Image reveals the inner-workings of the Fort Worth, TX factory— home of the Moto X


Ahh, good ol’ products made in the USA. (Not to be confused with Usa, located in Ōita Prefecture, Japan.) Here we have a picture of what the inside of the Forth Worth, TX factory looks like, which pumps out thousands of Moto X’s each and every day. The 455,000 square-foot facility formerly manufactured Nokia products, but now sees the Moto X from its birth to the point when it gets shipped out.

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Google releases “World Wide Maze” Chrome Experiment game in celebration of Chrome’s 5th birthday


Google’s at it again with yet another Chrome Experiment, allowing you to connect your mobile Chrome browser to your desktop Chrome browser quickly, seamlessly, and yes, awesomely.

This game, known as “World Wide Maze,” lets you roll around on your favorite websites (latitudinally), as if it were a maze. The game is pretty sick, I must say, and you should definitely go ahead and give it a try.

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Android distribution numbers released once again, Jelly Bean shows steady growth, ICS decreases


Here we are again, checking out the latest distribution charts for Android— we certainly have some interesting developments for this month’s numbers. First, you’ll notice that the prehistoric versions of Android OS (Donut and Eclair) are no longer on the chart! Why is this? Not because nobody has them running on their devices anymore, but because data for the chart is now gathered from the Google Play Store app, which only runs on devices with Android 2.2 or greater. Either way, devices running the older versions of Android only account for around 1%.

Now, for this month’s improvements in Android fragmentation— combined, Jelly Bean is currently loaded up on 45.1% of all Android-powered devices, up from 40.5% from last month.  For the first time ever, Ice Cream Sandwich actually showed a decrease, going from 22.5% to 21.7%. Sure, it’s not a lot, but the decrease certainly shows that OEMs are doing a better job upgrading their devices to Jelly Bean.

Gingerbread shrunk a bit as well, going from 33.1% to 30.7%, and Froyo followed suit, coming down to 2.4% from 2.5%.  We’ll be back next month with the latest Android distribution numbers. Hopefully we’ll get to see a new KitKat section on the chart!

Source: Android Developers

1 billion Android activations to date, says Sundar Pichai— excited for release of KitKat


Sundar Pichai, Senior VP at Google, announced on his Google+ page earlier today that Android has surpassed 1 billion device activations. It’s quite the accomplishment, if not one of the greatest ever achieved by a mobile phone operating system.

Sundar also shared his pure joy of coming back from his trip to Asia and seeing the new KitKat statue on the front lawn of Google HQ. Seems like he can’t wait for its release, can you?

Source: +SundarPichai 

Nestle/Hershey release new Kit-Kat teaser video, jokingly advertises candy bar as a piece of technology


Android surprised us all this morning as it announced that the next version of Android will be called “KitKat 4.4,” and not Key Lime Pie 5.0, as was widely rumored (and expected) for months.

Nestle and Hershey will certainly be doing their part in supporting the newest version of Android’s OS, as they have already announced a new Android-branded wrapper which will be shipped with 50 million Kit-Kat bars worldwide, and will feature a promotional giveaway from Google for free Nexus 7s and Play Store credit.

Now, Nestle has released a video which jokingly advertises Kit-Kat bars as a revolutionary new piece of food technology with a fully “immersive and multi-sensory experience.”

We still don’t have any information on what specific features the new version of Android’s OS will include, but it will certainly be interesting to see what changes they bring. Nonetheless, check out the video after the break— enjoy!

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Xiaomi’s app store hits 1 billion downloads in a year, company looks to be on the climb


The news couldn’t have come at a better time for the company. Just as they wrangled away former Android icon Hugo Barra from Google, Xiaomi announced that they have reached 1 billion downloads from their MIUI app store in one year. Xiaomi’s UI is based on Android firmware, so it’s no wonder that so many apps have been developed for the platform. (Being located in the most populated region in the world helps a lot too.)

Since the company launched its MIUI app store, it has gained over 17 million active users with over 1.3 million daily searches. Add 5 million daily downloads to the recipe and you come out with with #5 ranked app store in China. (Out of over 200.)

We should expect to see more from Xiaomi in the coming year— we’re certainly looking forward to seeing what they’ve got up their sleeves, are you?

Source: TheNextWeb

Amazon introduces Mobile Associates API to help developers further monetize apps


Amazon announced the availability of a new API today to help developers further monetize their apps. The Amazon Mobile Associates API is an extension of the company’s Amazon Associates web-based affiliate program, bringing the power of Amazon to Kindle Fire and Android based devices. The new API enables developers to:
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Google responds to blocking local video playback from Chromecast apps


Yesterday, we found out that the latest Chromecast update disabled support for ‘video_playback’,  which made apps such as Koushik Dutta’s AllCast and Leon Nicholls’ Fling useless. Granted, the only reason why were were able to use these apps were because Koush was able to reverse engineer the Chromecast protocols, thus allowing newly developed apps to run on all Chromecasts, not just whitelisted ones. Google was obviously not too happy about this and made changes with the latest update. My assumption was that Google won’t make local or networked content friendly with the Chromecast in the future. However, there might be a glimmer of hope because The Verge was able to get a response from Google regarding the changes they made….

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Vast majority of highest grossing Android apps are free in Google Play


We always knew that many of the free apps available on Google Play were actually some of the highest grossing— there’s no way Gameloft and Rovio (and many other developers) could continuously put out free games and not turn a profit.

In a new statistic from App Annie, it shows that a staggering 96% of the top 100 highest grossing apps in the Play store are actually free to download. Whether its heavy merchandising or in-app purchases, these apps are simply thriving above the rest.

In comparison, only 77% of the highest grossing iPhone apps are free to download, while 69% of the highest grossing iPad apps are free to download from the App Store.

So, developers: perhaps slapping a price tag on that new app of yours isn’t such a great idea after all!

Source: Mashable

CyanogenMod readying Device Finder app, general security improvements for CM builds


With all of the angst some device owners have over recent incidents of government agencies tapping into user computer data via carriers and major industry players, along with general distrust of what corporations may be doing with user data, the CyanogenMod team is readying some changes and apps to help users be a little more secure. The first change, CyanogenMod Account, has been submitted to the CM Github so developers can review the code and provide some feedback before it is submitted to the nightlies.
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