Google Play launches app pre-registration feature with Terminator Genisys: Revolution


Being able to sign up for a product before it is actually available is not a new sales strategy and is actually used quite often in the smartphone industry. Google has been working to bring a similar strategy to their Play Store. For example, Avengers: Age of Ultron was made available for pre-order at the same time it hit theaters. Now Google is bringing this feature to the Apps portion of their marketplace. Read more

Sega will be removing several games from mobile app stores over the coming weeks

humble_sega_mobile_bundle_games_addedIn a blog post today, Sega has announced that they will be pulling several of their older titles from mobile app stores over the next few weeks. According to the company, some older games don’t quite meet their standards of quality anymore, and so they’ll be removed from Google’s Play Store, Amazon’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Apps, plus the iOS App Store.

This is a pretty odd move, especially for a company that was probably still pulling in some cash from its older games, but I guess it’s better for consumers so they don’t buying up games from Sega’s back catalog only to find out that they aren’t working properly on their 2015 device. Read more

Nintendo launching five smartphone games by 2017, one out this year


While many companies are embracing mobile gaming with open arms, Nintendo has been a bit reluctant to enter the scene. However, Nintendo, with their recent partnership with DeNA, is now ready to jump in.

Plans are to release one game by the end of this year. Nintendo won’t just been releasing a single game, though. Immediately after the company’s 2014 earnings, CEO and President Satoru Iwata said that they plan on launching five mobile titles by March 2017.

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‘Snake’ returns to phones next week



Phones of the modern era will soon support a mobile game that was a staple of Nokia’s devices for years. Next Thursday, Snake slithers to all major mobile platforms for millions of gamers to enjoy. The new edition of the game, titled Snake Rewind, allows players to actually rewind their snake after crashing. The game has new boosters and a full leaderboard to be more current. And, of course, the graphics have been overhauled for each level.

The original Snake was brought to Nokia devices by Taneli Armanto and this edition comes from a collaboration with Rumilus Design.

Hit the break for the trailer and screenshots.

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Games in Motion aims to make jogging fun with Android Wear


Sometimes when you want to relax after a long day, it’s difficult to choose between your daily workout or video games. The good news is that Google has a way for you to do both at the same time.

Today Google announced Games in Motion, an open source game sample that will give developers ideas how to add more functionality to Android Wear, which in turn should put a little more leap in your step with missions during those long jogs.

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Galaga:TEKKEN Edition storms into the Play Store, bringing some classic retro action


Galaga and Tekken have teamed up to bring the unique Galaga:TEKKEN Edition game to the Google Play Store. This game brings characters of Tekken into the Galaga universe, mixing aspects of both games perfectly. Even better is the fact that this game is completely free, so you don’t have to shell out big to relive some memories from your childhood. Read more

Debt repayment issues dictate that Ouya needs to find a buyer quickly


It was only a couple of years ago that it was the darling of Kickstarter, blowing past its target goal of $950,000 with surprising ease and ending up with over eight and a half million dollars in funding. The start-up in question is Ouya, manufacturer of the Android micro gaming console, and thanks to a leaked memo from its CEO, Julie Uhrman, it would seem that the company has hit choppy waters as it now seeks a buyer.

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