Cricket feels pressure from new unlimited plans, rolling out new Stream More feature

With the major carriers making a sudden move in the last month to jump big time into the unlimited data plan market, you may be wondering how prepaid wireless carriers will respond to these moves. Cricket Wireless is one of those carriers feeling the heat and today announced a new feature to try to keep users from jumping back over to the traditional carriers. Cricket’s new Stream More feature employs some video compression technology to help users stretch their data allotment while enjoying streaming content.

Major U.S. carriers confirm LG G6 availability this spring

Five major U.S. carriers have already revealed that, yes, they will be selling the new LG G6 within the next few months. While none provided a release date, they all appear to agree that the phone will be offered to customers beginning this spring. It follows the same distribution order as last year where South Korea, LG’s home country, gets the flagship before other markets.

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LTE-U to launch this spring on the T-Mobile network

T-Mobile’s star has been ascending the last few years. Most people are familiar by now with the unconventional business strategies that T-Mobile, led by their CEO John Legere, has been implementing via their Un-carrier campaign. Backing those efforts to attract and retain customers is a corresponding set of moves by T-Mobile to make improvements to their network speeds and capacity. Today the carrier announced the pending launch of LTE-U capability on the T-Mobile LTE network.

[Deal] T-Mobile is running an unbelievable sale on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, LG V20

Companies are about to introduce their 2017 flagship; therefore, carriers are seeking to unload inventory of existing devices. Right now, T-Mobile is running a sale on three very good Samsung and LG phones in which you pay hundreds of dollars less than usual.

The Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and LG V20 are all eligible for the discount in which you can get one of them for $360 without any money down or monthly payments required.

AT&T LG G5 update to Nougat now available


Add another device to the list of Android 7.0 Nougat smartphones as AT&T has released the update for the LG G5. Owners of the device will have to be content with just getting Android 7.0 and not Android 7.1, but they will get the bulk of the improvements that Google makes available via Nougat. The release comes on the heels of AT&T starting to update the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Google to launch RCS in Europe and Asia with help from Telenor

Google announced late last week that they are upgrading the text messaging service available to Android users in Europe and Asia through the addition of RCS service to users on the Telenor network. RCS stands for Rich Communications Services and is widely considered an upgrade to the traditional SMS platform that has powered text messaging for years. Through the partnership with Telenor, over 214 million users in European and Asian countries on the Telenor network will get access to features available via RCS.

The U.S. carriers’ networks ranked by region

There’s a big wave of change moving through the wireless industry right now. Carriers are adjusting and creating a better value to stay competitive and draw new customers. The networks, though, are ultimately what it comes down to. If coverage isn’t good or LTE speeds are sluggish, no one is going to stick around or even choose that carrier. It explains why carriers heavily emphasize their networks in advertisements.

OpenSignal, an outside firm that monitors the carriers’ networks throughout the nation, recently completed its study of LTE availability and LTE speed.

Those HD day passes from T-Mobile are going away on the tweaked One plan

Two major changes were made to T-Mobile One earlier this week. Following Verizon’s unlimited plan returning after a five-year hiatus, T-Mobile decided to tweak its only offering to match the competition. Both were offering unlimited data, but originally T-Mobile was lowering video streaming quality while Verizon wasn’t doing anything. So now customers on the magenta-colored network get untouched video streaming as well as 10GB of high-speed tethering every month.

There was one question about T-Mobile’s video streaming moving forward, but the carrier has answered it and made the right decision. Those annoying HD day passes are no more.