Sprint’s offer to reduce your bill does the same to data speed


On Tuesday, Sprint announced a very aggressive approach to bring in new customers from Verizon and AT&T. The carrier said it would reduce bills by half of what the competition charges. It seemed like quite the deal. Why? Sprint will pay a customer’s early termination fee, give unlimited talk and text, and keep the data allowance at half the cost. The problem is that the carrier states within its press release that data speeds are going to be altered due to the influx of users on the network. Sprint is ensuring the network strength is as good as possible by not allowing data hogs to ruin it for everyone else.

In actuality, this promotion from Sprint is expected to save roughly 20% rather than fulfilling its purpose of slashing a bill in half.

Source: Ars Technica

T-Mobile postpones Nexus 9 launch

Nexus_9_343434T-Mobile appears to be having a rough go of things when it comes to launching this year’s Nexus devices. First, T-Mobile didn’t receive their shipment of Nexus 6 phablets from Motorola and the company was forced to push back its launch by a week. Next, T-Mobile’s delivery of the 64GB model has been less than stellar. Finally, as of today, the company appears to be pushing back the launch of the Nexus 9.

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Nexus 6 is now available in the UK via O2

motorola_nexus_6Good news for those of you in the UK who have been interested in picking up Google’s new phablet. O2 finally has the Lollipop filled Nexus 6 moving through its sales channels. Through the company’s Refresh tariff — the program that allows customers to upgrade their devices whenever they want — the company has a special offer on the table where you get the device, unlimited minutes, texts and 2GB of data. You’ll get this special offer for £38 per month.

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Android 5.0 Lollipop Starts Rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S5 – In Poland


Predicting a rollout of new Android software is difficult at best and impossible at worst. Even though Google officially released Android 5.0 Lollipop nearly a month ago, less than 0.1 percent of Android handset owners are running the new Material Design-based software. Even some Nexus users don’t yet have the update.

So it comes as no surprise that OEMS, with their custom overlays, are typically a bit later to the party than their Nexus cousins. However, owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 eager for that Lollipop with a dash of TouchWiz can breathe a sigh of relief, as the handset has finally started receiving the OTA update – in Poland.

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Upcoming DROID device to have 5.9-inch display and Snapdragon 810 processor


The DROID Turbo has been on the market for just over one month, but Verizon is not allowing Motorola to slow down production. Sometime next year, likely around the summer, Motorola will release a DROID device that matches and surpasses the Nexus 6 and its specifications. There is a chance, though, that the device ditches DROID branding and joins the Moto line.

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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 3 gets incremental update to Android 4.4.4

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_3_Back_White_Event_TAVerizon is pushing out an update to its variant of the Galaxy Note 3, and while it’s not Lollipop, it does bump up the Android version slightly to 4.4.4. Plus, there a handful of fixes and improvements on the device, so it’s a worthwhile update.

In addition to the improvements from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, you’ll also get a handful of tweaks on Verizon’s end, including changing Isis Wallet to Softcard, plus updates to Verizon Support and Protection and Caller Name ID. As far as apps go, you can expect Knox 2.0 to be on board, plus Find My Mobile, Samsung’s Kids Mode, and the Virtual Camera Tour feature. If you use Samsung Side Sync with a newer tablet or PC, you’ll also finally be able to take advantage of call forwarding with this update.
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Sprint gets aggressive in targeting AT&T, Verizon customers with half price deal


Perhaps feeling the pressure to step up their efforts to maintain their customer base, Sprint has announced a new deal to lure customers switching to Sprint from Verizon or AT&T. Sprint’s latest effort offers to cut user bills in half compared to the other carriers. For example, if a user has a monthly bill for $140 per month with 10 GB of data shared between 4 lines, Sprint will setup a plan on their network for $70 per month for the same 4 lines and 10 GB of data. Talk and text will be unlimited on the new plans.

Sprint is opening the new deal starting this Friday when users can either upload a copy of their current monthly bill from Verizon or AT&T or take one by their local Sprint store to find out how much they can save. Users will have to buy new devices on Sprint and turn in their old devices as well as port over their existing numbers to qualify. As part of the special, Sprint is also offering to buy out existing contracts up to $350 per line via issuance of a Visa Prepaid Card that buyers can use to pay off their early termination fees. For a limited time, Sprint is also waiving the $36 per line activation fee.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this special offer and to check out the fine print, hit the source link.

source: Sprint