‘WWE 2K’ soars off of the turnbuckle and into the Play Store


The engine of sports entertainment shows no signs of slowing down now that it has a fully-online network and a slew of games to keep fans occupied. The minds behind WWE have continued the company’s expansion into gaming with the release of WWE 2K. This wrestling game, priced at $7.99 with no in-app purchases, does its best to replicate the console counterpart. WWE 2K has full entrances, moves, and match types to make any wrestling fan salivate. It has career, training, and multiplayer modes to throw players into the ring and climb the turnbuckle after a victor. And, like any mobile game, there are rewards and unlockable items to keep players wanting more.

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Amazon Game Studios spooks gamers as ‘Lost Within’ arrives in its Appstore


What happens when Amazon Game Studios works on a project with Human Head Studios? The new horror survival game Lost Within. The two worked on the game set inside an abandoned asylum that just so happens to be occupied by the Inhabitants, a group tortured and left behind only for players to fight and escape from. Players must navigate through the asylum and collect materials for weapons and health. Lost Within is a first-person game and that means players can expect a truly immersive experience that may or may not keep them up at night.

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Hasbro partners with Scopely to bring ‘YAHTZEE’ to the Play Store


For more than six decades, people have played YAHTZEE. All it takes to get started are dice. Then players can shout as much as they would like to stay true to the name. While so many games have gone digital, YAHTZEE has remained offline. That changes because Hasbro, who owns the rights to the game, has partnered with Scopely to release a version of YAHZTEE for mobile devices.

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OnLive announces its shutdown after Sony acquires “important parts”


Cloud gaming service OnLive has announced it will be shut down later this month. The reason for the shutdown is that Sony has acquired “important parts” of the service and the company has no plans to continue operating OnLive. That decision makes sense considering Sony operates PlayStation Now, another cloud gaming service featuring titles from the platforms vast catalog. So the pieces of OnLive being acquired by Sony are almost guaranteed to be integrated into PlayStation Now.

Data centers supporting OnLive’s services will cease to exist on April 30. Subscribers will no longer be charged and games will go inaccessible on that date. All data will be deleted after accounts are closed.

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Ready Steady Mental turns Google Cardboard into a stress reliever


Put on Google Cardboard and go crazy. In Ready Steady Mental, developer Submachine Factory encourages users to kick and scream all they want to earn points. The virtual reality game simply asks users to “scream and shake” their heads for ten seconds. Apparently, Ready Steady Mental has “bleeding edge graphics and never-before-seen gameplay.” So, get your Google Cardboard on and let us know how crazy you went in ten seconds with this game. Who knows, it could relieve some of that stress you’ve been feeling.

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Square Enix rereleases Tomb Raider I for Android devices


The Tomb Raider franchise holds a very special place in the hearts of gamers around the world. Since its first release almost twenty years ago, millions of gamers have spent hours playing as Lara Croft. The game that started it all can now be played on Android devices as Square Enix, its publisher, has rereleased Tomb Raider I. Everything about the original, even its blocky graphics, returns in the version available right now in the Play Store. Tomb Raider I for Android also includes two extra chapters and support for MOGA and Logitech accessories.

The game costs $0.99 and requires 320MB of memory to install.

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Google introduces new analytics tools to help game developers


Following up on an announcement a few weeks ago at the Game Developers Conference, Google is make the new Play Games Player Analytics tool available to all developers through the Google Play Developer Console. The Analytics tool will help developers manage their business to revenue targets, identify hot spots using metrics to develop new game updates, and understand how players are progressing, spending and churning.
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