Acer’s Predator 8 up for pre-order from Newegg


At IFA 2015, Acer inserted itself into the conversation as a go-to for mobile gaming. The company’s Predator 8, like NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet, is all about maximizing gaming on a tablet. With an 8-inch Full HD (1920×1080) display, Intel Atom processor, and four front-facing speakers, Acer believes it has a winning formula. But like any mobile device, price is very important. Acer seems to have appropriately priced the Predator 8, with the 32GB model going for $299. And starting today you can pre-order that model of the tablet from Newegg.

The online electronics retailer will be the exclusive seller of the Predator 8 for these next two weeks. Newegg doesn’t have the 64GB model listed on its site at the moment.


JJ Abrams jumps into gaming with ChAIR to launch ‘SPYJINX’


Although many may think JJ Abrams would be busy right now with a major movie getting ready to open, he took some time to announce a new partnership his Bad Robot studio is entering into to launch a new computer game. SPYJINX will be a new espionage genre title for computers and smartphones launching in 2016. To get it into the hands of gamers, Bad Robot has teamed up with ChAIR, the development team behind Infinity Blade. Read more

Bethesda releases Pip-Boy companion app to the Play Store ahead of Fallout 4 launch

fallout pip-boy logo

Bethesda has released the Pip-Boy companion app on the Play Store ahead of Fallout 4’s launch next Tuesday, building on the excitement they stirred up with the Fallout Chat app. The app pairs with Fallout 4 on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC and lets you keep up with information from the game on the go. You can check your stats, inventory, map, and radio stations, and any holotape games you’ve found will be playable on the app. Read more

Activision spends $5.9 billion acquiring ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and its developer, King Digital

Candy_Crush_Saga_TA (2)

While many of us cringe when we hear the words Candy Crush Saga thanks to all the unsolicited invites we’ve received over the years, it seems that Activision Blizzard likes the game so much, it has decided to buy it and its developer, King Digital, spending $5.9 billion in the process. In an announcement earlier today Activision’s CEO, Bobby Kotick said that the move would make it “the most profitable standalone company in interactive entertainment.”

Read more

Google Play Games enables recording and sharing of game action


I remember a time in the past when it was frowned upon to post videos of gaming action forcing users to find a variety of workarounds. Things have changed though and now over 144 billion minutes of live game streams and recording activity are viewed on YouTube each month. Google appears to have figured out that instead of fighting against the current of mainstream culture, they should take advantage of it and hop on board. Today they announced a new feature for the Google Play Games app that will enable users to record and share gaming moments along with commentary. Read more

Fifth episode of ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ to hit Android on October 22nd


Earlier this month Telltale Games offered Episode One of their episodic game Tales from the Borderlands for free. If you happened to check out the special offer and got hooked on the game, purchasing the additional episodes that were available or if you have always been a Tales from the Borderlands fan, you will be glad to know the fifth and final episode Finale: The Vault of the Traveler will be hitting Android devices on October 22nd. Read more