Massive Holiday Android app and game sales roundup [Updated to 130+ titles with over $425 in savings]


We always see a bunch of apps and games on sale for Christmas and New Years, but this has to be the most I have ever seen. Not only are there so many apps and games on sale, but they are discounted as much as 80%. We are talking 100+ titles for a savings of over $350.

I know a lot of other sites offer similar lists, but we also give you the regular pricing so you can decide whether it’s a good enough deal for you. Hit the break for our massive roundup, and be sure to check this post regularly as we will be updating it as more apps and games go on sale.

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Knights of the Old Republic now available for Android


A long time ago it took a decently powerful desktop computer to run a major RPG title like Knights of the Old Republic from the Star Wars universe. Fast forward a few years that computing power can now be found in devices that fit in the palm of your hand. To prove that point, Aspyr Media, Inc. has released the full Knights of the Old Republic game for Android devices. Read more

Disney releases Club Penguin for Android with some holiday flair

club penguinDisney’s successful kid-friendly MMO, Club Penguin, has finally made its debut on Android, just in time for the holidays. It features the full experience that you would find on the desktop version of the game, so if you’re looking for a child-oriented game to sink your teeth into, this is a solid option.

The game lets kids create their own penguins and explore Club Penguin while playing games, chatting with other players, and scooping up collectables. And since we’re right in the middle of the holidays, Disney has themed the entire game in a Christmas skin for the first ever Merry Walrus celebration. Read more

Telltale Games releases Tales from the Borderlands for Android


Plenty of people travel during this time of the year. Passing the time with a mobile device has never been easier due to the massive amount of apps and games available. Whether you are riding a train or flying in a plane, there is something for everyone to make travel enjoyable. The beloved Borderlands franchise is making the jump to Android with episodic content that will surely occupy players. Telltale Games released Tales from the Borderlands with the first episode costing $4.99. In the coming months, Telltale Games will release episodes two through five. The Season Pass covering the aforementioned episodes will save buyers 20% compared to those that purchase the episodes individually.

The game has system requirements, so be make sure your device meets them prior to installing Tales from the Borderlands. Android TV devices, such as the Nexus Player, do make the cut and can play the game.

Hit the break for the trailer, gallery, and download links.

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Telltale Games working with Mojang on Minecraft: Story Mode video game

minecraft story modeTelltale Games is known for their work on the episodic Walking Dead games and The Wolf Among Us, along with recent releases such as Game of Thrones and Tales from The Borderlands. Many of their full titles are available on mobile devices, plus PCs and video game consoles.

The next project in their lineup is a collaboration with Mojang, developers of the insanely popular Minecraft. This project will be called Minecraft: Story Mode, and like Telltale’s other offerings, it will feature a complete player-driven narrative experience. It’s not a typical Minecraft game, but it should be interesting nonetheless.  Read more

Put the pedal to the metal with Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars


Rockstar Games has dropped an early Christmas present on the Android gaming scene for fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Their Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars title is now available for select Android devices. As part of the development for the Android platform, the game includes support for widescreen resolutions like you might find on many Android devices and it even includes support for Android TV. Read more

Sony’s PS4 Remote Play makes its way to unrooted Android devices

remoteplay_Z3-sonySony introduced Remote Play for their newer Xperia devices, letting users stream PlayStation 4 games to their smartphone. The games work with a Dualshock 4 controller, so you’ll get a near-console quality experience on a portable, smaller screen. This feature was obviously only intended for Sony devices, but thanks to some clever work by developers over at XDA, you can get it working on just about any modern Android device. Read more

NVIDIA brings Half Life 2: Episode One to the Play Store as a SHIELD Tablet exclusive


NVIDIA has just brought Half Life 2 Episode One to the Google Play Store as an exclusive for the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. The title will set you back by a hefty $7.99, but that shouldn’t be much for die hard fans of Valve’s cult favorite game. The game will also require a SHIELD  controller to function as well which costs $60, so make sure you’re covered before buying the game.

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