OUYA Store revived and rebranded as ‘Cortex’ on Razer’s Forge TV


Some of you may remember a story from a few months ago, found here, in which we reported that OUYA had been bought by Razer for an undisclosed amount of money. Well it seems that the fruits of that deal are starting to ripen for Razer. Today the company announced ‘Cortex’, a revived version of the OUYA Store, which Razer brands as “A new chapter in Android TV gaming.”

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[Deal] Save on select titles from 2K Games through January 4


Ever go into the Play Store and hear 2K Games’ pricier titles calling your name? The developer’s mobile games, which stem from console counterparts, are more expensive than your average mobile game. 2K Games’ titles on Google Play cost a few dollars compared to the usual dollar price tag. But, for the holidays, you can get select titles from 2K Games at a discount. The developer is lowering the price of games from the worlds of XCOMCivilization Revolution, NBA, NHL, and WWE for a limited time.

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Google launches Lightsaber Escape, an browser game that turns your phone into a lightsaber

lightsaber escapeGoogle’s latest Chrome experiment involves your computer, your smartphone, and a lightsaber, and it’s as cool as it sounds.

The browser-based game links your desktop (or laptop) with your smartphone, and allows you to play the game by using your phone as the hilt of a lightsaber. It’s an extremely unique way to play a game, especially one that’s based in a web browser. Read more

‘Fallout Shelter’ update brings pets, vault dweller evictions, and more

fallout_shelter_screen_06Still playing Fallout Shelter? Bethesda has released an update to the vault building simulator that brings quite a few new features and enhancements to the game to keep players engaged.

One of the biggest new features is the inclusion of pets in your vault, allowing you to add dogs and cats to your underground ecosystem. These pets improve productivity and happiness for the dwellers in your vault and add some variety to the creatures you’ll find. Read more

Samsung releases another Galaxy View specific app aimed at gamers


The Samsung Galaxy View, a mammoth 18.4-inch tablet device, appears to be a niche product. That is not stopping Samsung from throwing resources in the form of app development at the Galaxy View though. We have already seen a family bulletin board style app for the device hit the Play Store and the Galaxy View Remote which turns a smartphone into a mouse to control the tablet. Following in the path of the Galaxy View Remote app, Samsung has released the S Console Gamepad app to turn a smartphone into a gaming controller. Read more

Several Rovio games on Amazon Underground managed to triple revenue for developer

amazon-underground-102915Amazon Underground has been gaining momentum since launch, and even big name developers can stand to benefit from putting their games on the service. Rovio, for example, published several big titles to Amazon Underground, including Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Stella, Angry Birds Space, and Bad Piggies, and saw their revenue triple for those titles just by being on Amazon Underground. Read more