Gameloft’s Total Conquest hits the Play Store


Enjoy the Roman Empire? Then Gameloft has the game for you. The mobile gaming company recently released Total Conquest, a brand new multiplayer game that allows players to engage with one another.

Total Conquest allows players take on the role of a Roman governor that must build and strengthen their army in order to protect their land from enemies. Gameloft explains that the objective is to “defeat your enemies, protect your lands, and reign supreme.” The developer is pushing social features such as coordinating with allies to win Legion Wars, trading reinforcements, and comparing scores competitively. Also, like any other social game, you can connect to Facebook in order to easily invite and play with friends. If you’re interested in a fast-paced strategy game, Total Conquest is a simple download away. Hit the break for a video and download links.

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Feel the power of the pork side in new Angry Birds Star Wars II game


You may have thought it was only natural that one would play an Angry Birds Star Wars character on the light side of the Force. Rovio shows us in their latest title that it was not always that way though, as Angry Birds Star Wars II follows along with the events from the prequel movies and gives players the opportunity to feel the power of the Pork Side. That’s right, players can now select characters like Darth Maul, Darth Vader, General Grievous, or Emperor Palpatine as they battle to become a Sith Master.
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Dead Trigger 2 release date set for October 23

dead_trigger_2The sequel to one of the best graphically rich zombie games, Dead Trigger, finally has a release date. October 23 is the day that you will be able to download Dead Trigger 2 – that’s just before Halloween. The sequel is pretty similar to the original, except that it’s going to take place in “real-time,” whatever that means.

Along with the release date, Madfinger Games also released a promo video, which you can see after the break.
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Google rolls out Ingress update


Ingress “Agents” may be interested to know that an update to the app is rolling out to Google Play, and on to users, over the next couple days. The new version 1.35.1 includes a new Agent profile and statistics tab, some Scanner performance improvements, and bug fixes. As part of the rollout of an AGENT tab for viewing statistics and recognitions, the follow achievements can now be part of your dossier thanks to some fancy badges:

Seer: Discover and successfully submit new Portals.
Connector: Link Portals.
Guardian: Maintain control of a Portal for an extended period of time.
Mind Controller: Create Control Fields.
Purifier: Destroy enemy Resonators.
Hacker: Hack Portals.
Builder: Deploy Resonators.
Explorer: Visit and hack distinct Portals.

Users may also notice some Portal notifications have been moved from Faction COMM and the GPS lock will remain on temporarily after a user switches to a different task or app. The Ingress app is still in closed beta.

source: +Ingress

Madfinger releases new screenshots for Dead Trigger 2


Already late in delivery, Madfinger Games has released some new screenshots for Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to their popular zombie-killing title Dead Trigger. They have also promised to announce the release date on September 19, 2013. In addition to the screenshots, to help keep people at bay while they wait for the title to be available on Android devices, Madfinger has also announced some more details about improvements in this newest iteration of the Dead Trigger series:
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Google releases “World Wide Maze” Chrome Experiment game in celebration of Chrome’s 5th birthday


Google’s at it again with yet another Chrome Experiment, allowing you to connect your mobile Chrome browser to your desktop Chrome browser quickly, seamlessly, and yes, awesomely.

This game, known as “World Wide Maze,” lets you roll around on your favorite websites (latitudinally), as if it were a maze. The game is pretty sick, I must say, and you should definitely go ahead and give it a try.

Source: World Wide Maze 



NVIDIA releases “tear-down” (a.k.a. explosion) video for SHIELD gaming-tablet


This ain’t your typical tear-down video. NVIDIA went ahead and created a video featuring a bunch of guys blowing up their brand new SHIELD gaming-tablet, humorously showing off the parts of the device as they flew across the screen in tiny bits and pieces. No use in me telling you about it, so go check it out for yourself below!

YouTube Preview Image

7-inch game-pad from Wikipad to be released to UK on Sept. 27 for £250



The 7-inch gaming tablet from Wikipad was released in the United States back on June 11, and the company noted that the device would be available internationally later in the summer. That day has finally come, as Wikipad has announced that the tablet will be released to the UK on September 27 for £250. The 7-incher will be available at a number of “well-known retailers” according to Wikipad, and should be widely available at the release date. We’ll just have to wait and see how the launch goes… Anyone in the UK interested in grabbing one? Hit us up in the comments!

Check out the full press release after the break.

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What is Angry Birds Go?

angry birds goRovio loves to try new game concepts. They are apparently planning to release a new game called Angry Birds Go, a kart game sponsored by Red Bull. We don’t know much, but a preview video shows us some limited preview info. The video tells us that we should “look out for some big news. Soon.”

You can check out the video after the break.
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New MOGA Power Series mobile controllers go up for pre-order

moga power pro controller

If you typically do a lot of gaming on your Android device, you know how frustrating some control schemes can be on a smaller touch screen. To remedy that, MOGA released their handheld Bluetooth game controllers for Android devices, which bring console-style controls to a portable device. As a follow-up to the original MOGA controllers, the company unveiled a new line of controllers at PAX Prime that bring a unique spin on gaming controllers for phones; namely, the ability to charge your phone while it’s cradled in the controller.
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