get going from there. It seems that the range of categories will be quite large as the developer’s site shows things like a gun, boat, engine, fire truck, and drilling machine as example models. To ensure the realistic feel of Monzo, Madfinger Games is going to have users go through the motions of unpacking their virtual purchase so they can observe each and every piece.

While there is no given release date, you can hit the break to watch the teaser video.
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Female Gamers outweigh their male counterparts with money, time, and loyalty


Gaming in general has long been an area controlled by the male demographic. However, due to apps geared towards a different demographic entering app stores, there has been a large influx of female gamers in the mobile realm. Some people may attribute the heavy female presence to Kim Kardashian’s game, but it seems that that is not the case.

Out of 19 categories for games, 9 of them are predominately comprised of female users, while 6 are male and 4 are split fairly evenly. The top two most popular categories are mostly female, showing just how large their presence is as gaming consumers. Females are 31% more likely to purchase items in-game, spend 35% more time gaming, and were 42% more likely to be playing a downloaded game after one week.

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Sony is no longer supporting PlayStation Mobile for Android


Sony is ending its attempt to bring its wildly successful console gaming brand to Android devices. PlayStation Mobile, which launched in 2012, was a hub that allowed high quality games to be accessible for PlayStation Certified devices. That certification will no longer be handed out to any future devices. Sony is keeping the service running smoothly on such devices running Android 4.4.2 and below; however, anything with Android 4.4.3 and up are being left in the dark. With future versions of Android, there are no guarantees that PlayStation Mobile will continue to operate correctly with software updates.

Source: Sony Japan

Rovio releases teaser trailer for Angry Birds Stella, will be released September 4


Rovio’s next installment of the Angry Birds craze, Angry Birds Stella, has been announced for a September 4 launch on all major mobile platforms.

The company has released a new trailer to create some buzz before the game is released. Check it out after the break. Rovio is also rumored to be working on Angry Birds Transformers, which will come out some point later this year or possibly next year.
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Google Play announces Spider-Man films and TV shows sale


Google Play is releasing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 early, and to celebrate, all earlier Spider-Man films are starting at only $8 to own, and the first 10 minutes of Spider-Man 2 is free to watch. Many Spiderman games and comics are discounted for a limited time as well.

Are you a Spider-Man fanatic? Planning on downloading one of these deals? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: Google+

NVIDIA SHIELD Portable update features SHIELD Controller Support and SHIELD Hub App

nvidia_shieldA major update to NVIDIA SHIELD, now apparently known as the SHIELD Portable is rolling out, as version OTA 5 Release 82. With the update, users will be able to hook up a SHIELD Controller through newly-implemented compatibility, as well as manage Controller settings through the official SHIELD Controller application. In addition, the SHIELD Hub application is now available, which replaces TegraZone. Also, improvements to GameStream and Netflix HD streaming support is included.

A full changelog after the break.

Source: GeForce Forums

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Two new Pac-Man games for Android coming soon


Namco Bundal, most famous for the Pac-Mac franchise, has announced two new games, announced at San Diego’s Comic Con, to their line - Pac-Man Friends and Pac-Man CEDX. Pac-Man Friends will rely on tilt controls. The premise is that Pac-Man is out to rescue his friends from the Ghosts’ castle in 95 different levels of increasing difficulty. Pac-Man CEDX on the other hand is the sequel to Pac-Man Championship Edition with a new interface and increasing speed as you go through the150 levels.

Pac-Man Friends will be released for mobile devices in September, while CEDX will come out closer to November, pending an official announcement. No pricing has yet been announced.

Source: Droid-Gamers

Google Play Store now has a separate section for Offline Games


Today Google launched a new section of the Google Play Store dedicated to offline gaming, a welcome addition to the store for the more data-conscious Android users out there. The new Offline Games section currently includes the excellent Beach Buggy Blitz, Jetpack Joyride and Fail Hard. While a handful of the games support online multiplayer, all 54 of the titles can be played offline.
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Rovio releases Angry Birds Transformers teaser trailer


A little over a month ago, Rovio announced they were working with Hasbro for Angry Birds Transformers. It will not only include the game, but also consumer licensed goods and a new product line from Hasbro called TELEPODS. In celebration for Comic-Con, Rovio is giving us a sneak peak thanks to a teaser trailer.

They do not show any gameplay, but from the looks of it, it is some sort of an endless runner with a lot of missiles. It’s also likely the birds will team up with the piggies to fend off the Transformers. Hit the break for the official video.

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