AT&T Considers Service That Would Allow App Developers to Pay for Mobile Data Use

With Unlimited Data plans going the way of Old Yeller, folks are doing everything they have to push their data milage as far as they can without breaking the bank. While yes, Verizon has run deals where you can get double the bang for your buck you still have that limit; taunting you, teasing you to go over where you will be charged even more money for the data you use. Well this new service by AT&T looks to put a different spin on the data usage milage with a completely different approach.

They hope to push out a service that allows content providers, as well as developers, the ability to pay the wireless carrier for mobile data its customers use. According to Mr. Donovan, the carrier’s network and technology head equated it to toll-free calling of the mobile-broadband world. As he puts it:  Read more

Carrier IQ unveils the Quality of Experience Consumer Dashboard

Carrier IQ made a lot of headlines in 2011, but not the kind they were hoping for. Yes they are still in business as they hope 2012 will be a better year. They just announced an extension of their IQ Care platform, which will enable mobile operators to give consumers information that could help them better understand and resolve issues regarding the health and performance of their device, applications, battery life, network coverage, and dropped calls.

In the past, information from IQ Care was only available to customer care operators, but with this enhancement, technical support calls could shorten by as much as 10 minutes per call. The carriers would provide this information directly to consumers through their own customer service portal.

“Customer Care is the fastest growing cost for many mobile operators, despite the fact that most consumers really don’t like calling for help because it takes so long to figure out what is wrong,” said Larry Lenhart, CEO, Carrier IQ. “By extending our technology through operators’ self-help portals, consumers will be able to identify and resolve issues with their device without ever calling for support.”

Carrier IQ could certainly use a little better press. A service such as this is definitely something intriguing as long as they don’t resort to their past practices. They are saying this new service will be available sometime in quarter 2. Are you willing to give Carrier IQ another chance?

Full press release after the break:

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Verizon Offering Free Upgrade to ‘Loyal’ Customers, Includes Galaxy Nexus or Droid Razr

If you’ve been a ‘loyal’ Verizon customer for a while now and you are ready for an upgrade, you may want to pay attention and check you inbox regularly. According to some loyal customers, they have received an email containing details on how to get a free phone. Usually when you get a free phone it’s nothing to write home about, but this time for some reason Verizon is feeling generous. The three free phones being offered are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Motorola Droid Razr and the Samsung Stratosphere. Not a bad selection. In order to snag one of these devices you are obviously going to have to sign a two-year contract, but that should’t deter you from getting a new Galaxy Nexus. If you have been with Big Red for a while, I’d start looking for the email. Has anyone already received one?

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Orange Announces Intel-Powered Android Smartphone, Codename: Santa Clara

Well it looks like Europe will be the first country to get their hands on a Medfield-powered device as Orange just officially announced Intel’s Santa Clara (likely a codename). If you’ve seen any of our previous write-ups, you would most likely notice that the Santa Clara looks strikingly similar to the Medfield reference model as we have seen it before, both in specs and hardware design. The Santa Clara comes equipped with Intel’s Atom Z2460 processor, a 4-inch 600 x 1024 display, an 8MP rear camera, NFC capabilities and remains just under 10mm thick. The device currently runs Android Gingerbread but Orange plans on a timely ICS update shortly after the device’s launch. Not only should the Atom Z2460 processor provide plenty of umph to power the device, Orange’s HSPA bands can also provide browsing speeds of of 21.1Mbps down and 5.6Mbps up. Read more

HTC One S Coming to T-Mobile

The HTC One S was leaked earlier, and we now have the official press release unveiling of HTC’s entire One series. Now, according to HTC’s announcement at Mobile World Congress and their official press release, the HTC One S will be coming to the U.S. via T-Mobile.

The HTC One S has 1 GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch display, 16 GB of internal storage, Android 4.0 (with HTC Sense) and the same 8 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera that the HTC One X has. The U.S. version also gets a slight bump to a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and is slated for a Spring release.

Full press release after the break.

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AT&T Announces It Will Carry The HTC One X Smartphone

We just saw HTC announce the One X smartphone, but we were waiting to see which carrier would carry the device out here in the States. Well now it’s official gang— the HTC One X is on its way Stateside thanks to AT&T. AT&T has not only announced it will bring the 4G LTE device to the U.S., but it will be its first Android 4.0 and Beats Audio smartphone. Among the noteworthy features we can look forward to is a 4.7-inch screen with 720p HD display and Gorilla Glass, a snappy dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, an 8MP camera and the brand-spankin’-new Sense 4.0 UI slapped on top of ICS. Because this phone is HTC’s latest cutting-edge device, it has also introduced new camera software called ImageSense, which is a suite of camera and imaging features with improvements to every part of the camera. Also of note is the Video Pic function— which allows users to capture pictures while recording video in HD and has the ability to capture a still image from previously recorded video.

AT&T has not yet given word on pricing or when we can expect to see the cutting edge device Stateside. We’d bet that AT&T will provide full details sooner than later and see the phone arrive in stores faster than we think. Hit the break for the full presser from Ma Bell.

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HTC Unveils One X, One S and One V Along with Image Suite ImageSense

Well we’ve been inundating you with article after article about the HTC One X, One S, and One V. Originally the One X and One S came to us as the HTC Edge and Ville back in the day but they got rebranded. Well MWC is upon us and with it finally an official announcement from HTC regarding these new devices.The One Series as they are being dubbed will feature Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC’s Sense 4.0. This new version of Sense brings with it a newly branded user experience that introduces HTC ImageSense (TM). It’s a new suite of camera and imaging features that will set the HTC One apart from other devices. It will also include broad enhancements to audio quality (read Beats Audio) that also simplifies how people listen to music on their devices. Each of the devices will rock the following:  Read more

Landmark Victory: Judge Rules In Favor Of AT&T Customer For “Unlimited Data” Throttling


Score one for the little guys. AT&T’s controversial “unlimited” data plan has made some noise in recent weeks. Since announcing they would begin reducing speeds for certain customers with the coveted unlimited data plan last year, it had since gotten an immense amount of criticism from many customers and even the media. After all, how can AT&T throttle data speeds for unlimited customers who pay the exact same a comparable amount to those who are on a tiered data (3GB/month) plan. Of course AT&T thinks its policies aren’t that bad, but one customer believes the policies are atrocious and had enough, so he decided to fight back.

AT&T customer Matt Spaccarelli decided to take action by taking AT&T to small claims court. He has the unlimited data plan and was being throttled by AT&T. He also contends his data speeds were being throttled, despite only using 1.5GB to 2GB of data per month and using by doing some thorough research, laid his claims and arguments before a judge arguing what AT&T is doing is wrong. AT&T countered by highlighting it is free to change the terms of its contracts or even end them outright, if it decided that the subscriber was causing adverse network usage. Judge Russell Nadel accepted the argument of Spaccarelli and granted him victory. Spaccarelli was awarded $850 which will go towards the remainder of his contract— or about $85 for 10 months.

Let this be a lesson for AT&T: customers aren’t happy and they’re willing to do something about your business practices. As an AT&T unlimited data customer myself and the victim of a threatening “text message warning” about my data usage, I can’t help but feel justice for all of us who are bullied by Ma Bell. Let’s hope it gets its act together, otherwise it will continue to lose support and ultimately customers.

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Samsung Galaxy Note to land on Three UK soon

Yes the Samsung Galaxy Note might just be the biggest thing right now, and I’m not just talking about size. This is one of those phones that really has everyone intrigued. No it’s not for everyone, but just about everyone has a look of “wow” on their face when they see it for the first time.

It looks like the loyal customers of Three UK are going to get rewarded soon because they just announced they plan to bring this beast to the lineup soon. They didn’t announce any specific time frame or pricing, but we do know they will carry the white version.

We are about to release our review of the U.S. version soon, but you can check out our hands on with some of the S Pen optimized apps as well as our quick overall hands on.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia NX Officially Launched In Japan On NTT DoCoMo Network

The very high-profile Sony Xperia S smartphone has officially launched, well in Japan at least. We certainly hope you’ve had your wallets prepared for this moment, the Xperia S— known as the Sony Ericsson Xperia NX in Japan has arrived and will operate on NTT DoCoMo’s mobile network. As we previously highlighted before, this phone is branded under Sony Ericsson and not Sony. This is unusual because the other variants of the Xperia S (including the Xperia Ion) will be under the Sony brand.

All curiousity aside, if you live in Japan and are ready to get one of the hottest phones of the year, go grab that phone today. If you do get it, let us know what you think in the Comments section below.

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