Popular Linux Media Player MPlayer Arrives on Android

Any of you who have much background with a Linus OS have probably used mPlayer. It’s a very versatile audio/video player that has had a lot of success in the open source community. Well, XDA-Developers member ajeet17181 has ported the popular media player over to the Android platform. While this may be a work in progress (it hasn’t been tested on every phone out there yet), it seems to be stable and functional, with a clean minimalistic interface.

Features –
1) Support all subtitle format.
2) Proper audio video sync.
3) Uses libfaad2 and libmad for aac and mp3 decoding.
4) Stream URL support

Those looking for a simple yet capable media player that does various audio and video formats, check it out at the source link.

[via XDA-Developers]

Apple COO Tim Cook mentions new Android tablets are ‘vapor’

Tim Cook

During a telephone interview, Apple COO Tim Cook had a few things to say about the iPad’s competition with Windows and Android. He stated that he thinks “there’s not much” competition in the tablet world when put up against the iPad due mainly to Apple’s approach to integrated development for the iPad (and other apple products) as well as Apple’s App Stores being more abundant.

To keep the hits coming, he mentions that Android tablets are nothing more than “scaled-up smartphones”, continue to have fragmentation issues, and are ‘vapor’ in many minds due to the lack of pricing and launch dates from the onslaught of Android tablets announced at CES 2011.

He has a couple of points, because we’ve heard many issues and different sides of the story when it comes to fragmentation and development within Android. Also, we have heard from many that tablets with Android 2.2 or 2.3 are just big smartphones. One thing he’s neglecting to mention is what happens when all these tablets do launch, with Android 3.0, which has been tailored for tablet use. It may be the same story as how Android took over smartphone market share in activated phones. There’s going to be a lot of new Android tablets out this year, and maybe 1 new iPad.

When that happens, we’ll see flooding market penetration as we did with Android smartphones, the more being released is another option for users to switch over from the iPad. It may take a while mind you, but it really comes down to numbers in the end.

If you’d like to hear the actual interview with Tim Cook, click the source link below.

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Thanks to Customer Feedback, Update Brings Improvements to RealPlayer for Android

RealPlayer for Android made its appearance mid-last-year, and RealNetworks has been soliciting feedback from users from day one, and have really been listening to your suggestions. Today they announced an updated version of their media player app, taking their updates largely from your input. The updated version brings the folllowing changes to the table:

  • A redesigned home screen
  • A widget allowing playback from the home screen
  • Enhanced graphics
  • A feature for videos and song removal
  • An improved way to select directories for music, videos and photos
  • Landscape mode for music playback
  • Music playback by directory folder
  • A quick way to hide video status bar
  • A selection for video aspect ratio
  • Removal of the roulette wheel
  • Support for music playlists playback

If you have downloaded the RealPlayer app, be sure you pick up the update. And if you’re looking for a good media player app, give RealPlayer a try. Either way, let us know what you think of it.

[via RealNetworksBlog]

CryTek Seeking Developers With Android Experience

CryTek recently announced, via a job posting, that the company is interested in seeking mobile developers with extensive Android development experience.  CryTek is a leading independent development studio who is well known for making high graphical enriched games via their popular 3D CryENGINE technology.  And while the company usually creates products focused on PCs, consoles and iPhones, it looks like their in the market to possibly start producing for the Android platform.  This is great news for Android seeking gamers everywhere.  As we’ve seen before, it’s getting more and more difficult for developers and companies alike to ignore the ever growing and wildly expanding Android OS.  So, here’s to hoping the demand for these popular games takes off, forcing the supply to be met.  Check out the bottom of the job listing in the “preferences” section.  It’s easy to see that the company is focusing on “Android development”.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Kongregate Arcade Brings Browser-Based Game to Android, 300 Titles at Launch

For all the strengths of the Android platform, there is one thing that is still slightly lacking, and that is the offering of SOLID games. Yes, the situation is getting better, and companies like Open Feint are going a long way to making it better.  Still, this is the most common complaint of the platform, especially when compared to the offerings on the iPhone. Well, behold a new entry: Kongregate Arcade.
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Galaxy S: Why No Froyo Updates In the US? Perhaps Cost?

If you, like me, are a US owner of a Samsung Galaxy S phone, then you’re still asking yourself one major question: Why don’t I have Froyo yet? (Well, okay…HYPOTHETICALLY, if you’re like me, you might already have hypothetically installed a test build of Froyo for your Galaxy S phone.) US Galaxy S owners have been waiting for a while now for an official update to take them to Android 2.2. What’s been the hold-up? Well, a tipster claiming to have some inside knowledge wants us to think that it’s the cost to the carrier for the update that is keeping Froyo from seeing the US shores:

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Miezu M9 ROM Ported to EVO, Mostly Functional

You may remember a bit of talk about the Miezu M9 a few months back. We’re not expected to see it stateside, as it’s likely to just be sold in the Asian market. However, a team of developers has brought a mostly-functional ROM of the M9 to the EVO. It still needs a little polish, but EVO owners who are curious to see what all the M9 fuss is about may have an opportunity to do that very soon. It’s likely that this ROM will be finished up and available in the near future.

Of course, always make a backup of your existing ROM first. The EVO is one of the most popular Android phones on the market, so it’d be a shame for anything to happen to yours. But as long as you’ve got a good backup, what’s the harm in giving it a shot? After all, Android will let you do exactly that.

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Why I Love Rooting (A Case for Rooting Your Phone)

I’m a relatively new Android user, having gotten my HTC EVO 4G in early September of last year. However, before switching to Android from the iPhone (and let me say, thank GAWD I did), I did tons of research on the benefits on Android, and one thing that kept coming up was rooting. Rooting, if you’re unaware, basically gives you superuser access to your phone, removing certain protections put upon your phone by carriers or manufacturers. Some phones are easier to root than others, and I was pleased to see that the EVO could be rooted fairly easily (thanks to the wonderful folks on the Unrevoked team).

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NFC apps start to appear for Android devices on Gingerbread

Shortly after the announcement of Android 2.3 supporting NFC on the Google Nexus S, we begin seeing NFC enabled apps popping up in the Android Market. Taglet is one of them, a Japanese language app, that reads NFC tags and can share that same information. This app gets around Gingerbread’s read-only limitation, and lets the user associate data in an online database. When the tag is read, it accesses the data stored online and sends it back down to the user.

The second is called EnableTable, an English langauage app from the US, which lets restaurants send out discount vouchers and coupons to its clients and customers when they pay their bill, thus encouraging repeat business.

NFC Development kits are starting to become available as well, encouraging development of NFC apps, which will no doubt start to become more mainstream the more Android devices start updating to Gingerbread and up. Merchant360 subsidiary Mobifyer has introduced a development kit for NFC this week.

Merchant360 CEO Steve McRae said the following;

We are in the business of increasing the adoption and acceptance of NFC so with the release of this mainstream phone we developed some reference applications and since we supply mobile contactless tags to companies like MoneyCell and applications for companies like Bling Nation we decided to release this as a solution allowing any Android developer to get engaged with NFC technology and increase adoption

Check out 2 videos for the apps above utilizing NFC technology below.