RadioShack Sold to Hedge Fund Savior for $26.2 Million

RadioShack Standard General

Remember RadioShack? Sure you do. Back in the day it was the place to buy random cables, connectors, radio-controlled cars, and the like. But then Monoprice and Amazon kinda ruined that for ol’ RS. RadioShack then tried to sell more consumer devices and act as an authorized vendor for cell phone companies, but no one cared. Because why do I want to go to RadioShack for any of that? The erstwhile DIY electronics leader filed for bankruptcy this past February, trying to pay off more than $1 billion in debt and shut down our convert most of its stores.

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HTC One M7 from Verizon getting Android 5.0 today


The HTC One M7 smartphone from Verizon is receiving the Android 5.0 update starting today. The carrier made this official a few days ago, so its arrival today should barely surprise the customers. Verizon has been kind enough to offer a full changelog as well, so we know everything that’s new with the update for a device that is transitioning from Android 4.4. Read more

Lollipop to start rolling out to Verizon HTC One (M7) this week


Owners of the HTC One (M7) on Verizon who have been waiting for the Android Lollipop update will receive the treat later this week according to Mo Versi, HTC’s Vice President of Product Management. According to a tweet sent out by Versi, Verizon has granted their technical approval to the latest version of the Android operating system. The update is slated to start rolling out on the Verizon network as an over-the-air update on Thursday.

source: @moversi

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active?


Samsung has released ‘Active’ versions of their flagship phones since the Galaxy S4 in 2013. The Galaxy S6 will continue that streak for the company and here we have an alleged image of the Galaxy S6 Active. It shows the device, obviously for AT&T, built with durability as the focus. The camera and heart rate monitor have not moved at all, but the speaker is now situated on rear’s bottom left corner.

The internal specifications are likely to remain the same and Samsung is said to be swapping out the 2600mAh battery for one sized at 3500mAh. So this device will have durability and longevity on its side.

Source: GSMArena

Regulators seemingly prepared to approve AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV


The acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T could be closing soon, nearly one year after the wireless carrier announced its intent to do so. Both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the U.S. Department of Justice are approaching the end of their review and, according to The Wall Street Journal, there has been nothing to prevent the deal from closing. The biggest issue that regulators are seeking to identify is whether or not a monopoly would be built with the joining forces.

We could be just weeks away from seeing AT&T have ownership of the nation’s largest satellite TV provider.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Verizon and Sprint will pay $158 million to settle customer complaints


The mobile carriers always seem to be in a little bit of hot water don’t they? Maybe it’s because they are always playing games with billing, throttling, and anything else shady they can think of.

This time around it’s a practice called “cramming” which is when customers are billed for third-party services they didn’t request. In most cases, it resulted in a $10 monthly charge in which Verizon and Sprint declined to offer refunds. According to the Federal Communications Commission, both carriers received roughly 30% of the charges.

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