Google IO 2017 Coverage

Sprint ends 50% off deal, simplifies on Unlimited plans

Only a few weeks ago the wireless carrier market saw a sudden shift to unlimited plans when Verizon made the move to offer them again. They were followed by AT&T and joined T-Mobile and Sprint, who already offered unlimited plans as a way to entice customers. In the aftermath of that change, Sprint today announced that they are making additional changes to the plans offered to customers. They will be ending the 50% off promotion they have been running since 2015 and they are dropping their Better Choice tiered plans, so the new Unlimited Freedom plan will be the only option for consumers who want to switch to Sprint.

Comcast enters the wireless industry, introduces Xfinity Mobile

Comcast is finally becoming a carrier in the United States after years of planning its entrance into the wireless industry. The telecommunications company announced Xfinity Mobile as the soon-to-be available brand for cellular connectivity throughout the country. It’s only for people who buy other Comcast services, though. So you’ll need to be locked into the Comcast ecosystem to take advantage of its newest service for mobile devices.

This is the same Comcast, by the way, that constantly ranks among the worst companies in the nation.

Now’s your chance to buy a magenta-colored onesie from T-Mobile

When you think of T-Mobile, you think of wireless service. Fashion probably isn’t something that has ever entered your mind while thinking of the carrier, right? But now it will. Today, T-Mobile announced an entirely new product unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s a wearable that no other piece of clothing can match and likely never will.

The T-Mobile ONEsie features a sleek design that packs full-body activity tracking and a Human Hotspot mode to keep all devices around you connected.

T-Mobile’s network lets the Samsung Galaxy S8 achieve gigabit-level LTE speeds

What you can see from the hardware and software isn’t all that’s new with Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Both the processor and the modem, too, unlock groundbreaking capabilities. The phone features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 and X16 LTE model, which is allowing carriers to enable insane data speeds.

T-Mobile, of course, is proudly first to show the world how fast the 2017 flagship from Samsung can be on the magenta-colored network. It took a Galaxy S8, connected the phone to its network, and revealed that you can get gigabit-level LTE speeds.

Verizon’s packaging for the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks

Just one week remains. This time next week we’re going to find out exactly what Samsung’s next flagship offers. It’s the phone of 2017 that millions of people are waiting for, especially since the Galaxy Note 7 was pulled from the market as fast as it arrived. A lot is riding on the Galaxy S8 as Samsung hopes it’ll regain the trust of consumers and have a global success on its hands.

Today, another leak occurred. It’s a set of two images showing the packaging Verizon will use for its model of the Galaxy S8. Because of the leak, we know the packaging Samsung will use in the United States for all carriers and retailers. Samsung goes for a streamline look with its packaging.