SK Telecom and Cisco will be creating another platform for the Internet of Things

boon_internet_of_things_presentation_ces_2015The Internet of Things is a growing market of connected devices, ranging from light switches to refrigerators to anything else you can imagine that could be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. But like any new technology or idea, right now it’s a pretty fragmented landscape with tons of different manufacturers trying to push their own stuff as the “standard,” which obviously causes some compatibility issues.¬† Read more

Verizon renews vow to test 5G in 2016, to be first U.S. 5G network


Last fall Verizon announced their plans to start testing 5G connection speeds in 2016 with a goal of deploying their 5G network by 2020. Verizon thinks this timeline will put them on track to be the first U.S. carrier to offer this capability. During their fourth quarter financial results conference call this past week, chief financial officer Fran Shammo repeated the vow and said Verizon is on track to commence 5G trials during 2016 in San Francisco, California and in Waltham, Massachusetts using some sandbox facilities they have available. Read more

Nextbit delays CDMA model of the Robin


Nextbit proudly announced earlier this month that its first phone, the cloud-powered Robin, would begin shipping to Kickstarter backers on February 16. Backers that were not among the first wave on Kickstarter were told to expect their Robin ship near the end of February; however, Nextbit didn’t provide any status of the CDMA model beyond saying they have been “working on a date.” It was originally believed that this model, destined for a carrier like Verizon, would come in February or March, but Nextbit is disappointed to clarify that neither month is possible.

The CDMA model of the Robin will likely ship in the second quarter of 2016 following the delay.

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T-Mobile is busting Verizon’s proverbial balls


Just as we turned to the new year, Verizon debuted a television advertisement showing Verizon’s colorful balls leading AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile’s. The carrier wanted to show that a RootMetrics study found its network to be ahead of the the competition. T-Mobile, however, isn’t happy with what Verizon is saying.

Team Magenta has now set out to prove Verizon wrong by busting their colorful balls.

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Verizon doesn’t expect Go90 to be profitable for at least two years


The millennial-targeted Go90, which is owned and operated by Verizon, arrived in October 2015 as video streaming service limited to use on mobile devices. Verizon created Go90 because the company knows that video is on the rise and phones are the one thing that youngsters bring with them everywhere. Combine the two and you should have a valuable platform to generate big dollars. But, at least for Verizon, that doesn’t seem to be the case just yet. Big Red does not expect Go90 to be profitable for at least two years, focusing on content and marketing in the meantime.

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