PlayLink brings mobile devices into the PlayStation 4’s ecosystem

Your phone is an integral part of your life, and Sony wants to include it in the PlayStation’s environment. But the company is done trying to bring first-party titles to phones and tablets. PlayLink, a new format for the popular brand, aims to merge mobile and traditional gaming.

Sony revealed PlayLink at E3 2017 yesterday along with five launch titles coming soon.

Nintendo’s Zelda franchise on the way to smartphones

The Legend of Zelda, one of Nintendo’s marquee titles in their game portfolio, may be on the way to your smartphone according the a new report in the Wall Street Journal. Sources indicate Nintendo and co-developer DeNA have a new Zelda based title in the pipeline to be next up after Animal Crossing is released. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has indicated in the past that the company hopes to release two or three major smartphone titles per year and a Zelda release after Animal Crossing would line up with that strategy.

Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle is all about love and pangolins

When it comes to special occasions or events, we’ve come to expect Google offering something a little different in the form of its Doodles, and today (tomorrow as well, presumably), the search giant is all about love, in celebration of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. This latest Doodle brings us the Pangolin game with two star-crossed lovers that are oceans apart with one of the pangolins traveling the world learning how to express its love in a variety of ways to prepare for the first date.

[TA Deals] Save almost 50% on a wireless Bluetooth gaming controller


There are plenty of fantastic mobile games available on Google Play, but if you’re used to a bigger console with an actual controller, some of those games can feel half-baked when you’re forced to use a touchscreen. The good news is that Android natively supports connecting to a wireless controller to give you a better console-like experience, and the even better news is that we have a hefty discount on a controller to get you started.