LG G4 is AT&T’s first Android-powered WiFi calling device


Currently the only devices capable of WiFi calling on AT&T’s network are iPhones. Most newer iPhones are able to take advantage of the feature, bypassing AT&T’s network to make phone calls. It’s a useful feature if you’re trying to conserve minutes on a plan or are somewhere that the carrier just doesn’t have great coverage, but it’s been incredibly limited up to this point.

Fortunately for LG G4 users, we’ve got another device that’s officially on board with AT&T’s WiFi calling tech. Read more

US Cellular added as a partner network for Project Fi


One of Project Fi’s promises for users is to make sure they always have the best connection available. This is achieved by having Project Fi devices constantly assess the current connection and adjust in real time for an alternate if available, even if this means switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. In a move to make high quality connections more readily available, Google announced today that they are partnering with U.S. Cellular for that carrier to become the third partner cellular network for Project Fi. Read more

Down goes the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on its first day

Update (6/7/16 @ 7:35PM ET): T-Mobile says the servers are now ready for customers to make requests. CEO John Legere and COO Mike Sievert both said on Twitter that the company will “make it right” later this week.

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#GetThanked every Tuesday with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app


T-Mobile Tuesdays was introduced during the Un-carrier 11 launch event in New York City on Monday afternoon. The program rewards T-Mobile customers with free gifts every week along with special prizes. And it’s all because the carrier wants to express gratitude for receiving help from customers in its journey to reshape the wireless industry.

Because the program goes live on June 7, the T-Mobile Tuesdays app is ready to be downloaded and installed from Google Play.

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