Google Play screenshot reveals possible changes to Android 4.4 status bar


With Google’s newest version of Android tipped off for an October release, there’s bound to be details trickling out up to the final announcement. There is now new information regarding one of the possible cosmetic changes to Android. Yesterday, Google Korean IME (the Korean keyboard) was updated and provided a screenshot that revealed a change in color to the icons in the status bar. Thankfully someone saved the screenshot before it was removed from the Play Store listing. Currently the status bar is blue; however, the screenshot (above) has a gray color. This would be the first major change to the status bar since the change from Gingerbread’s green to the blue in Ice Cream Sandwich.

What is noteworthy, if this change is really going to be made, is that this would move the status bar toward the feel of the status bars on both iOS and Windows Phone. iOS features whites and so does Windows Phone; however, Google may simply allow multiple color options.

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Cyanogen Inc. is the new company for CyanogenMod, hopes to compete with Apple, Google


The team at CyanogenMod announced today that they have formed a new company, Cyanogen Inc., to keep the mobile platform moving forward. The formation of the new company actually took place earlier this year in April, after several months of pitching the idea to potential investors. Part of the impetus for this move was to remove the barriers and challenges present in trying to scale the kind of growth the CyanogenMod community was experiencing.

Steve Kondik, the CTO for the new company, says the goals are “straighforward”:

* Organize, lead, and support our community
* Create amazing user experience centered around how YOU work
* Security solutions that really work
* Stay committed to building the features our users need
* No junk
* Constant updates
* Available on everything, to everyone

Cyanogen indicates that they still recognize their biggest asset is the community and they intend to continue to support the community. The change in structure will help put the next steps for CM within reach. That includes becoming a player in the market on the level of Google and Android by offering a mobile platform that avoids the problem of closed platforms like iOS for Apple and some of the issues that Google’s Android is subject to, like bloatware.

What do you think of this move by the CyanogenMod team? Do you think they will succeed in gaining a significant portion of the mobile operating system market?

source: Cyanogen Inc.

One-click root now available for LG G2 on both Verizon and AT&T


XDA-Developers user djkinetic has established a one-click root method for the LG G2 which will work on both Verizon and AT&T variants of the device. Full instructions are available, and it will give you all the information you need to fully set up tools like SuperUtility on your device.

This is great news, especially given the exceptional internals in the G2— this phone is a hacker’s dream. Hit the source link if you’re up to the task.

Source: XDA-Developers

Motorola’s new tablet (and other devices) will include many features of the Moto X



It isn’t news that Motorola will be releasing a new tablet relatively soon, but we don’t really know what to expect from the company. CEO Dennis Woodside offered some insight into the new device, and said that “a new set of products” will implement both design and technology built into the Moto X.

This probably means that we’ll be seeing the Moto Maker once again, in products other than the Moto X. We’ll also probably see software features such as Touchless Control and Active Display as well. Some features might be left out, such as the Quick Capture camera feature, as it wouldn’t make too much sense in a tablet.

Expect to hear more about Motorola’s upcoming products in the coming weeks.

Source: Engadget

Image reveals the inner-workings of the Fort Worth, TX factory— home of the Moto X


Ahh, good ol’ products made in the USA. (Not to be confused with Usa, located in Ōita Prefecture, Japan.) Here we have a picture of what the inside of the Forth Worth, TX factory looks like, which pumps out thousands of Moto X’s each and every day. The 455,000 square-foot facility formerly manufactured Nokia products, but now sees the Moto X from its birth to the point when it gets shipped out.

Source: Engadget


Travel back in time with themes for Android Keyboard


If you have a new device with Android’s stock keyboard or you happened to install the Google Keyboard standalone app on your device, but you thought you liked one of the older style themes, we have some good news for you. Apparently Google never bothered to remove the “theme” code from previous versions of Android as the keyboard app has matured over time and these old themes, and one other, can be accessed with a little work on your part. 
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Motorola creates “Moto Match” Facebook app for auto-design of Moto X based on users’ photos

Moto_MatchMotorola has just released a new app on Facebook called “Moto Match” which will create a custom Moto X based on the colors/shades of your photos. So, basically, if you’re too lazy to use Moto Maker to design your own device, you can have it done for you instead.

It’s a bit gimmicky, but is sure to add to the buzz on the Moto X, especially in social media spheres.

Via: Engadget
Source: Moto Match

Moto X to have $99 price tag on-contract come Q4, will add ‘at least’ 4 new wood-grained backs


According to @evleaks, the Moto X will drop its price to $99 on-contract come Q4 2013 (which begins at the end of September), and will offer up 4 new wooden-grained backs to choose from. The one catch is that the wooden-back options will cost an extra $50, but the overall cost is still less than it is right now, so it might be a good idea to wait a bit until the price drops. They look very nice from the images— it makes sense that Moto will go the extra mile with this one.

Source: @evleaks

Motorola could possibly offer “swappable” back-covers for lower-cost Moto X


We have already heard that Motorola is working on releasing a lower-cost variant of the Moto X, and now we’re finally starting to see some traces of the device. A Sina Weibo user has leaked a photo of what looks like swappable back-covers for a lower-cost Moto X, which means that those looking to get it would not have to go through Moto Maker to get their new phone. Nothing else about the phone was released, except the fact that there may be dual-SIM support. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some hard evidence of the cheaper Moto X…

Source: Engadget