Rovio celebrates the Year of the Goat with specials throughout game portfolio


Rovio is once again celebrating the Chinese New Year with a variety of new additions to several of their game titles. Just in China, Angry Birds has seen close to a half billion downloads, so it should be no surprise that Rovio wants to join in celebrating the Year of the Goat. According to Rovio’s SVP and COO of Games, David Byrne,

Rovio has been a great fan of Chinese New Year since 2012 when we developed a Year of the Dragon update for Angry Birds Seasons. We enjoy seeing fans around the world partake of a unique celebration that has its origins in China.”

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Relive the classic game of Pong with Soccer Pong


I know some of our younger readers may not have heard of Pong. It was introduced in 1972, and it was the Pac-Man of that era. It was the simplest of simple in terms of game play and graphics, but we couldn’t get enough of it.

For those of you that are old enough to remember, it’s time to relive those memories with a new game called Soccer Pong. If you don’t remember, that’s okay, because you can relive your parent’s memories and wonder how we made it through life without Call of Duty.

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Monkey King Escape, an endless running game from Ubisoft, released in the Play Store


Games of the endless running genre have a lot of popularity on mobile devices. It makes sense considering the learning curve is basically nonexistent and the genre is rather flexible when it comes to gameplay and environment. From Temple Run to Dinosity, there is an endless running game for everyone. Today, we say hello to Monkey King Escape from developer Ubisoft. Players control the Monkey Key as he avoids being captured by the Emperor of Heavenly Kingdom. The Monkey King, after being told that he would not have a place among the gods, decided to consume the Peaches of Immortality, causing the Emperor to pursue him. Now, the Monkey King must escape Heavenly Garden without being captured.

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Nvidia’s Shield Tablet receives Update 2.2 with new GRID games and improved standby times


The Nvidia Shield Tablet received its first taste of Android Lollipop back in December, and here it is getting a second helping with Tablet Software Update 2.2. Both the WiFi and LTE versions of the tablet are eligible to receive this latest update, which is based on Android 5.0.1. The update brings a few new PC games to play via its GRID cloud gaming service such as Grid 2 and PixelJunk Shooter amongst others. There are also compatibility tweaks and bugfixes present, as can be seen from the changelog below.

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Kickstarter project ZRRO gives you a way to play any Android game on your television

ZRROThe market for Android-powered game consoles can seem pretty crazy sometimes, and with the mixed success of devices like the Ouya and Mad Catz’ MOJO, it doesn’t look like any company has the formula nailed down just yet. Google and Amazon are even taking a stab at it with their latest set top boxes, although gaming is not the first priority with either device.

The newest contender in this new market is the ZRRO, which is currently up for funding on Kickstarter. The ZRRO differs from other boxes because it tries to offer a touch screen experience and full compatibility with any and every game available on Google’s Play Store. The device uses a fancy controller that utilizes patented “zTouch” technology; the input device actually tracks where your fingers are hovering over the screen (think Samsung’s S-Pen or Air View) and when you’re actually pressing the screen, which is supposed to allow you to be any Android game on your big screen television.
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Dinosaur from Chrome gets its own (unofficial) game for Android


When Chrome does not have access to an internet connection, a prehistoric dinosaur placed in a desert-like environment appears. And behind the message proclaiming the lack of an internet connection is a game. Press the space bar and Chrome transforms the static page into an endless running game in which the dinosaur is the playable character. Now, users can play that same mini-game by installing the new Dino Run – Dinosity game. It is an unofficial version of the mini-game for Android devices. Simple tap the display to jump over objects and tap twice to jump even higher. The game tracks high scores, too.

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