Android 2.3 Gingerbread doubles language support from 2.2 Froyo

Want more Gingerbread news? Of course you do! Well, we try not to disappoint, as we bring you a complete list of all the language support available on the newly released Android 2.3. While Froyo (2.2) only had 26 languages, Gingerbread comes in with a whopping 57 languages. Included in this list is the long awaited Arabic support, among many others. Be sure to hit the break for a complete list, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Breaking News: Android 2.3 Gingerbread working on the Droid Eris

In the latest news coming from the Gingerbread label, it looks like the Droid Eris, a discontinued phone from HTC, has Gingerbread up and running. The news comes by way of xda-developers, who states:

This is a VERY early testing build of Gingerbread.
Basically its for playing with only!
Don’t expect it to work, be fast, or be useful for any reason

While this isn’t a fully functional build, this is still VERY exciting, as it will only bring more development in the coming days and weeks. Be sure to hit up the source link to get to the official thread, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Gingerbread code includes playstation phone buttons

In the wake of all the Gingerbread news released today, we have some more cool stuff for you on Android’s new 2.3 OS. It looks like, in the code, we’ve got some mentions of the buttons to be used on the Sony Playstation phone. According to the android.view.KeyEvent class in the code, there are new button calls for A,B,C, L1, L2, R1, R2, select, start, X, Y, and Z.

Can’t hold still on this news? Be sure to check out the recent leak of the Playstation phone on video, showing off the new button layout, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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How-To: Install the Android 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard on your rooted device

Want to check out some new Gingerbread goodness, like… now? Well you’re in luck, as Peter Alfonso, creator and maintainer of the infamous custom ROM, “Bugless Beast”, has gotten it all tucked away in a nice, flashable zip file – the keyboard, that is. Thanks to Peter, you can now install the Gingerbread keyboard on your rooted Android device through recovery, and it’s very easy to do. Just hit the break to find out how!

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Android 2.3 coming to the Nexus One on December 16th?

Many sites, including Engadget, were reporting earlier that the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OTA update was starting to roll out for the Nexus One. However, it seems people were confusing the smaller and less critical update they were seeing for the big 2.3 update.

This was reinforced by Google developer and Android advocate @retomeier when he tweeted the following:

Not sure where Engadget is getting their reports. The Nexus One OTA isn’t happening just yet – should be coming in a few weeks.

A lot of people are now pegging December 16th, the same day that the Nexus S goes on sale, as the day the 2.3 OTA update will start rolling out for the Nexus S. However, until an official announcement is made (or until people start getting the update), this is all speculation at this point. Stay tuned, and be sure to keep your radios dialed to TalkAndroid today for all the latest and greatest Android 2.3 news.

Google’s Newest Acquisition in Their Pursuit of World Domination: Phonetic Arts

I for one welcome our Google overlords.  I mean, let’s be real…they’re going to take over the world.  Today, they came one step closer with the purchase of Phonetic Arts.  This company specializes in software to give computers (typically in video games) the ability to generate natural, expressive speech.

It’s no secret that your Android phone can translate your speech to text remarkably well.  And there certainly are plenty of apps out there that can give your phone the capability to speak to you (Vlingo, for example, has the ability to read your incoming texts or emails), but there are still issues.  Not only is it not built-in to Android, but we’ve all heard that robotic, computer voice. According to Google’s blog, they are looking to improve voice output drastically, and that’s where the purchase of Phonetic Arts comes in.  They’re increasing their investments in this issue, so we can look forward to big improvements on that front.

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Is Skype finally getting ready for mobile video conferencing?

In a recent article by GigaOm, Skype has upped their hiring of mobile developers. Specifically, the company is looking for devs in the iPhone and Android space, and the total of people to bring on is at about 20-30 developers. While this may be a simple case of Skype trying to fix any issues in the mobile space that they’re already having, chances are they’re looking at the possibility of video conferencing in the mobile arena. 5-10 developer hirings would lead me to believe current bugfixes; 20-30 makes me thing a total revamp or addition of a large new feature.

Qik and Fring have been in the video conferencing space for quite awhile, and don’t enjoy nearly the popularity that Skype has. At this point, it would only make sense for Skype to hop on the video conferencing train, as users have been clamoring for it for quite some time – even before the Skype app for either Android or iOS was ever released.

So, Skype, here’s hoping you’re doing what’s right, and listening to the masses. Be sure to hit the source link for the original article at GigaOm, and let us know what you think of Skype possibly bringing mobile video conferencing into the game in the comments below.

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NookColor SDK released, Android developers can now port their apps

Barnes and Noble has announced that the NookColor SDK is now available for developers to download and begin the process of porting their apps for the device. Some people are already questioning why this SDK only supports the NC, and not the other line of Nook devices.

You may remember that the  NC has already been rooted and that apps have already been ported over and tested, but if developers want their apps officially supported by B&N on the NC, they will have to do it the proper way.

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More details emerge about Gingerbread UI changes

Some more details have emerged about the upcoming changes to the Android UI that are coming with 2.3 (Gingerbread). A lot of these changes are somewhat technical in nature, but an important one is the fact that Gingerbread is finally bringing true 32 bit imaging support to Android.

If you’re a developer or are just really into the hardcore technical aspects of Android, you may want to hit up this link for some more juicy details.

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