Galaxy Labs menu is missing on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets in the U.S.


In recent weeks, there’s been a fair amount of hoopla about Android’s app drawer. There have been rumours that Android N could do away with the app drawer entirely, and we’ve seen LG place the app drawer on the G5 within the Easy Home launcher for some reason. Then we get to Samsung, with its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones showing the app drawer in its usual place on the home screen, with the option to disable it via the device’s Galaxy Labs menu. Except in the United States, that is.  Read more

Casting functionality to be built into Vizio TVs


As of today, Google allows people to use their phones and tablets to mirror content to televisions with a technology known as Google Cast. The technology debuted in July 2013 with the original Chromecast and has only grown since, being the backbone of the Chromecast (2015) as well as a supplementary feature for Android TV. Using it is as simple as possible because the Google Cast icon appears in any supported apps when a Chromecast or Android TV-powered device is operating on the same network. While the technology is already pretty accessible, Google wants to open it up to an even wider audience. The company has inked a partnership with Vizio to develop new televisions with Google Cast technology inside.

Variety has the exclusive details on this one.

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LG announces modular G5 with wide range of companion devices


So, MWC 2016 has officially kicked off with a bang, with LG taking the wraps off its much-anticipated G5 flagship with its Magic Slot Modular capabilities. While many of the specifications have leaked or been alluded to over the last few weeks, it’s always great to get confirmation. Join us after the break for the full list of specifications of the LG G5 as well as a list of its modules and companion devices. Read more