We are reassured of the state of CyanogenMod via kmobs

If you have even the slightest idea as to what rooting your Android device means, or what a custom ROM is, then I can bet you probably know what CyanogenMod is. CyanogenMod is a fully modified version of Google’s Android OS. This custom ROM can be flashed to a very long list of devices, and is hands down one of the most popular custom ROM’s available today.

We’ve all been hearing and reading about the latest news of Steve Kondik (cyanogen) being hired by Samsung. And I don’t blame Samsung for wanting to get their hands on the proven skills of the founder of CyanogenMod. So due to this latest development, there looks to be plenty of rumors and much speculation as to the fate of CyanogenMod.

This is where Keyan Mobli (kmods) comes in.

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New HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Leak 2.10.605.1 RUU Available [courtesy of xda]

I don’t want to get too much excitement going, but with two official HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread leaks out this week we must be getting close right? Just the other day we gave you the leak of build 2.07.605.0 (with install instructions) and now, thanks to Football over at XDA, you can download version 2.10.605.1 right here. Since this is a full RUU, it will unroot and wipe your phone should you choose to try it out.  Be sure to hit up the forums over at XDA if you need any help.

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EVO 3D Unlock Bootloader Tool Available on HTCDev Website (Next Up T-Mobile Sensation 4G?)

Following the Sensation 4G in Europe, now owners of the EVO 3D on Sprint can join the party and unlock their bootloaders via the HTCDev website tool. You can head over to the HTCDev site and get started by the source link below. Remember, running this tool will void your warranty, so proceed with caution. It also appears the HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile is listed on the site too, however, it’s grayed out.  Keep checking back with us and we’ll let you know when it’s live! HTC deserves a big applause for this so let’s give it up for them. Hit us up in the comments and let us know if you’re excited!

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Official Gingerbread Update 4.5.602 Ready For Rooted Droid X

Is your Droid X currently rooted, but you want the latest Gingerbread version for all the bug fixes? Well, you’re in luck! MyDroidWorld has posted files and instructions for your Droid X rooting pleasure. Here’s how the rooting process is going to go down:

WARNING: Proceed at your own risk. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer in the comments.

  • Flash your phone back to the official Froyo 2.3.340 (you’ll need to use RSD Lite with the Froyo SBF file)
  • Turn on your X while holding the volume down button and the camera button at the same time. Connect to PC, load the SBF into RSD lite, and click Start
  • After the flash is complete and the phone restarts, pull the battery and power the phone back on into stock recovery by holding the home button
  • To see the menu in recovery hit the search key
  • Do a factory reset from recovery at least 3 times (I like to do this to make sure everything is totally clean) and restart the phone
  • Once you’re back to Froyo, root using z4root
  • Install Droid 2 version of Bootstrap (Droid X bootstrap will NOT work)
  • Download 2 files to flash from recovery. The first one here and the second one here and place them on the root of your SD card
  • Run bootstrap and reboot into recovery
  • Install part 1 and part 2 before leaving recovery
  • Reboot and relax because your done

If this is your first time rooting your Droid X, I would suggest you read up on how to do this or ask in the forums. If not, and you have all the tools ready to go, rock on!

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HTC Evo 3D Update Coming Aug 23rd And Samsung Conquer 4G Aug 21st Per Leaked Sprint Playbook

Who doesn’t love an update huh?  Unless it bricks the smack out of your device right?  Don’t worry, we don’t think these respective updates are going to kill your high priced investment.  Per a leaked Sprint Playbook, it appears that the HTC Evo 3D will be receiving an update to version 2.08.651.2 which can be downloaded on Aug 18th and will be pushed to the rest of us on Aug 23rd.  Don’t get too excited though, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich however, it will address a number of bugs with the device.  Be warned though, this update could prevent you from performing the new bootloader unlock and root method.

Samsung’s Conguer 4G, a highly anticipated device, will also be receiving a security patch, placing the Gingerbread 2.3 build at EG15.  No other details have been released regarding the update.  Plus, who’s going to argue with a security fix, right?  If you’re not familiar with the Samsung Conguer 4G, check out our unboxing here and stay tuned for the hands-on review, which will shortly follow.

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NFL Sunday Ticket Coming To A Number of Motorola And Samsung Devices

DirecTV and the NFL are dead set on getting their content to be absolutely 100% accessable on your mobile device.  The two entities are gearing up to bring you the Sunday Ticket To-Go while….. on the go, of course.  For now, it’s being reported that the Motorola Xoom will be among a number of other Moto devices supported.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab lineup was mentioned as being suppported as well however, we’re not clear as to whether or not this just includes the Tab 10.1 and/or the original Galaxy Tab 7-inch and 8.9-inch models.  We’re assuming just Verizon branded devices for now.  Per the presser, “other DROID-Branded phones” will receive the service too being that Verizon and the NFL have an exclusive partnership.

DIRECTV customers in the U.S. will continue to enjoy live streaming games with NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go on more mobile platforms including for the first time, Motorola’s XOOM and Samsung Galaxy tablets; Motorola’s Android phones; the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry devices with 3G or wifi, Palm Pre/Pixi, and other Droid-branded phones. (emphasis mine)

The extensive list of devices supported was a bit confusing as some devices on the list, which are supposed to be compatible, failed to be so when attempting to grab the app from the Market.  We recommend you just head on over and see if your device is supported the old school way.  The only other caveat is, you’ll have to pay a $50 “to-go” fee in addition to your regular subscription amount.  If you’re a die-hard football fanatic and you’re ok with paying the extra amount, head on over to the Android Market after the break for the download where you’ll also find a few extra screen shots of the app.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Is it worth the price?   Read more

BeWeather Beta Adds Character And Design To Your Forecast [Courtesy of XDA]

Still looking for a good, sleek, crisp and streamlined UI in your next weather application?  Look no further.  Developer pfluger, a former Blackberry coder turned Android, has put together this little weather app for your convenience.  BeWeather for Android offers an aesthetically pleasing interface with forecasts ranging in appearance from 11 different widgets.  In addition, the app is ridiculously customizable all the way from its fonts to its icons and colors. Features like 7-day forecasts, location tracking and access to nearby weather stations are sure to make this app a hit. Check out the extensive list of features from the developer himself.  If you like what you see, you can head on over to the application thread and give it a go.  Feel free to provide as much feedback as you can to the developer so as to improve the application across multiple devices.  Enjoy! Read more

Locked Bootloader part of T-Mobile’s G-Slate 3.1 Update

If modding is your cup of tea, you might want to hold off on updating your T-Mobile G-Slate with the 3.1 update that’s currently rolling out as it is being reported that the new update carries with it a locked bootloader.

With a locked bootloader making the flashing of ROMs impossible, is the “update” even worth it? Is the 3.1 update better than what can be accomplished now with 3.0.1 + a custom ROM? It comes down to whether or not you value the access that an unlocked bootloader gives you and whether or not that access is worth the price of an update.

Prior to this update, G-Slate had been one of the more developer friendly tablets on the market. Its both sad and frustrating to see this happen when other manufacturers are taking positive steps in the opposite direction.

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Fusion Garage’s Grid OS, Android under the hood

News had been cropping up recently of a yet-to-be-released tablet called the Grid 10 by TabCo. Today, however, we’ve learned that TabCo is a fake company, concocted by the real company “Fusion Garage.” If you are not familiar with that name, Fusion Garage was the maker of the JooJoo tablet from March of last year. It was a Linux based 12” tablet packing a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 as well as Nvidia Ion graphics and 1GB of RAM. Back to today, Fusion Garage has officially unveiled the Grid 10 tablet as well as the Grid 4 phone featuring GridOS. But wait, isn’t this an Android blog? As it turns out, “GridOS was built leveraging an Android kernel. It was built on top of Android. Similar to how Apple built Mac from Unix BSD.”   Read more

HTC Puccini Tablet To Be Released In September/October Says CFO

The highly anticipated 10-inch HTC Puccini is still making headlines, and this time, we’re closer than ever to an official release date.  According to the company’s CFO, Winston Yung, the device should hit the market running some time in September or October.  Specs still remain the same running a 1.5 GHz CPU, an 8 meg camera and of course, a stylus much like the HTC Flyer’s Scribe.  Though it was thought the device would be LTE ready for AT&T land, it’s more likely it will sport an HSPA+ radio instead.  Simply because we don’t think AT&T will have full LTE up and running by September.  CFO Yung also took the time to reiterate that HTC still plans on appealing a recent ITC ruling claiming the company infringed on several Apple patents.

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