Adult Swim’s new ‘Rick and Morty’ game is inspired by Pokémon


Nightly, Cartoon Network transforms into a programming block that targets adults. The programs from 8:00PM ET into the wee hours of the morning are more mature and dark than anything else Cartoon Network airs. Among those programs is Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Rick and Morty, a series that launched in 2013 as a parody of the Back to the Future films. Adult Swim has aired twenty-one episodes and already renewed it for a third season to premiere in 2016, but the network needs something to hold viewers over since new episodes are going to come near the end of the year.

Pocket Mortys is a new mobile game that resembles one of the world’s most popular franchises: Pokémon.

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DeNA talks details about their upcoming Nintendo-published ‘Miitomo’

Miitomo-logoNintendo’s first smartphone game, Miitomo, is slated for release in March, but when it was announced the company didn’t divulge much about how it’ll actually work. Fortunately DeNA, the developer responsible for actually creating Miitomo, has shed some light on what we can expect to play.

One of the central points for Miitomo is communication with other players, which DeNA’s president thinks is a little more personal than talking through normal text-based apps. Considering the app will rely heavily on Mii avatars, it makes sense and sounds almost like an MMO or a small social media network. Read more

[Deal] Free apps special this weekend through Amazon Appstore


If you have a shiny new Android device fresh from under the Christmas tree or even if you have been looking for a deal on an app you have been eyeing for your existing device, Amazon may have what you need as part of a promotion they are running this weekend. Throughout the weekend, Amazon is offering over $30 worth of titles for free, but you do have to grab them using the Amazon Appstore. Read more

More games get Chromecast support, ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Monopoly’ included


We’re just days away from Christmas and among the most popular gifts nestled under trees will be Google’s Chromecast. The little dongle does it all. Everything that a pricey media player can do is possible with Google’s $35 darling. Gaming is even in Chromecast’s wheelhouse. And Google wants everyone with a Chromecast (as well as soon-to-be owners) to know that a few more games are now Chromecast-enabled for you to play solo and alongside friends and family during the holidays.

There’s nothing quite like playing Angry Birds on your television while staying warm next to the fireplace.

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