MoDaCo Switch will offer both stock and Sense on your HTC One

htc_one_switchDo you have an HTC One and want to try out stock Android, but aren’t willing to take the plunge and lose Sense? Well, popular modder Paul O’Brien is at your service, as he is developing a new feature called MoDaCo Switch, which will allow users to seamlessly switch between HTC Sense and stock Android. Via the image above, you can see just how easy it will be to switch.

The feature is a work in progress, understandably  as it must be difficult to load two full operating systems and the ability to switch into a ROM. You’ll need to be rooted, and run the MoDaCo ROM on your One for this to work.

Source: @PaulOBrien
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Samsung planning to build five new Research & Development centers in South Korea


According to The Korea Times, Samsung is planning a very big expansion to their Research and Development division, building five new centers in South Korea. Each center will focus on different aspects of R&D including one for maximizing creativity, one for study and one for development of materials and components.

The Samsung official that spoke to The Korea Times went on to say that heated competition in the market influences decisions like these. One of the buildings is the R5 building, a playground for developing smart devices. Another one, on track to open about a year from now, is said to be “cutting-edge” and will employ 10,000 designers, developers and strategists. Two other buildings will focus on flat-screen and chipset research.

A researcher for Samsung went on the record to say, “R&D may not generate tangible results in the short term. But the key point is that Samsung can’t survive, if it fails to develop products that can give value to customers. Much of the remarkable progress in fields such as mobile computing and medicine has been possible thanks to the advancement of information technology backed increased spending on research.” Samsung clearly shares that belief as a company, increasing their research spending from 10.3 trillion won to 11.9 trillion won in 2012.

Source: Slashgear

XDA user Schoolsux introduces TrulyClean script to remove bloatware from the Galaxy S 4


If you own a rooted Galaxy S 4 and you’ve decided to stick to the stock ROM, then you are without a doubt tired of the dozens of useless apps cluttering your drawer. Lucky for you, XDA Senior Member schoolsux, has developed the TrulyClean script that safely removes over 98 apps that aren’t crucial to the system. Not only does this method save a lot of time and energy, it will also bring you a noticeable boost in performance, and free up about 600-megabytes of storage.

TrulyClean removes everything from S Voice and Samsung Hub to more standard Google apps such as Gmail and Google+. While the standard script removes the stock browser, there is an alternate version that leaves it intact. Their is also a simple tutorial on editing the script to keep certain apps.

For anyone who has spent a minute in recovery mode, the TrulyClean script is very easy to install as it comes in a prepackaged flashable .zip folder. The developer recommends doing a full wipe before flashing, but its not a requirement. Just make sure to secure any vital data via your preferred backup method.

TrulyClean is available at the source below and is compatible with the i9500 and i9505 S 4. Happy flashing!

Source: XDA Developers


“Touch Block” feature by Sony introduced with the purpose of preventing unintentional touches


Manufacturers continue to put out some pretty awesome features to their devices an effort to rise above their competition. Continuing this trend is Sony, with their new “Touch Block” feature which they’re rolling out to the Xperia ZR, and most likely other phones in the future. The feature disables unintended touches, for example, when you’re under wet conditions. However it doesn’t interfere when you try to use your phone under normal circumstances.

The app is currently in beta, as the release is only version 0.1.A.1.0. It’s rumored that the feature will only be available to their water-resistant devices in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see from them.

Source: Xperia Blog

Amazon unleashes GameCircle to all Android devices


Amazon announced yesterday that they are making their GameCircle gaming service available for all Android devices. Game developers will need to incorporate the API into their games to make use of the service. GameCircle is an online gaming service that keeps track of achievements, levels, accomplishments and other data for game players so they can switch between devices and pick up right where they left off. The cloud offering also provides support for multiplayer games. Up until this announcement, the GameCircle platform was only available for games on Kindle devices.
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New Google Glass update adds browser and other functions to device


Google has updated Glass to a newer version of software with a handful of new features, including some additional voice commands and a brand new browser. The voice commands are extremely helpful, as Glass users will now be able to use verbal commands to make Glass narrate content such as text messages. Telling Glass to “read aloud” will cue it to read the contents of a text out to you, and you’ll now be able to tell Glass to create a reply text for you, completely hands free. You can also scroll through your Gmail contacts and compose texts by scrolling through and tapping a contact’s picture from Glass’s main menu. It isn’t as fancy as the totally voice controlled texting, but a nice feature nonetheless.
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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 receives Google Play Edition ROM Port

google_edition_one_s4Once the Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S 4 hit stores last week, owners of the carrier based S4 were immediately jealous. Now Verizon S4 users don’t have to be, as developers have made the stock Android Galaxy S4 ROM available for their devices. The developer says it is a port from the GT-I9505, but it isn’t specified if it’s from the Android 4.3 or 4.2.2 build.

There are many versions of the ROM available, including one with blacked out Google Apps. You can go make your Verizon S4 stock through download via the source link below. While the Verizon S4 is the first lucky device to get a port, it surely won’t be the last.

Source: XDA Developers Forum

HP plans to reenter the smartphone market


Remember the failure that was HP’s webOS? Now HP wants to have a second go at the smartphone market. In the Indian Express, HP Senior Director of Consumer PCs and Tablets for Asia-Pacific Yam Su Yin revealed that the company is working on a new smartphone that will offer a “differentiated experience.”  We don’t know anything besides this initial remark – not even if they are working on an entire mobile operating system, or simply just a device that could run on Android or Windows Phone.

The company’s focus will still be concentrated on tablet, notebook, and PC lines, however it could be very difficult to emerge in a market that currently seems to have its bases covered. Of course, Yin, who says “HP has to be in the game,” says a timetable is not yet available. Stay tuned to Talk Android as we keep you updated on HP’s latest foray into the smartphone market.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

Custom ROM built from Google Play Edition HTC One arrives



Are you a jealous GSM HTC One owner that wants a stock Google experience after seeing the new Google Play edition devices that were released earlier this week? Well, you’re in luck. Rooted HTC One users can now flash a rom that runs the same Android 4.2.2 that the new devices run, thanks to XDA Developers user bigxie. To flash the rom, you will need an unlocked and rooted HTC One running a custom recovery. Once flashed, your HTC One experience will be almost exactly like the Google Play edition experience, complete with the new camera app and everything.

Source: XDA Developers

Facebook introduces Beta Program for their Android app

Facebook_New_Native_AppDevelopment for Facebook’s Android app, which used to seem like an after thought, is taking a step forward as Facebook has announced that they will take part in Android’s new beta program. We’ve already seen this new program being used by apps such as Falcon Pro and Nova Launcher to test new releases with a small number of users to correct issues. Facebook hopes that this will help improve performance and reliability across all phones, all the way from a years old Gingerbread device to a few days old Google Edition Galaxy S4.

To join the program, you’ll need to head to the Google Groups link below and join the group to become a beta tester. After that, you can download the beta version of the app from the Play Store like normal. To report bugs in the beta version, just head to the settings menu and tap the “Report Bug” icon.

Source: Facebook Engineering, Google Groups