‘Vainglory’ opens Autumn 2015 season, improves Android app


The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Vainglory is launching their 2015 Autumn season of play. With the latest update to the game, taking it to version 1.9, Vainglory will now use a seasonal structure. During the seasons, players will have to do their best to rise up in rank and rack up achievements before the season ends, which is slated to be sometime in early January for the new season. As part of the latest update, developer Super Evil Megacorp put a lot of attention into the Android app version to help expand the audience. Read more

‘Need for Speed: No Limits’ finally has a definitive release date


The wait for Need for Speed: No Limits has been lengthy to say the least. Electronic Arts released the mobile game’s first trailer at the start of the year and named Spring 2015 as a ballpark release date. However, that did not pan out and the game is still not available on Android devices. Who knows what happened, but EA is now ready to tell you that Need for Speed: No Limits will be live in the Play Store this week.

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Gameloft’s ‘Order & Chaos 2: Redemption’ now available in Play Store


Following last month’s news that Gameloft was preparing a sequel to their Order & Chaos title, interested MMORPG fans can now grab Order & Chaos 2: Redemption from the Google Play Store and immerse themselves in this new world. Order & Chaos 2 gives users options to choose from one of five races – orc, human, elf, mendel and kratan – as well as from five different classes including blood knight, ranger, mage, warrior and monk, when creating their new character. Read more

‘Chariot’ rides into your living room via NVIDIA’s Shield TV


With Android spreading to a wide variety of devices and form factors, one of the challenges for developers is figuring out how to take advantage of new platforms. Developer Frima Studio is bringing their Chariot game for consoles like the Xbox to the NVIDIA Shield TV. This means players will be able to engage in “couch co-op” play on the big screen with friends and family. Read more

“Pokémon GO” gets real world touch with Niantic Labs help


The world of Pokémon will be getting an infusion of virtual and real world gaming fun thanks to a new title called Pokémon GO that is in the works. The interaction between digital space and meat space is on its way to being a reality for Pokémon fans thanks to some help from Google’s – er, Alphabet’s – Niantic Labs. You may be familiar with Niantic Labs as the creator of the popular Ingress game and it appears Pokémon GO will get a touch of that same technology. Read more