Twitch looking into mobile game streaming service and SDK

by Jared Peters on
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Twitch streaming

Twitch is an extremely popular streaming service that’s dedicated to streaming video games. It’s available natively on Sony’s Playstation 4, it’s coming as a native app to Microsoft’s Xbox One, and it’s a very popular service on its own. One place it hasn’t had much success with has been mobile games, however.

Mobile games may not be killing traditional video game consoles like some people believe, but there’s no denying they’re growing in popularity. Twitch knows this, and they’re working on an SDK for mobile developers to allow users to not only view game streams, but to also broadcast streams of whatever game they’re playing on their mobile device. Twitch already has an excellent SDK in place for console and PC games, so a mobile option would be the next piece of the puzzle. » Read the rest

Enjoy the harmony of…smashing stuff with Smash Hit

by Jeff Causey on
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If you are looking for a surreal journey through a new virtual dimension, soothed by the sounds music, the new title Smash Hit may get you part of the way there. However, your relaxation will be broken by the sound of breaking glass and other objects being smashed as you employ destructive physics models to journey as far as possible into this new environment. You may not find yourself relaxed either as Smash Hit requires some focus, concentration and good timing. » Read the rest

M.O.J.O. gets price cut and will start seeing OUYA content later this Spring

by Jack Holt on
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MOJO-OUYA-RotatorMad Catz and OUYA will be working together to bring OUYA content to the M.O.J.O. micro-console. With this content, the console itself will receive a price cut. It will now be priced at $199.99 in the U.S. with a similar price cut  heading to other major territories. All existing content will be available on the console later this spring, with more content on the way.  Darren Richardson, the President and CEO of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. had this to say about the deal:

“With more than 680 games and 33,000 developers signed up, OUYA features an impressive catalogue of content from AAA developers and independent publishers, all of which are designed to replicate the core gaming experience, taking advantage of the TV and controller.”

So if you’re in the market for a dedicated Android console but can’t decide between the M.O.J.O. or the OUYA this may make your decision a little easier. Hit the source link for the full presser.

Source: Mad Catz Pressor 



OnLive is alive and back again with a new subscription plan to stream your Steam games anywhere

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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OnLive shut down its business a few years ago and sold out to Lauder Partners in 2012 for just $4.8 million. The company released a statement back in August 2012 regarding the change of ownership stressing that this matter would not affect the development and production of Onlive.

Now, a few years later, Onlive is back with full potential offering customers two new services, the PlayPack and CloudLift plan. PlayPack charges customers a mere $9.99 monthly subscription fee that will give them access to Onlive’s collection of 250 titles in the cloud via mobile devices.

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Google Play Games updated to v1.5, apk file also available

by Macky Evangelista on
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Google’s Play Games application has been updated to v1.5. You are now able to view invitations and see what the people in your circles are playing. The settings have also moved from the Action Bar to the sidebar. Lastly, you can view invites in “Matches” and “Find Games” (formerly “Recommended Games”) will show recommended games.

APK download link is available below thanks to Android Police.

APK File: Google Play Games v1.5
via: Android Police

Ouya software platform to hit other consoles in future

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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The importance of developing an ecosystem for rising platforms these days cannot be stressed enough— Ouya certainly has the right idea, as the Android-based game console manufacturer as announced that it will be pushing its software to other hardware in the future. Although the move will likely decrease sales on the Ouya gaming system, the reach of the software platform will certainly be able to branch out.

In an interview with “AListDaily,” Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman discussed her plans. Hit the break for the details.

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Are in-app purchases for free-to-play games effective?

by Robert Nazarian on


We have all come across games with in-app purchases, and I often wonder if it’s really all that effective. I don’t mind spending money on any app or game if it’s worth it, but when a developer designs a game that forces you to pay for something to succeed in the game, I have a problem with that. I would rather the developer give me a demo of the game for free with an option to purchase the full version or the remaining levels for a one time purchase. In-app purchases remind me of the 1-900 days in which they tried to lure lonely men into coughing a bunch of dollars and getting nothing in return. Why should I buy a special red ship that has more fire power? Let me earn it the old fashioned way.

According to a survey conducted by Swrve, it appears as though the majority of people aren’t falling for this trap. According to them, only 0.15 percent of mobile gamers contribute 50 percent of all of the in-app purchases. These people are referred to as “Whales”, but I have another name for them that probably wouldn’t be a good idea to say.

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Google Developer Day planned as part of Game Developers Conference 2014

by Jeff Causey on
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Greg Hartrell with the Google Play Games team is inviting Android game developers to a special Google Developer Day as part of the larger conference. The Developer Day will be held on March 18th when teams from Google will be on hand to “share their insights on the best ways to build games, grow audiences, engage players and make money.” Hartrell highlights some of the sessions to be held, including: » Read the rest

Google, Apple grounding flappy apps?

by Jeff Causey on
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Although the original Flappy Bird app is no longer available through Google Play or Apple’s app store, players hoping to give the title a try have plenty of alternatives to choose from as developers rush in with spin-offs and mock-ups. As some developers have discovered, although the game is history the name lives on as Google and Apple allegedly are trying to police potential copyright issues for games with the word “Flappy” in the title. » Read the rest

The memory of Flappy Bird lives on thanks to over 174 indie developers

by Jack Holt on
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Flappy_Bird_Game_OverIf you’ve been following the Flappy Bird saga you’ll know that the frustratingly difficult but oh-so-simple game is gone. Citing addiction as the motive behind taking the game down, the developer, Dong Nguyen, left most people to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat suffering from withdrawals. Of course, I exaggerate, but this move sparked a slew of Craig’s List ads charging anywhere from 1,000 to 90,000 dollars for a device with the game on it. However, thanks to the work of over 174 different indie-developers, you may not have to sell one of your kidneys just yet to score one of these overpriced gadgets.

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