Sprint rolling out maintenance updates for Samsung Galaxy Tab and LG Optimus S, new drivers and bug fixes

Yet another announcement has been made by Sprint today, this time addressing some maintenance updates for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and LG Optimus S. Both updates will be sent out on a rolling basis, which should take about four days.Hit the break to get a look at the issues addressed in the updates and any changes you might see on your Galaxy Tab or Optimus S after the update.

Sprint Announces Kyocera Echo – Dual-Screen Android Phone

Sprint has been teasing us about their big announcement all day, but we were pretty sure we knew what it was already. Turns out, we were right. The Kyocera Echo will be one of Sprint’s next Android phones, and will be the first phone with two full screens. With its unique hinge design, the two screens can be operated independently or can be used as one solid large screen in tablet mode.  It will ship with Froyo, sporting a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 5MP camera.

When we first heard about the dual-touchscreen phone, I was skeptical…now, however, I am intrigued. Video and full press release after the break.

Sprint pulls an “oops”, accidentally shows Kyocera Echo as new Sprint phone?

As you all probably know by now, Sprint has a major announcement up their sleeve. Unfortunately for them, it looks like the proverbial cat may be out of the bag, as a search for “Kyocera Echo” returns search results for a brand new, yet unreleased device. According to Sprint’s site:

The Kyocera Echo smashes the last barrier between you and the ultimate mobile experience. Its unique dual-touchscreen, pivot hinge design gives you all the space you need to run the apps that connect you to the people and information you need every day. Spread your work across all 4.7 inches of combined display or use each smaller display independently to run multiple apps. Closed, the Kyocera Echo is a pocket-friendly smartphone. Open it and expand your world.

4.7 full inches of screen real estate and a hinge body? Sounds interesting, but we’ll have to wait for the full announcement tonight to see what’s really going on. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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For Valentine’s Day, T-Mobile Giving Away All Phones Free for Two Days

If you’re shopping for a new phone this week, has T-Mobile got a deal for you! February 11th and 12th — this upcoming Friday and Saturday — T-Mobile is giving away all phones for free with a two-year contract. Even their newest 4G Android phones are going to be absolutely free for those who are eligible for upgrade or for those starting new lines.  The Vibrant, the G2, and the MyTouch 4G are all normally priced at $100 after rebates, so this a substantial savings on those phones.  This is a great Valentine’s Day present to T-Mobile customers, so if you’re looking for a new phone, drop into your local T-Mobile store Friday or Saturday, but you’d better get there early!  Full release after the break.

Sprint to get this LG mystery phone?

Look, over there! Its another phone that nobody has any idea about! Yes sir, we’ve been seeing no namer phones popping up left and right lately, and today’s news is no break from the norm.

Some shots were recently released of what at first may appear to be a warped LG Optimus S, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see this isn’t the case. The area towards the bottom looks different than the Optimus S, as do the buttons.

LG has been hinting at something special for MWC, like the LG Optimus 3D, but we can’t be sure if that’s what we’re seeing here. Let’s not forget, however, that Sprint has a special announcement this evening, so perhaps some light will be shed at that time.

What do you think this Mystery Machine might be? Let us know in the comments!

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Accessories for Thunderbolt and Inspire Making Appearances at Best Buy

Best Buy, always among the first to have accessories for new mobile devices as they roll out, has started selling cases dedicated to the Thunderbolt and the Inspire. We know the Inspire will be going on sale next week, for sure. The Thunderbolt doesn’t have an official street date yet, but we know it’s supposedly available for pre-order today. We’re eager to see these new phones roll out, further bolstering Android’s monopoly on the 4G market. And we’re not surprised to see Best Buy leading the charge on getting these devices, and their accessories, in your hands as quickly as possible.

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HTC Thunderbolt Available Now For Pre-Order at Best Buy, for $50

We’ve been expecting to see the HTC Thunderbolt available soon, and Best Buy’s circular ad is teasing of the $50 pre-order, starting today. DISCLAIMER: I went through the online ads, and didn’t find it myself, but these ads are still tied to locations. Android Central found it this morning, though, and said that for $50 you can now pre-order the HTC Thunderbolt. Check the online ads yourself, or contact your local Best Buy for more information, and let us know in the comments if you get your name on one!

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System Dump from HTC Inspire 4G Made Available

Nothing gets the developer community hopping more than the system dump of a new, high-profile phone. Well, fans of the HTC Inspire 4G will be happy to know that its system dump has just been made available. The new version of HTC Sense is included in this, and the report is that there’s not a lot of the AT&T “bloatware” that is so common with so many phones. Developers, or anyone planning to purchase an Inspire and do any hacking, should really look into grabbing this download from Android Central.

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Motorola Confesses: Cliq XT Will Never Get Android 2.1

Cliq XT owners have been long awaiting the update to Android 2.1, and Motorola has been promising for a while that it would be coming soon. However, yesterday the statement was issued from Motorola that the update won’t be coming after all. “After comprehensive testing of the Android 2.1 upgrade for the CLIQ XT, we have concluded that this device will remain on Android 1.5. We realize many of you were anxiously awaiting this upgrade, but we aim to deliver software upgrades only when it will provide a better customer experience.” Apparently testing is showing that not to be the case in this instance, and so Motorola has made the decision to leave the Cliq XT at Android 1.5. A shame for those of you who have this phone and wanted the upgrade, but at least Motorola is no longer stringing you along.

[via Motorola Support]

AT&T Still Doesn’t Like Sideloading: Will Not Be Possible on HTC Inspire

The above picture, captured by Android Central, confirms our suspicions: Much as with the Motorola Backflip and several of their other Android offerings, AT&T is not allowing the installing of non-market apps. As those of you with Android phones are probably aware, there is usually an option on the above screen that has the choice to “Allow installation of non-Market applications.” As you can see, this choice is not given on the HTC Inspire. Thankfully, there are other options available to those who are looking to sideload apps. We’re not surprised, but we’re sad to see that AT&T hasn’t reconsidered the limitations they’re putting on their users.

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Motorola Atrix 4G Arriving March 6th On AT&T, $200 On Contract And $500 With Laptop Dock

Here it is gang.  The guess work is over as of today.  AT&T will begin taking pre sales for the new Messiah phone, the Atrix 4G, on Feb 13th with the expected price tag of $199.99 on a 2 yr contract.  The device is touted to launch March 6th with the possibility of an earlier release date, per AT&T.  In addition, those looking to grab the laptop dock along with the Atrix can expect to tack on another $300.00 bones to the mix.  We heard you say “ouch”.  So, for a total of $499.99 the device and dock are yours.  Now, keep in mind that you’ll most likely require AT&T’s Data Pro plan and tethering add-on to go along with the hardware.  In addition, if you’re not too strapped at the end of the month with that hefty cellphone bill, AT&T is also offering an Entertainment Access Kit which includes the HD multi-media dock, bluetooth keyboard & mouse and a remote control for $189.99  Hit the break for more details, pics and the official press release.

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate gets Froyo source code released.


After finally getting Android 2.2 out to Samsung Captivate customers under Rogers Wireless in Canada, Samsung has decided its time to release the source code so all can see what’s under the hood. Head on over and download it to have a peek, just be sure to search for model number “SGH-i896” under the mobile section.

[via Samsung Open Source]

Pre-Order HTC Thunderbolt at Best Buy Soon?

Android Central got their has gotten their hands on a Best Buy circular ad teasing that the HTC Thunderbolt may be available for pre-order very soon. A $50-dollar deposit is required, and no firm release date is mentioned in the ad. Rumors have been flying about a release date of either the 14th or the 24th, but Verizon has told us that we’d see it sooner than we expected. My money’s on a Valentine’s Day launch, personally. If you’ve been looking to pick up this phone, keep an eye on your local Best Buy, or stay tuned right here, we’ll let you know when it’s available for pre-order and for sale.

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Samsung releasing Droid Pro competitor with qwerty style for Sprint


Here we have what looks like a combination of the Motorola Droid Pro and the old Samsung Jack full qwerty from a few years ago. Both devices were Blackberry form factor competitors, and now we have Samsung looking to re-enter that ring with this device. It’s got a larger screen than the Jack had, more closer to the screen size of the Droid Pro. That’s about it for specs, as we don’t know what this device is just yet, other than the shape, the Android OS and the Sprint logo. Perhaps we’ll hear more about this and many other Samsung devices at MWC in a couple weeks time.

Have a look at the pics below for another (blurry) look.

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HTC Thunderbolt will be at Verizon sooner than expected


The Verizon HTC Thunderbolt hasn’t been getting alot of attention lately, mainly with all the hype surrounding Verizon and the imminent iPhone4 launch taking place next week. But they did take the time to make sure we aren’t forgetting about the HTC Thunderbolt by tweeting the following;

Many have waited for the Verizon #iPhone. Some looking for the #4G #LTE HTC #Thunderbolt. May be sooner than we expected!

So, Verizon is teasing us with a “sooner than expected” punchline. Why not right? We know accessories have already made their way to Best Buy, must mean launch.

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