Sprint’s Official Answer for Techs to Give on the “Where’s Froyo” Question

Sprint spoke out recently about the Froyo updates for their devices that are still awaiting it, and they have made similar statements via Twitter. So it’s not surprising that they have an internal document that has basically the same bullet points. It seems like they are distributing this to agents in their stores and at their call centers to use for an answer to the “When I will I get the 2.2 update on my phone” question. The standard response will be the usual company lines of “Sprint works closely with our manufacturing partners to deliver updates,” and “We bring software updates to our customers as quickly as possible.” Clearly Sprint is trying to reinforce the exact same message on every front.

While this answer may not be what customers want to hear, at least Sprint is addressing the issue head-on after months of silence. The document states that the update will be announced when it is ready directly from Sprint, and that the Epic 4G, the Transform, and Sanyo Zio are all being prepped for update. Stay tuned, and we’ll bring you that information the day it’s available.

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What would you use an Android Tablet for most?


There are going to be so many tablets coming out in the next little while that we may start asking ourselves how important it is that we get one. They’ll all be in different shapes and sizes, options, specs, etc. Obviously, like choosing a computer before, the hardware you bought was likely the result of some self-analyzation on what you plan on using it for. Then came smartphones, same deal. What specs will be good enough for what you plan on doing with it. Is it for business or pleasure? Do you take alot or pictures or not? Video, video chat?

Yes, there are going to be as many options with tablets as there are with computers, laptops, and smartphones. In-Stat, a market researcher, did a report called US Consumers’ Attitudes and Behaviours Toward the Emerging Tablet Market, which they stated, “After close to a decade of negligible demand, the tablet market is finally gaining mass market appeal”.

Stephanie Ethier, senior Analyst at In-Stat also said;

Last year’s small crop of tablets was being touted as potential e-readers; a way to compete against the extremely popular Amazon Kindle line-up…But this next generation of tablets is clearly being marketed as consumer multimedia consumption devices positioned to compete squarely against the Apple iPad.

Tablets are predominantly being used for email, internet and multimedia currently, but we are also seeing the business sector look towards tablets for their solutions as well. Deloitte research firm did another report where they predict that 25% of all tablet sales will be by businesses for business activity.

55% of people surveyed who currently own tablets said they spend at least 9 hours a week using them for various things already discussed. So where do you stand? What would you use a tablet for? How long do you think you’d use it a week? maybe the real question here is this…What will having a tablet do for you that you can’t already do on your Android smartphone?

T-Mobile and Samsung Offer Froyo Update KA6 to Vibrant Owners via Mini Kies

Galaxy S owners are all eagerly awaiting the Froyo update, and T-Mobile said they would be rolling the update out to their customers. However, a post in the T-Mobile forums indicates that this update won’t be going out over-the-air after all, but instead will be available by download via the Mini Kies tool. At this point, this is the only option for Vibrant owners wanting to update to Froyo, and they’re saying that the update won’t be OTA at any point down the road. That’s not to say that a later update might not be sent out that will include Froyo, but don’t expect to see KA6 being pushed out to your device.

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Acer, Are You Phasing Out Netbooks Or Not? Apparently Not.

Apparently the last 24 hours have led to some uncertainty at Acer regarding the intention of their tablets. It was widely reported yesterday that Acer was aligning their tablets to phase out their very popular netbook line. Presumably, the Taiwan sales manager yesterday stated that they “…are aimed at phasing out netbooks… That’s the direction of the market.” Acer’s netbooks have been quite successful, and while tablets seem to be the way of the future, does that mean that there is no longer a market for netbooks?
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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab gets overclocked to 1.2 GHz

What could make your Samsung Galaxy Tab even better? How about some more speed? Well, if your Tab is rocking Sprint, then some more speed could be in your future. Thanks to the minds over at XDA, the 1GHz Hummingbird processor has benefited from the new “Bauxite” kernel, which overclocks it to 1.2GHz.

Be sure to hit the source link to check it out for yourself, and let us know how your speedy new Tab treats you in the comments.

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Sprint and T-Mobile Speak Out About Froyo Updates for Galaxy S: Coming Soon

There was a rumor going ’round that the US-based Galaxy S phones weren’t going to see the Froyo update, and that it was a cost/political issue.   While we never really bought it here at Talkandroid, it was a popular rumor until a few days ago, when Phonescoop reported otherwise. We were pleased to hear that rumor was bogus, not only because it never really made sense, but because it would’ve been pretty underhanded of everyone involved. Well, today, both T-Mobile and Sprint have made statements regarding Froyo updates on their Galaxy S devices.
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Motorola on Locked Bootloaders: “Buy Elsewhere,” Then Apologizes

Motorola had a bit of a slip-up yesterday in PR department, but they were quick to try to make it better with their customers. On the comments to their YouTube channel, the following comment and response pair appeared yesterday — and have since been removed:

Even though this phone seems to have the best hardware specs yet, no sale if the bootloader is locked like the Motorola Milestone I have. It’s really upsetting to not be able to put custom roms on MY device…
Please Moto, do the right thing. [For your customers, that is]

@tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks.

There’s something to be said for shooting straight, but to me, this seems like a little bit over the line. Apparently, someone else at Motorola thought so, too, because last night on Facebook, and today in Youtube comments, was the following message:

We apologize for the feedback we provided regarding our bootloader policy. The response does not reflect the views of Motorola.

We are working closely with our partners to offer a bootloader solution that will enable developers to use our devices as a development platform while still protecting our users’ interests. More detailed information will follow as we get closer to availability.

So it’ll be good to see how things develop on this. Motorola seems to be looking for the happy medium between “protecting” customers, and locking them out of development completely. A worthwhile goal, and we wish them luck.

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Popular Linux Media Player MPlayer Arrives on Android

Any of you who have much background with a Linus OS have probably used mPlayer. It’s a very versatile audio/video player that has had a lot of success in the open source community. Well, XDA-Developers member ajeet17181 has ported the popular media player over to the Android platform. While this may be a work in progress (it hasn’t been tested on every phone out there yet), it seems to be stable and functional, with a clean minimalistic interface.

Features –
1) Support all subtitle format.
2) Proper audio video sync.
3) Uses libfaad2 and libmad for aac and mp3 decoding.
4) Stream URL support

Those looking for a simple yet capable media player that does various audio and video formats, check it out at the source link.

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Apple COO Tim Cook mentions new Android tablets are ‘vapor’

Tim Cook

During a telephone interview, Apple COO Tim Cook had a few things to say about the iPad’s competition with Windows and Android. He stated that he thinks “there’s not much” competition in the tablet world when put up against the iPad due mainly to Apple’s approach to integrated development for the iPad (and other apple products) as well as Apple’s App Stores being more abundant.

To keep the hits coming, he mentions that Android tablets are nothing more than “scaled-up smartphones”, continue to have fragmentation issues, and are ‘vapor’ in many minds due to the lack of pricing and launch dates from the onslaught of Android tablets announced at CES 2011.

He has a couple of points, because we’ve heard many issues and different sides of the story when it comes to fragmentation and development within Android. Also, we have heard from many that tablets with Android 2.2 or 2.3 are just big smartphones. One thing he’s neglecting to mention is what happens when all these tablets do launch, with Android 3.0, which has been tailored for tablet use. It may be the same story as how Android took over smartphone market share in activated phones. There’s going to be a lot of new Android tablets out this year, and maybe 1 new iPad.

When that happens, we’ll see flooding market penetration as we did with Android smartphones, the more being released is another option for users to switch over from the iPad. It may take a while mind you, but it really comes down to numbers in the end.

If you’d like to hear the actual interview with Tim Cook, click the source link below.

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