Verizon launches the Sony Xperia Z4v as an exclusive this summer


There must be a multi-device agreement between Verizon and Sony because the carrier has received another exclusive device. The two worked together late last year on the Xperia Z3v and today Verizon introduced the Xperia Z4v. The device is very similar to the global Xperia Z4; however, the Xperia Z4v has some very noticeable changes. The display, while remaining the same size, has seen its resolution increase and the size of the battery has been altered to compensate for the display. Sony also included special charging technology just for Verizon’s Xperia Z4v.

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Vodafone UK now offers Pay-Monthly upgrades for its SIM-only subscribers

Vodafone retail shop

An easy way to save money on your monthly outgoings is to take out a SIM-only contract, handy if you are content with the handset you currently use and aren’t tempted by the latest and greatest. But what happens if you take this path and a few months later decide you really want that LG G4 or Galaxy S6 smartphone? Vodafone has taken notice of such a likelihood, with customers now being able to take out a 12-month SIM-only plan that includes a flexible upgrade option to a Pay-Monthly plan.

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Sprint could sell some spectrum, but is that answer to financial woes?


Last month Sprint revealed that the company had burned through $914 million in cash during the first quarter as part of its efforts to gain new subscribers. While more consumers are making the switch to Sprint, the financial results are unsustainable over the long haul with analysts projecting another $4.5 billion in cash to be used the rest of this year. In February, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure indicated he was open to selling some of Sprint’s 2.5 GHz spectrum. Analysts are now saying that even that move would not have a major impact on the company’s position. Read more