New leak of Nokia Android phone shows interface

ZTE looks ahead to 2014, plans to unveil the Projector Hotspot, Iconic Phablet and others at CES

Samsung awarded patent for foldable tablet

Sapphire to be incorporated into manufacturing of flagship smartphones in 2014

Google highlights “beautiful apps” in “The Beautiful Design Winter 2013 Collection” on Google Play

Sony testing a “BT Wrist Notifier,” passes through FCC— CES 2014 announcement?

Study reveals security flaws in Samsung’s Knox platform on Galaxy S4

KitKat comes to Nexus Q in unofficial update from XDA developer forums

AllCast from ClockworkMod released to Play Store, will allow streaming of media to (pretty much) anywhere

Dual 5MP camera unit announced by Toshiba, will allow for stereo-3D shots for both smartphones and tablets

CyanogenMod hits 10 million installs in time for launch of CM-powered Oppo N1

Google’s Ingress project is bigger than it seems

CyanogenMod announces WhisperPush SMS system for CM 10.2 nightlies