LG Cayman And The DROID Fighter On The Way To Verizon Wireless

Well look what we have here? The fine folks at Droid Life seem to have stumbled upon information that was accidentally leaked out. As you can see in the screenshot, the information includes two new devices that are on their way: the LG Cayman and the “DROID Fighter”. News and information are scarce for both devices. We haven’t heard much chatter from Verizon very much about its upcoming toys lately, nor have we seen any leaks or information— so this is as big of a surprise to you all as it is to us here. Perhaps the LG Cayman will be a dumbed-down version of the newly released LG Spectrum or even an entry-level phone. And maybe the “DROID Fighter” could be something along the lines of Sammy’s DROID Charge or maybe it’s something completely different, who knows. We’ll just have to wait until further information trickles out in order to have an idea of what the devices may be.

Both devices are expected to arrive within the next few months, so stay tuned with Talk Android for any additional leaks or news we hear about in the meantime.

source: Droid Life

LG Optimus VU Shows Itself on Video for the First Time

Well folks we are just a few days away from MWC 2012 and it appears that LG is trying to build up some excitement for its Galaxy Note competitor the Optimus VU.While they’ve been hinting at it and officially dropped the announcement on us last weekend we are now only seeing it on video for the first time. In the one-minute-eleven-second video you will see various closeups of the device along with its screenshot and note taking capabilities. If you are excited for this “phablet” then this video should increase your excitement even more so. Enjoy!

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Another Early Morning Verizon 4G Outage Hits U.S.

Another Wednesday, another 4G outage for Big Red. While it’s been nearly two months since the last hiccup users this morning are reporting that their LTE service is down and that they are receiving no data connectivity whatsoever.

As it suggests 3G data, voice and text services are working just fine but users are reporting that they are also having problems with 3G connectivity. Similar to the outages on both December 7th and the 21st it has affected users frustrated. While those outages were explained there is no say as to what is affecting this current situation. Stay tuned and we will update the story as we know more. Are any of you users out there having these problems? Sound off in the comments below.

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T-Mobile Announces Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Will Arrive In Stores By March For $150


The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G has finally been confirmed and is on its way. Yes we’d already seen a hint here and another one there, but hey— we love seeing our confirmations, right kids? T-Mobile has confirmed the smartphone will land in its stores in March for a mere $150 on-contract. Moreover, the phone comes fully-loaded too folks. Inside, you’ll find a snazzy 1.5GHz Snapdragon S3 processor, 3.97-inch (4-inch) Super AMOLED display, 5MP rear camera with 1.3MP front-facing camera and Gingerbread 2.3 with a touch of TouchWiz. Oh and don’t forget– the device does support T-Mo’s 42Mbps+ HSPA network, meaning you’ll be able to sail the world wide web with T-Mo’s improved 4G speeds. You’re excited and antsy, I get it. Check out the full press release from T-Mobile after you hit the break. Go on, you know you want to. Read more

LightSquared Lays Off 45% After Defaulting on $56 Million Loan

Virginia-based LightSquared Inc. plans to lay off 45% of its 330 employees after failing to pay back a $56 million loan to British satellite partner Inmarsat, the company said on Tuesday. LightSquared spent $2.5 million on lobbyists trying to solidify the FCC’s temporary permission to move ahead with their wireless network, but was dealt a severe blow last week when the FCC revoked their permission, citing interference concerns with military and airline GPS systems. To avoid the interference, LightSquared requested that the FCC require stricter GPS spectrum usage, but the FCC rejected that request.

Sprint, who previously struck a partnership deal with LightSquared to roll out LTE to Sprint’s customers, gave the company a deadline to complete their network build-out by March of this year. With the FCC’s decision blocking them from continuing to roll out their service, coupled with their financial troubles, it seems unlikely that the company will be able to meet Sprint’s deadline, essentially killing the deal and possibly delaying Sprint’s LTE plans.

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Leaked T-Mobile Accessory Sheet Suggests Three New Devices Headed Their Way

According to a recent leak obtained by the folks over a TmoNews, three new devices are suspected to be headed to T-Mobile sometime in the near future. Based on the leaked screenshot you see above, the HTC Ville, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G (T769), and the unknown Huawei Prism should be making their selves at home with T-Mobile in the next couple months. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of the HTC Ville heading to T-Mo, but this is the first time we have actually seen anything remotely “official” coming out of T-Mobile’s camp.

The screenshot above doesn’t mean these devices will actually show up on the dates listed, this is simply about accessories for each phone. From what the TmoNews tipster is saying, the dates are when the accessories are scheduled to show up at the warehouse, and doesn’t reflect in-store arrival dates. Generally we see accessories for phones show up about two weeks in advance of a device launch, so it’s safe to assume we may see the real deal somewhere within that time frame. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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“Samsung Rugby Smart” Smiles For The Camera On Its Way To AT&T

News of Samsung’s new budget friendly and rugged “Rugby” is beginning to come to light.  The device was first tipped by the folks over at BGR last month but little was known about it.  Well,  it looks like some specs are beginning to surface and here they are; model SGH-1847, WVGA display (480 x 800), class 10 HSPA capabilities, 1650 mAh battery, Android’s gingerbread 2.3.5 and 512 MB of RAM.  Based on its exterior it’s obvious who Samsung and AT&T are targeting here, your typical outdoorsmen and your all things rugged variety.  However, it’s going to be pretty difficult to shell out for a device like this when AT&T is sporting the $50 dual-core 1.5 GHz, 1 gig of RAM and 4-inch Pantech Burst.  But hey, to each his own.

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Verizon launch 4G LTE smartphone sale

Bargain hunters rejoice as Verizon has just slashed the price of two of it’s high-end, 4G Android smartphones for a limited period. Big Red has dropped the price of both the HTC Rezound and LG Spectrum to $99 for any new contracts or contract renewals until 28th February.

Whether it’s the lightning quick dual-core processor of the Spectrum or the sonically spectacular Beats Audio of the Rezound that appeals, there’s never been a better time to inject a bit of 4G speed into your life. Retailing at a third of their original launch price, we feel these bargains are too good to miss.

Head on over to Verizon’s online store to find out more.


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Verizon And Motorola Mobility Partners With BoxTone For New Mobile Healthcare Solution, Aims To Make Healthcare A Little Easier


As the Android platform continues to evolve, industries that utilize the platform evolve too. Verizon and Motorola recognize this by creating a landmark partnership with BoxTone to provide secure mobile devices and apps for the healthcare industry. The goal of this partnership is to make things more efficient at its most basic level. In addition, the partnership will aim to improve patient care through “the sharing of clinical data in near-real time to help speed decision making and control costs.”

Many of you are asking, “ok this is great and all— but how does this relate to me?” Well folks, think of it this way: you’re in a doctor’s office and instead of seeing the usual bundle of forms and paperwork you’ve grown accustomed to, you’d see your private and sensitive information presented to you in the form of a device— the MOTO XYBOARD or DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX to be exact– all using Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Here’s Dr. Peter Tippett, VP and Chief Medical Officer of Verizon Connected Healthcare Solutions adding some insight on this breakthrough partnership:

“This solution underscores the important role mobility is playing in transforming health care. Working with Motorola Mobility and BoxTone, we have brought together complementary capabilities to create an easy-to-deploy and manage mobility solution for our health care customers.”

Sounds like a welcome solution and impact indeed. Hit the break for the full presser from Big Red itself. Read more

U.S. Cellular officially announces the Samsung Galaxy S II as coming soon

We heard back in December that U.S. Cellular was planning on adding the Samsung Galaxy S II to its lineup, and now it’s a reality. They just officially announced that it will be available soon for $229.99 after a $100 mail-in-rebate. Not a bad deal, but unfortunately it won’t be compatible with their upcoming LTE network. If you want LTE, we’ve already heard about another Samsung device baring model SCH-R930, which could release as soon as April. Back to the Galaxy S II, as you know, there are a number of U.S. variants with different specs. The U.S. Cellular version will include the 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos processor.

Full press release after the break:

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