Unofficial CM10 and AOKP Builds Released for Verizon’s Galaxy S III

Verizon’s locked bootloader on their Galaxy S III hasn’t stopped development at all to this point. Two unofficial ports of AOKP and CyanogenMod 10 popped up, with each either being as close to fully working as can be or with a couple of minor bugs that are currently being worked on.

AOKP Milestone 6 appears to be ready for release and a daily driver without any known bugs so far. CM10 is currently still being referred to as an “alpha”, however, data and all the other most important core features are working. You may just want to look into either one of these, especially CM10 as they always do a outstanding job and go beyond the call of duty.

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Legacy Play Store Allows You To See A List of Your Purchased Apps Again

Before the Android Market switched over to the Play Store the Market allowed you to see a list of your purchased apps under a “Not installed” section. After the transition to the Play Store, at some point along the update line, the list of paid apps went away. If you’re wanting the ability to see that list again, Paul O’Brien over at Modaco, has solved the problem. You can get the Legacy Play Store app that will solve your problem by bringing back the “Not installed” list of apps.

Paul was able to get the old version of the Play Store client and with some tinkering around, he was able to make it run alongside the official Play Store. Once again, in the Legacy Play Store your apps will have a My Apps screen with a list of all the paid apps you’ve purchased that are not installed on your device. The current version of the Play Store has a tab for all of your apps that are installed or you’ve ever installed, and lumps these together with any apps you’ve purchased. If you’ve purchased a  lot of apps, you may find yourself having trouble finding the small handful of paid apps you want for your respective devices.

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AndroPlatina Utilities Aims to be the Root Toolkit for ALL Android Devices

I am a huge fan of rooting my devices, it allows deep customization and the ability to load any ROM I want to. I own a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus and while I wasn’t planning on rooting it, 2 hours after delivery I was punching fastboot commands into terminal to do just that.

Well XDA recognized contributor, varun.chitre15, is working hard to make this easy to do for ALL devices and with one program none-the-less. It’s called “AndroPlatina” and is a toolkit to make hacking and modifying your Android device easy with just a few clicks.

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National Ice Cream Month Receives Wallpaper by Andrew Bell

Did you know this month is National Ice Cream Month? Andrew Bell is celebrating by releasing a tasty treat for your desktop. The man behind the Android Series 3 Collectibles made a wallpaper showing Androids eating and serving ice cream cones. Jelly Bean has been the hot topic this month, but Andrew Bell decided to honor Ice Cream Sandwich with this wallpaper.

Click on the source link to get the wallpaper in different sizes.

source: Android Foundry
via: Phandroid

Ringtone Editor In Jelly Bean Changelog Trashed or Forgotten?

Take a look at the above listing on Google. A ringtone editor you say? For a moment, I was so excited, then after looking at the changelog for Jelly Bean, it wasn’t there. Apparently they planned on releasing one, but they must of either trashed the idea or forgot about it, I hope it’s the latter one. Instead of having to do a bunch of editing on my computer to get a decent ringtone I could potentially do it all on my smartphone? Now that sounds helpful!

Android Police posted this image of a decompile:

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XBMC Is Alive And Kicking, Gives An Idea Of How It Looks When Running On A Nexus Q


Remember how we told you about how XBMC was on its way a few days ago? Well it’s already here— albeit in an early form. CyanogenMod developer Jason Parker used his skills to develop a working port of the app for the Nexus Q and other Android-based set-top boxes, as well as most smartphones. From what we can tell, the interface looks like its centered around arrow keys and while touch input does work, the text is too small to see and operate on a smartphone or tablet. For now, it’s looking like the app may be best-suited for a set-top box that can run Android apps since there will presumably be a bigger screen to work with.

As you might expect, XBMC is still in its early form, so there may be a bug or two (or three or four). Nevertheless, it’s still cool to see the app being completely functional and somewhat ready for those who are ambitious enough to try it out.

source: Android Police



Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition For Verizon Webpage Now Live, Still No Word On Availability


Sure Verizon committed an epic party foul by locking the bootloader of the Galaxy S III smartphone, but at least Samsung has come through the make everything good again. Hot on the heels of its recent announcement of a special-edition Developer Edition of the Verizon Galaxy S III, Sammy has gone ahead and flipped the switch of the device listing on its website. Sure Verizon and Samsung is planning on a software update which will allow current Verizon Galaxy S IIIs to unlock the bootloader, but until we see the update pushed through to those phones, the Developer Edition might be users’ only option for now.

Currently, the only option for interested parties is the 32GB Pebble Blue model which will run you about $600 bucks, though there’s no word on its availability as of yet. But hey— since the link is now live, we suspect it will be available very soon so you call can get to your ROMing or other general tomfoolery.


source: Samsung


Nexus Q Plays Pong [Video]

Google’s magical mystery sphere, the Nexus Q, can stream Google Music, Movies, TV Shows, and YouTube videos. But developers are already hacking the Q to run apps and even play games… like Pong Brick Defender. Mobile development shop BrickSimple managed to modify a Q to play a Pong-like game using the Q’s rotating top volume control as the paddle controller. Simple, but this is just the tip of the iceberg with what we know the development community can do to this thing.

Check out the video after the break.

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CM10 Progressing Nicely On LG Optimus 4X HD Smartphone

Since Jelly Bean’s release to AOSP earlier in the week, developers have been busy at work porting the buttery OS to a variety of devices. Naturally, the famed CyanogenMod team would be among the first to get a functional ROM working on a device and so it comes that we see CM10 in all its glory on the sexy and powerful LG Optimus 4X HD. Superstud Ricardo Cerquiera posted a video on both his Google+ and YouTube pages which indicates CM10 working pretty well for the most part including the camera apps, phone app and multitasking looking topnotch. As with most early builds of ROMs, there are still a couple of kinks that need to be worked out— specifically the Google Search app that needs to be tweaked a little.

Naturally this is not available to the public just yet nor do we have an idea of when it will remotely be available. Still, considering the ROM looks smooth and solid for the most part, it’s not unreasonable to think the CM10 port will be here sooner than later.

source: Ricardo Cerquiera+

HTC releases kernel source for both the T-Mobile One S and the Sprint EVO 4G LTE

HTC seems to be running a little slow with kernel releases, but better late than never. They just released the kernel source for both the T-Mobile One S and the Sprint EVO 4G LTE. Again these source codes don’t mean much unless you’re a developer, but if you own one of these phones, you can be on the look out for better performance from custom ROMs.

source: HTCDev