@AmazonWireless: Huge price drop on Sprint’s HTC EVO Shift 4G

by Adam Johnson on
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The above screenshot from the Twitter account of Amazon Wireless says it all…Almost. The HTC Evo Shift 4G which was released back in January can now be had by new customers for $39.99. That is a huge discount from the originally listed Amazon Wireless price of $499.99.

Now I don’t personally use the Evo Shift, but my wife has it and she loves it. It’s been quite stable for her and the small amount I’ve played with it I can say it’s not a bad device. Of course it doesn’t stack up to my Evo 4G, in my opinion. But it is a solid device if you’re looking for a great deal on an Android phone from HTC, one of the top phone makers today.

So if you’re currently getting fed up with you current carrier, and looking for a switch, this may be the way to go. And if your a current Sprint customer looking to upgrade or add a line, you can still get this device for $99.99, which I still think is a pretty decent deal.

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HTC Press Release: ChaCha/Salsa unveiled

by Adam Johnson on
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We’ve presented our TalkAndroid readers with a few previous article on the two social networking based phones you see above. There was the presence of the Facebook friendly devices at various events, such as MWC, planned launches in other parts of the world, and trademark infringement suits because of the name ‘ChaCha’.

Well HTC is now unveiling the talked about Android 2.3.3 devices in all their social glory. Both come equipped with a dedicated hardware button below the QWERTY keypad on the ChaCha and the touchscreen on the Salsa. These phones are specifically designed so you can stay in-touch with all of your Facebook contacts/friends. The button is more than just a gateway to the number one social networking site. It is context-aware with a blinking light alerting you of new status updates, messages. Giving you the ability to instantly share photo’s or songs your currently listening to with the press of a button.

Press release and more.

So what exactly is going on with Sprint?

by Andrew Greenfield on
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For a company that many thought would be in trouble by year’s end, Sprint has seemingly taken the mobile world by storm. In fact, there’s more Sprint coming up in my Android feed than both Verizon and AT&T for the first time I can remember. That didn’t happen even before the release date of the Evo 4G. So what exactly is the littlest of the Big 3 up to now a days? From where I’m standing Sprint has some big plans for the future: » Read the rest

HTC Flyer bound for T-Mobile, on file at FCC

by Adam Johnson on
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We’ve gotten confirmation that the Evo View 4G, Sprint’s version of the Flyer, will be available June 24th, with its unique Scribe Pen. Also on the HTC Flyer front , is the 7-inch WiFi version you can already purchase, via Best Buy as of last month.

In March there was some speculation earlier on about whether or not T-Mobile customers will have a chance at purchasing a version of the HTC Flyer. Well it looks like we have further proof that a T-Mobile HTC Flyer will show its self soon. Listed in the FCC Exihibits Reports you can find all the technical information you can handle on the soon to be latest offering from T-Mobile.

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Video: Hands-on with the Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile

by Adam Johnson on
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Now that it’s been announced that Motorola has couple new devices for the Sprint and Virgin Mobile networks - Motorola announces the Photon 4G for Sprint and the Triumph for Virgin Mobile USA - It’s time to get a closer look at one of them. The Motorola Triumph, which will be Virgin Mobiles latest, and looks to be the best Android device they’ve ever offered. This will be a great device for all you who love the whole pre-paid program. The Triumph comes fully equipped, as you would expect from a high end Android smartphone. Even sporting a vanilla version of Android 2.2. That means no Moto-Blur, straight up stock Froyo…..Yo!

Hit the break for a full minute of a hands-on demo from the source.

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US Cellular adding 7 more Android smartphones and tablets by end of 2011

by Jesse Bauer on
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Within the next few months, and working towards the end of 2011, US Cellular has announced its plans to launch another 7 Android devices to their roster of smartphones and tablets. The following manufacturers are said to be bringing the Android goodness to US Cellular, which include three devices from HTC (2 smartphones and a tablet), one smartphone from Motorola (4.3 inch 1GHz), one smartphone from LG with a 1GHz processor and 4 inch display (LG Optimus Black?) and a couple of mid-range Android devices from Samsung and Huawei.

This will round out a good selection of Android devices for US Cellular customers to choose from.

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Video: Motorola/Sprint discuss the Photon 4G

by Adam Johnson on
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One big announcement, out of all the news we’ve covered today, is the information released from Motorola and Sprint. Earlier today our own Robert Nazarian published an article on this very subject. You can read all about this including the official press release, HERE. In addition to the press release you’ll find detailed specifications on the new Motorola Photon 4G.

The Photon 4G will be the first Motorola 4G phone, branded with the Sprint logo. In the video after the break is a discussion between Fared Adib, Sprint’s VP of Product Development and Alain Mutricy, the Senior VP of Product Development for Motorola. This may not be the most exciting video you’ve ever seen, but it’ll definitely give you some insight into the Motorola/Sprint development.

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TalkAndroid at E3: Sneak Peek at Upcoming News

by Michael Murphy on
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Regular TalkAndroid readers may have noticed that I have been strangely absent the past week.  (What do you mean you haven’t noticed a difference?  That’s not nice!)  Well, there’s a very good reason for this!  You see, this was there was this small event called the Electronic Entertainment Expo (known within the industry as E3) — perhaps some of you have heard of it.  For those unfamiliar with the event, E3 is an opportunity for video game publishers, developers, and hardware manufacturers to get together with the media and show off what they’re working on.  Well, there was a bit of an Android presence there this year, and in order to bring our dear readers every last drop of Android news available, TalkAndroid was there!  That’s right, I sacrificed my time, money, and my feet (and I’m REALLY serious about that last one!) to scour the Los Angeles Convention Center to bring you guys every scrap of Android coverage I could find!  While there will be several in-depth looks upcoming in the next 3-4 days, I thought I’d give you guys a little sneak peek of what we have in store!
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