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T-Mobile will shutdown Sidekick data on May 31st – Sidekick 4G coming?


T-Mobile will be shutting down its Sidekick data servers on May 31st 2011, thus losing the ability to do nothing more than make phone calls. Any cloud-based services and apps will be useless. That said however, T-Mobile will make it easy for sidekick owners to transition into a newer device, and provide the with assistance in backing up any data from the sidekick onto a new device. T-Mobile will give them special offers for new devices as well, but we don’t have any information what those will be exactly yet.

Despite the Sidekick being shutdown, a new Samsung Sidekick 4G running Android will be available. T-Mobile actually launched a Sidekick 4G signup page as well, which makes me think that it’s natural for current T-Mobile sidekick owners to get an offer extended by T-Mobile to move into a new Sidekick 4G, among other offers and discounts no doubt.

After May 31, 2011, the Danger Service (a subsidiary of Microsoft) used by T-Mobile Sidekick customers for data services will no longer be available on Sidekick devices.

T-Mobile will provide offers for our Sidekick customers before May 31, 2011, to help make an easy transition from their existing Sidekick device to a new device. We will have more information to share about these offers with our customers in the weeks ahead.

To ensure the best possible transition for our loyal Sidekick customers, an enhanced Web tool is available on to easily export their personal data, including contacts, photos, calendar, notes, to-do lists, and bookmarks, from the Danger service to a new device, computer, or a designated e-mail account. An application is also available in the Sidekick Catalog to make it easy to export personal data to the Sidekick’s memory card. Many T-Mobile stores can transfer data from that card to a new T-Mobile device if the customer brings in the memory card and Sidekick.

If you’re a Sidekick user, does this upset you, or is it a great way to get into a new device providing T-Mobile makes the deal sweat, with Android toppings for your Froyo or Gingerbread. Let us know.

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Sprint releases Total Equipment Protection app to protect Sprint Android phones

For you Sprint customers out there who are signed up for the Total Equipment Protection service, Sprint now offers a new way to keep your device safe. The Total Equipment Protection app comes with many useful features to protect the contents of your Sprint smartphone:

  • Locate lost device by sounding an alarm on the smartphone even if in silent mode, doing a real time locate via GPS technology, or viewing the smartphone’s location history on a map via a Web Interface
  • Remotely lock their smartphone
  • Erase contacts in the address book on a lost smartphone
  • Backup, manage and restore contacts

The app itself is free if you’re already a subscriber of Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection program, which is a $7 per month service. You can get the app from Sprint here. Hit the break for the full presser!

Verizon’s system showing HTC Droid Incredible 2 coming soon?

Well, well, HTC… you’ve been mighty busy. It looks like a tipster over at engadget got some juicy news, and they’re here to share it with you. After seeing the Incredible S, we knew it wouldn’t be long until we saw it in the states.

According to the screenies sent in by the tipster, Verizon is dubbing the device the HTC ADR6350, whereas another shows off the HTC63503, also shown as the “INCRD2”. Fortunately, it doesn’t take rocket science to put these together and come up with the Incerdible 2 coming to Verizon… eventually. We still don’t know about a date, but keep it here, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

[via engadget]

Test Release of CyanogenMod 7 for the Vibrant

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular custom-built ROMs out there, and with version 7 they are bringing Gingerbread to more and more phones.  The T-Mobile Vibrant just got an official Froyo release recently, but the CyanogenMod team has got the beginnings of ROM for the Vibrant that, when finished and stable, will bring it Gingerbread in the near future, without waiting for the official Gingerbread release from Samsung.  It’s only a test build right now, so there’s still some work to be done, but this is an awesome team with a lot of experience at building these ROMs, so it’s safe to assume that it won’t be too long before they’ve got a solid build for you.  As always, we’ll keep you posted.

[via CyanogenMod Forum]

HTC Thunderbolt release delayed until March 4th

A Best Buy in Roseville, CA tweeted that the HTC Thunderbolt, the much anticipated 4G LTE Android smartphone from Verizon Wireless, will not see release until March 4th. This device was supposed to be released at the end of the month, so it may be a disappoint for those wishing to try out Verizon’s 4G LTE connectivity.

Other devices that will have 4G LTE connectivity include the Motorola XOOM, which is already on sale. Although the XOOM does not have 4G LTE now, users will be able to mail the device in at a later date for the upgrade.

For those of you who still want to wait a little longer for the HTC Thunderbolt, it’s expected to cost you around $299 with a two-year contract. In-store preorders are still being accepted as well.

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Rogers and AT&T sending Froyo out to Dell Streak 5 devices OTA


Guess what Dell Streak 5 owners with AT&T or Rogers Canada…you’re the next to get Froyo! Both carriers are sending it out to your devices right now as we read this article, giving the Dell Streak 5 the much needed, looooooong awaited update bringing the Streak back into usefulness.

The update will bring many features to it including Dell’s Stage UI, Flash support and many, many apps from the Market that you only dreamed you could ever use, until now! Check your updates in your ‘Settings’ menu now, you may have a nice surprise waiting!

[via Engadget]

LG Optimus Pad pre-orders in Japan to start March 15th


LG announced today that the LG Optimus Pad will be available in Japan for pre-orders starting on March 15th 2011 through NTT DoCoMo. The Optimus Pad will have special apps included which have been chosen for the Japanese market, specifically BeeTV for wireless entertainment, and 2Dfacto for reading eBooks and comics.

LG is definitely trying to start a tablet war, not only against Apple’s iPad, but also against Motorola’s Xoom which launched today, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 inch tab. The LG Optimus Pad launching in Japan is the same in every way physically to the Optimus Pad launching in Europe and rest of Asia, as well as the T-Mobile G-Slate in the U.S, so we should begin seeing the tablet wars rage soon. Hopefully, this results in cheaper tablets faster!

T-Mobile changes price of myTouch 4G and G2 up to $250


In the ever increasingly tight market of the mobile world, and the onslaught of devices launched every month, you’d think that we’d constantly see prices go down. On the contrary, T-Mobile being the trend setter they think they are, we see the price of two of their main Android devices go UP! yes, up from around $200 each, the myTouch 4G and the G2 are now $250, still on a 2-year contract.

I’m not sure what they’re thinking is on this one, because people will jump ship if they can get a Motorola Atrix 4G or an HTC Evo 4G for the same price. That being said, they’ve also increased the price of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G from $150 up to $200. What is going on at T-Mobile?

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Sprint Reports Issues With Froyo Update for Epic 4G

Sprint is citing some issues with the Froyo update causing problems with data connectivity and SD card quirks.   They are advising that a hard reset seems to clear up the problem (back up your data first), though it’s possible that OTA updates, if you haven’t received it yet, is being put on hold.  The download is still available at Samsung’s site, but you might want to be careful with it.  Definitely backup before doing anything. Fortunately, I have not had any issues myself, but a lot of people had, so the update will be pulled, retooled, and released again sometime, hopefully soon.

[via Sprint]

Froyo Update KB1 for AT&T’s CaptivateNow Available, Aria Tomorrow

Captivate owners, your time is nigh! Today marks the day that 3 of the 4 major US carriers have brought the Froyo update to their Galaxy S phones. This update is performed via the Kies mini software, and it’s highly recommended that you backup pertinent information before proceeding. No word on when/if this update is coming over-the-air, so unless you’re really uncomfortable with updating this way, we don’t recommend you wait on AT&T to push it out to ya. Full download and instructions available at the source link.

Some of the features include:

·         USB Tethering

·         Mobile Hotspot

·         Flash 10.1 Support

·         Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Support (Auto-Discovery, Global Address list look-up, Increased Security Features,  and Exchange Calendars)

·         Speed and Performance Optimizations

·         Ability to Install Apps Directly to SDcard

·         More details in the “Android Froyo 2.2 Information For The Captivate” section on Samsung’s site.

Also, in AT&T Froyo news, they informed us via Twitter just about a half-hour ago that the Aria will receive the update tomorrow.

HTC Aria lovers–the Android 2.2 update is coming TOMORROW! Check back for more details soon:

Great to finally see 2.2 making its way to more phones…just in time for 2.3 to start dropping. But you won’t hear me complaining, as I just love my Froyo.

[via Samsung, Twitter]

Samsung Media Hub on Galaxy S 4G Offers Direct-Carrier Billing on T-Mobile

The Galaxy S 4G is now available on T-Mobile, and with that, Samsung announced a new feature that they’re making available to T-Mobile subscribers. Samsung’s Galaxy S phones have had the “Media Hub” utility since they launched, giving subscribers the ability to rent or purchase movies or TV shows to download to your phone and watch anywhere, anytime. But Samsung informed us last night that T-Mobile subscribers who purchase the Galaxy S 4G will have the option to bill these movie purchases and rentals directly to their phone bill, rather than having to set up their credit card. Android purchases have been making their way toward carrier billing little by little, and here’s another step in that direction.

[Thanks to Ashley at MWW]

AT&T Captivate Sees a Froyo Leak Today, Official Release Tomorrow

The last couple of weeks have seen Samsung Galaxy S owners in the US FINALLY getting some Froyo updates. T-Mobile led the way, with Sprint following this week. So what about our friends with Vibrant and Captivate? Well no word on the Vibrant yet, but our friends on AT&T can finally see some Froyo goodness. For the impatient, a leaked version has surfaced today, but for most of you, be happy to know that tomorrow the official update will be available.

The last few days a couple of leaks have been circulated over at xda-developers, and they seem to have nailed a seemingly complete, stable version. You’ll need ODIN to push this update to your device, and as always, proceed at your own risk, as this is not an official, sanctioned update.

However, most of you will be content to wait one more day. AT&T announced on their Facebook page just about half an hour ago that the official, sanctioned Froyo update will be available tomorrow. Based on their announcement, the download and instructions for updating will be located on their Facebook page, but apparently the update is not, at this point, going out over the air. Naturally, we’ll keep you advised when the update goes live, but you already know where to find it.

Based on the timing of the leak coupled with the announcement, there’s a good chance that the version leaked today is exactly the version that will be made available tomorrow, but that’s not a guarantee. And of course, updating via any non-sanctioned method will probably prevent you from getting any kind of support from AT&T should anything go wrong, so your best is just to sit tight for another day, and tomorrow enjoy your tasty Froyo treat.

[via xda, Facebook]

U.S. Cellular has Buy One Get FIVE Free Android smartphones offer


U.S. Cellular has an awesome deal on right now, that will be hard to justify not acting on. You can buy a Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S) and get FIVE more Android smartphones for FREE! I said FIVE for FREE! The only couple of catches here, and you know there’s always a catch with something this cool, is that the 5 free phones you’ll get have to be the LG Optimus U. It may not be the greatest, fastest smartphone out there for Androids, but it’s a pretty capable device regardless, and you can get 5 of them for free. That with the Mesmerize puts you at a different phone for 6 days out of the week, or you could be the nice guy and give them out to family or friends too.

Almost forgot, the other catch, of course, is that you need to sign another 2 year agreement. Oh well.
The LG Optimus U features the following;

  • Android 2.2
  • 32GB MicroSD support
  • 2GB microSD included
  • 3.2megapixel camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • portable hotspot capabilities

Froyo EB13 for Epic 4G Available for Download from Samsung

Sprint Epic owners, your wait is over! If you’re like me, you’ve been anxiously awaiting Froyo since at least November, when it was originally supposed to be available. But setback after setback has occurred, and that update keeps getting pushed back further and further. Well the plan was for Sprint to have it available this week, rolling out over the air over the next four days. If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re tired of waiting, you can head over to Samsung’s website and download an update file yourself. It’s a simple .exe that you can run from your computer while your phone is connected (USB driver download might be required as well, but that is also available from Samsung’s site), and it will update you manually. It will wipe your data, so be sure to make a backup of your data partition (if you have a custom recovery console that will allow it), or at least make note of what apps you have installed so you can redownload them, and make note of important texts.

Full press release below, and download available at the source link.